28 Mayıs 2022

Being Taught a Real Lesson

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Our May-December relationship is built on a mutual understanding of our needs and desires. The connection we have is uncanny, and I’m glad for all the things we can experience together so long as it lasts.

You had just been through a messy divorce when we met. You had searched chatrooms for a little release of sexual tension, and I just happened to be a little bored that day and doing the same. We exchanged stats and some of the formalities, “How are you?” and the like. I was quite surprised to find that you were a gentleman about things, not asking anything too crude but always hinting gently. You admired that I reacted the same to you, telling me that I was a refreshing presence. We laughed a bit and compared notes on others we had met that evening. Yes, we did eventually get to our favorite subject, sex, but I will always remember how sweet you were at first. That gentleness continues to this day…in most things, that is…

By the time we finised talking, it was apparent our desires to explore and experiment were varied but shared. You were never too insistent or forceful but eager to please. On one occasion, we started to delve into a bit of our personal lives. I enjoyed having you open up to me and let me be a “shoulder” for you to cry on. Soon, I myself opened up to you with my own frustrations and anxieties. Somehow, though nearly thirty years apart in age, we bonded and connected. It just seemed we were right for each other at that time and place.

We would always send each other a note for the other to wake up to in the morning. Usually it was an erotic rale of a fantasy we had. This tradition continued even after we decided to meet some two months after our initial conversation.

You casino oyna only lived about twenty minutes from me, but we spent most nights with each other, anyway. The relationship was progressing nicely, and we were both content.

I’m very glad that I convinced you to go back to teaching at our local private college. I knew you enjoyed the job, but I also knew that it would be fun to tease you about it; me being the innocent young school-girl, and you the experienced, wise professor. It heated our relationship and fantasies to boiling.

One morning, I finally decided to act on our bedroom play in person. This was how it went:

I knock on the door to your office at the school, and open the door slightly. You are sitting at your computer reading. I have dressed for you today in a pleated plaid school-girl mini-skirt, and a white blouse tied under my breasts. I know class is in just under an hour, but I cannot resist seeing you, teasing you.

“Hello, Professor,” I smile and sit on the edge of your desk, my tanned legs crossed, skirt riding up.

You make no movement but continue frowning at me. I am confused and lean to place a hand on your knee, but you move it away. “Jennifer, this is quite inappropriate. Im sorry, but you’ll have to leave.”

I stare at you a moment, baffled a bit. Quickly and without warning, you grab my hair and pull me upright, moving me behind your desk, and over your knee, nearly tearing off my skirt. I feel your cock press into my ass, rubbing along it. I have not heard a zipper open, and suddenly I realize what was on the screen, what you must have been doing before I arrived.

I whisper, “Professor, were you reading my latest composition? I thought you slot oyna might like it…maybe even give me an A.”

I hear you moan a bit,your hands running over my breasts, tugging off my shirt, toying with my breasts. “I told you once before not to tease the teacher, Jennifer. The only A’s you get will be earned.”

I feel you start spanking my ass, slowly at first, then faster. You are making it red and hot, and my pussy starts to drip on you as I cry out in pleasure and pain. You throb against me rubbing your cock into my skin, your pre-cum dripping on me.

Suddenly, you push me to the floor, “Get on your knees, slut,” you tell me and I look up at you as you hit my lips with your erect cock.

My tongue comes out to suck the head, running along the veins. I start to suck you just under the mushroom head, sucking like you do on my nipples, hard and slow. I then move to just suck your balls one by one licking and teasing, afterward running my tongue all over your length to your head again.

You push my head to swallow you deeper, “Fuck my cock like you mean it, slut!” I hear you say, your breath coming faster now.

I suck you deeper and deeper until you are fully engulfed. I fuck you so hard moaning, and my teeth graze your length, teasing. I feel you nearing climax and shaking. You take your hands and grip my hair forcing my head to bob, my eyes looking into yours.

“Fuck, I’m going to feed my cum doll…Yes, yes, yes!” You explode into my mouth as my lips and tongue milk you swallowing it all a bit dripping out of the corner of my mouth. Waves upon waves of cum fill me and I take it all hungry for you as always. After what seems like forever you say breathlessly, “I’m going to canlı casino siteleri fuck your pussy so hard, cum slut…Make it all mine. I can smell how hot you are even from here…”

You pull me to my feet again, kissing me deeply, tasting you on me, and I moan as our tongues join, probing, playing for a long time. Soon you are moving me to the wall pressing my nipples into the rough texture of it. You purposely move me back and forth rubbing my tits against it causing amazing sensations that connect directly to my pussy.

You reach around and rub my pussy from above, pulling, flicking, teasing my clit. Two fingers bury deep inside me as your cock is rubbing the crack of my ass in slow motions, teasing me and becoming erect again.

My mind is spinning with the sensations of being passionately taken, in your office during school hours, still having to sit in your class, pussy that will be full of our cum. I am loving being taken against the wall and used. Quickly, I feel my body sinking, melting, falling into the throes of a powerful orgasm like only you can give me. It was even more intense due to the fact that I couldn’t scream out in my passion too loudly lest we not make it to class today but ended up staying at home for the rest of our school careers. Instead, I settled for digging my finger nails into the wall.

Still shaking from my orgasm, you ram into my pussy. The feeling of fullness is extraordinary, making me feel complete, as though I wasn’t whole before. Your finger is now deep in my ass making circles teasing and squeezing me. Lost in my reverie, I continue to slam my hips against you over and over on your cock. I am moaning and calling your name, and I arch my back while your balls slam into me. Our hips grinding and soon both of us exploding loudly, you clinging to me with your free hand. Our cum mixes and drips out of me; we are wild and lost in passion. And yet, we must make it through class in a few minutes now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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