28 Mayıs 2022

Avery and Jenna Pt. 02: Forbidden

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Avery slowly shook his head. Around it was a soft pillow. He wiped his eyes with his hands. He quickly reached and turned off his alarm clock. It was always annoying. He hopped out of bed, and headed across his room. Suddenly, his feet were stopped by something on the ground. He stopped moving, and walked around his K-Swiss shoes that were there. Recently, he changed his style up. He still wore a lot of Fubu, but Southpole and Sean Jean, and maybe some Karl Kani on the side. I walked, half-asleep, over to his stairs, and let them down to the second floor. His dog, loyal and much bigger than last year, sat at the side of the steps, waiting for him to come down. When he let the stairs down, the dog was awakened from his sleep, and quickly ran up the stairs. Avery shook his dog a little bit, and let him past. He walked into the bathroom, took his shower, and hopped out.

The dream involving Jenna had occurred a month prior, and yet, Avery was having trouble releasing himself from it. There was only one week remaining in Senior Year, and still, the dream he had about Jenna was fresh. For some reason, it continued to run through his head. Avery could remember especially how good Jenna felt, even though when he woke up, he was in the Chorus room with Erin. The feeling of Jenna’s hot body on his made him almost fall back into depression. Jenna and Avery no longer spoke to each other. When he did see her, he often tried to say something, but because of his former lust for her, it’s hard to even look her in the face. He never actually had feelings for her, he realized. He just wanted to have sex with her, and that’s about it. He did, however, want her as a friend. It was no dream that he had asked her out twice before, and both times he had been turned down. Things were different now. Avery had lost a lot of weight, put some muscles on, and got serious about writing music. Senior year was about to end, and he would be a high school graduate soon. He wore a white Snoop Dogg short set. He ran out of the house, his bookbag on his back, and unlocked the doors to his new Infinity with his remote. He threw his bookbag on the passenger seat, and started driving away to school. Images of Jenna’s naked body continued to play through his mind. He couldn’t help but think about the way her lips felt pressed against his; her body thrashing on his as she had that single incredible climax. He shook his head as the light turned green. His obsession with Jenna had ended almost and abruptly as their conversation.

Avery knew that truly, there was one girl he loved, Sara. He had spent four years as her friend, and he couldn’t deny the fact that his heart still skipped beats when she was around. Sara returned, soon after all the pain and strife, to being his friend. There was less physical embrace as there was when the two of them were younger, but it didn’t bother him. He did admit that she felt so wonderful in his arms, but he wouldn’t let his mind wander past that point. Avery was unaware whether or not Jessica was dating someone new, but that particular part of the dream hit him as he prepared to turn onto the strip. She and he had become stronger friends since they kissed. He almost did a song with her, that is, until she lost her voice, and Avery ended up doing a duet with Alina for the final Chorus concert of the year.

“Avery!” someone called from behind him. He knew that voice all too well. He turned around to see Jenna speedily walking toward him. His apathetic attitude erased from his face, and found refuge in his mind as he faked a smile, and responded back to her.

“Hey Jenna,” he said in his low, half-boy, half-man tone.

“How are you?” she asked, walking beside him. Avery didn’t look her in the face, just continued to look forward, an improvement from the past.

“Pretty good, I guess. I’m a little tired.” He always said he was tired, even if he wasn’t.

“Aw. I’m sorry. How’s French going?”

“Boring without you or Sara. I miss you guys a lot,” he said. He actually wasn’t certain if he missed her or Sara, but saying it would make her think as though he did. Browny points for him.

“Aww! That’s so sweet.” She grabbed his arm and squeezed it against her head. It was her signature embrace. He had become accustomed to it, but this one was different. He could feel something hidden deep within her. His instincts had matured over the years in high school, and very seldom were they wrong.

“So, what else is going on?” he asked, trying to shake the feeling off.

“Nothing much, just happy that AP exams are over.”

“Yeah, me too. Listen, I’m staying after school to practice singing. Why don’t I give you a ride home and you can listen to me sing,” he offered. It just flowed from his mouth. With just a few simple words he had betrayed everything he would made status quo about Jenna.

“Sure, why not. I have nothing else to do for once,” she answered. It was a hurried response, almost as if she were excited by the very words.

Avery sat in Chorus class. It was about twenty minutes until the class was to end, and decided that he had had enough of being casino siteleri bored. He packed his stuff, and left the classroom. The hallway was long, with some kind of ramp towards the bathrooms and the other hallways. It was one he had traveled many times before, so it didn’t bother him. As he approached his French class, he decided to sneak a peek inside. Things looked pretty boring in there. He knocked on the door, and walked in. He was warmly accepted by Sara, who always opened her arms to give him a hug. It was like a tradition not to be broken. It was so much so that when they saw each other and didn’t hug, it felt unusual. Avery kept his eyes open, and saw Jenna standing with his French teacher, Mme. Renee. She was holding a piece of paper and smiling. Her smile always made Avery melt inside.

“What’s up babe?” Sara asked. Avery wondered what made him so popular in her eyes that his name could be replaced by such euphemisms as babe or baby, but he didn’t care. Why wonder?

“Nothing, just came by to bring some color to the class, that’s all,” he said. He enjoyed the fact that he was one of the only black students taking French IV. Jenna finished talking with Mme., and with that, he walked on over to her, being as smooth as he possibly could. He gave her a hug tightly, squeezing her around her waist. She closed her eyes, remembering how good it actually felt to be held. She let him go, but Avery kept his arms around her waist, keeping her close to him. Her smile stayed on her face, a hint of excitement added on by the way Avery was holding her. She liked it.

“What’s going on?” he asked her with a sly smile on his face

“Nothing. I’m looking forward to hearing you later on today. You better not disappoint me.”

“Oh, I promise not to disappoint,” he answered back, still holding her around her waist. With that, he hugged her again, traded farewells, and left for lunch, and for DE English, the last class of the day.

The class didn’t go like any other class. There seemed to be a kind of uneasy feeling in the air. Avery’s could sense it was coming from somewhere, but didn’t really care. It was the last week that he would be in high school, and soon he would be singing to what he considered a very sexy redhead. The bell rang, freedom had been granted to them. He quickly grabbed his bag, put his earphones on, turned on some Nas, and walked into the busy hallway. He pushed his way through the people. He was, after all, much bigger than most of them were. Even taller guys would give way when Avery pushed into them. He himself was pretty solid everywhere. He caught a quick look at Erin, who recently dated Chandler and broke up with him for a few reasons. Avery knew that Chandler was only after sex, but he was no better. He did lust after Jenna for half a year. As Avery traversed to the Chorus room, he realized there was a problem. Jenna and him, alone in a room, singing to her God knows what. What’s to keep the lust from coming back? Avery thought nothing of it. He continued down the hallway. He could feel butterflies as Jessica passed him. Her eyes locked with his, and for a minute, there was a timeless, weightless existence he knew all too well.

“Hey boy!” she said. Avery was in shock, but he quickly shook off the trance.

“What’s going on?” he replied, hugging her small, tan body. He remembered his daydream and how vital a role she played in it, and it played tricks on his mind constantly, more so when Jessica was around.

“Make sure you call me this summer,” she said, in a sexy but innocent tone.

“I will,” he replied in an affirmative voice, but the sensitive ear could detect a nudge of nervousness.

“Okay, I’m sure I will see you later, okay?” she said, opening her arms a second time.

“Okay, have fun,” Avery said, accepting her embrace with one of his own.

The Chorus room was empty, except for Mrs. Bonnet, who was getting ready to leave the classroom. Avery placed his stuff down on the table, and searched around for signs of life other than the obvious. Nothing. The room was quiet, and there was a certain peace in the room; one that would surely be disturbed if he turned on his music now. He walked to Mrs. Bonnet, as he always does.

“Hey, Mrs. Bonnet,” he said, in a kind of hello and goodbye mixed sound.

“Hey Avery!” she said. Her eyes were always large when he was there.

“Is it okay if I use this room after school?” he asked. She hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Okay, but you have to keep the doors closed,” she said. He understood why. The yearbooks were in the room. Both Jenna and he had yearbooks, so there wasn’t much use for spares. Mrs. Bonnet locked up the office, and took off, but not without first letting Avery open the stereo. He sat down, singing softly to himself. Down the hall, he could hear someone heading toward the room. He didn’t know who is was, but he had an idea.


A pull at the door shook Avery from his singing state. He turned around to open the door. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bonnet had put up paper to keep people from slot oyna seeing inside the room. As the door opened, Avery saw Jenna, beautiful curly red hair and all, along with a smile on her face. Avery’s resistance dropped almost immediately. There was no way he was going to be able to do this without touching her.

“Hey Avery!” she exclaimed, passing him to place her bags on the table. Avery’s eyes followed her across the room. Her hips moved in a hypnotic fashion, and his eyes followed them perfectly.

“Hey, what’s up?” he choked out. He was so close to choking that he coughed a few times. He cleared his throat and resituated himself. Jenna found a chair in the room, and lowered herself into it. Avery could feel the sweat coming up already. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Hey, let me get a drink of water quickly,” he said.

“Okay,” she answered, still having a smile on her face.

He quickly walked out of the chorus room, and walked the small hallway to get a drink of water. When he reached the water fountain, he saw through the corner of his eyes Sara, probably waiting for a ride or something. He gently let the fountain stop, and tiptoed over to the theater doors, where he could hide. He could sense she was looking down the hallway. He gently craned his neck to see if she was still looking, which she wasn’t. In fact, she was walking forward toward the main doors that led to the outside. He gently tiptoed back into the hallway, and knocked on the Chorus room door. Less than five seconds passed before Jenna opened the door.

“Thanks,” he said, passing by her to get into the room.

“I’m waiting Avery,” she said. He knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be treated like a princess; nay, a queen. She wanted him to sing to her. Going through his CD collection, he needed a good CD with plenty of songs to sing. He needed to think of something to do before he started. Soon, he realized that most of his songs were the kind of songs you listen to when you’re about to have sex with a girl. CLICK! That’s it. He would tempt her, push her buttons, and turn her on, more than she’s ever been before. He knew he could do it, so he searched for a mixed CD with just the perfect song to start off.

“Okay, here we go,” he said. He turned on the stereo, put the CD in, and programmed it.

“Come here,” he commanded as the stereo sat reading the disk. She stood up, and walked over to him. He put his hands on her waist, and turned her around. She wasn’t expectant of this, but it didn’t really frighten or bother her. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her, the first time in almost a year. Her cute butt was at perfect balance with his crotch, which had yet to catch on fire.

“I wanna tease you…”

“Nobody” by Keith Sweat. It was the perfect song. Her face flamed with embarrassment at the selection. He started singing it in a deeper, sexier tone. She quickly put her face in her hands, but soon straightened her composure. As the chorus hit, he started moving her side to side. She finally came around, and moved with him. She turned her head to the direction of his voice. His words pierced through her very soul. When the girl’s part of the song came on, she started singing, just like the girl on the song. He absorbed what he could. Her beauty kept him from getting all of it. As the chorus came on the second time, he joined her, and finally the breakdown, where they silently sang to each other.

Avery could tell she was getting aroused, but he wasn’t finished. As the song ended, he whispered the last few ad libs of the song in her ear. She smiled, and turned her head forward again. He knew there was something coming on that was even better than “Nobody”. Slowly, the song began. He softly sang in her ear, not trying to blow her head off. He gently reached forward, and kissed her neck. She jumped up a bit, not expecting this from him, but she didn’t mind it. It was very seldom that he kissed her anywhere, but it was especially bold of him to kiss her on her neck, so close near the erogenous zone underneath her ear.

“Take ’em off, throw ’em down, come here…”

“50 Candles” by Boyz II Men. He knew that she couldn’t take much more of this. It was true. Jenna’s body was reacting to his voice, his arms around her waist, and most importantly, the kiss he had given her on her neck, that particular spot. Only one person had actually found the spot before. It had sent shockwaves through her body that were only being perpetuated by his voice and the song flowing in her ear. As the hook neared, he changed his voice to make it sound even sexier. He knew that after this song, he would have her, but it wasn’t over just yet.

“Feels like one of those nights…lady I’m in need…”

Jenna was hot, hotter than ever. Avery could feel the heat spreading like wildfire coming from her body. She closed her eyes even tighter, not wanting to ruin the moment she was having with him. The words flowed through her body like a virus, infecting her brain first, that in turn told her body to react in the most erotic ways. She was turned on more canlı casino siteleri so than ever in her short nineteen years. As the second verse started, he stopped singing to kiss her again on the neck, on the same place. This time it was a little more intimate; more love and compassion was in it. He accidentally left a little saliva on her neck. She didn’t move to wipe it away; so neither did Avery. That kiss greatly intensified her aroused state. Her legs nearly gave way. The sweat was building on her back, her forehead, and her legs. As the rap started, he spoke the words. She smiled, her eyes still closed. She was wrapped up, happy, content as a little school girl that just received a lollipop. Her body was on fire, so much so that if anyone else had touched them, they may have gotten a first degree burn. As the song ended, he sang even more gently. She could barely hear him. His voice was like aphrodisiac to her. The song finished. The singing had ceased, but the fire was still burning strong.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…1”

“Uhh Ahh” by Boyz II Men. As the song started, the heat in the Chorus room could be felt outside the doors by anyone just merely passing by. The air was heavy, and even Avery was having a hard time getting in a full breath. As he started singing, Jenna felt her body give way. She fell back into him. He caught her, and picked her up. He sat her back in the chair, and pulled one up behind her. She grabbed his arms, and put them back to the original position. The hook began.

” Uhh ahh, Ohhhh Ahh…”

She leaned back into him while holding her balance on the chair, making sure she didn’t slide off. He looked over her at her body. Her shirt was covered in her sweat. She was wearing a modest shirt. Jenna hardly ever showed any skin, unless it was her legs. It made her even more a tease. Her nipples had grown up like a young child into a fully developed adult. Taking a chance on the second verse, he lifted up her shirt a little bit to rub her stomach. Finding another erogenous zone sent Jenna into waves of ecstasy. She would have had an orgasm right then and there, had she not held herself back from doing it. With the second hook beginning and the rap afterward, Avery thought of many other things to do to her.

When the rap began, he started kissing her neck more, planting small kisses on the soft flesh of her neck. He kissed softly but firmly. Her body reacted to it. The familiar feeling of ecstasy swept across her body again. She let out a little moan that told him not to stop. He kissed around her spot, teasing her, playing tricks on her mind. His hands were resting, like watchdogs, on her naked stomach. But as he kissed her, the dogs were awakened to pursue her stomach. He gently ran his fingers on her stomach, also teasing her. Her mind worked double time to absorb his hands on her stomach and his lips on her neck. She was so close. All Avery had to do was speak or sing again, and the flood gates would be opened. As the rap ended and the song returned to the hook, Avery-he had grown bolder since the beginning- kissed the spot on her neck, and began to massage the spot on her stomach.

What she felt she wasn’t ready for. It started in her thighs, shattering her bones and muscles, creating ripples that went through her legs, stopping the blood flow, down her nerves, and straight into her feet. Her toes went straight. It resonated in her stomach. Her diaphragm slammed against her abdomen, intensifying the feeling. Her stomach quivered as his hands remained planted there. It sped past Avery’s hands, echoing on the walls of her breasts, making her nipples hard and sensitive. It spilled over into her shoulders, running a race down both of her arms, and out her fingers. It hit her brain like a jackhammer, smashing her senses and dulling her train of thought. The feeling was elongated by Avery’s voice, deep and sexy. Her breathing had grown sharp. She struggled into between the waves of pure bliss to breathe in. Nirvana had been achieved. She had lost herself. Avery sat behind her, knowing what he had done. She had given in completely as her back went flaccid. She was putting her full weight onto him. He happily accepted it, knowing he weighed more and was strong enough to hold her up.

She staggered breathed for an eternity. She couldn’t open her eyes. Pure animal lust had taken over her body, and she could do nothing but lay back and enjoy as it claimed her body as its vessel. The song ended, but the heat in the room was hot enough to melt sand. Avery was sweating himself. He didn’t initially plan to make Jenna cum, but it happened. She lied back, her senses finally returning. Her straightened arms, legs, fingers, and toes had lost all their strength and were limp. Her nipples were so sore that her bra containing them stung to the touch. Her shirt was completely soaked in her sweat. Her blood burned with the aftermath of her climax. Her pants were drenched with sweat. She was a soaked mess, which made Avery wonder how wet her panties were. Her breathing wasn’t as sharp as it was before. Sisqo’s “Thong Song” played. He no longer needed the music. The damage, or rather, the pleasure, had already been done. Avery, as expected, was rock hard through his pants. She finally reached a kind of equilibrium, but she knew their friendship would never be the same after that.

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