28 Mayıs 2022

Barter Club Ch. 02

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“Well,” said Eva, “have you seen enough. Do you feel ready to have a go at the ‘great game’ now? I am sure one of the ladies over there would be happy to go with you, probably pay you something to do it if you need some incentive, or you could try one of the very attractive ones over there. You are quite attractive so they might be keen to do it with you, but if not you can easily afford to pay them a bit more. Or if not, my offer still stands. Make love to me. I would like that even more now I know how civil and gentle you are. Offer me a reasonable price for yourself and I will pay it, but don’t make it too high because I can always make an arrangement with a different man.”

He wasn’t answering straight away. This was a new situation for him evidently, although he had been with women before, he had told her. “You don’t have to choose me. Go for one of the other ladies. I don’t mind. I won’t be missing out.” She judged that perhaps he would prefer one of the other ladies, but did not wish to appear rude to herself. Eva could see he was a very sensitive man, always reluctant to hurt anyone’s feelings. He did not appear to have a very strong opinion of himself, but if he had enjoyed as little sex as he had told her it was unsurprising that he had low sexual confidence. She wondered if he would have the courage.

Salohkin was thinking. He felt nervous, as always before the prospect of sex with a new person. What was holding him back? He had come here as a traveller, unaware of the local sexual practices, and it had caught him off balance. At first he had been convinced that if Eva was not a prostitute she must be winding him up. He had half believed her but had needed to be convinced. This place, the city, the country, the continent, what he had seen of it so far, looked so normal. People worked and travelled, and ate food in much the same way as back home. The sexual liaisons were not obvious to the casual observer. If anything the people looked so serious, as if they were working hard, and not having all that much fun. Liaisons occurred on the street as Eva had shown him, and she had pointed to others making contact but they all went away behind closed doors for the sex. They wore attractive clothes. The women looked fabulous, and they were well dressed. The clothes were ‘liberated’ but not particularly revealing. Couples held each other after contact and kissed fairly politely, but they more usually went with their arms around each other, or arm in arm, until they were indoors. There were no great displays of affection or lust such as you could see in his own country. It appeared to be a very businesslike transaction, done without much humour or warmth, although he still could not comment on the kind of lovemaking which went on in the bedroom. Well it was time to find out.

He was very excited. If everything he had seen and Eva had told him was really true, and he still could not fully believe it, sex was on tap any time he wanted it. While he stayed here he need never be lonely for love. Relationships he had seen so far in this land however looked too casual to have any great warmth or passion about them. He was just finding out about the system here. Presumably not everybody indulged in this extreme casual promiscuity. There must be marriages and loyal partnerships, and families, surely. Nonetheless a casual relationship would suit him. He had never wanted to marry anyone he had ever been with before, and had always fantasised about being very promiscuous.

Eva was waiting for him to answer her. He sensed she might be upset if he did not choose her, although she certainly encouraged him to choose whoever he liked and said she did not mind. Perhaps he was reading it all wrong. If she could have sex with different men every day what would he matter to her? He was just another statistic. But he had allowed her to be his guide and kept her from her sexual exercises. He felt he owed her sex now because she had been so patient with him. That was a strange thought for him to have because he normally thought of sex as a form of begging. A man had to ask women if they would let him make love with them. He had rarely felt women really wanted sex from him. If a woman wanted to reward him for being patient or funny, or spending money on her, then sex was the reward. illegal bahis He had often felt guilty about asking for sex from a woman. It was something he felt they did not give lightly, and they usually had ulterior motives for giving it. He had been with prostitutes too on occasion. They were almost as bad as ‘normal’ women. They certainly wanted something – money, but they always seemed to want more of it than you expected. Again they had ulterior motives. They could be far worse than ‘normal’ women, because they did not need to work at the ‘relationship’. Would these women in this strange country be any different? He hoped so. Eva seemed different. She really seemed to want sex. For that reason alone he would choose Eva. He already knew her, and she was nice, and patient, and he knew she wanted sex. Any other stranger here would have seemed like a gamble, just like the women at home. At least Eva was genuine.

When Eva had approached him he had liked the look of her from the start. A medium height woman, with an average but very wholesome sort of face. Hers was the sort of face whose owner doesn’t usually think is particularly special, but is quite satisfied with, which the opposite sex actually finds very attractive. In this place Eva appeared sexually confident, because sex was so easy to obtain. She might not win any contests, but she was very feminine. Her black hair was cut down to her shoulders; her skin was white, no trace of tanning. She wore a blue blouse and a black skirt. Nothing was especially remarkable, but to most men she would be attractive, fairly standard, maybe above. Her legs were bare in the warm summer, nicely shaped, not fat, reasonably muscled as if she did a reasonable amount of exercise. Her age? Well he thought she might be a bit younger than himself. He was thirty. That put her at somewhere in her late twenties, he concluded. Yes he did fancy her.

“I would like to do it with you Eva,” he began shyly, unwilling to voice the words make love, or sex. “I think you look gorgeous,” he did not avoid that strong compliment. “Can we do it without money, or would you like to charge me.” He was joking again now, but Eva recognised that he was only joking about the money. She was getting to understand him at last. She held out her arm and he took it.

As they walked towards the lift he slipped his arm right around her, and she did the same. His heart began to pound. This was it. He had not had any sex for months. It always made him nervous and excited, with unfamiliar people. You had to let go of your caution sometimes and just go for it. Once you’ve started the path, or taken the plunge you had to relax and flow with it. She had pressed the lift button – there were four lifts altogether in this building. One lift quickly opened and they slid inside. He had time to notice that all of it, the sides, the ceiling and the floor of the lift, were all mirrored. In the mirror he saw her press the button for one of the levels, then she was all over him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him strongly on his lips. Her tongue was out, and she licked his face, while her arms attacked his body, feeling it, around his shoulders, down his back, into the crack between his buttocks. He responded, there was no purpose in further words. He massaged her through her clothes and licked her face. He could feel her breasts and her buttocks. Quickly, too soon, they were at the floor she had selected. The doors began to open. Eva stopped her lustful behaviour, although she still held him. There was a curious privacy about these people. Sex was an everyday adventure for them, but they did not like to show it in public. He wondered why, storing it in his mind to ask Eva later.

She led him out into the corridor. It looked like just any hotel corridor. They turned left and she looked at the lights above the door handles. “Red is engaged,” she said, “green is free.” The first few on both sides were red, and Salohkin began to appreciate just how many people were probably having sex in this building right now; many more than just the few couples he had seen entering and leaving the lifts down below. It seemed that most couples, when they came upstairs couldn’t wait to get into the first room available. Well, if the females were going at the males in the illegal bahis siteleri way Eva had done in the lift it was easy to see why.

Eva found a green door. There was a slot in the handle itself. “The handle doesn’t turn unless we pay for our room,” said Eva.

“How much does it cost?” asked Salohkin, momentarily beginning to feel distracted from the thought of sex again.

“Only 3 or 4 demos,” said Eva, it depends how busy the rooms are. They put the price up at peak times from 3 to 4.”

“How much is it now?” he asked.

“Only 3 at the moment,” she answered.

He began to fumble in his pockets for some coins. Eva smiled as he did so, then slotted 3 demos into the handle. The green light changed to blue, and she turned the handle and pulled him in. The room was smallish, but large enough for a double bed, a shower in the corner and a window out onto the street, with curtains. There was nothing overlooking the room so they left the curtains open. There was a large mirror on the wall, opposite the bed, and apart from the curtains and bedsheets, nothing else to decorate the white walls and green carpet.

“Would you like me to have a shower,” asked Salohkin, nervously.

“No,” she said, “I don’t want to wait.” She had already stripped off her blouse and was unfastening her bra. “Can you help me with this?” He stepped over and unfastened the bra. She caught his hands and laid them on her breasts. He hugged her close from behind and kissed her again. She was undoing her skirt and kicked her shoes away. Breathlessly she said, “Take my skirt off for me.” He reached down, nuzzling her back with his face, as he went and drew her skirt, and then her panties down. It seemed appropriate to massage her around the crotch. She seemed to want this so he licked her crotch from behind and stuck his fingers into her vagina, and stroked her gently. His penis was fully erect now.

She began to moan and pant. “Faster,” she said. He stroked more firmly and faster. For a while she moaned more loudly, but then she decided it was time for him to take all his clothes off. She started to unbuckle his trousers, as he unbuttoned his shirt. When he was naked she massaged his penis, reaching to the bedside table for a condom. She unwrapped it on in a swift practised move, and took it into her mouth, rubbing his thighs and testicles at the same time. She started softly, but as she judged he wanted it harder she bobbed her head on it more vigorously. He began to feel he might cum soon. As if reading his thoughts and deciding it was not yet time. She stopped and drew back to the bed. She threw herself back onto it and invited him onto her. He was able to mount her quite easily as she opened her legs wide, and his penis remained hard despite the interruption. He thrust into her quite hard and she reached up to hold him as he did it.

“That’s it,” she cried, “keep doing it.” She moaned and groaned as he fucked her. His hands wandered, massaging his torso as he plunged into her. He wondered, in the back of his mind, how long he was going to be able to stay hard, but his cock never slackened. Soon he was nearing the point of no return. He concentrated on her breasts, which swayed attractively below him. Then he saw the beauty of her shoulders and neck, then concentrating on her stomach. He could see his penis entering her, fucking her, pumping her full. He could not stop now, even if she had wanted him to. He cried out and thrust with complete wild abandon. He felt deliciously dirty, like an animal, his true self. His orgasm lasted a long time. It was upon him, but would not complete. It drove him to continue wildly, crying out. Then it washed on top of him and carried him, and the whole focus of the world was his penis, entering her sweet body. Total involvement, and then it was all over. His fluids shot quickly into the little bag deep within her. He kept fucking for a few strokes, savouring the moment, unable to stop, wanting it to continue.

“Stay in me,” she said, wrapping her arms around him, and bringing him down onto her. They kissed, exchanging tongues, wandering hands, while his penis became softer, but refused to lose its passion completely. She hinted that she wanted her turn by bringing her hand down to her cunt lips and trying canlı bahis siteleri to stroke herself, but his body was still upon her. He pulled out and began to massage her all over, as she slowly stimulated herself. Then he took over, fingering and licking her clitoris. Gradually she became wild, and with the aid of her hand also, they both brought her to a roaring climax.

They laid together on the bed for a while then they began to talk again. ” You’re very good at this,” he said, “or maybe its just because I find you very attractive.”

“Well I get plenty of practice. You’re not so bad yourself. I can tell you have done this before.”

“Not very much, not nearly often enough. But at least I know roughly what to do,” he said. “What do you normally do now? If you’re with a stranger you’ve just picked up downstairs, or on the street.”

“Quite often we get up and go our separate ways after the first fuck. We don’t always want to talk much. What is there to say to a stranger? But sometimes if it meant a lot to us we agree to meet again in the future. I have many boyfriends who I contact regularly or from time to time. But I often like the simplicity of a stranger who I won’t see again. Who knows though, I often do meet them again down in the club, if we’re both locals. Sometimes we make love a few times in one afternoon, and may often spend the rest of the day together, work permitting. Sometimes if we have a quickie I just go downstairs and get another one. I have been known to have four or five different men in one afternoon, if I’m feeling horny.”

“You seem to prefer strangers to regular lovers. Your regular lovers can’t be very regular?” he asked.

“I have quite a few regulars,” replied Eva, ” but they vary between once a month to a couple of times a week. Most of us like a variety of partners. Its what keeps life interesting. Why settle for one lover when we can have many. Only a few people here have one lover. They’re weird, not very highly sexed probably.”

“Where I come from it is expected that we only have one partner at a time,” explained Salohkin, “although many break the rules if they can get away with it. The public philosophy says that the ideal is to find one partner as soon as you can in life, who you feel you feel you can settle down with. Then you marry them and take them for the rest of your life and you raise a family with your partner. In practice it doesn’t work that well, although many marriages do survive. When a marriage fails and the partners wish to separate they often find someone else to marry. Some people have three, four or even five marriages during their life. The same sort of thing applies if a man has a girlfriend. He is supposed to remain loyal to her, but if the relationship breaks down he may take another girlfriend.

“Many people where I live would prefer your system, but they have to fit in with our system. They are afraid of getting into trouble with their wives or girlfriends. Women generally seem to believe in the rules more than the men, but not all of them do.

“In my country we believe if we live together or have a monogamous relationship it must be of a higher quality than the casual relationship. This club would be disapproved of by many because they would say such a relationship would have no quality. They mean many different aspects of the relationship suffer. There is supposed to be bad sexual communication, strangers do not understand each others’ goals or requirements; the sex can be unsuccessful, and is therefore felt by many to be psychologically harmful. A full relationship shares many other things apart from sex –a closer, deeper, non physical love, understanding, shared interests, friendship and support, and stability to bring up the children in a family. I think probably you will be missing some of these things in your casual society.”

“This is very interesting,” Eva said, “but I don’t think it would suit me. I like men too much.” She reached for him again and began to kiss him on different parts of his body. She was becoming disinterested in conversation, and her appetite for sex was still strong. The reminder of her physical touch brought stirrings back into his penis. Sensing this she stroked it and kissed his testicles, reaching over for another condom, which she fitted as quickly as the last, and placed his penis deep into her mouth. She moved around slightly so he could lick and finger her again. They began again, more slowly this time. He hoped she would want him to be one of her regulars when they finished.

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