27 Mayıs 2022

Beth and Sam

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I was 25 years old at the time. I had attended the event with some mutual friends and started talking to her at a break in the proceedings.

She seemed like a very bright mature lady and had been sitting at the next table to ours. Beth, that was her name, was helping herself to a cup of coffee and a biscuit when I started commenting on some of the questions and answers that had already been asked. She stood about 5’6″ tall, with a full, rubenesque figure, nicely rounded in all the right places. I would say she was about 40 years of age but was later told she was 43 years old. Her hair was still a very dark brown with no gray hairs showing, and cut close to the head; framing her lovely face. Her gray eyes shone with a brightness and twinkle every time she laughed, and her lips looked good enough even for me to devour.

Describing myself, well I was just a fairly run of the mill guy. I did work out 3-4 times a week and enjoyed a good jog most evenings. I stood about 5’10” and had a fairly good outlook on life. I had light blonde hair and classic facial features and loved the more mature woman. Beth was in my sights but I felt I couldn’t rush things.

I asked her if she would have a coffee with me one day, maybe at lunch or after work. She accepted the invitation and gave me her business card.

I saw that she was in the same business as I was; she worked for an Architect.

Of course, that led to more discussions about the work, when I found out that she didn’t just work for the firm; she was the firm. I hadn’t caught her last name on our initial meeting. I am an architect myself and had been in business for about 5 years. I had been very lucky in obtaining some very resourceful projects early in my career and was now set up to be able to pick and choose any future jobs.

Well, a couple of days later, I rang Beth and asked her if she would meet me for lunch one day that week. We made a date for the next day.

I wanted to impress her, so made a reservation at an up-scale restaurant and called her and asked if I could pick her up as it was on the way for me from my office.

When I collected her from the office, she looked so desirable. Dressed in a pale lilac blouson dress with a swinging skirt, high heels and flawless make-up and hair; she looked like a model.

“Beth, you look lovely today,” I commented.

“Thank you Sam,” she replied shyly.

When we pulled up at the restaurant, she was speechless. Then she commented that she had only ever been there once before, and that was with a client. She had found it was a very expensive eatery.

“Well Beth, only the best for the woman I want to see more of.”

She laughed, “Why thank you kind sir.”

As we sat and ate, we talked for at least 2 hours. Filling each other in on various aspects of our lives; in general, getting to know each other. I discovered that she had been a single mom when she was quite young, and even though she had tried, she hadn’t been able to put herself through University and look after her child. In the end, she had him fostered out and would visit each weekend, wherever possible. Over the years she found it harder and harder to keep up the contact. He Gs begun school and had camps that came up on weekends and holidays and she was studying very hard for her Degree in Architecture. (I casino oyna knew what that entailed,)

By the time she had obtained her Degree, her boy was now 6 years old and growing away from her. She then found how difficult it could be for a woman to break into the world of men. All of her working hours and more were now being poured into attaining success. She still sent Birthday and Christmas cards and presents but had a lot less contact with her son. By the time he had turned 17 years old, she had only seen him about half a dozen times in the last few years.

He then decided that he didn’t want any more contact with her and cut her out of his life. He wanted to go his own way, making his own decisions.

So she just put her heart and soul into the business and eventually made it the success it was today. Of course, she still missed him, but felt that she had no say in his life. She was not even sure in what direction he had gone. Hopefully, not in the wrong one.

After we finished eating, I asked Beth if we could meet for dinner one night. She accepted gracefully and we made a date for the next night.

Again, I took her to an up-scale Italian restaurant. She commented that she had never been to this one.

“Do you splurge on all your lady friends like this, Sam,” she enquired.

“Only the ones I want to seduce,” I replied, with a big grin on my face.

“Oh well then, I had better take advantage of that,” she quipped.

We again had a wonderful evening. A tasty Lasagne with a Zabagaloni for desert, and some very heady Italian wine to accompany the meal. Beth commented that she thought I was getting her drunk so that I could have my way with her.

“Beth, I would never do anything to hurt or harm you, and definitely nothing that you didn’t want. You have my word on that,” I told her on a serious note.

“Well Sam, at the moment you have me at a disadvantage. I am afraid I want you very much. You seem to be so much more mature than your age, and I find that you are very sexually appealing. If it is only for a one-night fling, I can live with that.”

I didn’t mean it to be just a one night stand with this lovely lady. I had much longer range plans for the future, but I would see how we got along sexually first and then put my proposition to her. I was quite sure that our coupling would be satisfying for both of us.

We finished dinner and walked outside to the parking lot. I opened the passenger side door and as Beth bent to slide into the seat, I held her and bent my head to meet her lips. We kissed. Fireworks exploded round us. We were locked together for what seemed like eternity.

We broke for air. I now knew that we wouldn’t have any trouble in pursuing the dreams that I had, and hopefully Beth was thinking the same.

“Your place or mine,” she whispered.

“Whichever is the closest,” I replied.

We decided that although her place was closer, that it would be better at mine. I had a house whereas Beth only had an apartment in a complex.

We drove to my place as quickly as possible. We both jumped out of the car, Beth not waiting for me to open her door. I took her hand and ran up the few steps and opened the door and punched in the alarm numbers automatically. Slamming the door behind us, I grabbed Beth and swung slot oyna her round to face me. I lowered my head and met for a full French kiss before we even stepped into the lounge room.

“This was meant to be Beth, I am sure of it. Do you want to stop now because it is going to get better from now on.”

“No Sam, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to take this to the next level. I want to make love to you, my darling.”

I led her into the bedroom. Although I rarely bought a lady home with me, I had never made love in my own bedroom, always in one of the guest rooms. It was just a quirk I had. I felt that the woman that was to share my life was the one to share my bed. I felt then that Beth was going to share the rest of her life with me.

I stood her beside the bed and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. I was at last going to see what had been so discretely hidden in the few dates we’d had. I thought Beth would bear a formidable body, but not a delicious as it turned out to be that night. I unclipped her bra after slipping her blouse off and slid her bra down her arms and dropped it on the floor at our feet. My God, I thought, what magnificent breasts she has. At least a 38C and as firm as when she was younger I would bet. I knelt before her and slipped her pants from her suit down and off her legs. Facing me was this small dark brown trimmed hair, the aroma coming from it was so strong that I had to bend forward and run my tongue up and down her slit.

She gasped and let herself collapse on the side of the bed. That put her is just the position I was looking for, without any help from me. I quickly disrobed and threw my clothes away from where I was standing.

I knelt facing that wonderful pussy. The scent and sight of it had my cock as stiff as I have ever known.

Starting at her toes I licked my way up her leg, bathing every reachable inch with my saliva laden lips. While I held her feet in my hand, I took each toe in turn, sucked it into my mouth and lovingly caressed it with my tongue. Beth was in a near catatonic state. Had it not been for her laboured breathing, I would have thought I was boring the hell out of her. Finished with her left foot and leg, I moved over to her right foot, lavishing it with my oral attention capturing her toes between my lips. I pulled them, one by one, deep within my mouth, my tongue a swirling dervish .

I took my time, kissing up Beth’s inner thigh until I reached her cavern of passion. Once again, she began to shake and shiver as if she were standing outside, bare assed naked, in a blizzard.

“Ohhhh,” Beth moaned. “Nobody has made me feel this good. Never!”

My pleasure at Beth’s remark was immeasurable. I placed my hands beneath her hips and pushed upwards.

“Turn over,” I told her. “And get on your knees.”

I rolled over on to my back and scooted between her legs until her pussy was directly over my face. I then grabbed her hips and pulled that beautiful thing down until it was impaled upon my nose. Beth’s gyrations increased exponentially as I slowly licked her skid plate.

Several times I licked that most sensitive area between her ass hole and her vagina. My nose was covered in her rapidly overflowing juices as I sawed it in and out of her velvet lined love canal.

“Sam, canlı casino siteleri she cried. I need you now,” Beth cried in her ecstatic state.

I obliged and pulled her on top of me, and placed her on top of my hardened rod.

We worked in unison for some time until I could feel my balls filling with sperm and needed to let it go. I could sense that Beth was in the same position.

At almost exactly the same moment Beth’s tremors began, my own balls contracted, shooting massive amounts of hot white lava through my urethra and out of my cock. My discharge of semen slammed into her with enough force, I thought it would surely be coming out of her ears at any second. Four. Five. Six. I counted seven strong bursts of my baby making juices spill into the clutches of her love tunnel. Then it was reduced to mere dribbles as my cock continued to jerk inside of her.

My hands moved up to cup her massive breasts. I tweaked her nipples until the quivering stopped and she lay against me, limp as an old dishrag.

“Wow, I don’t think I have ever felt like that before. I felt like I had blown my brains out it was so explosive.”

“Well my love, I KNOW that I have never had an orgasm that strong, ever.”

She rolled over to lay beside me on the bed and we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I awoke to find Beth giving me the same treatment that I had given her the night before. She had taken my cock into her mouth and was just gently sucking and licking it, not wanting to wake me up too soon. I pulled her up to meet my lips and spent moments just kissing her face and neck.

“Beth, I want to ask you a question. I know it hasn’t been that long since we first met, but I felt then as I do now. I love you Beth, and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

Beth thought but only for a moment. She turned to me and kissed me gently and softly answered, “Yes my darling, I knew when we met that we would eventually make love and was sure then as I am today, that we were meant to be together.

We didn’t want to wait too long to be able to life a life together so we arranged the wedding to be in 3 months time. Enough time for Beth to collect her bridal gown and trousseau, and for the banns to be announced. As neither of us had been married before, we were going to do it in a Church.

It was while we were sorting out the paper work for the marriage certificate, that Beth realised with a shock that my name was the same as the foster parents who had taken me all those years ago. She realized that I was her son.

When she broke this to me, of course it was something I hadn’t ever thought of. It didn’t change anything though, I still wanted her as my wife. As we had different surnames it was not going to be a problem.

I told her this and Beth thought about it for a while, then she too realized that it could happen. She wanted to be with me so much that a little thing like this was not going to deter her.

“Sam, as long as you can live with this, so can I. I love you so much already it feels like we have known each other all out lives. So lets just get married and make the most of it.”

“Yeah, my sentiments exactly.” I answered.

We did marry and now we have produced a couple of children. One daughter, Sally and a son, Steve. They are growing up in a very loving and open family and one day we will tell them of the relationship between their very proud mother and father, who love them both dearly.

There may be more to come in this story. Let me know if you want more OK.

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