21 Mayıs 2022

Ben and Julie Ch. 04

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Ben awoke to the wonderful feel of his new wife engulfing his cock in her luscious mouth. He went with the moment and let her bring him to a wonderful good morning orgasm. Life was good!

Julie and his mom had a wonderful time in Des Moines. Julie was still in a slight state of shock about the fact that Ben and his family was not, as he had led her to believe, just getting by financially. Mom was a very classy with much the same tastes in clothing, dining, and entertainment as Julie and her own mom. This made her swell in her feelings about and her love for her new life with her wonderful husband. How could life be any more glorious?

Julie and Ben lounged in the bed for some time discussing their night without one another. And, Julie was more than intrigued concerning the developments with Trish. But Julie was beside herself concerning her day and night spent with her new mother-in-law and brother-in-law.

She and mom had completed their business with the bankers shortly after lunch time. By this time they were famished, so they called mom’s favorite bistro to assure the ability to get in for a late lunch. Hugo assured mom any time she was in town she had a place at his table. They dined like royalty. Being served and tended by what seemed to be every server in the small downtown bistro. The food was marvelous. It was at that time that mom called Dan, Ben’s older brother, and let him know she and Julie were in town for the day.

He apologized for the fact he could not join them. But, informed them if they would stay the night he had tickets for the play opening at the Met and would love to have them join him for dinner and the play.

They were in! The only thing that proposed any sort of problem was the fact they had not prepared for such a night on the town. What a lovely excuse to get a new outfit and get to go out on the town.

Now, mom and Julie were on a mission. Mom took Julie to the exclusive boutique she shopped at frequently. Julie was amazed. When they arrived the doors to the boutique were closed and locked. These people were giving them their undivided attention and had nothing on their minds except treating mom and Julie like they were royalty.

Upon arrival Julie and mom were whisked quickly to the rear of the store. They had prepared mammoth bubble baths for both women in side by side sunken garden tubs. Each lady had two attendants, one male one female, helping them remove their clothing and getting them situated in their wonderful bubble baths.

Julie was absolutely on a trip! Never in her life had she experienced, even dreamed there was a boutique with this much attention to client pampering. This was wonderful.

When they were comfortable in their sunken tubs, the owner of the boutique entered to welcome them. She also wanted to get the fitting room prepared for dressing them in a manor that was fitting for their evening. When mom explained Dan was escorting them to dinner and to the Met, Fian smiled a knowing smile and left them with assurances they would be the talk of the town, and to please enjoy their bubble baths.

When Fian left the bath area, both attendants joined both women in their baths for their treatments and enjoyment. They bathed them from head to toe giving them special attention to those tender areas that began to bring them to a slow simmer sexually. When they exited the bath, and while they were being carefully patted dry by their gorgeous attendants, Julie got here first jolt concerning mom’s body.

Until now, Julie had simply not looked upon her new mother-in-law in a sexual manner. Mom had just been a slightly under the radar, no attention to me, terrific host that has completely enthralled Julie with the manner in which she lives her life. But now as she stood there naked and her attendants patting her dry and her talking and laughing with them, she realized what a gorgeous woman she was.

Mom was older than her own mom, but was a very gorgeous and fit woman for her age. It was evident she worked at keeping her body fit and lean, but she could see where Trish got her body. Mom had absolutely no gray hair showing. Her hair was in a smart short cut that was colored much like Trish’s. Mom’s was slightly darker and very thick and healthy. Her breasts were large, 36DD at least, but while standing there, there was only a slight sag and that only made the bottoms appear slightly heavy and turned her nearly black nipples upward slightly as if saying, “Take Me Into Your Mouth.” Her tummy was taught and smooth. Her small waste only accentuated her full hips and her breasts. Mom had those legs that looked as though she could crush you if she wrapped them around and hooked her gorgeous feet and squeezed. The tone of her skin was only a slight olive shade, only enough tan to not be lily white. Yes, she was very good at keeping the attention away from herself and giving all that were around her all of the attention. What a beautiful woman both inside and out.

With their hair wrapped in towels, they were canlı bahis wrapped in thick terry cloth robes that felt as though they had been in a warmer. Their escorts ushered them into the manicure room, where they both received manicures and pedicures, all the while sharing tidbits of information that make friends become good friends.

While getting their nails done, Fion entered again and suggested they be considering the type and style of dress as well as the type and style of undergarments they had in mind. Julie was still mesmerized!

Their nails now finished they moved on to the main fitting room to select their gowns for the evening. Julie already had a vivid vision of what she wanted, and as soon as she looked up there it was in her attendant’s right hand. Her dream was a strapless form fitting black gown that reached the floor, but was slit up the side to her hip.

Mom really had the same idea, but opted to a less form fitting black gown with half sleeves, but also to the floor and slit to the hip.

The attendants now entered with under garments and shoes. Julie’s choices were simple, lace strapless bra, miniscule thong, and 4″stiletto pumps.

Mom, on the other hand, chose a lace bra that made her breasts appear to be nothing less than a dream. She selected no panties, but opted for thigh high stockings, also with 4″ stiletto heels.

Since the were attired in their new under garments, the attendants helped them into their gowns to make sure they were tailored to fit as if they were made exclusively for each of these beautiful women.

Needed adjustments noted, they now removed all of their clothes and were wrapped again in heavy terry cloth robes fresh from the warmer. Their attendants escorted them into a slightly darkened room with two massage tables in the center and low soothing music playing.

Now Julie had experienced a version of the good life. But you know, this woman was a piece of work. Her level of pampering and luxury was beyond belief. After approximately an hour and a half of this they were escorted to the salon. Their hair was washed and styled and their make-up applied.

Fien entered again and informed them they had just enough time to dress before Dan’s scheduled arrival.

Their escorts ushered them into the main fitting room one last time and helped them into the gorgeous ensembles they had spent the day fitting. They were two gorgeous women!

When they exited the boutique it was reaching dusk. Standing beside the black stretch limo was Ben’s older brother Dan. He was standing there holding the door for the two most gorgeous women he had ever seen.

Julie was slammed in the face by the sight before her. There stood a slightly older, slightly gray version of her own husband.

Dan was dressed in a much tailored Armani tux. The appointments were nothing less than breathtaking. His cufflinks and button covers were trimmed with diamonds, and his thick salt and pepper hair was groomed to perfection.

Yes, an ache moved painfully through Julie’s loins and when her nipples hardened she could hardly stand the silk of her bra touching the outer tips. She literally swooned when his eyes met hers and he took her hand to enter the limo. She could also see his reaction out of the corner of her eye when she allowed the slit in her skirt show off the gorgeous thigh and hip of her right leg. This is a very interesting situation. Julie licked her luscious lips.

The ride to the restaurant was wonderful. Mom kept her same attitude she had maintained all day, and Julie felt Dan pressing his muscular left leg into her right leg ever so tenderly.

Mom kept up the sight seeing tour guide and historian to the family chatter as Dan was making no bones about what was on his mind.

When they pulled to the entrance of the restaurant, they were greeted by the door man in a manner fitting the royal family. Julie was beginning to become light headed from the treatment she had received today and the anticipation of what was in store for the remainder of the evening.

While exiting the limo she was sure she communicated to Dan that she was conscious of his lust for her body. She allowed him a look all the way up her slightly parted thighs to the scantily covered heaven between her legs.

Dan shuddered!

Dinner went well and soon they were in the limo on their way to the Met. This part of the trip mom was sitting the closest to Julie and was making her own feelings known about how she felt about the gorgeous morsel seated beside her. Mom pressed her firm thigh against Julie’s, and did not pass an opportunity to touch her and flash her gorgeous eyes at her as she talked continuously.

At that time Julie felt it only proper that she let Ben know they would not be home for the night. As she dialed the phone, an image of Ben ravaging Trish almost made her soak further her already wet thong.

The play was wonderful. It was sort of a light comedy with plenty of sexual innuendo. Just what was needed to bahis siteleri fuel the three sided bon fire burning in this limo.

After a short drive, the limo pulled to the entrance of a very elegant hotel entrance. When Julie turned to mom for an explanation she placed her hand on Julie’s arm and explained that the hotel was part of her real estate holdings in Des Moines. Julie smiled.

The three of them boarded the private mirrored elevator that went only to the penthouse and to the floor just below the penthouse where Dan lived. Julie, looking at the two of them in the huge mirror could hardly wait to see what the two of them had in mind for the remainder of the evening.

Julie, Mom and Dan exited the elevator into the penthouse suite. Dan moved immediately to the bar and opened the freshly iced bottle of Chablis. Mom and Julie moved to the living area and kicked off their heels. Man the thick carpet felt luscious to Julie’s bare feet.

Dan removed his bow tie and his jacket then moved over to the living area and delivered wine to the two gorgeous women now beginning to relax and get comfortable.

The three of them talked about this and that while they sipped their wine. They talked mainly about the play, about their meal, and especially Julie was still mesmerized about her day at the boutique.

Dan poured more wine and told them he was going to his apartment to change into something more comfortable.

Julie’s temp rose just a little as she felt, ok things are beginning to progress.

After Dan left, she turned beck to her mother-in law and was captured in a trance by her steel gray eyes. Julie’s skin began to tingle and her legs began to feel warm and fluid. Mom sat there with her gorgeous right thigh completely exposed to the top of her stocking. When she crossed it over the left one, the slit allowed the dress to fall away. Julie knew she was blushing. She felt as though she were a school girl again, and trapped in the head mistress’ lair. Julie arose and stepped toward her mother-in-law. Mom softly raised her hand to Julie and told her to remain there for a moment and allow her to feast her eyes on her wonderful gorgeous body. As Julie slowly began to turn a slow revolution, the door opened and Dan entered the room clad only in a pair of work out pants.

His chest hair, like the thick hair on his head was also salt and pepper gray. His man hood was very visible there in the front of his trousers.

Mom suggested that Dan come and join her on the sofa. They could then enjoy the gorgeous auburn haired beauty that had recently become a part of the family.

Julie watched as Dan came across the room and seated himself on the sofa. She was somewhat surprised when he leaned over to kiss his mother. She lightly eased her right hand up his leg to his dick and balls. At that moment mom lovingly cradled them and his dick began to swell.

Mom turned her attention back to Julie and encouraged her to continue. There was no need for stern encouragement. Julie could already feel that the nectar from her pussy had completely soaked the small patch of material between her legs.

Julie while turning very slowly, slid the long zipper of her dress to the bottom, grasped it at the top, and allowed it to fall forward and down her luscious body. She stepped from the dress.

With the dress lying on the other sofa Julie was before them clad only in her strapless lace bra and the soaked thong that really did not cover her swollen mound. She turned and gave them a brief look at her gorgeous ass as she bent slightly forward. This was fun!

Unclasping her bra as she was turning back to face them, her perfect breasts fell free and she heard Dan gasp and his dick almost jump from his pants. When Julie saw Dan’s dick standing there straining towards her, she ever so slowly began walking toward the two mesmerized prisoners of her now glowing body.

Mom uncrossed her legs and allowed her own pussy room to expand. It was swelling quickly anticipating her new daughter-in-law’s next move.

Dan, with one quick move, released his engorged member from the constraints of the loose pants he was wearing.

Julie was in heaven. Quite obviously, she had complete control of these two wanton souls and would do as she pleased with them. Julie held her hand out to her mother-in-law and pulled her up on her feet and into her arms. She then took her gorgeous face between her hands and engulfed her mouth with a full, wet, exploratory kiss. She felt her mother-in-law begin to wilt. Julie holding her with one hand now began to lower the zipper on her mother-in law’s dress slowly to the bottom.

From the sounds coming from the sofa, Dan was having quite a time seeing his mother seduced by his gorgeous new sister-in-law.

The dress now loose and sliding down this mature voluptuous body had Julie’s juices flowing and the nectar from her pussy she was actually feeling on her inner thigh.

When mom’s dress fell to the ground, she made her own attack bahis şirketleri on Julie. She grasped Julies head and attacked her mouth with what felt like a velvet snake. All Julie could do was allow her entry and enjoy.

Julie unclasped her mother-in-law’s bra and released her enormous gorgeous breasts to be crushed and rubbed against her own. She now hardly was even thinking about the swollen dick on the sofa. She knew Dan was in a state that he needed to have his dick sucked or fucked, but he would have to wait. This woman in her arms was getting what she had needed for a long, long time.

Julie grasped her mother-in-law’s left breast and began to twist the solid nipple until she thought it would come off. At the same time she rubbed the end of the nipple making her mother-in-law scream with excitement.

Mom now had moved both her hands to Julie’s buttocks and was squeezing them and pulling them apart and pushing them together. Mom was coming un-stuck. This was much more excitement than she really had ever felt with another woman.

Julie began to tug mom toward the floor. She wanted to bury her face in that gorgeous pussy of hers. When she got her way, mom lay there on her back whimpering and moaning holding Julie’s head as she drug her tongue past her breasts, her naval and finally to the mound between her legs. Julie, once there, parted her gorgeous firm legs very firmly and began her decent to this swollen gushing pussy of her husband’s mother.

The thigh high stockings on mom’s gorgeous legs only added to Julie’s excitement. This made a statement about mom’s era and how she viewed proper under things.

Julie sucked her entire pussy into her mouth, then backed off and devoured an outer lip at a time. At the same time she was flicking her tongue across her clit whenever possible. Julie’s pussy was throbbing. Being on her knees with her ass in the air she could actually feel nectar running down her inner thighs. She was startled slightly, but very thankful when she felt Dan behind her.

Dan had come up off of the sofa and moved around behind Julie. Watching her devour his mother’s pussy, he could no longer sit there and be the voyeur. Once behind her he began to caress her buttocks and then her inner thighs.

Dan had been dreaming of this moment since he had seen her naked and masturbating while they were all at Julie’s parent’s house for the wedding. He slid his thumbs under the waste band of her thong and peeled it from her soaked pussy lips. When he had her swollen pussy exposed he slowly began to slide his middle finger on his left hand up and down the slit. His right hand was holding and positioning his swollen lightning rod at the entrance of his new sister-in-law’s gorgeous swollen vulva. Dan heard his mother nearing orgasm. Julie was ripping her heart out through her pussy. The sounds of all this was more than Dan was able to handle. He positioned his dick at the outer lips of Julie’ pussy, then slowly but powerfully sunk it to the bottom of her honey pot.

Julie reared her head and let a scream escape her lips.

Dan was now fucking her with long hard full strokes. Julie could hardly hold onto mom’s pussy, or even better was beginning to not even care. Mom began to raise her hips, then literally exploded all over Julie’s face with an orgasm that had wave after wave. Mom could not remember when she had been so out of control that she had such a mind crushing orgasm.

Julie released her clit and was now completely engrossed in the pussy reaming she was receiving from her new brother-in-law. Each time he crammed that swollen dick into her pussy there was a loud smack when their bodies collided.

When mom recovered a bit she began to try and slide from under Julie’s wonderful mouth.

Julie had decided she wanted Dan on his back and wanted to be on top of his wonderful tool. She wanted to fuck him and feel it as deep as was absolutely possible.

Julie pulled him out of her dripping pussy, turned around, and forced him down on his back. She then mounted his steed and thought she would split her inner wall when she forced that swollen dick to the absolute bottom of her pussy. His dick made her pussy feel so, so small. She was fucking him hard and had a time or so felt what she thought was his schlong engorging to explode, but in reality he was responding to what was going on behind her.

She felt her mother-in-law begin to lightly push her forward. When she turned to look, she saw that she had strapped on and was preparing to do some fucking of her own.

When Julie bent forward, her mother-in-law filled her tiny hole just above her pussy with what felt like and smelled like real butter. Once she got Julie’s small orifice greased and able to take two fingers, she slipped her strapped on dildo into Julie’s ass all the way to the hilt.

Julie was penned now. She had never been in this position before. She was trying to fuck this wonderful dick and her mother-in-law was fucking her in the ass with her strap on dildo. Between the feeling of both her holes filled to maximum capacity and the feel of the two dicks rubbing together with only body membrane between them, Julie felt a exasperous orgasm building in her loins.

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