27 Ekim 2021

Basketball Time (Chapter 6-Final)

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Basketball Time (Chapter 6-Final)
I’m the new basketball mom for the AAU team I tell my husband, he says you sure you want to do that it’s a lot of work buying stuff and serving snacks making reservations for the team in hotels all that stuff I’m pretty sure coach’s wife used to do it and hated it. Oh it’s our k**s’ last year and if I don’t like it I won’t do it next year, next year he says you are crazy ok let see how it goes. Duties weren’t that bad I would pick up fruit and drinks give coach the receipt and he would pay me, his wife still did the reservations and appreciated me doing the rest because got her out of the practices and I liked to flirt with coach anyway. I dressed conservatively for practice gym attire but rarely wore a bra liked to flop them in coach’s face he-he, one time I showed up in a pair of cut very short bib overalls, you know the kind that have hooks in the front that connect straps that go over your back, farmer bibs is what we called them, and I wore a wife beater underneath the bibs and the tee shirt barely contained my big tits and I put on a show if you looked at me from the side which I made sure was coach’s view!
Now after being gangbanged and doing the gloryhole you might think I was now a cock slut who fucks and sucks all men that come on to me or I’m coaches slut whore who gangbangs or does whatever coach says because of his big cock. Not true I’m my own woman and a mother and a wife that takes care of my family yeah I like to fool around but I wasn’t craving another gangbang that’s for sure it kind of hurt my pussy and ass all those big black cocks. I like to tease and I like to be chased and I like erotic situations that make me wet with anticipation of what will follow not just sitting back and spreading my legs and bang. The basketball mother thing let me into the gym with men and being the only woman there usually put all the man attention on me where it belonged (lol) this fueled my desire.
Next Wednesday was the evening that coach wanted me to blow the new recruits father, a point guard recruit and coach says this guy is not big in height as me so you should have fun not have to work so hard, I say it’s not work but fun. Coach says good wear the bibs again with no shirt underneath this time wear a cover and take off before you get to the closet. I get there a half hour after practice started and wheel in my cooler with the goodies for the team, I pause and look over toward coach and this handsome man, the man he is hot and older man with salt and pepper hair and a beard I like him and just a little taller than me just my size. I make my way toward the middle of the gym’s hallway shaking my ass and bouncing my chest although hard to see with the sweater I’m wearing over the bibs. I pause at the door and remove my sweater the only ones paying any attention are coach and the other man, and move sideways going thru the door giving them a view of my tits under the bibs. Down the steps and into the closet I go flipping on the lights I notice a cushion on the floor, I unsnap my bibs and kneel facing the door with breasts exposed and I begin playing with my nipples until nice and hard.
I can hear them coming down the stairs laughing, coach opens the door and there I sit on my knees playing with my tits and looking at them with half open bedroom eyes, coach says BT this is the father of our star recruit treat him right and the man says god she is hot. In he walks and coach closes the door, he steps up and unfastens his belt his eyes staring at me. He moves forward and I reach out and grab his cock and slowly jack the member as it hardens to my touch (I just love that) and then I lean forward and tickle the head of his nice cock with my tongue as he moans. Not huge but a nice 6 and half maybe seven inches and thick I start sucking and playing with his balls as I lube his cock with my spit until just right then I take my tits and place around his cock and start to tit fuck him, I asked if he thought I was pretty, he moans yes and I say do you want to cum on my pretty face, oh yes he moans looking down at me. I smile up at him and tell him to do it, do it now and release his cock from tits and start jacking him with my right hand while holding my jugs up with my left. He moans looking down and starts to climax, it’s flying on my face and tits it’s flying everywhere a huge load. When he is finished and calming down he says jeez coach said you were good but that only took a few minutes, I laugh while wiping my face with wipes and say yeah I have a talent.
This becomes a duty more often after that and I really liked the excitement of the new cock and the looks on the men when they open the closet door and I’m kneeling there waiting for their cock. The tourneys were güvenilir bahis siteleri pretty boring as hubby kept an eye on me not sure if he got wind of what was happening or not, probably was just a feeling with all the men sniffing around. But the practices were a blast and next year’s team was going to be pretty good if all those cocks I sucked had their k**s playing for us. A week before Cincinnati tourney coach said he had a new guy coming in, a guy who he played ball with overseas and he was a good buddy and said they were built the same, and shared everything overseas including women. This new guy was moving to town and would help coach next year with the coaching duties and he wanted me to make him feel welcome at practice he said wear your bibs BT and do a good job and we will have a surprise for you in Cincinnati. The next Wednesday I come to practice with my bibs nothing on underneath and I’m caring my sweater coverall and figure if I garner a lot of attention I’ll put it on, but the only one’s watching were coach and his new assistant coach (coach2). I sway towards the middle gym doors with my tits practically bouncing out from my bibs and coach and coach2 were all eyes smiling.
I head to the closet unhook the bibs and get into position and a minute later coach2 opens the door and comes into the closet staring just devouring me with his eyes I’m dripping checking this dude out he has a remarkable appearance to Lex Steele from some pornos I’ve watched and when he drops his pants I’m sure it’s him. His cock is just glorious and I’m thinking I’ll fuck him now and I unbutton my snaps holding the bibs around my waist and they fall to my bent knees exposing my little landing strip and dripping snatch as I lean back giving him a nice view of my snatch. He says coach said you give magnificent head and I rise up and take his cock and start sucking and licking and I’m humming along getting his member ready for my tits. He is watching and I take a hand and start messaging his balls they’re bigger than coaches or have more stored cum not really sure and I move up to take his cock in between my tits and start rocking up and down sucking and tickling his ass and balls. I look up at him and say turn me around and bury that big cock in my dripping pussy, he says whatever the pretty lady wants and I spin around on my knees ass high ready for the prize and he gives it to me in one thrust. He buries it balls deep waits a minute and then the onslaught begins the hammering of my pussy he really starts fucking me deep, deeper than any cock I’ve ever fucked my god the size and sheer power behind it and he is rough saying slut take it. I exploded in multiply orgasms and he pulled out wheeled me around and exploded in my face covering me completely and with cum dripping onto my tits he dresses watching me try to regain my senses and finally hands me paper towels. He is saying coach says next week in Cincinnati tell your husband you’re going shopping the Kings Island day and me and coach are really going to give you the fucking you deserve. I’m not sure he will buy that I say, but I’ll try. It takes me a while to get it together and I don’t make it upstairs until just before practice ends and I go towards them and ask if that was good for you guys because it was good for me? They laugh and coach2 says yeah very nice remember about next weekend and coach says she will don’t pressure her she wants it too. I say what about Biggie and coach says he took a job on west coast it will be just the coaches this week.
Getting away from hubby a whole day will be difficult if not impossible I float a couple of balloons and he is not taking the bait said he would go with me if I wanted to shop. I figured not much chance of getting away but if coach takes him golfing at least I could fuck coach2 all day. They never set it up golf outing, damn I’m pissed off no cocks for me. Then Friday evening my hubby gets a call that he is needed in Nevada and soon his secretary has made plane reservations to fly out of Cincinnati on a red eye leaving at 11pm. What luck for this slut wife he will drive our car and leave at the airport and return next week and then drive home all I need is a ride home he-he. I tell him we’ll ride with Trudy and he says great and I text coach and tell him the situation, he texts back and says k**s will return Saturday night with Pete and I can return with him and coach2 on Sunday. Oh no looks like Saturday night is going to be wild and those guys will abuse my pussy I’m sure, had me smiling with anticipation.
Saturday I get up early and go down and have breakfast with the team it will be a long day playing three games. I look over and coach and coach2 are sitting at a far table having perabet güvenilir mi coffee and I go over as the team boards the bus. Well I knew you’d figure it out BT get your fine ass up to room 321 after the last game our last game is at 4 if we win all three Sunday games start at noon. We lose right out of the gate so the whole day just drags but around 4:30 my excitement starts to peak, once we return to the hotel I go up and shower shave my mons and put on stockings and a garter with no cup bra, I wear a short skirt with a low cut silk top and high heels fuck me pumps and then make my way up to 321. I find the door propped open with security lock bar and I push it open coach and coach2 are sitting at the table drinking beer and both about fall over when they see me. I close the door and secure the lock in the locking position but not before putting the do not disturb sign on the outside of door.
I turn and move forward and they say we going out somewhere BT and I say no, and I take my time unbuttoning the blouse letting it fall from my shoulders while facing away from them and then I pick it up and put it over a chair and then unzip my skirt take a deep breath and drop skirt as I turn towards them letting it fall. They are stunned not knowing whether to look at my tits being hoisted high by the no cup bra or my twat with the landing strip pointing toward my snatch I say should I take off my stockings boys? No they both jump up and are on each side of me in an instant taking my arms and guiding toward the bed, I’m led to the bottom half of the bed facing it and told by coach watch this coach2 he tells me to assume the position. He knows what I like and I crawl up on my knees then bend my face to the mattress lifting my ass high and reach back and spread my ass exposing my dripping snatch for view. Wow, coach2 says and they high five each other and I say who’s first. Coach says be my guest coach2 and I can feel the big cock being run up and down my slit. He soon buries it all the way and coach assumes his position under me with his cock between my tits, they begin to side me up and down with one cock buried in my cleavage and I’m impaled onto the other cock which is balls deep these guys have fucked together before and their timing is perfect one up and one down working like a clock until my spasms signal a huge orgasm and I quake and shake ruining the timing oh well a girl’s got to cum!
They fucked me like that for a good hour I came dozens of times before they finally started to cum it was like a completion to see who could hold out the longest with them. I’m not sure who won but I was leaking cum from both end as I went to the bathroom to drain myself and remove my sweat soaked stockings and undergarments.
Upon returning these beautiful men were lying beside each other on the bed just talking and when I came in they had me go get lube from on the table as they were going to DP me like I have never been DP’ed before. Oh god they’re so big it’s going to hurt guys, get your ass over here BT and get in position I was told and I did in between them on my knees ass high again. Coach2 lubed my ass while coach played with my tits and pussy and I was creaming myself when I felt coach2 rise up behind me and start to enter my tight little asshole, he told me to quit trying to squeeze it out and just let it happen and it did, once in past the opening it slid all the way back into my stomach it felt like and coach says don’t move and he slides under me. Coach2 holds me still while coach positions himself at my pussy opening and starts to enter with that huge head it felt like I was ripping and I was screaming when coach2 puts his hand over my mouth coach buries his cock balls deep in my pussy. Now they hold themselves in position as I feel their cocks and my pussy and ass adjust I will never be the same. They start that in and out timing thing they have with each other and soon pick up the pace back and forth another competition to see who will break the timing first and I’m just on the verge of passing out and I did when I woke sometime later I was laying on coach’s chest as the battle between them continued. They pounded me and I passed out a few times and was in a constant orgasmic state and was just lost in the sensation of their huge cocks ripping me into. They were right I have never been fucked like that and after they both finally deposited another load in me I was pushed over out of the way while they got up to open beers I wasn’t even able to make it to the bathroom and just laid there leaking cum onto the bed and fell asleep. I used my poor ass and pussy was used by these bulls not men but bulls stretching and ruining me for any others.
After resting awhile they said tipobet hey BT get fixed up again and we will go out and play get some drinks you know have some fun. I figured might as well and jumped into the shower and it took a while but I looked decent with my clothes on although my stocking were still a little damps after I hand washed them out. We got into coaches car and headed downtown to some bar they knew about and upon entering I noticed that I was one of only a few white people in the bar only me and a couple other women and the place was packed with people mostly black men. Drinks and shots were flowing and I could feel hands of other men not the coaches getting a good feel of my tits and ass. I was swaying back and forth to the slow jazz playing when coach asks me to get up on the table and do a little dance. I’m helped up and not feeling any pain begin to move to the music when I hear coach say take off the blouse show that no cup bra BT, I look around and all eyes are on me and I’m feeling the dampness and butterflies and I start to unbutton my top one at a time in-between swaying taking my time teasing and playing until I throw back my shoulder and the silk blouse falls off my back and I spin around so everyone can see my 38 F’s in all their glory. And I hear the clapping and hooting and hollering and someone says lose the skirt, I shimmy down bending my knees and slide the zipper on the side down and stand up minus the skirt and I spin again to show everyone my neatly trimmed landing strip and abused pussy with only a garter and stockings and my high heels on. The music stops and I raise my hands above my head and shake my tits as I’m being helped down from the table, I have hands all over me as I dress. Coach said we better get her out of here before she is gang ****d and coach2 says might be fun to watch and then says ok I want to fuck her again anyway.
We get out and back into the car and we laugh and talk about how I had all those guys going in the bar. I really had a good time stripping for all those black men it was very exciting; coach2 says we should have let them spread her on the pool table. And asked if I would have liked that, I said no not really I liked the gangbang last year but I’m not a 20 or 30 something nympho and get tired after so much fucking it’s real not my cup of tea I like this afternoon with just you two that was fun, exciting, and erotic but I did like the dancing the looks and open mouths ha-ha it’s a good thing you guys are so big I didn’t think we were going to get out of there. Coach2 says so let’s have some fun with her get her to dance again in the hotel bar. Coach laughs maybe next year let’s go get in hot tub and sees what happens I can get the key from night manager what do you guys say? I was all fore it sounds like just what I needed some relaxing time in the hot tub, we all agree. Coach2 and I make our way down the hall towards the pool and hot tub entrance and soon coach joins us with a bottle of wine and cups.
We all get naked and get in the tub enjoying wine and re-living the action, they are sitting close on each side of me and soon I feel hands pinching my nipples and playing with my pussy. Coach says roll over the tub BT and we will take turns reaming you out. I said sounds wonderful but let me do some of the work get up on the side of the tub and let me ride you like a cowgirl stud! He agrees and I climb aboard and start rocking, coach tells coach2 watch this go ahead BT dance on my cock, I knew what he wanted so I put my hands behind my head and started to sway allowing my tits to dance as I rock back and forth on huge member. Coach2 says wow that’s hot BT and soon I’m talking to coach do you like my big tits, want to cum on them or would you like to cum on my face? He soon grunts and unloads a huge load and when I dismount his huge head pops out with sound, and I slide into the tub smiling. Coach2 says ok BT lean over the tub I’m going to finish you off what can I say except ok. He pounded me for what seems like hours I just was in constant orgasmic state it was beautiful and when he was done we were all done. I wrapped a towel around myself and my hair grabbed my cloths and headed toward my room asking when are we leaving guys and coach says around 11 puts us home around 7pm tomorrow is that good, perfect.
The ride home was fun we laughed and talked and I sucked them both off in the back seat, finishing one and then they would change places it was lot of cock to handle but I managed to suck them both clean. Getting home taking a shower and hitting the bed I slept until noon the next day my poor pussy was practically turned inside out, it took a month to get back to right although I ended up with quite prominent camel toe, those big black cocks left their mark! Unfortunately the team disbanded over the summer as the coaches took different jobs in other cities, not sure what happened to my recruits ha-ha, it’s just as well it was getting to intense and serious for me, I needed the space.

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