27 Mayıs 2022

Beer Thursday Pt. 09

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“Hey guys, sorry, we’ve been working over the new numbers with the bean counters. I’m afraid we won’t get to join you tonight for dinner, we’ll be staying late and making sure we can cover the entire scope…have you ordered lunch yet?” Tom asked as he and Bill sat with Mary and Jack.

“Yeah, we ordered. Let’s do the hibachi place tomorrow since that’s our place when we come up here. Jack, want to do the deli across the street?” Mary asked. Hell, maybe we can rent a DVD like Tom and I did last night.” Mary glanced at Tom to see his reaction…and to see if he told the others.

Tom studied the menu partially hiding his red face, “Yeah, it was fun. Nice to have the RedBox downstairs, the latest movies for just about a buck. I think I’ll have the Philly Cheesesteak.” Tom said as he dropped the menu.

Relieved that Tom said nothing, she relaxed and decided on lunch.

“We’ll probably see you guys at breakfast unless you are still up when we get done tonight.” Bill said as they split up to work with the different teams. “Have fun tonight.”

When Jack and Mary got back to the hotel, Mary said, “I’m going to change and go for a run, you interested?”

“How far do you want to go?” Jack asked worried Mary would want to do one of her half marathons.

“Just 5 miles or so out at Discovery Park. We can do less if you like, I just feel a need for a burn.”

Jack was admiring Mary in her tight shorts and thin tee shirt over her jog bra. He was distracted seeing Mary’s breasts bouncing in his peripheral vision and felt a stirring in his shorts. “I’d better get ahead of her so I don’t get carried away.” Jack thought as he picked up the pace. He was surprised when Mary shot past laughing.

“Try and keep up, old man or you’ll be beat by a girl.” Mary said as she turned around running at the same speed backwards. She spun back around when she saw Jack’s eyes get wide starting at her breasts barely being held by the tight jog bra.

Jack was disappointed when she turned around by found himself in no better shape watching Mary’s ass clearly defined by the lycra shorts. “Christ, that is a great ass, I could bury my face in that…stop it, look at the boats. These shorts are not made for containing…that’s a nice ketch over there.” Jack sprinted to catch up with Mary.

They got back to their floor and as Mary was putting her card in the lock, “That was great, the sound was beautiful today, you alright? You look really flushed”

Jack had been adjusting his persistent chubby standing behind Mary, “I’m great, I was pushing hard to keep up with you, but you are right, the burn felt really good, but now I’m going to stand under a cold shower right now though…really need to cool off.”

“Knock on my door when you are ready, let’s go across to the deli, food sounds good, but they have a great beer selection.” Mary smiled at him as she disappeared into her room.

Coming back to the hotel, they turned to go to the RedBox. “So, you were a bouncer at a bar and a masseuse in college?”

“Yeah, I was a PE major and we had to take massage therapy classes. I have really strong hands and found some of the people in my class started to offer me money to work on them, then word of mouth, you know how that is…anyhow I was working on this guy who owned the main bar downtown that would get really hopping especially after football games. He asked if I would be interested in being a bouncer since I was pretty big. It was fun, I found people didn’t want to mess with me and if they did, they were usually so drunk it was nothing to get them out of there.”

“How much do you charge, for a massage not to be bounced? I was going to call down to see if they had a masseuse on call here. I seem to have worked every muscle in my body the last week or so, I really need a work over.” Mary asked sweetly.

“Don’t call down, I’ll work on whatever issues you have. Shoulders, traps, glutes…you can tell me what you need. I’d like to get the latest Liam Neeson movie, seen it?”

“Nope, I like his characters, he does a great tough guy, perhaps you can give me a rub down while we watch the movie, but it might get hard if there are too many action scenes. Let’s go up and I’ll set up my laptop…unless you want to watch it in your room.”

“No, your room is fine, I’ll meet you in there, I’ll get my oils.”

“You carry your oils with you when you travel? You trying to get a job here?” Mary laughed. “How should I dress? I’ve never had a massage, I hope it isn’t naked.”

“Actually, the oil is for me. I run with you and my legs get fried, I have to push twice your weight on those trails, you are so light, you just glide along. When we got back I had to work the lactic acids out of my quads before showering. Whatever you are comfortable in. Seriously, naked makes the massage better, but I totally understand. Perhaps your running shorts and job bra? Anyhow I’ll be back.” Jack started down the hall to his room.

“Hang on, put your running shorts on, casino siteleri I can massage your thighs, you do me and I’ll do you.” Mary called down.

Back in his room, Jack shuddered at the thought of being in his running shorts and Mary rubbing her legs, so he dropped the shorts back on the bed, grabbed the massage oil, went back to Mary’s room.

When Mary let Jack in the room, “Where are your shorts? I can’t rub your quads through your khakis. Either go back and get your shorts or take those off. Boxers or briefs?” Mary asked.

Jack noticed Mary wearing a bathrobe and thought hopefully that that was all, “Um…boxers. I shouldn’t take my pants off. It’s fine – I rubbed my quads earlier.” Jack protested.

Mary grabbed Jack by his belt and pulled him over to the bed, sat down and started to undo his belt buckle thinking about 24 hours before with Tom. Jack grabbed her wrists and tried to stop her.

“Look, if you are going to give me a massage, I’m going to return the favor. either go back and put your shorts on or lose the pants. Which one?” Mary glared up at Jack.

Helplessly, Jack pulled his hands away. “Shorts, boxers, pretty much the same thing. I was going to say be gentle, but I’m sure that will fall on deaf ears.” He started to think about the work project…

Mary was intrigued when she dropped his pants to the floor and was greeted by bright red silk boxers barely hiding the shape of the snake hiding beneath, the large circumcised head right in front of her face, shaking her head she said. “Ok, get up on the bed.” Indicating the towels spread out. “Just quads, or hammys also?” Mary asked picking up the massage oil. “Should we zap this for ten seconds? Warm it up?”

“Yes, ten seconds is fine, I prefer setting it in a glass of hot water, but we should have done that a while ago. Actually, yes. quads and hammys.” Jack said as he placed himself face up on the towels.

Mary came back with the oil, climbed up on the bed and straddling Jack’s calves, dripped oil on his hairy, muscular thighs. She immediately began kneading and working the balls of her hands into the bundled ropes in front of her. “Let me know if my technique needs work and tell me when you are the tightest.”

“You’re doing great, right under the heel of your hand is where it is needed the most.” Jack found himself looking down the open neck of the bathrobe wondering what was under there, but immediately closed his eyes and went back to thinking about work when he felt twitching in his boxers.

Mary worked his legs, pushing as hard as she could when Jack’s encouraging groans reinforced what she was doing. She couldn’t help but check out the outline of a very nice penis under the silk boxers, and when she opened his legs slightly to work the insides, she saw an impressively large hairy testicle. Shaking her head, she continued to work, but realized she was sweating from the exertion and the robe was too much. “Sorry, I have to take this off, this is a great workout…”

Jack’s eye opened hearing this and watched as Mary shrugged off the robe revealing a lacy purple bra and panty set. He could clearly see her nipples through the lacy thin fabric that barely contained her fleshy breasts, her narrow waist was smooth without a hint of fat and her navel, her navel was begging for his tongue to explore, and below her flared hips her panties barely covered her downy patch and her obviously shaved pussy. He panicked when he felt his cock come to life and snake from down by his leg…to his hip and on up pointing towards his navel. He closed his eyes and frantically thought of numbers, budgets, work…but everything he thought of was overlaid with the soft pinkish flesh straddling his legs.

Mary was stunned how fast Jack’s erection grew and slithered up his silk boxers. She went back to kneading Jack’s thighs moving higher and higher, pushing the legs up to his groin. “Is this what you mean when you talk about fast twitch muscles?” Mary asked sweetly.

“Aaahhhh. No…Ummm. I am so sorry, I need to think about something other than…than…I need to think about work.” Jack moaned.

Grinning, Mary asked. “Should I put my robe back on? I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if I should wear my jog bra and shorts, but I really wanted a full massage and I didn’t want to be naked…you know.” Mary swung her legs off the bed and went over to get a tee shirt.

Jack stared at her exposed ass and how tight it looked flexing as she strode over to the dresser. “No, leave it. I need to learn to control myself.” Looking down at the wet spot growing in his shorts he moaned, “Though I may have ruined my favorite shorts. Forget my hammys, I owe you a massage. Get over here and lie face down.” Jack said as he rolled off the bed.

Mary brushed by him but not before stopping and pushing her ass against his rod tenting his shorts. “Does this help with your self control?” she asked chuckling.

“Mary, stop that. You’re married and I don’t sleep with married women.” Jack slot oyna groaned.

“I know, that was mean. Something makes me want to tease you, but you are right, I am married and just a massage.” Mary said sweetly and got on the bed face down. “But, seriously, those shorts don’t hide a thing. Lose them and get over here and give me a massage.”

Jack started to protest, but looking down he saw the mushroom shape pushing through the fabric. He pushed them down and stepped out of them with his back turned to Mary. Turning around he saw she was focused on the bobbing penis projecting out from his dark patch of pubes.

“Nice cock.” She said. “It doesn’t matter now so just take the shirt off.”

Hesitating, but then shrugging his shoulders, Jack pulled off his shirt revealing sculpted pecs, six-pack abs and no body fat.

“Jesus Christ, when do you find time to work out – to look like that?” Mary gasped as she rolled onto her side. “I expect you to say ‘I’ll be back’ in an Austrian accent. Is every beer bottle a twist off for you? Now I’m afraid you’ll crush me, maybe we should skip the massage and watch the movie.” Mary felt her thong getting soaked and he hadn’t even touched her.

Jack laughed. “I go to the gym before work – do free weights, you know just to keep in tone. Lie back down, I’m not going to crush you.” Somewhat self-conscious Jack climbed onto the bed and knelt over Mary’s legs, very aware of his balls hanging between her smooth calves.

As Jack massaged her, she was relaxing more and more. His hands though powerful, were also very gentle and as all her kinks and tight spots were kneaded out she lost herself in the full body pleasure sweeping through her. 30 minutes in she realized, not once did Jack touch her ass, though she was aware of his balls rubbing up her legs…dragging across her ass… nor do what every other guy who had ever given her a massage – open her legs and rub their hands right up to her pussy. Nor, when working on her tight lats did he once catch a feel of her boobs.

“Ok, if you turn over I can work your front,” Jack said with a slap on her ass, that being the first time he touched her there.

“Are you sure, you haven’t done my butt yet. Don’t you usually do that?” Mary turned her head and asked.

“I do, but normally the client is naked, or naked under a towel and the oil tends to stain your underwear.”

Mary reached down and pushed her thong down to her thighs and looked to Jack to help her with the rest of the way.

Even though the thong didn’t cover much now Jack could see her smooth, clam shell like vulva and her pink asshole between her legs. Shaking his head, “Sorry,” And pulled the thong the rest of the way off and threw it on the floor. “I do agree, the glutes are usually the area most in need of work.” He proceeded to pour oil onto her smooth round ass cheeks. When the oils ran rapidly down her butt crack Jack said, “Sorry, too much.” and drove his fingers down across her anus and pussy lips.

Mary groaned and involuntarily opened her legs giving better access. “Oohhh. No, that’s fine. You can do that again.” She cooed.

Jack laughed and went back to working on the firm silky cheeks, trying not to be aware that every time his thumbs rolled outward Mary’s privates opened up right in front of him. He was very aware of his persistent erection and the pre-cum flowing out of the tip, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had given up an hour ago trying to think about work, instead just savored the unattainable beauty beneath him. When he was done with her glutes, he took a towel and rubbed all the excess oil off her back, slapping her ass again, he said, “Ok, now are you ready for your front? Here’s a towel to cover your waist.” He said holding a towel up ready to drape across her.

Mary scowled at Jack. “Really, a towel for modesty…didn’t you already see pretty much all of me? And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of you.” She pulled the towel out of his hand as she rolled over.

Jack methodically worked his way up from her toes, but kept stealing glances between her legs. He’d never seen a more beautiful vagina, wonder what it tastes like…” Jerking up, he went back to Mary’s calves and knees. When he go to Mary’s crotch, he could smell her arousal and see juices leaking out of her now swollen labia.

Mary groaned when his thumbs started working the area around the mons, but he never touched her clit or lips. He did stroke the golden patch of pubes with surprising gentleness after the strong manipulation of all her muscles. She lost herself again in the wonderful sensation of his strong fingers in her abs, her arms, delts, everywhere.

When he got to Mary’s neck, he stopped and said, “Ok, that’s it. How do you feel?”

“I feel so relaxed like I will never be able to get up again, you are really good at this. But, what about my pecs? You pretty much ignored those. Is it oil on the bra again? I can take that off.” Mary asked.

“Mary, I can do your canlı casino siteleri pecs, but I thought it would have been inappropriate seeing as how I would be seeing…Ok, I get your point.” Jack said when Mary looked down ironically at both of their bodies. Here, lean forward.” Jack said as he smoothly unclipped Mary’s bra and let her massive boobs spill out. “Slight change, I might be able to do your pecs, if I can get to them…”

Mary laughed seeing Jack’s expression. “Don’t worry about those, push them out of the way.”

Jack squirted oils on the fleshy mounds and started working, kneading and squeezing them assiduously avoiding her puffy nipples. His fingers pressed through to the underlying muscle and he heard Mary moan with pleasure while doing this. He felt her pelvis thrusting up when he got near her nipples.

“Please? All over?” Mary begged. “They feel so good, don’t stop.”

Jack sat back on his heels. “Mary, we can’t go any further. You are married and I really don’t want to take advantage of you, this is not a seduction.”

Groaning, Mary said, “Jack, listen to me. I want this and I will guarantee you that Bob is fine with it. We have an agreement, if I sleep with anyone else, I just have to tell him. So, if you need help with that,” indicating his throbbing pole, “take advantage of me, use me.”

“Sorry, I can’t,” Jack said, “as much as I’d like to, I don’t want to hurt your marriage.”

“Wait,” Mary said as she rolled over to grab her phone. “Hey honey, how are you? Were you asleep?…That’s good, yes I am. Well, that’s the thing, he says I’m married and he won’t be the one to mess that up…I know, who would have thought?” Mary laughed and with an aside to Jack, “He says he had no idea gentlemen still existed.” Turning back to the phone, “What’s that? I missed that. Yeah, I’ll put him on.” Mary held out the phone for Jack.

“Um…hello? I’m sorry, we went for a run and I was giving her a massage…no, she is beautiful….In a flash, but….are you serious?….I’d be happy to, thrilled in fact….you too, thanks…I mean it, thanks.” Jack handed the phone back to Mary.

“Well, what did he say?” Mary asked.

“He asked if I’d fuck you if you weren’t married, so why won’t I fuck you when the marriage doesn’t factor in, then he asked if it would be very nice to get you all aroused and not give you relief? I guess I should finish the massage?” Jack asked pouring oil onto his hands and reaching for the pink tips….

After savoring the feeling of those puffy nipples with their rock hard tips, Jack reached down beneath his legs and ran a finger down Mary’s wet slit, feeling the heat and the moisture oozing from her.

“So nice…you have great hands, but you have the greater need.” Mary sighed as she pushed him off her onto his back and swung her leg over his thighs. She grabbed the oil and squirted up and down the pulsing shaft. She grabbed his dick and began working the oil all over it then reached down and cupped his balls. “Wow, these are heavy, is this all for me?” Mary asked. Then she released the balls and slid herself up and lowered her pussy onto the hard rod and began rhythmically sliding up and down the shaft pressed against his stomach. When she felt her clit hit that large mushroom shaped head she gently ground her hips down into him…over and over watching his face as it relaxed and apparently reveled in the growing pleasure.

He reached up and started kneading her dangling breasts and felt his balls start to boil. He gripped her breasts harder and found Mary pushing onto his hands so he was supporting her by her chest. He saw her eyes closed also lost in the stimulation derived from their genitals grinding, sliding against each other in an increasingly rapid series of thrusts and accompanying groans from each of them. Trying to stave off the impending explosion as he knew Mary was close was getting futile and when he heard her start to gasp, he thrust his hips up into Mary’s clit and shot load after load up onto his chest and stomach while Mary cried out, writhing furiously grinding her aroused button into Jack’s cock, then collapsed onto his chest breathing hard

“God, that was incredible, I’ve never cum like that, your pussy sliding on my dick, wow!” Jack panted feeling Mary’s heaving chest sliding on the pools of cum. He found himself never wanting to get up with this beautiful naked woman splayed out on top of him, feeling her heart beat, her breathing becoming less intense, the smell of her hair.

Mary pulled her head up and kissed Jack, opening her mouth to accept his tongue, feeling his arms clutching her passionately before braking it off. “I’m not sure I’d ever want that much foreplay again. You touching me, waiting for you to stroke my pussy, grope my breasts, but you didn’t, you are the best guy I’ve ever been with, why aren’t you married?” She said looking down at Jack.

“I almost was, engaged and all that. Three days before the wedding, in fact it was when I came back to pick her up for some stuff before the rehearsal dinner, I found her with my best man, my best friend.” Jack said sadly.

“I’m so sorry, I wish I hadn’t asked. That had to be horrible…what did you do, were they…?” Mary asked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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