24 Mayıs 2022

Beg Grovel Seduce

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Please note, all sex in this story is between adults over 18. All cities, persons and companies in it are fictional.

Tesla is just a random company I used for plot development. The usage of Tesla doesn’t reflect the real company in any way, it is a fictionalized version of the company and I don’t even try to be accurate with the facts regarding it, if that bothers you don’t read this.

If incest bothers you, don’t read this.

If you are looking for jerk-off material this story might disappoint you. It’s a tale about a relationship that takes an unexpected turn and mainly focuses on the story aspect not the sex.

I enjoyed writing this, but unlike most of my stories this will be the shortest full story I will likely write. I hope you get some entertainment out of it.

Thanks to BiAsianGirl for her feedback and Alwaysready64 for getting out of his comfort zone and editing this. All of the errors you’ll find were due to me sneaking in more snippets of things here and there after the story was edited, so don’t blame my editors.


“Come on Baby. Don’t you love me?” the blonde bombshell standing before me asked.

That was a loaded question if I ever heard one. Of course, I loved her. She was the most attractive woman I knew and the only woman I ever loved.

“Mom, you’re not being fair. You know I love you, but I can’t do that,” I complained.

“Please? You know I’ve been looking for a job in my field for over a year now. This position would be a godsend; it’s perfect.”

“Come on Mom. you know I want you to find a job…” I said, reluctantly.

I knew this to be a touchy subject. Mom really wanted a career after fighting to get a degree despite being a stay-at-home mom.

She had me when she was sixteen and Dad married her out of obligation rather than love. To his credit he was good to her but Mom could be hard-headed, opinionated and difficult to say the least.

Despite having to raise me and against Dad’s objections, she put herself through college. It took her almost eleven years to graduate since she could only go part-time. Despite people’s discouragement, she persisted and got her master’s in business a few years after her undergraduate degree.

“I don’t want ‘just a job’, Kyle. I want a CAREER. This would be perfect for me. It’s rare to find a prestigious position like this one in this city, much less one that I’m qualified for.”

To call Rockport a city was a bit of a stretch. It recently grew from being a large town to a small city in less than a decade. It didn’t have any buildings larger than twenty stories, but it did have the advantage of having its own harbor, a university and was located near a major highway. Tesla was its biggest impetus in its explosive growth since they decided to establish a research facility here less than a decade earlier.

“I know.” I said empathetically, “But, if you want a career in business so badly, why not look in Newport? It’s a bigger city with a slew of corporations more akin to your ‘career’. This is an engineering town. Other than Tesla everything is small potatoes, and Tesla usually promotes from within.”

“You know I can’t afford to move. Besides, I want to stay close to you. You’re all the family I have left,” she said, sadly.

I think she was trying to make me feel guilty, but I’d been dealing with her guilt trips for years.

Mom and dad divorced when I turned fourteen. I guess he had enough of her willfulness, at least that’s what I gathered from arguments I overheard. I never understood why they were ever together they fought so much.

The funny thing was she was way out of his league. So how he ever got her pregnant in the first place is a mystery, she must have been pretty drunk.

She looked good enough to be some rich man’s trophy wife. She was tall for a woman at 5’11”, had sharp angular cheekbones, slightly upturned nose, beautiful crystal blue eyes and the sexiest curves I had ever seen on a woman.

But trophy wife or no, she had a mind of her own and always had something to say. I never thought her harsh or mean just the opposite, she was kind and giving, to a fault even. But she was a voracious reader and always knew something about anything anyone had to talk about. She loved watching YouTube videos and I think she watched every Ted Talk available. I always loved her mind and the way she thought, maybe because we were so much alike.

But her and dad were like oil and water. I think he was too old school and didn’t appreciate a woman being smarter than him, but I never did get to ask him because after the divorce I really didn’t see much of him and didn’t really care.

Mom got the house in the divorce and was living off child support and alimony for years. When I turned 18 the child support stopped, and the alimony decree expired a few years after that. Mom was so focused on doing everything to make me successful in life that she hadn’t even bothered to look for work until I finished school.

I was illegal bahis a child prodigy in math. At age thirteen I solved an NP-Complete proof that had baffled mathematicians for decades, and this led to a slew of recruitment efforts from many prestigious universities. The problem was my talents in math and logic didn’t carry over to other subjects that it turned out I was “just above average in” for my age. Mom didn’t want to move, and the divorce made it impossible for me to leave the state, so we stayed here in Rockport and never moved.

When the local university found out it had a math prodigy so close to home, they had recruiters hounding me to get into their math program. They offered to waive my tuition and provide private tutors to teach me my other state required subjects; that way I could get through high school quickly so that I could take other college level classes required to get my degree.

I was all for it, but it turned out to not be that easy. There was a big fight between my school district and college. My high school claimed they had jurisdiction over me until I turned sixteen unless I could test out of all subjects, and the college claimed it would be in my best interest to go to college early. So, both entities actually sued each other on my behalf. The judge compromised and decided that I should go to college part time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and attend high school the rest of the week until I reached sixteen.

To make a long story short I graduated high school at sixteen (with the help of tutors provided by the college), double majored in Math and Business and got my undergrad degrees at eighteen.

As soon as I graduated, I put off going into the master’s program so I could get work. Without child support from Dad mom would be hard pressed to pay the bills. I wanted to do my part, so I got a paid internship at Tesla right out of college.

I excelled at everything they threw at me and management took notice and hired me full time within the first six months.

Mom did her part by starting a rumor through her friend Marjory that other companies were interested in me. It wasn’t really a rumor per se; I was getting calls. Mom just made sure they knew that. That’s how she always was when it came to me, she made sure I had the best of everything, even opportunities. Not that I needed her help, far from it, she taught me to be independent and strong but I wanted to make it on my own.

My promotion was looked upon as favoritism by all of my peers, so Mom’s stunt made me a shunned man. I wanted to work my way up and maybe make a few friends, but after word got around most of my peers stayed clear of me.

When I found out that Mom was behind my promotion, I gave her the silent treatment for about a week. She cried and begged my forgiveness, and I felt like shit for treating my her so badly, but at the time I was angry and took my anger out on her.

Once I got over my anger and thought about it, she was only doing what she thought was best for me. I couldn’t stay mad at her either because what she did – worked. Management took notice of me, saw me as a rock star and fast tracked me for a management myself.

I was trained as an engineer, however engineers, as well paid as they were, had a cap on how much they could get paid. The real money was in management since there was no CAP there. At Tesla they had enough geniuses, what they needed were people that could lead their geniuses.

My quick ascension through the ranks seemed to be a pattern with me. Over the years, I would get promoted, set new records, create new processes and increase productivity by record amounts; then get promoted again. I moved up quickly in the company, not as an engineer but a team leader, project manager, manager then account executive.

My Mom was the true genius, in that she decided what classes I took while in college. It turned out she had a plan for me all along. She knew exactly what I needed in order to be successful. She made me take business classes while in college even though they didn’t count toward my degree. As a business major herself, she knew exactly what I needed to know in order to bridge the gap between management and engineering.

I didn’t see it at the time, I just saw her as this domineering presence that I had to appease because I loved her. But I ended up being able to speak both of their languages and knew enough about what each needed to get the most out of both sides. I could present business requirements to the engineers in an understandable way and conversely present technical details in ways the executives could understand.

The rise to Executive Vice President (EVP) wasn’t the fastest ever but those that did usually came into the company with experience from other companies. But I did become the youngest EVP in the history of the company, at the ripe old age of 25.

With my new position came perks and benefits. One benefit was that I could hire my own personal Executive Assistant. Somehow my mom got wind illegal bahis siteleri of this, (probably through her best friend Marjory), thus our meeting.

You might think to yourself, executive assistant, that’s just a glorified secretarial position. Why would my mom be so hell bent on getting that? At Tesla, the executive assistants weren’t secretaries at all, they assisted and collaborated with the executives they worked for and often did the bulk of their busy work. They were executives in their own right. They didn’t answer phones, rather they set up meetings and kept their bosses organized. The executive assistants had secretaries themselves so thinking of them as secretaries was more than a misnomer.

To even be considered for the position of Executive Assistant you needed to at least have an MBA – some candidates even had doctorates… thus my Mom’s interest. If she got the position, she would be fast tracked into management at one of the fastest growing companies in the US. It would not only get her foot in the door but catapult her working experience. She would be able to skip a lot of the grind of working your way up through the ranks. And since she was starting later in life than most, she needed that shortcut.

“Mom, I want you to be successful. I really do. But I just got promoted and I’ll have a lot of eyes on me for a while. I need someone that will help me be successful,” I said, and I realized before I finished that it wasn’t the right thing to say. “Wait! Before you cry foul, listen,” I said, interrupting her protests before she could get on a roll. “I agree that for anyone else you would be a great candidate… but come on, Mom. You’re not exactly good at taking orders from ME. And besides, I wouldn’t ever be able to fire you if things didn’t work out and you know that. So, if there were issues with your performance, I’d likely get fired myself.”

“I can take orders from you… Give me a chance,” she pleaded, and I shook my head. “I know you’re my son and I’ll have a hard time getting used to you being my boss at first, but we could practice at it… I could learn to be your subordinate. Please! I want this… please, please, pleaseeee.”

Damn. I was afraid of this. I couldn’t deny my mom, but it would be an absolute nightmare having her work for me. I didn’t want her to hold a grudge so I couldn’t be the one that denied her; she needed to do that herself. I needed to come up with a reason that would force her to not want the position herself.

Then I thought of what “I thought” to be a brilliant solution. I read this story once on Literotica about this woman that got a job which had secret illegal requirements. The secretaries were all “office wives” and they were required to service their bosses sexually. The story was entertaining but its premise was utterly ridiculous. The thing was, I was great at bullshitting people; the only problem was, I’ve never been able to fool my mom much less lie to her so using this story would be a longshot at best.

“Fuck it!” I thought, might as well try. If I could convince her that part of the job was to service me sexually, she’d have to give up, right? Well if she didn’t believe me, I guess I’d have to bite the bullet and hire her because there was no way I’d be able to put up with her otherwise.

“Mom. Even if you WERE able to follow orders, that’s not exactly the worst part of this job. I didn’t want to mention this before because I didn’t want you to think badly of me …” I began.

“Oh?” she asked. “What could ever make me think badly of you?”

“You ever hear of an ‘office wife’, Mom?” I began.

“No, I can’t say I have. What’s that? Where you hire your wife as a subordinate or something?” she asked confused.

I laughed and said, “Not quite. The ‘office wife’ is a term that describes a relationship between an employee and boss, where during office hours they treat each other like they are married…”

“So, what? She cooks and cleans for him?… Ohhhhh!” she gasped as she finally got it.

“I can’t tell this to anyone without breaching my confidentiality agreement, but as long as you keep quiet and don’t tell anyone… Especially Marjory…”

“I swear,” she said, suddenly.

I hesitated for dramatic effect. I had to make her believe I was reluctant to tell her the story. I had to sell it.

“OK, but if you say ANYTHING, not only will I be fired but I’ll be sued for every cent I ever earned.”

“Baby, I won’t say anything to jeopardize your job…” and I looked at her sternly. “You know I’m your biggest supporter. Besides, I would be shooting myself in the foot if I went against you. So, I’ll keep my mouth shut, OK? No matter what it is.”

With my dad no longer paying child support Mom only had alimony from Dad until I turned 21. So, when I got my job straight out of college it was like a godsend. I took overpaying all the bills and eventually I was making enough money where I could not only support her but move into my own place as well. canlı bahis siteleri As an EVP, I was making ten times what my father was earning when he divorced Mom, so we didn’t miss him in that respect.

I shared my wealth with my mom so she never had to work. But Mom was a proud woman and she didn’t feel right taking my money. That’s why she was now searching for a job. Not because she needed it but because she just wanted to feel like she was contributing in some way. I guess a weaker man would insist she not work, but I actually found her more attractive as an ambitious woman so I encouraged her in every way that I could. I wanted her to have her dream job; I just didn’t want her working FOR me.

“OK… Right after I was offered my new position, I was pulled into a meeting with a bunch of lawyers and higher ups. Apparently, the CEO believes that the executives are more productive if they are provided ‘stress relief’. She believes that having an ‘office wife’ leads to less turn-over and a happier work environment, as well as it fostering creativity. She also believes that by providing sex on a regular schedule, it helps the execs stay focused on other things…”

“That sounds like a lot of chauvinistic bullshit,” she huffed. “Men always…”

“Mom!” I barked, and she looked cowed. “First of all, the CEO is a woman and half the executives are women,” I said.


“AND not all of the men have female executive assistants…” I continued.

“Ohhhh…” she said even louder.

“Not only that, some of the women have female executive assistants… If you know what I mean.”

“Oh…. OHHHH my GOD, really?” she asked, surprised.

“Yes, and before you get on your high-horse. No one goes into this job ignorant. Most of the ‘wives’ worked as escorts to get their way through college and are perfectly comfortable servicing their bosses. They are not only being paid well, but they get big bonuses every year. So, it’s a win-win for both parties.”

She was silent for a few minutes and I let her mull things over.

“So, couldn’t we just pretend?” she asked.

“No! Besides, in order to protect their interests, they carefully vet prospective candidates. And each executive is expected to participate so they’re in it together. And yes, we have had a few executives hire their wives, or girlfriends but that is rare and rarely works out and they totally discourage it. Even then they still had to prove that their real wives were fulfilling their contract. After all, they are paying a lot of money for it.”

“I see,” she said, sounding disappointed.

“So, you see, I can’t hire you.” I said, then had to add “Much less, make you into my submissive slut,” and immediately regretted it.

Why did I have to take it that far? I should have let well enough alone. Submissive slut. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“Uhh, these are former prostitutes. Granted they are ALSO graduates with MBA degrees but they are expected to satisfy their bosses sexual desires. The bosses don’t choose their executive assistants, rather they can pick from a group of potential candidates that also picked or matched up with them. The girls pick their bosses not only by their looks but by their profiles. The bosses let them know in advance what they want sexually, so there are no surprises going into their ‘special relationship’.”

“Do they have to be ‘submissive sluts’, if they all have different sexual tastes?” she asked.

Dammit, she had me.

“They don’t have to…”

Then she saved me, in a way at least; she saved my lie.

“You’re saying, YOU want a submissive slut?” she asked, knowing.

I turned red and shrugged. Did I really want that? It didn’t matter. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue or a subconscious suggestion. Either way I had to go with it to maintain the lie.

“I mean, yeah… Yeah I would,” I finished strong and confident.

I was digging myself a deep hole and it kept getting deeper. Not only did I make myself out as someone who was looking forward to taking advantage of an illegal practice, but I also made myself as desiring to be dominant and my sexual partner submissive. And if you really looked at it, in a way I wasn’t doing a good job of saying straightforward that I wouldn’t accept having sex with my Mom, rather that SHE wouldn’t, thereby leaving an opening for her.

She started crying so I rushed over to her and hugged her. For some reason all this talk about sex with my Mom really got to me and I had the biggest hard-on I ever remembered. As I pressed into her soft flesh, her breast drilling holes into my chest, I saw for the first time just how attractive she really was, and it scared me. I saw her look into my eyes quickly in shock as she must have felt my cock press into her belly. But instead of pushing me away, she buried her head in my shoulders.

I truly hated myself right then and I was about to tell her the truth when I heard her mumble something into my shoulder that changed everything.

“What was that?” I asked.

She looked up at me and said, “I said… I’ll do it.”

“What? What do you mean, you’ll do it?” I asked, really worried now. This wasn’t going where I expected at all.

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