21 Mayıs 2022

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Hannah was always a flirt back in high school. She was one of the most popular and attractive girls in the area — always invited to parties and social events and always finding the hottest guys she could get her hands on. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude attracted the attention of every guy around and even a few ladies. She was often the target of remorse as she stole attention away from fleeting boyfriends who were in short-lived or boring relationships. She always had what the boys wanted and it upset quite a few of her lady friends who saw boys quickly lose interest in them after meeting Hannah.

Unfortunately, she had a big flaw. Her vice was cheating. She, herself, couldn’t hold a relationship to save her life. While she could steal endless boyfriends away, she couldn’t maintain a steady relationship herself. It’s not that she wanted to hurt her partners, it’s that she couldn’t help but cheat.

And even worse, she picked up the terrible habit of getting men to cheat on their wives and girlfriends with her causing ugly break ups and even a few accosting heartbroken wives. It’s not that she found committed men more attractive, it’s that she knew she couldn’t have them and that’s what made them more attractive to her. The idea that she couldn’t be with a man drove her mind to compete for them and ultimately win them over, which she was frankly proud of.

The worst part was, she was pretty good at it.

Hannah stood 5 foot 6 inches and had long chestnut brown straight hair that fell to her boobs. She was fit, an athlete, in fact, with a great overall hourglass shape with an athletic booty and little fat. Although her ass was toned and still big, her defining feature was her voluptuous breasts. Even in high school she was pushing double D’s. Everyone knew her for her boobs, even people who didn’t know her by name. They were always perked up and drew the attention of many passers by who couldn’t help at stare.

She had a beautiful smile and even more beautiful eyes making her quite the looker. Generally speaking, she drove girls crazier than guys. Girls who stood next to her didn’t stand a chance. Even her big butt was better than most, but the jealousy stemmed from being fit with big boobs. Why couldn’t she just be a loving and faithful wife to some lucky guy?

Hannah was home after work one day late night in bed scrolling through Instagram when she came across Tony Irkmore. Tony was posed with his new fiancée in a sweater pronouncing his muscles with a five o’clock shadow and a bright handsome smile. He had dark features, dark hair, and dark scruff. Hannah had always been attracted to him, but he had moved out of state where he met his new fiancée. However, his caption hinted at his hometown return for the holidays and how he wanted to see everyone when he got back.

That gave Hannah an idea. She quickly messaged him effectively telling him how handsome he looked and how she would love to catch up when he gets back. Tony and Hannah had an interesting past. They made out a few times during high school, but during college they ended up in a foursome together. Tony had dated her best friend Claire while Hannah was in a relationship. The two couples had gone on a mini vacation where they ended up getting hammered and had sex in their hotel at the same time. Hannah was a bit of a freak that night swapping partners again and again but while Tony thought it was hot in the moment, later regretted it.

Tony and Claire fought over how “into Hannah he was” and the relationship between the three of them ultimately ended.

That was years ago, and surely he was over it. So Hannah, being the bold and devious woman she was, was now going to pursue him at a different level of commitment.

Although her reputation preceded her, Tony shot back a message the next morning agreeing to catch up and agreeing on a time and date. A few days passed and Hannah was getting more anxious at the thought of seeing him again. He was so handsome and successful that she began fantasizing about their college encounter again. Oh what she would do to him if he could just cave and forget about his fiancée.

The original plan was to meet at a bar but it had been snowing and she offered instead to cook casino siteleri for him at her new house, which he had never been to. It was the perfect set up for her to take advantage of her prey. He obliged knowing damn well her reputation but is a guy and truly believed he could get laid because his dick was telling him so. Stupid boy.

The day came and a snowstorm was in full effect. Roads were closing and drivers were slow as ever. He texted her ahead of time telling her he would be late so she didn’t start cooking anything. She, however, was not focused on cooking whatsoever. She was upstairs fingering herself in the shower to the thought of him going down on her in the kitchen that night. She couldn’t help herself! He was getting married and she thought it was hot that he might still want her after all these years.

When she finished pleasuring herself, she got herself ready — jeans that would grip her ass so tight you could see the full size of her big booty, a long sleeve skin tight black shirt with a low cut to show off her cleavage and perked up boobs, and black heels to accentuate her luscious legs. She was finishing her make up when she decided to finally respond to his message letting him know he needed to hurry his ass up. She wasn’t patient, she was anxious to see him.

By the time Tony was within minutes, Hannah had lit the Christmas time candles and poured red wine for herself while setting the table. The knock at the door sent chills all the way down to her already wet pussy. It was game time.

Hannah took one last look in the mirror, pushed her hair around to look its best, fixed her makeup, and pushed up her boobs. She opened the door to a gush of cold and howling wind to then embrace her long-awaited guest.

“Oh my gosh Tirky how are you?!” She exclaimed with a warm hug.

“Oh no you remembered!” Tony said chuckling.

“How could I forget Tirky my favorite nickname for you!”

“I thought those days were over,” he said still smiling and giggling, “how are you Hannah?” He said keeping his cool. By now he was unzipping his jacket to which Hannah responded by not only keeping the conversation going, but helping him get his jacket off by pulling his zipper apart and across his broad chest. As she helped him out of his jacket spinning him around she continued in one motion so very smoothly.

“I’m great now…” she said trailing off as if audibly checking him out, “you look like you’ve been working out.” She said smirking.

“Oh haha, yeah a bit, just trying to keep my figure so my fiancée still finds me attractive.” He said noting his fiancée into the conversation.

“Oh my gosh that’s right congratulations!” She said with a big smile throwing her arms up around his neck and purposely pressing her boobs into his chest.

“How excited you must be!” She said in her bubbly personality.

“Yeah super exciting, we have been engaged for about 4 months now so it’s been fun. Starting to plan everything and get things together.” He said making platonic conversation.

This didn’t stop Hannah from locking eyes with him wherever she went around her kitchen. She watched as he nervously chatted about meaningless things in Hannah’s opinion, but she offered her positive attitude and curiosity to keep the conversation going. Every time she turned around he would get a good look at her ass working away preparing a homemade meal for him. She brought him wine and offered anything he needed that he make himself at home even if that meant slipping into something more comfy.

Every offering was enticing and at times highly inappropriate by most people’s standards, but that was Hannah. She told him he could “strip down” if it got too warm in her house and he could feel comfortable doing “anything he wanted as long as she could be there to help.” This had always been Hannah’s strategy and he knew it.

Tony sat with an uncomfortable feeling inside him knowing well she was flirting with him. This was wrong. He shouldn’t be here. He brought up his fiancée several times in conversation but Hannah always seemed to ignore that part of the story and was more interested in him and what he’s been up to.

She would bend down to remove items from the oven and slot oyna turn around still bent over to continue conversation. In those high heels, tight jeans, and tight shirt you could practically see the entire shape of her beautifully crafted ass. She would flip her long over to reveal more of her neck and face every time she would turn back to him. When she was over the counter in front of him, she’d bend over and push her boobs together while holding the wine glass to her lips as the two became looser and more comfortable with liquid courage coursing through them.

At one point, she even put a blueberry in her mouth just to pucker her lips and suck on it while he told a story. Totally unnecessary but you can bet that was on purpose.

Tony sat feeling horny but still at ease. He knew he was wrong for being here. He knew he was making a huge mistake and practically felt he had already cheated by conversing with Hannah. His dick was keeping him enthralled in conversation but in the back of his head he wanted to leave.

The two sat down for dinner and she asked more about him. With more and more wine pouring down Tony’s throat, he loosened up and sparked his first flirtatious conversation.

“Do you remember Mexico?” He said slyly.

“Uh do I remember Mexico? You mean do I remember you making me cum in front of your girlfriend? Of course I remember that!” She said perking up even more.

“Oh my God you literally caused the end of Claire and I.” He said laughing and taking another sip of wine.

“ME?! No way that was totally your dick that did all the fucking. If you didn’t’ sling that thing around and kept it in your pants you might still be with her.” She countered.

“What! Get the fuck outta here! You wanted me for yourself and so you somehow convinced Claire that we should all fuck.” He continued.

“As I recall, you were the one that had the hots for me and encouraged Claire to give in so she could feel what it’s like to be in group sex. Let’s not forget it was your idea in the first place!” She said raising her eye brow.

“No it wasn’t! You were hooking up with everyone’s boyfriends and in high school it was only a matter of time before you crept in on my relationship. I was weak back then and I wanted to know if you lived up to your reputation.” He said.

“Oh that I was a whore?” She said laughing to herself and sipping more wine.

“No that you gave the best head.” He said looking right at her. She stopped and swallowed. They both locked eyes and there was a pause for what seemed like forever.

“Do I give the best head Tirk?” She said without blinking.

“I don’t remember.” He said breaking into a smile and leaning back in his chair to take a sip of wine.

Hannah pushed her tongue into the side of her mouth and raised her eyebrows. Bringing a napkin up to her lips she dabbed them and got up from her chair. Tony looked up to see exactly what she was going to do next half expecting her to call his fiancée. Instead she walked around the table in her heels and dropped to her knees in front of Tony. She pushed his legs apart and immediately went for his zipper with every intention of taking him right then and there.

Tony, shocked, said nothing but half a sentence as he watched her without interrupting. He was rock hard from their conversation and had been fantasizing she would.

She reached into his pants and pulled out his rather sizeable cock and with one hand pushed it onto his lower chest only to run her tongue from the base of the shaft to the tip of his dick. She exhaled on her way up and then looked up to see his facial reaction. He groaned watching as she would then go all out and begin giving him full on head at the dining room table.

She was a master at her craft, a true expert. She knew how to use both hands interchangeably and how to spin her head as she engulfed every inch of his shaft down her throat. She would spit and suck and jam it into her throat giving a gargling sound as he sat back knowing the consequences of what was happening. But what was he to do? His entire manhood was in one the mouth of the hottest girls he knew.

She pushed her hands on his thighs separating them even more and bringing herself closer to canlı casino siteleri him. She twisted her head around and down over and over listening to his moans drawing her pussy wetter and wetter.

Yes! She thought to herself. I won. If only I could see her face right now. The jealousy of watching me blow her man away with my skills.

She loved to impress. She loved to be complimented. She loved to win. So she gave it her all. She was going to give him the best head to hear him say she gave him better head than her fiancée ever had. And that’s exactly what was going to happen.

He felt the urge coming on. He wanted so badly to cum in her mouth, but that’s when she stopped. She had to make it even better. Removing her top over her head she revealed her double D’s firmly pushed up and looked right at his eyes.

“You like what you see hun?” She said coyly.

“Uh huh.” Is all he could get out.

“Ever wanted to titty fuck from these big titties?” She said knowing damn well every guy has wanted to.

“Fuck yeah.” He said watching her remove her bra. Popping out of her bra, her boobs fell at the same level as his cock. She began massaging his stiffened cock and talked unapologetic dirty words to him.

“What if your fiancée finds out?” She said almost in a baby voice with big puppy eyes looking at him. She knew this wouldn’t stop anything, he was going to cum, she could make him do anything at this point.

“She’ll never find out.” He said like a dumbass. Women find out everything. How the fuck would he know.

“We wouldn’t want her knowing would we?” She said tapping his cock on her enormous boobs.

“No, she’ll never find out.” He repeated.

“You’re lucky you’re so cute, I would never let you out of my sight.” She said encouraging him even more. It was then that she placed his cock in between her tits and slowly started to raise and lower them as she spit for lubrication.

He sat there watching as he grew even harder. She looked at him as he watched his cock fuck her boobs for minutes. She moaned as if she was enjoying it but in reality she was just enjoying fucking a committed man. She remembered from years prior that the sex they had in college was noteworthy, so she decided it was time for her to get some of her own.

She got up from below him and guided him to the kitchen where she pulled her jeans down and pushed them below her ankles. Tony was an animal now. His brain since had long left and all that was left were his primordial urges. He stroked himself as her grabbed her head and kissed her lips jamming his tongue into her mouth.

She played with him giggling and teasing him. This made him want her more. Swinging her around and pushing her back down over the kitchen counter, he spread her legs apart still in heels and pushed into her from behind. Her giddy smile turned into slow moans as her eyebrows pushed together and her lips puckered to the feeling of him entering.

She knew she won. She was dripping wet and fantasizing for this exact moment. When she knew what she had done and how hot it was for her. He, on the other hand, had not a thought in his head about his fiancée or how he was now certainly cheating on her. All he could think about was how beautiful Hannah looked from behind as he thrusted into her and grabbed her ass from behind.

The two fucked over the counter cussing and encouraging each other to go faster and harder. Tension was long over, now they were just cheaters fully invested in a long time coming.

Feeling her tits and keeping a hand on her throat, he brought himself to orgasm again. She relished in the words “I’m gonna cum” to which she responded, “don’t stop just cum inside me.”

This was all he needed to hear because it wasn’t long after that his jaw was dropping and he was blowing his load into her. This is all Hannah needed to bring her to an orgasm. The two moaned in their respective tones and cursed each other’s names. It was an orgasm you wanted to be a part of.

As the two finished cumming, Hannah pushed herself back into him in a slow fuck as she finished her moans biting her lip with her eyes closed and her hair all over her face.

He groaned watching her continue pleasure herself with his cock. But his senses began creeping back and he realized not only did he feel dirty for cheating, but he also felt satisfied. Maybe he enjoyed it more than he thought.

Hannah, on the other hand, was more than satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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