21 Mayıs 2022

Bellman’s Beauty

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When i was 18 going into my senior year i was lucky enough to get the greatest summer job ever. A bellman at a local hotel. Great gig because your duties were few and the pay was good. Lots of businessmen on weekdays who tipped well off of the expense account.

Just when things couldn’t be better is when I met Wendy. She was the neighbors daughter in-law who came to live with them while military husband was deployed. We became fast friends since she knew no one in Ohio. She was drop dead gorgeous, petite and sweet southern gall from SC. That voice made me tinge. The most mundane thing sounded sexually charged.

About a month into her being here the night desk clerk at the hotel gave her notice. I told my boss I had a friend looking for a part-time job. He said take home an application and bring it back. I couldn’t wait until the next day I saw Wendy and told her about the job opening. She said oh wow I would like that I am so bored. She said the problem would be getting to and from work she didn’t drive. No problem I think every shift would coincide with my shifts we could car pool. I was ecstatic to take here application in the next day. She had an interview and was hired on casino oyna the spot. The friendly voice was a welcome respite to weary travelers for sure. And she was also good to look at.

I was so charged up being around her daily now for 7 hour shifts and in my car to and from work it became necessary to masturbate frequently just not to be walking around with an apparent boner. The shifts she worked were one week night and two weekend night. The Friday & Sunday night were slow a lot of guests had no luggage if you catch the drift. We became so free and open we began joking what do you think they are doing right now. I blushed a lot hearing her frank comments. I luv’d it though.

As time went on and sex became a part of our daily chats I saw a change in her. On the ride home one night she was very sullen. I asked “you ok?” To which she replied “I am just missing Richard.” I got it and just let it go.

The next Friday as we were leaving work she said oh did I tell you the in-laws are gone to Mich. for a wedding they wont be home until Monday. She said want to stop over have something to eat of drink? it was near 11:30pm so I figured why not I parked my car in the yard and walked canlı casino next door. My parents were asleep so no issues there. When I got to the door I called out her name and nothing then I saw her emerge with a towel wrapped around her hair and mid thigh terry robe which until this day i have never seen that color again, i called it mulberry blue. She apologized she said she just felt the need to take a quick shower.

She made us both sandwiches and some chips she had a glass of wine i had ice tea. I had seen while she moved around lots of flesh under that robe and my penis was raging hard. I hope she didn’t see me looking because if she ever told Richard the Marine husband he would have snapped me like a twig. After the sandwiches she said how about a board game. We settled on scrabble. I was slightly ahead in the game when she put down the word dick. I had a look on my face I am sure. I wanted to protest no proper names or slangs. She said Richard hated his grandfathers name was also Richard but everyone called him Dick. No one ever called her husband that name. I said I will allow that name. “oh” she said “you will allow me dick”? We laughed hysterically.

Just as the game kaçak casino was nearing conclusion and it was near 2:00am my life changed for the better once again. Wendy asked me if i thought she was pretty? How could I answer this beautiful woman honestly? I said what was in my head without a filter. I said “I masturbate numerous times daily thinking about you!”

Dead silence. I couldn’t believe I said what was in my head. What seemed like an eternity but was probably all of 15 seconds she said I masturbate also and I have thought about you! Holy Fuck Batman. Did I just hear this gorgeous creature say she masturbated and I was on her mind? Or was it just 2:00am playing tricks? What now?

The game ended and I was about to leave when she opened the mulberry blue robe and said here i want you to masturbate to this when you go home. God she was so beautiful perky tits 32c’s probably, flat tummy and since this was 37 years ago a small tuft of pubic hair. My favorite to this day. As I gawked she said now show me yours. I hesitated but after struggling to free my erection through my zipper I just dropped trousers and exposed myself. She said Oh nice I thought you were packing. What guy doesn’t want to hear that? Well lets say that this night ended with us both mutually masturbating in-front of each other! No touching, zero contact.

But remember she had the house to herself for the next two days!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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