28 Mayıs 2022

Aunty Tick Tock

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All over 18. My virgin attempt. Feedback appreciated.


The tick-tock of her high heeled shoes echoed loud as she strode purposefully down the lengthy corridor towards the senior school dormitory. It was coming up to ten PM and as the House Master was ill she as the owner of the institution had to ensure that normal routines were kept. She wore her usual long dress cut loose with a light cardigan to keep out the slight chill as the evening wore on. Her carriage was erect born of long years playing the piano, which contributed to the stern expression she wore almost continuously. Long years of nurturing the school for juniors into a senior school and then eventually a college had taken its toll on her countenance and had lined her once beautiful face. However, under the loose fitting dress she still had the body of a much younger and attractive lady. She sighed as she tried to remember the last time she and Cliff managed to spend an evening in each other’s arms. The sigh turned to a groan as she recalled the heavenly hours they had spent exploring each other, eking out sexual pleasure and releasing the tension of work, bringing up their own children and balancing a hundred other tasks. The money was excellent, job satisfaction, without question but she missed the intimacy of their youth and the intense satisfaction of her inordinately high sex drive. She pushed all thoughts aside as she neared the dormitories.

The boys in the dormitory heard the echoing of her strident march, for she never merely walked, as she approached their rooms. Immediately they all retired to their beds as no one wished to incur the bite of her sharp tongue and certainly not her ire. All the boys in this room were eighteen years old and were due to illegal bahis graduate in the next few weeks and hence were in high spirits raised by the prospects of finally entering adult life. They all sat at the foot of their respective beds awaiting Auntie’s grand entrance, taking great pleasure in watching the flounce of her walk and the flashing of her attractive but inevitably angry eyes. Some of the braver amongst them did occasionally try to tease a reaction out of her so that they could elicit a view up her skirt or get a glimpse of her shapely breasts as she gesticulated and chased the perpetrators.

Tonight was no different with three boys sniggering at the far end of the dormitory as she entered. With a searching glance Aunty counted the number of boys and realized that one was missing. She greeted the room with a loud, commanding, “Good night boys. Lights out and no more sounds from any of you.” She sped towards the sniggering boys and immediately pulled up short as she saw that they were sniggering at one of the smaller boys who lay curled up on the floor.

“What’s the matter with Tenzing” she enquired.

“Aunty, he has a pain in his stomach”

Aunty knelt by Tenzing feeling his forehead which was cool to her touch, she then rolled him on to his back and placed her hands on his stomach to feel for any swelling or bloatedness. He certainly was tight and she sighed as she got him to his feet noticing that the ruffians in the beds closest to her had their eyes keenly focused on her legs. She sometimes wondered what it would be like to let her self run loose with these young, virile men but quickly shook the fantasy clear as she led Tenzing to the adjoining pantry where the medicines were kept under lock and key. illegal bahis siteleri She left him seated and reached for her keys which hung on a chain around her neck. She retrieved the gripe water and poured out a healthy measure and held it out for him but as she did so her hand grazed against the shelf and the tonic spilled on to his lap.

Instinctively she reached out to wipe the liquid of his now soaking lap bending down to her knees. As her hand came in contact with the pyjama bottoms to brush out the liquid she felt something extremely large and heavy…her movements, always so sure and quick, carried her fingers in a swiping motion across his lap and she felt along the length of what was now clearly an enormous penis…completely out of character she swiped her hand back and forth pressing deeper into the lengthy, spongy fatness that seemed to fill his lap. Aunty was feeling light headed having never felt anything so powerful. She had flirted with a few men in her life but had only made love to her husband Cliff and that too only after the marital knot had been tied. It was his ardour and skill in bed that had released her sex drive but now suddenly she was unsure of the feelings that rushed through her body releasing fluids and tightening her breasts and nipples.

Her contact with his penis had grown strident resulted in Tenzing, who was embarrassed by the situation, to frantically push her hands away but as he did so his fingers slipped along her arms and landed plush on her breasts, squeezing them as he fought to maintain his balance. The combination of Auntie’s hands on his cock and the full, firm breasts in his hands resulted in his cock growing slowly and inevitably into a steel bar stretching his pyjamas and canlı bahis siteleri causing the bell end to snuggle against his navel past the loose elastic. In his haste to remove his fingers he rubbed along her large breasts tracing his fingers across her nipples immediately feeling them grow turgid and extending out as he quickly withdrew the offending fingers.

“Sorry Aunty, it was an accident” Tenzing stuttered with a look of fear as he struggled to stand up. In doing so he inadvertently pressed his hips against Auntie’s hands and held on to her head as she started to fall backwards bringing her face into full contact with his gigantic cock. She had no choice but to cling to his firm, muscled buttocks for support and as the two of them teetered on the edge of balance she felt her lips press against an iron bar that was pulsing and throbbing with desire. Fellatio was something she had never preferred to engage in as she was a well brought up convent educated girl. Despite numerous entreaties Cliff had never really got her into enjoying giving and receiving oral sex. However, at this moment with the thick, long penis pressed into her face together with the acidic aroma of his maleness she felt drawn to sucking it deep into her mouth. She used all her will power to regain control of her diminished senses and heaved herself up on to her feet grabbing at the penis one last time to steady herself. Once on her feet Aunty reluctantly let go of Tenzing’s penis inhaled deeply and stepped back to rest her curvaceous bottom against the counter top.

“Now Tenzing, that was a very unfortunate accident. Your pyjamas look a mess. You should get another pair from the laundry. Come with me and I will help you get changed.”

Aunty could not believe what she had uttered…what was wrong with her?…Her eyes strayed down to his crotch and as she saw the outline of his penis she knew that she wanted or rather needed to see this monster of a penis, only to satisfy her curiosity she consoled herself.

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