21 Mayıs 2022

Auction of Love

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Joanne was the girl I lusted for night and day. I must have masturbated three times a day since I first saw her at work. At her first day of work I could see she was the type to make all the guys lust for her and all the women hate her. She was a perfect 5’5″ with dark brown hair and green eyes. She only wore the tightest skirts that showed off he smooth tan legs and her perfect heart shaped butt. But what attracted me the most was how she was able to handle herself with the men in the office. She was definitely a guys’ girl, and I wanted to make her mine.

I would think about her as I swam laps in the health club pool every night after work.. Sometimes I would get such a raging hard-on that I couldn’t leave the pool until I could calm myself down.

At home I would think of Joanne, as I lay naked on the bed. I would sit there on the bed with a tissue box and stroke my dick with long slow strokes. I would try to last as long as possible. If I had a good night I would shoot so much cum it would land on my neck. Then there were the nights that I would put on a porno tape and try to time my orgasm to the action on the tape. I would fantasize that I was shooting my load all over Joanne’s face and it would dribble down her chin and on her perky breasts.

At the office I would chat her up. Joanne liked me but she was a tease and was playing hard to get. Whenever I asked her out she would say, “listen Bright Eyes, you couldn’t handle me.”

I didn’t think she meant no.

Then one day my luck changed. No, Joanne didn’t say should would go out with me, but she did sign up for the office slave auction which raised money for one of the local charities. That night I must of rubbed out four orgasms just anticipating winning Joanne in the auction.

During the auction three of the prettiest girls were up for sale. First there was Lisa who had blond hair and blue eyes and the nicest breast around. I didn’t bid on Lisa because we already went out. Lisa was an easy lay. But I really dug the fact that her nipples and tongue were pierced. Our first night of sex was great and it was the first time that a girl ever stuck her tongue in my asshole. There is nothing better than having a girl sticks her tongue or finger up your asshole as she is jerking you off! Maybe if I had Lisa licking my asshole and Joanne sucking my dick that would be even better. Lisa also gave me my first anal experience. I always think of that night when I’m playing with myself.

The next girl up at the auction was Kathy. Kathy was pretty, I wouldn’t mind having my balls banging up against her chin but she was the most casino oyna prissy, annoying girl in the office.

Most of the bids were all on Joanne. At the auction she was dressed in a black sweater with skintight black leather pants and spiked black leather boots. Ten of us bidding on her and I finally won. I am ashamed to say how much I had bid, but I knew it would be worth it.

Joanne smirked as she realized that I won her in the auction and said “well Bright Eyes you own me for one night but you won’t even know what to do with me”

The next night I picked her up at her house. Joanne smelled like sex. I’m not talking about the scent of her beautiful pussy, as I imagined it during all my masturbation sessions. I mean she smelled of sex due to everything she wore, her black leather skirt, her silk stockings, her red silk blouse, her hair and the perfume that she was wearing.

“Nice place you have” I said, as she let me in.

“Well you might as well get you monies worth. I’ll give you a quick tour before we go out,” she said as she led me through her apartment.

On the kitchen table was some tools and a roll of black electrical tape. “I was just taping the electric cord on my laptop,” she exclaimed. Also on the table was her laundry basket with some clothespins.

“Maybe I’ll get to do my laundry tonight once I get rid of you.” She teased me as she led me into the living room.

“Joanne, what’s that?”

“It’s a tens unit. I had an old boyfriend who had a back injury. This runs an electrical charge into the muscle to stimulate them. He wanted it back.”

She then led me to the bedroom. As I followed her I didn’t look at anything other than her ass. It was perfectly fitted in her black leather mini-skirt. Below the skirt showed the most beautiful thighs in black nylons leading down to pair of black leather “fuck me” pumps.

“This is the bedroom,” she coyly said as she immediately turned around and leading me out of the room. “You don’t really need to see what it looks like,” again teasing me as if this date was destined to go nowhere. As we left the bedroom I noticed that her dresser draw was open and I could see what was the fat end of a rather large purple vibrator.

As I started to leave the bedroom I grabbed a silk scarf that was hanging on the back of the bedroom door.

“What do you mean I won’t need to see the bedroom?” I was playing her game of cat and mouse.

“I told you before Bright Eyes, you can’t handle a girl like me,”

At this point Joanne and I were facing each other. Joanne had her back up against the wall. slot oyna Our lips were inches away from each other. Her breathing started to match mine as our bodies realized that we both ached for each other. I then looped the scarf across both her wrists.

“Oh yeah what do you think you are going to do to me?”

I then took the scarf and pulled the end over the top of the closet door. I had Joanne pinned facing the closet door and with her arms pulled tight over her head. The scarf was tied to the doorknob on the other side and was pulled so tight it lifted Joanne slightly off her heals. She was mine!

I then ripped her silk blouse open as I kissed the side of her exposed neck.

“I’m just showing you that I know how to take care of you Joanne.”

And again she taunted, “You’re not man enough to handle me.”

I then took her bra and pulled it down under her breasts so that they were lifted and sticking out of her blouse. Her nipples were rock hard and were the finest half-dollars I have ever seen. I imagined what it would be like if she had her nipples pierced with a chain keeping them together.

“You still don’t even know what to do with me,” she said in her last attempt in being defiant.

I then ran my hands up her thighs up over here sheer thigh high stockings, I grinded my raging hard-on against her beautiful round ass. My hands then made it up under her leather skirt and I got my first feel of her hot wet pussy. I had to check out her panties and I saw the tightest white shiny silk panties on. The barely covered her round muscular ass. Her pussy juices were saturating the fabric so that it was transparent.

I then pulled the front of her panties to the side so that I can finally see her perfectly groomed pussy, with a neatly trimmed patch of black hair over her shaved puffed lips. My fingers found there way into her sopping wet slit. As I put the second finger in her I made sure that my thumb did not ignore her clit.

“FUCK ME LARRY! FUCK ME LARRY! She pleaded as finally admitted to herself that she wanted me.

I then pulled the back of her white panties to the side and began to lick her tight asshole. As my nose was working deeper in the crack of her ass, I became intoxicated with the smell of her pussy. I now worked my tongue up her asshole and inserted my fourth finger into her now gaping pussy. Her juices were now flowing down her thighs and on my face. I was thinking if Joanne was could to take my whole hand up her cunt.

‘FUCK ME NOW!!! FUCK ME NOW!!! She hollered as she was banging up against the door. I then had an idea.

I canlı casino siteleri went to the laundry basket and grabbed the clothing pins. I then attached the clothing pins to each of Joanne’s nipples.


I then had another idea.

I grabbed the electrical tap, the tens unit and then pulled the vibrator out of her draw. The vibrator tuned out to be about ten inches long and four inches in diameter. It also came with batteries.

I then took the vibrator and started to work Joanne’s pussy.


I made sure the vibrator was set to high. I then placed it up against her rock hard clit, and slowly circled it, teasing her. I also decided to get a finger full of her love juice and taste how aroused she was.

I then took the vibrator and stuck it in up to the hilt. Joanne bucked her hips to try to work it back out but I took the electrical tape and taped it in and made sure the tape went on her bush.

I then took the electrical leads to the tens unit and put them on her clit and nipples. As I slowly turned up the juice I started working my thumb up her asshole.

Joanne was spasming out of control. I then took my raging cock and jammed it up her asshole. Joanne kept lifting her hips to avoid the full impact of my thrusts. I then kicked her shoes off so she couldn’t help but take my cock up her ass until my balls were smacking up against her ass.

I lasted about two minutes before Joanne let out a primeval scream and collapsed. I felt her thighs suddenly get drenched and couldn’t tell whether she came peed or both.

I then untied Joanne and carried her to bed.

As she finally came around, she said, “I hope you got you monies worth?”

I wasn’t finished yet. I already was hard again even though I came in her asshole two minutes ago.

Joanne saw my new hard-on and immediately went to suck my cock. She sucked so hard as if she was trying to draw ever ounce of fluid out of my body. She then went to deep throat my humble seven inches, moaning. “mmm…mmm…mmmm” She picked up the rhythm and had her thumb and middle finger wrapped around the base of my cock. My hand was on the back of her head gently grabbing her hair and directing the rhythm of her bobbing head. As a started to cum, I pulled out, spraying my cum in her mouth and across her face.

Joanne then took some of the come from her face and wiped across her breasts and around in her nipples. She then moved in to kiss me and as she kissed she spit some of my come back into my mouth. Her tongue tasted so good that I couldn’t break the kiss even though I was eating my own seed.

“I was wrong about you Bright Eyes, you do know how to handle me.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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