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(You don’t have to read my other story, His Daughter’s Best Friend, to enjoy this one. The people are the same but the focus is different)


Bess loved cook-outs at Scott’s and Deidre’s house. Friends and family always got together and everyone had a good time. Since her parents moved East almost 5 years ago Bess had spent all her time living here. From her senior year in high school to college graduation this May, it had been her home. They were more like her parents than aunt and uncle.

She was moving away upon graduation and had rented a small studio apartment. Right now she was sharing it with Carly and it helped with expenses. Carly was still her best friend but they were definitely beginning to move apart. Carly got a position as teacher and JV volleyball coach at a nearby high school. Bess wanted more for herself but she had to give her friend credit, Carly had a goal in mind and was set on getting it; Varsity HS coach then moving into the college ranks.

Bess wasn’t that sure of where she was going. She graduated with a degree in sports journalism and at this moment had two jobs. One was the roving sports reporter for the local TV news and the other was the on the field reporter for the station that broadcasted the Twins’ games. That job was part-time; only the home games. Where these two jobs would lead and what doors they would open was anybody’s guess but she wasn’t sure she wanted to go where they did lead.

Her love life wasn’t much better. She could get a man anytime she wanted and she actually could say she had a few at her beck and call. The sex was good because she made it good. Let’s face it; Bess enjoyed sex but right now there was no one special. Yes Carly and she still enjoyed the occasion romp but she wanted a little more.

She looked over at Deidre and Scott and sighed. She wanted what they had and you could see it in their every day actions. Those two truly loved each other. What amazed Bess was that the two of them acted at their age like horny teenagers at times. There were nights when Bess came home late and as she passed their bedroom, she could hear sounds of their lovemaking. It excited her but it made her jealous too. Not of them but what they had. They loved each other but certainly enjoyed the sex too.

A young woman appeared and walked over to Deidre. Bess almost choked on her drink.

“Bonnie,” she called out as she recognized her, “Bonnie Roberts!”

Bonnie turned and waved.

If Carly was like a sister to Bess, then Bonnie Roberts was a kindred spirit. From the moment Bess and Carly walked on the court, Bonnie knew the two were special. As senior captain of volleyball team, she took the two under her wing and two state championships and a runner-up were the results. She found out that Bess was a little more special. It started one day after practice in the shower.

Bess acted like she wanted more than to be teammates and so when Bonnie kissed her, a whole new world opened up. Bonnie made Bess sexually aware of herself. She built up her confidence and taught her things about sex, boys, and the power she could have that she casino oyna couldn’t learn anywhere else. Without Bonnie, Bess never would have seduced Mr. R or even tried.

They kissed cheeks as they meet. “You are looking great,” Bess said, “What have you been up to?”

“Not much,” Bonnie replied. “I’m the editor of the Minnesota State magazine and I write romance novels. I keep busy. You?”

Bess explained her jobs to Bonnie and also said that she wasn’t really sure if she doing what she wanted.

“Any steady man in your life?” Bonnie asked.

Bess replied in the negative and Bonnie answered, “Me either.” They both laughed.

“Your aunt looks great,” Bonnie said. “I met her the other day and she asked me to stop by. Is that her husband?” pointing to Scott.

“Yes. He is a great guy. They have been married just about 4 years.”

“Well, looking at your aunt, he is a lucky guy.”

“And my aunt is a lucky woman, in many ways.”

Bonnie turned and looked at Bess with a raised eyebrow. “In many ways?” she asked.

“Oh yes. In many ways,” Bess said with a smile.

“You mean…?”

Bess said nothing and just lowered her head, casting eyes towards Bonnie.

“Why you…” Bonnie scolded. “You did your aunt’s husband!”

“Yes, 3 times but that was before he met my aunt. I haven’t since.”

“You learn well, grasshopper,” Bonnie laughed again. “Look, I have to go. I have an appointment to keep. What day are you free next week? We can have lunch.”

Bess went over her schedule quickly in her head. The Twins were out of town so that was good. “How about Wednesday?”

“Great, Wednesday around 1. Here is my card with phone number and address. See you there. Give my regards to your aunt.” With that she kissed Bess on the cheek and left.

Bess looked at the card. ‘Black Velvet’ it said.

The address Bonnie had given Bess led her to a condo in an upscale part of the city. Bess walked to the entrance and rang the bell. Bonnie opened the door dressed in a soft blue short sleeve jumpsuit, her dark hair loose around her shoulders. A pair of large, free form silver earrings and a silver herringbone choker was her only jewelry. Bess was glad that she had chosen to forgo her usual jeans and had worn a nice skirt and blouse.

The two kissed, and Bess followed her through a small hallway and into a beautifully furnished living room.

“Some fantastic place,” Bess said as she looked around. Everything was done in black, white, and shades of gray. The sofa was overstuffed, covered in black leather banded in leather straps secured with heavy metal buckles. It was accented with throw pillows in black and white stripes and plaids. The two comfortable looking soft chairs were white jacquard fabric with identical black and white pillows. A fluffy white rug covered the center of the floor; Bess could see the highly polished inlaid wood where the rug ended. The walls were covered with a soft silver gray silk and the windows were draped in a slightly darker gray damask. End tables of black lacquer held white-based modern lamps that filled the room with slot oyna light.

Vases and pots of flowers placed on tables and pedestals around the room provided the only color. Roses, chrysanthemums, and geraniums added their colors to blooming cactuses and other unusual blossoms Bess didn’t recognize. One wall was all windows with a decorative but highly functional iron grill outside. The opposite wall contained a long white glass-fronted bookshelf filled with books of every kind, from popular novels to poetry to history.

Bess whistled, “Holy cow!”

“Just a little hideaway,” Bonnie said, laughing.

“Little? Either you inherited a small fortune, your writing is doing extremely well or there is big money in editing a state magazine.”

“Or ‘D’, none of the above.” Bonnie handed her a champagne flute and filled it from an already opened bottle of Dom Perignon. She clinked her glass against her friend’s and, with an enigmatic smile, said, “To ‘none of the above.'”

They drank. “Ok,” Bess said, ‘give.”

“I think we know each other very well and our conversation got me to thinking. I would like to show you something. Sit down.” She motioned towards the sofa. Bonnie picked up a photo album covered in black velvet and sat down next to her friend. When she opened the album Bess saw a picture unlike anything she expected. A statuesque, auburn hair woman posed, wearing a black leather and chain bathing suit-like outfit. The links were draped over her naked breasts; the supple leather caressed her hips and belly. On her hands she wore soft elbowed length, black leather gloves and her legs were covered with thigh high patent leather boots with five inch heels.

The woman’s hair hung softly across her chest with one curl surrounding an erect dark brown nipple. In one hand she had a short black leather riding crop. Her make-up was heavy, with bright red lipstick and exaggerated eye shadow and liner.

Bess looked at her, confused. “I don’t get it.”

Bonnie turned the page.

The picture on the following page was of a woman with pale white-blond braids that hung down in front of her dress. She was turned slightly sideways, looking shy and vulnerable and dressed in a puffed-sleeve pink dress, an adult version of a dress a ten year old girl might wear, with a fluffy full skirt over several petticoats and a wide sash tied into a large bow which peeked out from behind. Her white ankle socks were neatly cuffed and her patent leather maryjanes gleamed. Her face, artfully made up with soft rouge and pale pink lipstick, looked youthful and familiar. As Bess examined the face more carefully, she gasped, “Oh my God, that’s you.” She flipped the page back. “So’s this one!”

“Turn the page, Bess.”

The pictures that followed were all of Bonnie in various costumes; a harem girl with a transparent veil covering the lower half of her face, a prim grey-haired woman in a white high-necked blouse and sensible shoes, a voluptuous female pirate wearing short shorts that showed the half moons of her ass peeking beneath and a blouse unbuttoned to the waist, and a woman in a black satin canlı casino siteleri teddy standing over a man whose arms and legs were secured to the frame of a brass bed with lengths of heavy linked chains and padlocks.

“Wow, Bonnie, I’m amazed. Ok, tell me.”

Bonnie refilled their glasses. “I call the album Black Velvet and it is really a menu. Selected people get to pick their…shall we say entrée and I provide the dessert.”

“You’re trying to tell me that you’re a hooker.”

“I’m a very selective, high priced prostitute.”

Bess was speechless. She expected something different since Bonnie had never been mainstream. But this? What could she say?

Bonnie spoke, her voice a bit tentative. “No condemnation? No ‘how could you?'”

“I’m too much in shock to say much of anything.”

Bonnie smiled. “I enjoy every bit of my secret existence.”

“Aren’t you afraid you might get something? AIDS?”

“I thought about that a lot when I started. Many of my friends- that’s what I call them, my friends- don’t want actual intercourse. They are all older men and they want oral sex, toys, and/or mutual masturbation. And those who do want to have intercourse must wear condoms.”

“What does this have to do with me,” Bess asked.

“Let’s just say I have many friends now with many different fantasies. I know you, Bess,” Bonnie said. “You’re curious, right now, aren’t you?”

Bess nodded.

“Look around you,” Bonnie said, sweeping her hand. “This could be yours too. I could help you get started. You know, with friends and the basics. I never play with anyone when I can’t enjoy it too.”

Looking around the room, Bess had to ask. “How much do you charge?”

“It depends. There are some things I won’t do no matter how much they offer. Lots of men have fantasies that revolve around control, controlling a woman. One wanted to tie me to the bed. Not my thing.”

Bess felt a jolt of electricity flow through her body and directly to her pussy. That fantasy sounded wonderful to her.

“From the look on your face,” Bonnie said, “I think we’ve found something you might like. Should I give you his phone number? He’ll pay $1000 for one night.”

“Holy…Not yet.” Bess said, suddenly realizing that she was more than a little interested in Bonnie’s offer.

“I don’t have to be a mind reader to guess what you’re thinking,” Bonnie smiled, “but you realize that this isn’t for everyone. You have to have strong, good feelings about yourself and you have to enjoy sex. The money is just extra. The fact that it is secondary to me is what makes me an entertainer, not a whore.”

“Listen,” Bess replied, glancing at her watch, amazed it was almost 4 o’clock. “I have to get home and do a lot of thinking. When do I have to make up my mind?”

“How about the end of next week? Relax. If you say no, I’ll understand.”

They walked to the door and gave each other a short kiss. “Just think about it, Bess.”

All week Bess thought about it. She had to make it on her own as there was no way to ask anyone else’s opinion. “Hey Aunt Deidre, I was thinking about becoming a high priced, upscaled prostitute. What do you think?” No, it was her decision.

By Wednesday night, she had decided.

“Hi, Bonnie,” Bess said into the phone. After a short pause, she said, “Ok, when do we start?”

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