28 Mayıs 2022

At the Biker Bar Ch. 04

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Apologies for the long delay, unfortunately a dead phone meant I lost the rough copies for this chapter and had to re-do it completely. As a result I did get a little disheartened and it took a while to rediscover my flow. So again apologies.



I have never been happier in my life, it was about two months since my life had completely changed. In a bout of sexual frustration I’d decided to write an online advert, basically stating I wanted to be used and abused for the pleasure of strangers. One reply had caught my eye, entertainment for a birthday party at the local biker dive. Not only was the party one hell of a good night involving my first double penetration and a cum shower but I met the new man in my life.

Jack, now Jack was something special. Not only was he my kind of man in the looks department, with long wavy brown hair and a thick full beard, both shot through with grey, tattoos flowing down both arms. He was a real big bear of a man in every way. But as well as the physical side he had the most beautiful personality. Caring and considerate but with one hell of a kinky streak, also he was one hell of a good fuck.

He loved watching me being fucked, particularly by several guys at once. I think the more the merrier as far as Jack was concerned. He loved to fuck me afterwards, I’m not sure why, if it was the territorial thrill of trying to claim me back or knowing I was getting off on the thought of him watching me. The only caveat is that I am only allowed to play with the guys in the club and only if he watched. I was fine with this, I liked the guys and they certainly knew how to show a girl a good time.

One of the guys Si pulled me to one side for a chat last week. Si was the first of the guys I had been fucked by at the club, he was the birthday boy at that memorable first party. Since then under Jacks supervision we’d fucked several times, including one bizarre occasion when after having a fair amount of rum poured into my rectum, he then proceeded to spank the living daylights out of my arse before making me watch while he masturbated in front of my face. His wicked blue eyes twinkled as he informed me it was jacks birthday soon and asked if I was down to help with a surprise present for him? I was very happy with that idea, my pussy starting to get moist as I heard his plan.

The big day had arrived and I was left staring speechless at the outfit that had been delivered for me to wear. I shook my head with a smile as I started to get dressed. It had arrived with a note instructing me to wear this and only this. First there was a black leather under bust corset, I managed to wrestle myself into it and pull the laces so tight that I could barely breathe. Then a pair of thigh high boots with stiletto heels, soft black leather enclosing my long legs up to mid thigh. A long black leather coat completed the outfit, that was it, no underwear, nothing covering me from waist to thighs. I decided to go all out with the make up, heavy smokey eyes and dark lipstick. I looked like a teenage goths wet dream.

I had ten minutes to wait until I was due to be picked up so I paced the floor trying to get the hang of the heels. With every step my free uncovered tits jiggled, the piercings glinting in the light. The pale skin contrasting with the black of the leather and the dark tattoo covering my chest. The coat swirled around me stopping about an inch off the floor. I was already starting to get aroused and could feel the moisture building at the top of my thighs. My fingers twitched, I was itching to slip them inside me but I was running too low on time for that sort of thing. I settled for running my thumbs across my stiff nipples, making me moan and casino siteleri bite my lip.

The doorbell rung so I quickly buttoned the coat and dashed down to meet Si. He was leaning against a pick up waiting for me, his blue eyes twinkled as he gave me a quick peck on the cheek and opened the door for me. We made polite small talk as he drove to our location, it amazed me that despite the amazing sex we’d had in the recent past he was the perfect gentleman when Jack wasn’t around. It said a lot about Jack that he inspired this sort of loyalty from his friends.

We pulled of the main road down a track leading into forest, he parked on the edge of a small clearing, he left me in the cab in the dark with my own thoughts while he finished setting up outside and I awaited my signal. All I could hear was the rapid thudding of my heart as I waited. As I heard the rumbling of large motorbikes coming closer my nipples started to stiffen and my pussy moistened in anticipation.

The bikes came roaring into the clearing Jacks large black muscle bike in the lead. Suddenly the carefully placed lights turned on, the guys all started to tunelessly sing happy birthday to Jack as a beer bottle was thrust in his hand. I took my cue, undone the coat and stepped out of the truck slamming the door loudly. All eyes turned to me as I headed towards the group. The black leather and corset blending with the surrounding darkness to highlight the paleness of my chest, thighs and pussy.

I would like to say I strutted with a sexy sashay but in reality I picked my way across the uneven ground trying to stay upright whilst cursing the treacherous heels. When I finally reached jack I stole a mouthful of his beer then leaned in for a full kiss. I reached down and stroked the firm bulge inside his jeans hearing him groan into my mouth. I put a hand on his big chest and pushed him away as I stepped back. I walked to his bike where it rested on its stand and hopped up.

I looked into his eyes as slowly peeled the coat off my shoulders to drape it across the bike, I watched as his eyes darkened as he took in my pierced stiff nipples that were now fully exposed. I took my breasts in my hands, squeezing and massaging them, my fingers slowly moving to my nipples, arching my back as I played with them, feeling the pleasure build in the pit of my stomach and my pussy. Although my gaze was locked on Jacks face I could feel the eyes of everybody in the clearing watching me.

I spotted a movement out of the corner of my eyes and realised it was two men moving around the clearing with professional video cameras filming every second of the action. The thought of it sent a shiver down my spine. I slowly moved my hands down the front of my body towards my thighs. I stroked down the outside of my legs to where the boots started, I moved my hands to the inside pulling my legs apart as my hands went higher. When my legs were stretched wide my fingers stroked the hollows at the tops of my thighs.

I looked down and could see the lips of my pussy glistening with my juices that were already leaking from me. I stroked the length of my lips moaning as a trickle flowed towards my arsehole, I circled my clit slowly building the suspense teasing myself. I looked again at Jack who was clearly enjoying the sight his hand stroking along the length of his cock through his jeans, his eyes fixed on my pussy as I played. I pushed two fingers inside my myself unable to hold back any more. Fucking myself while my thumb worked across my clit. the clearing was filled with the sound of my wet cunt squelching and my moans escaping my lips. All around I could see some of the bikers with their cocks out stroking as they watched, the cameras slot oyna zoomed in focusing on my pleasure. It was enough to push me over the edge making me shake and cry out as my pussy clenched and spasmed over my fingers.

As I calmed down I gestured for jack to come to me with a crooked finger. When he was stood in front of me I held my dripping fingers in front of mouth, gasping as he licked and sucked, cleaning my juices off. I leaned forward kissing up his neck towards his ear. “happy birthday, this is all for you, pick whose first.” I whispered.

He looked across at Si and asked “this your doing?” Si just grinned and raised his beer bottle at him. “well you’re up first then” Si needed no extra prompting he unzipped him self as he walked over. His cock sprung free from his restraining jeans, thick and hard he was huge. I barely got the chance to appreciate the sight as he reached me, grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He stepped inside my open legs and as his lips crushed mine he thrust himself into me hard. In his normal style he gave me no time to adjust to his considerable size and started to slam into me again and again. It was all I could do to hold on to his shoulders and wrap my legs around him. I just hoped the bike stayed on its stand. In no time at all I was screaming another orgasm as I shook around him, I felt him swelling inside me before he quivered moaning as he shot spurt after spurt inside me. He kissed me softly then surprised me by slipping a blindfold over eyes and stepping away.

Enclosed in darkness all I could do was wait with my legs open shivering in the chilly air, I could feel the cum Si had just deposited inside me starting to make its way out again. I felt hands lifting me and turning me over. I found myself bent over the bike face down with my arse in the air. My feet were kicked apart and I felt my arse cheeks pulled apart. I shivered as I felt a tongue stroke up the length of me pushing inside my hole, not seemingly bothered about the taste of the cum mixing in with my juices. After thoroughly probing my pussy with his tongue he licked his way up to my tight arsehole licking round it before pushing his way inside. His hands on my arse cheeks held me still as I squirmed with pleasure moaning and squirming.

A hand moved under my chin lifting my face, I felt a warm hard cock head pushing against my lips, it was already coated with pre-cum. I licked the tip as my lips opened eagerly to accept it inside. The tongue working my arsehole stopped and I felt something a lot bigger and firmer pushing in. I could feel both ends slowly being filled with cocks. It felt amazing I moaned my pleasure around the one in my mouth. My tight arse was being stretched the pain mixing with pleasure as he slowly slid in. The cock in my mouth hit my tonsils making me gag around it.

At some unseen signal they started moving in time with each other, hands holding me still leaving me with no option but to take it. In no time at all I was building towards yet another orgasm. Juices flowed freely from my pussy as my whole body shuddered uncontrollably. The cock in my mouth quivered as it thrusted faster and the hips behind me started slamming into me hard and fast, his balls banging up against my pussy with every thrust.

I heard a grunt and a groan in front of me and felt my mouth filling with spunk, I swallowed as much as I could but some still flowed down my chin, at the same moment the cock in my arse buried itself deeply, twitched and filled my bowels. I felt a sharp slap on my arse as he pulled out and a kiss landed on my forehead.

As I lay there trying to get my breath back I heard movement and rustling around me, hands started groping and grabbing at me, canlı casino siteleri my arse, my tits, nipples pinched and squeezed and fingers found their way into my soaked pussy and arsehole. I could hear heavy breathing and grunting. Then I felt soft warm droplets landing on my raised face, starting to run down my face I licked what I could from my lips. I felt drops hitting my arse and rubbing the spunk into my cheeks.

I was completely spent laid face down over the bike and felt soft hands removing my blindfold. I looked up into the soft blue eyes of Jack smiling down at me he looked both aroused and proud of me. “Happy birthday big guy.” I croaked at him.

“Thank you Princess, lets get you home.” With that he helped me to my feet and draped my coat back over my shoulders. He helped me stagger towards the pick up tossing Si his bike keys as he went. I was placed in the passenger seat and Jack leant over and kissed me tenderly, I felt my eyes growing heavy as the heating kicked in and the truck started moving.

I woke up just as truck pulled into the parking lot for the biker bar. As Jack pulled the truck to a stop I pulled him towards me for a deep kiss, burying my fingers into his beard and hair as our tongues entwined. One of his hands stroked the outside of my thigh as the other gripped the back of my neck, I felt like a horny teenager making out in a car again. I couldn’t wait any longer i needed to feel Jack inside me. Now. I pulled away from him and pushed the seat as far back as it would go and reclined it fully. I put one of my feet up on the dashboard spreading myself fully and scooted myself to the edge of the seat. “Fuck me, please, fuck me now.”

He made his way across to me and knelt in front of me he undone his jeans and revealed he was hard and ready for me. I looked down and watched the thick hard length of him slide into me. I was wet but still tight as he filled me his hips pushed forwards until he was buried inside me. My feet were hooked up on the dashboard until he grabbed my heels and pushed them onto his shoulders so I was bent double as he leaned forward and kissed me, sliding painfully slowly and deeply keeping me on the edge.

I heard a rumble and saw a light pass across the dark cab, I was too distracted to give it much thought. I was moaning with my nails digging into the shoulders of Jacks jacket. I saw a shadow pass by the window as I looked up a familiar blonde beard looking down through the window. Si had clearly returned Jacks bike and was going to wait for the truck keys. I could see he was enjoying the view as his hand moved to his groin, starting to stroke up and down. It was the first time anybody else had watched me and Jack having sex the thought of it was driving me crazy.

I don’t think jack was aware of our audience as he started to pick up speed, my pussy starting to tighten and my juices flowing, the pleasure starting to build in my stomach, I locked eyes with Si my moans building until I was crying out and starting to scream. I spasmed around Jacks cock as he started to swell and slam into me, he groaned and bit my neck as he thrust into me one more time and his cum filled me. Over his shoulder I spotted Si tense up and his own release hit the window and started to dribble down.

As Jack started to soften inside me and I slowly came back down earth the passenger door opened and Si looked down at us he bent down and planted a kiss on my still panting mouth before chuckling at us. “Good show old man, but you’re cleaning the mess up!” He stated as he pointed a finger in our direction. I laughed and made my way inside to jacks flat as the guys traded keys and light hearted insults and manly back slaps.

I think I was asleep as soon as the corset came off and I hit the bed, I vaguely felt Jack getting into the bed and spooning behind me as I drifted off in his strong tattooed arms. I hoped he’d had a good birthday but I still had plans for him tomorrow.

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