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Aunt Peg

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It was a crisp, autumn Thursday and 18 year old Candace Foster sighed as she entered her home and trudged through the through the living room. Her mother, Doris, was in the kitchen making dinner. Doris said hi to her daughter but Candace had a rotten day at school and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. She stopped at the base of the stairs to acknowledge her mother but didn’t speak.

“Candace honey, what’s wrong? How was your day?” Doris asked.

“It was fine, Mom.” Candace said in a deadpan voice.

“You don’t sound like you had a good day. Come on, talk to me.” Doris said, coming over to her.

Candace sighed. “Mom, I’ll be fine. It’s a boy thing.” she said, hoping that her mother would leave her alone.

“Boys huh?” Doris asked, turning and going back into the kitchen to continue cooking. “Well, if you want to talk please let me know. I have a good ear.”

“Thanks Mom.” Candace said, heading up the stairs.

“Oh by the way, your Aunt Peg is coming to visit for a while. She’ll be here tomorrow.” Doris said.

Candace stopped and looked at her mother. “Aunt Peg? I didn’t know you had a sister named Peg.” she said.

Doris blew out a sigh. “Yeah well, she’s really my half-sister. I didn’t even know about her until a couple of years ago.” she replied.

“Oh wow.” Candace said with a laugh. “What happened? Grandpa cheated on Grandma?”

Doris frowned and shook her head. “No, it was before your grandfather married your grandmother. My father was wild during those days. Youthful exuberance is what he called it when he told my mother about it. Anyway, Peg tracked him down a couple of years ago then she tracked me down on Facebook. We began talking and got to know each other. She’s a bit of a wild child but she actually is pretty cool. I think you’ll like her. She’s nothing like me.” Doris said. “Here, let me show you.” She grabbed her smartphone and pulled up Facebook. She typed in the name Peggy Anderson and the page came up. She handed the phone to Candace.

The first thing that Candace noticed was that the woman was a good 10 years older than her parents. The second thing she noticed was her humongous bosom. The woman had to be sporting some triple Ds at the very least. She also had platinum blonde hair. She had GILF written all over her. As she looked more down the page though, Candace thought she’d be fun to get to know and hang out with. She handed her mother back her phone.

“She seems cool.” Candace said with a nod. “Does Dad know?” she asked.

“Your father knows about her. He wasn’t exactly thrilled when Peg asked to stay with us for a bit but he’ll go along with it.” Doris said. “She had been living in Houston Texas for a long time now and is making a move to this area. She wants to find work and get stable here.”

“Why?” Candace asked.

Doris shrugged. “Not sure. I asked her but she really didn’t answer but I think it’s because she has no other family; at least I don’t think she does. She just wants to be closer to us.” she said.

“Hmm.” Candace said thoughtfully and headed to her room. Now she knew she didn’t want to say anything to her mother about her situation. Especially given the subject. If Aunt Peg is as cool as her mother said she is, she’d be the one to ask on the subject.

Candace didn’t have any other brothers and sisters and knew she was never going to. Her parents were too old to start over raising kids so Candace concentrated on her grades in school so she could get a good scholarship and leave home when she graduated. She was never really a rebellious child but her parents didn’t understand her. They were from a different time and were decidedly old-school.

As far as her parents knew, Candace was still a virgin and not even thinking of boys. Of course at her age, maybe they figured she would be more interested in boys but Candace never tried to bring any boys home to meet or anything like that. Her focus stayed on her grades. She did have a few friends she hung out with on occasion and her parents knew of them but they never really came around.

On the flipside of the coin however, Candace was no virgin, not at all. She wasn’t quite a slut but she had some experience and was still learning. Her present boyfriend was threatening to leave her because she wasn’t good at giving head, as he termed it. This was why she was in a bad mood when she came home from school. No, this WAS NOT something she could talk to her mother about.

The next day was Saturday and Candace slept in. It was almost 11am when she woke up and went into the kitchen. Her father, Steven, was sitting at the dining table sipping on a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Hi Dad..” Candace said grumpily. “Where’s Mom?”

“Hi honey. Your mother went to the airport to pick up Aunt Peg.” Steven said.

Candace looked at her father. “What do you think about all of this, Dad?” she asked.

Steven put down the paper and let out a sigh. “Well, she’s family, sweetie. From what your mother told me, she sounds illegal bahis like a hoot. Maybe she’ll brighten things up around here a bit. I’m fine with it.” he said unconvincingly.

Candace smiled. Her father would do anything her mother told him to do. He just wanted to make her happy. Candace was going to look forward to meeting her new aunt.

She didn’t have to wait long. About 20 minutes later, Doris was back with the new guest in tow. Steven was a bit flabbergasted when he first saw Peg. He had also seen Peg’s Facebook page but it didn’t do her justice. His wife had a classic middle-age look although Doris was just a shade over 40 years old. She was of average height and weight, nothing specific stood out on her body-wise. and she usually wore her dirty-blonde hair in a ponytail. Her half-sister was strikingly different. Aunt Peg was tall at 5’9 and was built like the proverbial brick shithouse with her platinum blonde hair and huge bosom. She seemed especially proud of them. With her white, tight frilly blouse, Peg wore a tight black skirt that hugged her round juicy bottom and some black stilettos. Steven caught himself staring and he knew his wife saw him. He’d be in trouble for that later on.

“Peggy, this is my husband Steven.” Doris said by introduction.

Peg came over and held out her arms for a hug. “Hi there, little brother!!” she gushed as she wrapped her arms around Steven. He could feel her soft, cushiony bosom against him and his dick jumped.

“It’s nice to meet you finally, Peg.” Steven said nervously.

Peg spoke with a deep Texas drawl that she could never get rid of. “And I am just tickled pink to finally meet y’all.” She looked around. “And where is little Candace?” Candace had heard the voices and came out of her room and downstairs. She waved at Peg, who motioned for Candace to come give her a hug. Candace smiled and complied. Peg gave her a big ol bear hug then stood back to look at her. “Sooo pretty.” Peg cooed. “And you are how old?” she asked.

“I’m 18.” Candace said shyly.

“Oh… to be that age again.” Aunt Peg said. “The world is at your feet at that age.”

“Come on Peggy, I’ll show you to your room.” Doris said, scowling at Steven as she passed by him.

The family had dinner that night and Peg caught them up with what was going in with her. She had been living in Houston Texas this whole time. Her mother had moved to Dallas soon after giving birth to Peg. She didn’t find Doris’s father until Peg was five years old.

“Wow…” Candace said.

“Anyway, I’m happy to be here with y’all and I appreciate your hospitality.” Aunt Peg said with a smile.

“We’re happy your are here too, Peggy.” Steven said.

Aunt Peg patted her belly. “Well, I am stuffed. And very tired. I think i need to rest these old tired bones.” she drawled.

“Go on Peggy, we’ll clean things up here.” Doris said. “Come on Candace, help me out.” Candace helped her mother with the dinner dishes then everyone was done for the evening.

Later on, Doris came into the bedroom and climbed into bed with her husband. “Peggy is quite the hoot.” Steven said, chuckling.

Doris glared at him for his choice of words. “Yeah Mister, I’ll bet you think she’s a hoot. You couldn’t take your eyes of her HOOTERS.” she spat. “Don’t get any ideas, Steven.”

“What Doris?” Steven asked in alarm.

“You know what I mean.” Doris said evenly.

Steven was aghast. It was the first time in their 20 years of marriage that she implied he’d cheat on her. He had never even gave the idea a thought. Then again, he had never had a woman like Peggy around him.

“I do know what you mean and I resent the implication.” Steven said indignantly.

“Whatever. Just keep your hands to yourself.” Doris said, turning on her side away from him and turning off her lamp.

Steven shook his head and turned off his nightstand lamp. He sighed. He and Doris were in their early 40s. Peggy had to be a good ten years older. But shit, the woman was STACKED. Not just up top but bottom, too. Steven was never one for curvy women but Peggy did it for her. He shook his head and tried to put his blonde voluptuous sister-in-law out of his mind.

Candace couldn’t sleep. Her mind was still occupied by what was going in in her relationship and her curiosity about Auntie Peg. She reluctantly turned off her TV to get some sleep when she heard music coming from the next room. Aunt Peg’s room. She listened to what was playing. She wasn’t sure but she could’ve sworn she heard the lyrics Honkytonk Badonkadonk. The more she listened, the more she liked the song. It was seriously country but it made her smile. She swallowed and got up out of her bed. She came out of her room and came up to the guest bedroom door. She blew out a sigh and softly knocked on the door.

The music stopped suddenly and there was a silence. “Doris, is that you? Sorry about the music.” Peg called out.

“No Aunt Peg, it’s Candace.” Candace said.

The door opened and Peg stared at her. illegal bahis siteleri She wore a white t-shirt that was ridiculously strained by her huge braless bosom and some black Pink label boy-shorts. Peg stood there and waited to see what the teenager wanted.

“I’m sorry Aunt Peg but I wanted to talk to you about something.” Candace said sheepishly.

Peg looked at her reluctantly and stepped back to welcomed her inside. Candace went in. They both walked over to the bed and sat down on it. Peg smiled and crossed her arms over her generous bosom. “What did you want to talk about, sweetie?” she asked, slightly slurring her words.

Candace grinned and her eyes spied around the room. She saw the shot glass partially hidden by the lamp. “I can’t talk to my mom about it. It’s a boy thing.” she stated

“Really?” Peg retorted. “So why ask me? You don’t have any girlfriends to talk to?”

“I do but they don’t look like you.” Candace replied and immediately regretted her choice of words.

Peg however, wasn’t offended. She leaned over close to Candace and whispered in a conspiratorial tone, “You mean slutty, right?”

Candace’s face turned beet red and she swallowed. “I-I d-didn’t mean… it that… way” she stammered.

Peg waved off the thought dismissively. “Oh honey, yes you did.” she said. “I don’t blame you. Look at these big ol’ titties. I’m sure your daddy feels the same way.” Candace stared at her wide-eyed. Peg leaned closer to her again. “And you know what? It’s okay. I know what I am and that’s all woman.” she said with a grin.

Candace smiled. She liked Peg. Peg got that feeling too. She grabbed the shot glass off the nightstand and raised it. “I’m sorry honey, I needed a drink. I didn’t think your parents had anything strong in the house.” she said.

“It’s fine. I understand.” Candace said.

“Do they drink?” Peg asked.

Candace shrugged. “Maybe a glass of wine when they go out to dinner but that’s about it.” she replied.

Peg turned up the shot and poured herself another drink. It looked like tequila she was drinking. “Maybe they both need a drink. They seem so uptight.” she said.

“I know. That’s why I can’t talk to Mom about boys. She thinks I’m still a virgin.” Candace said. She looked at

Peg holding the shot of tequila. “Can I have a bit?” she asked.

Peg looked at the glass then back at Candace. “You’ve had tequila before haven’t you?” she asked. Candace nodded and Peg gave her the shot glass. Candace steadied herself with the glass and sucked the liquor down. She loudly grunted as the drink burned her chest going down. She handed the shot glass back to Peg, who laughed and shook her head. “Teenagers.” she muttered.

Candace laughed. She did like Peg. She felt comfortable about talking to Peg now. Peg read her mind. “So tell me what’s on your mind.” she said.

“Well, I’ve been seeing this boy. My parents don’t know about him.” Candace said.

“And just to be clear, you’re having sex with this boy.” Peg stated.

“Yes. A few times.” Candace confirmed. “And yes, we’re being safe.”

Peg nodded. She poured herself another shot of tequila. “Go on.” she said.

“Well, he told me the other day that he doesn’t want to see me anymore. He said I don’t give head good.” Candace said with a frown.

Peg looked at her. “I see.” she said softly then sipped on the shot.

“So what can I do?” Candace asked.

Peg looked at her thoughtfully. Candace looked like a typical teenager. She didn’t even have that rebellious look like a lot of young people had. She really had a very innocent look but a under-developed body. She was thin and that counted for something these days. She was pretty but Peg couldn’t picture her with a hard dick in her mouth.

“Honey, what do think you should do?” Peg asked.

“Well… Isn’t there a way to… get… better?” Candace asked.

Peg smiled. “Practice.” she said. “Practice makes perfect. But that’s a lot of penises in your mouth and even then, not all men like the same thing.”

Candace’s shoulders slumped and she looked down. Peg put her hand on her shoulder. “Candace, does he please you?” she asked.

Candace looked up and had a confused look on her face. “How do you mean?” she asked.

Peg smiled. “I mean, does he make you feel good? Does he touch you right?” she asked.

Candace thought about it. “I guess. I don’t know. The first time, it hurt like hell. Then it felt good. But it didn’t last long.” she stated.

Peg nodded. “Well, he should want to make you feel as good as he wants you to make him feel.” she said. “He needs to know how to touch and kiss you to get you ready for sex. It’s called foreplay.”

Candace smiled. “I know what foreplay is, Aunt Peg. But boys these days are too impatient for that.” she said.

“Hmmph.” Peg snorted. “Well, he wouldn’t be getting any of my cookies if he don’t wanna learn. Ya heard me?”

Cadance nodded. “What kind of men do you like, Aunt Peg?” she asked.

“Oh canlı bahis siteleri sweetie, I love men of all types and colors. They all have their purposes.” Peg answered with a smile.

Candace’s eyes widened. “Even black guys?” she asked.

Peg grinned. “Especially black men.” she stated. “There’s nothing like a beautiful, dark-skinned black man.”

Candace smiled. “I’ve never done that before. I just dated the one boy.” she said.

Peg patted her leg. “Relax sweetie. You have all the time in the world to figure out what you like. You never know what you might find out about yourself.” she said reassuringly. A thought seemed to come to her mind and she grinned. “You might find yourself liking something you NEVER thought you would’ve even consider.”

Candace saw Peg’s facial expression changed and knew she was thinking of something very dirty. “Like what, Aunt Peg?” she asked with a grin.

Peg looked at her with an impish smile then got up and restarted the country music on her phone. Honkytonk Badonkadonk sang through the bluetooth speaker. Peg came back and sat down beside Candace. “I’m gonna tell you a story about someone I worked with in Houston.” she said and began to reminisce.

“I was doing paralegal work for this lawyer. It was good work for me and paid well. I had a couple of people under me who helped me out. One was an intern named James.

James was young, maybe 22. He was going to school part-time in addition to working at the firm. He was a sweetheart but he was also a tall, beautiful milk-chocolate brotha. The thing was that James was gay.”

“Oh wow. I’ll bet that disappointed you.” Candace said with a laugh.

Peg continued. “Oh Lordy it did when I first found out. I was scheming on him from the beginning and when he introduced to me to his boyfriend one day at lunch, it took all of the air from my sails.”

“So what did you do?” Candace asked.

“As I said, James is a total sweetheart and we worked together and got along well. One day I noticed that he was real quiet and sad kinda. I asked what was wrong and he said he got into it with his boyfriend. He didn’t want to talk about it so I left him be.

About a month later, we had a conference in Dallas to attend. James was pretty upbeat a week or so before so I assumed he made up nice with his boyfriend. But the day we left he was in a real foul nasty mood and I figured he had gotten into with his man again.

While we were getting stuff together at the hotel, I asked him about some files we needed and he snapped at me real disrespectful-like. I checked him right then and there and told him he would never talk to me in that way again. He apologized and we continued through the day.

The conference went through without a hitch and we had another night before we left to go back to Houston. James was still not happy but he was respectful to me. I offered to buy him a couple of drinks to smooth things over between us and I wanted to pick his brain about his love life.

So we relaxed at the hotel bar and I assured him that I wasn’t still mad at him. That eased him a bit then I asked how things were going with his boyfriend.

“I think he’s cheating on me again. I see things that I don’t like and he’s not paying me much attention anymore. Like he’s bored with me.” James told me.

I gave him a look of pity like I felt bad for him but inside I was full of glee. I was going to take advantage of this. “Aww honey, I’m so sorry. What are you going to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” James said. “I’m tired of going through it with him though. I’m done.”

“Let me ask you something.” I said. “And please forgive me for my ignorance but I just need to know.” James looked at me expectantly. I continued. “First of all, I have to say, you’re a beautiful man. I know I’m not the first woman to tell you that.”

James laughed and shook his head. “No, you wouldn’t be the first.” he confirmed.

“So you’re used to women being up in your face.” I concluded. “I have to ask you. What is it about men that you like so much?”

James blinked a couple of times but didn’t answer right away. Then he said, “I don’t know. I’m just more attracted to men. I don’t consider myself one of those effeminate gay men but I am attracted to manly men. Does that make sense?”

I laughed and shook my head. “Not to me but what do I know? I just know that I like a manly man myself. And I consider you a manly man.” I said. “Actually, I think you’re hot as hell. I was sooooo upset when you introduced me to your boyfriend.” I said with a chuckle.

James smiled. “I’ve been in that situation before.” he said.

I looked at him. “So you don’t think you could ever have a physical attraction to a woman?” I asked.

James shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve seen some women who I thought were attractive. Having sex with them is a different story.” he said.

Even though he shot down my thought, he still left a door open for me. “Why do you say that?” I asked.

James laughed. “This is going to sound crazy but I think I would be too nervous with a woman.” he said.

My eyes got big at that one. “Really? Well then honey, you’re looking at the wrong women.” I said confidently.

“You think so?” James asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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