21 Mayıs 2022

Ashley Venom

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The air conditioner to the fourteenth-floor hotel room hummed. It was unnaturally cold, considering the weather outside. The sea of human invention lay outside the window, buzzing. Cars and lights flickered. A bottle of Veuve Clicquot rested in a tin filled with ice.

From the balcony of his hotel room, Roger leaned against the railing, thinking about the day of gambling, drinking, and shenanigans behind him. He inhaled deeply, breathing in a breath from his menthol cigarette. Some of his friends, also in the hotel, insisted they go to Vegas. They had been talking about going for a couple of years, and some of them even saved up. Roger didn’t have to save up because the money came easy to him. Everything came easy to him.

The noise below the window made him smile. It reminded him of home, New York.

Just a couple of hours before he ordered the bottle of champagne from room service, his friend Monte, told him they to expect an escort. Roger wasn’t the type of guy who needed an escort. During college, Roger Miller had modeled. It wasn’t something he was passionate about, but it came about naturally because he was brutally handsome. The money paid for him to go to college and during the pinnacle of his modeling career, there was a billboard of him in a pair of boxers on the freeway.

Although his modeling career had gone to the wayside, the body hadn’t. Roger had worked hard in the gym to maintain a decent physique. He wasn’t as shredded as he had been in college, but his muscles were big enough to earn him looks from women in passing. He had a thin, sharp face with the tan of a man who worked outside, but the wallet of a man who owned his own business.

Monte had called a group of escorts from the same service, all part of what he called “the Vegas experience.” Originally, Roger didn’t think it was necessary to order prostitutes, no matter how high end. Roger called Monte and the other guys several times, but they didn’t pick up. Roger didn’t want a random woman in his hotel room, then. Now, he thought about it a lot, anticipated it. His change of heart had pushed him to order a bottle of champagne.

The expensive blazer came off his shoulders and dropped onto the bed. Even at night, Vegas was hot. Nervously, Roger rubbed the creases from his suit pants. There was a pool of sweat gathering in the center of his palms, which had never happened with a woman before. Naturally smooth, Roger was surprised he was nervous.

A subtle knock on the door jerked him from his thoughts. Suddenly the door felt a million miles away, and he was self-conscious about how quickly he was supposed to open. On the one hand, he didn’t want to come off like he was too eager, but on the other hand, he didn’t want to leave her in the hall.

This is your moment, Roger said to himself.

Roger walked across the red carpet, inhaled a deep breath before opening the door. He stepped out of the way, allowing the blonde woman in the red dress inside. She walked slowly with the confidence of a porn star and the glimmer of a model.

“Hello,” she said softly. “I am Ashley Venom.”

Ashley Venom, Roger thought, interesting name. The fact that it was a stage name, like strippers, hadn’t even crossed his mind. Naive to the ways of escorts, Roger didn’t understand the need for a fake name. What he did notice was how perfectly symmetrical her face was. She had the whitest set of teeth and a sharp but beautiful nose.

“Please, come in.”

Ashley, with the flowing red dress, walked into the expensive hotel room. There was a bottle of champagne chilling on the table, which was now a cliché: almost all the expensive hotel, John’s bought champagne.

Roger casino siteleri couldn’t believe how genuinely beautiful she was. It wasn’t like the girls from the strip clubs, who looked good when the lights were low, and the makeup was heavy. There were little traces of makeup on her face. The beauty was natural.

Ashley walked to the edge of the queen sized bed, flattened her dress, and sat down. “Do you have a name? Or do you prefer I don’t know?”

That seemed strange, not knowing each other’s name. Roger supposed she had seen all kinds of things in her career. “My name is Roger,” he said, gulping after. His nerves were electric.

“You’re nervous, Roger. You shouldn’t be.”

The fact that she noticed how nervous made him more nervous. It was his first tryst with a prostitute, so he thought being nervous was normal.

“Why don’t we start with a glass of champagne?”

The bottle was forgotten until she mentioned it. It was embarrassing how nervous Roger was. She wasn’t the first woman he had ever been with, but certainly the first one he purchased.

Ashley’s voice was surprisingly calm as if she had walked a hundred guys through this routine before. “Tell me about yourself,” Ashley said. It was a tactic she used on the John’s who were nervous. When they spoke of themselves, especially the rich ones, they seemed to relax.

“I work for a hedge fund,” he said. “It’s a boring job, crunching numbers.” Roger’s hands shook as he poured the champagne into the flutes. “No wife or kids. I was too busy chasing my career to settle down.” The ice and water splashed when he dropped the bottle back inside.

The bubbles floated on the top of the glass. Roger passed one to her and drank some. Never before had he drank expensive champagne, not when he was a scotch drinker for the most part. The bubbles tickled his throat.

“Come on over here, Roger,” she whispered. “My name may be Venom, but I won’t bite. You.” With long red nails, Ashley patted the spot on the bed beside her. There was lust in her eyes, ripe, palpable lust. Her lush red lips let him know she was horny.

Ashley took a couple of sips of champagne, trying not to drink too much too fast. Moderation was the key because some of her clients didn’t want her sloppy. She always was a lightweight when it came to alcohol, so she would never allow herself a second drink.

Roger was staring into the bottom of his glass. It was clear he was still nervous. His hands weren’t shaking anymore, but he was still distant.

“Do you mind if I take off this dress?”

Stunned at the fact that she asked, Roger smiled. “Go ahead.”

Ashley turned, exposing the zipper to him. She could have gotten out of the dress on her own, had done it a million times, but including him added to the pleasure. The zipper glided down her back. Her skin looked soft and smooth, easy to touch, desirable.

Ashley pulled the front of the dress down, exposing a red lacey bra. When she stood, she looked down at him, thinking about how handsome he was. This experience wasn’t going to be terrible, not like some of the men she encountered. Usually, when she got a call from a rich man, it was because he couldn’t get laid on his own. It couldn’t have been the case with Roger.

The first kiss was soft, subtle, and warm. The nerves, which had been stunted by the champagne, were still on fire. Ashley’s lips were like a beautiful red wine, sweet and majestic. Ashley’s skin was silk. A hand clasped on the back of Roger’s head, and she pulled him in closer, putting to rest all the doubt and nervousness.

To entice him more, she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her. She separated the pointer finger slot oyna from the rest, without a gag or hesitation, Ashley sucked his finger. The reaction that crossed his face brought her immense pleasure.

Roger fell back on the bed after Ashley pulled off his shirt. The button on his pants popped and she slid down his striped trousers.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I will be gentle.”

Ashley’s lips traced from the top of his boxers up to his chest, biting, teasing her way. When she got to his chest, she grabbed one of his nipples and pinched hard. “Special request from a man named Monte. He said you liked it rough.”

Roger gritted his teeth for a moment, feeling the pain shoot through his chest. It wasn’t an ordinary pain, but one he liked. Monte had said that to mess with him, but he wasn’t wrong. Now, Roger understood the kinkier side of sex. Everything before this moment seemed vanilla. Roger wanted to explore that side, but for the moment, he had something else in mind.

Ashley removed Roger’s boxers, exposing his hard shaft. She looked him over, seeing his body, adoring him. The tent in Roger’s shorts demanded attention, and Ashley was more than willing to jump his bones.

At first, she was hesitant to go down on him because she wasn’t sure if he was ready. So, instead, she played with him for a while, feeling it grow in her hands. When it was as plump as possible, she slid down the bed and inserted it into her mouth. What she did to him was nothing short of magic. The pressure against his cock felt amazing. The warmth, the speed in which she bobbed her head felt perfect.

Roger put his hand on the back of her head, guiding her up and down. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, watching as she lifted and dropped her head in his lap. There was something about the way she looked while she did it, something incredible. In all his life, he hadn’t been with a girl as attractive as Ashley Venom. Those green eyes were piercing, making him feel more confident and alive than ever before. Sex with her was like a drug.

If Roger hadn’t removed from her mouth, he would have exploded. He pulled away from her for a second, allowing himself to cool down. Roger had been on the verge of that mountain, with a couple more pumps, he would have gone over the edge. While he was cooling down, Roger poured himself another glass of champagne. It didn’t take long before the glass was empty, and he was ready to continue.

Lying on the bed, barely covered by a thread of clothing, Ashley looked stunning. Roger wished he could keep that mental image forever. His erection was stone, and she was looking right at him, chewing on her lower lip.

Ashley Venom was already wet when he brought his mouth down to meet her crevice. The red lace panties had come off in a hurry. The clit was swollen, begging suction. Between the lips was a nice trail of cum dripping between her cheeks. Roger leaned in and licked up the trail, tasting her sweet juices.

Roger flicked her clit with his tongue, sucking and playing. His tongue learned patterns it hadn’t known before. Now, it was doing work it hadn’t done before.

The first groan wasn’t satisfactory. It was nice, but it didn’t have what he wanted. Roger tried harder, pushing his tongue deeper inside. Roger thrust his tongue, trying to make her scream. Ashley’s toes curled as he licked and groped. Above, Ashley, she grabbed at the pillow, holding back a scream.

The first orgasm was tense and fulfilling. Ashely wasn’t shy about letting him know when he hit the spot. Ashley’s leg was shaking when he finished. She was lying on her back, gasping for air, sweating profusely. Her chest was heaving, but she still had that canlı casino siteleri lustrous fire in her eyes.

“Are we ready?” she asked.

“I think so,” Roger said.

Everything had been building up to this one moment. Roger couldn’t get any harder without breaking. It was throbbing and hurting because it was so erect. Suddenly, Roger understood why people pay for sex. He was already considering hiring her again and again.

Roger’s heart was thumping as he climbed on top of her, straddling her, holding her hands down. He leaned in and kissed her. Their tongues caressed inside her mouth, sliding, colliding. He wanted more of her, and he wanted her now. Roger leaned in, bit her nipple hard, and kept eye contact. Pain and pleasure ripped through her body in unison.

The way she curved her hips and wrapped her legs around him, changed him. Everything felt better. All of Roger’s senses heightened. Her hand wildly grasped at the sheets below them, scratching, pawing like an animal. Her attempt to be quiet had gone out the window. Now she was loud.

Roger was holding back with all his will. He pulled out, turned her around, rough. There was something about when he took control that drove her wild. Roger pushed her onto her knees, into doggy style. He wasn’t holding anything back. Roger was going as hard and fast as he could, feeling his body slamming into hers. Again, he was back on the mountain, and he was about to jump off.

The plunge from the mountain was unlike anything he had done before. Even when he lost his virginity, he hadn’t felt that good. Roger pulled out, soaking the sheets below them in an incredible release. Roger stood on his knees for a few seconds, trying to catch his breath as the euphoria swept through him.

Ashely fell against the head of the bed, exposing white teeth through the biggest smile. Her body was twitching and shaking as her eyes rolled, riding the wave of the orgasm. “That was unreal,” she whispered.

Roger slipped on his pair of plaid boxers and laid down on the bed beside her. He had made up his mind that he was going to do this again. There were a lot of things that he wanted to do to her, with her.

The red dress, which fit her amazingly was still lying on the floor. Roger dreaded the fact that she was going to put it back on. He didn’t want her to cover those beautiful breasts. He didn’t want her to go.

On the floor beside the red dress was a little clutch purse. Roger didn’t remember seeing her bring. Ashley leaned over the bed and grabbed it. She flipped it open and shuffled through it for a couple of seconds before providing a business card. On the stock was a lip print and her name Ashley Venom. Beside her name was all the information he would need to set up another appointment.

“In case, you know, you ever want to do this again,” she said.

“I’d love to do this again,” Roger admitted.

The red dress slipped on just as majestically as it slipped off. Now, Ashley was covering her beautiful body and gearing up. Ashley looked at Roger, who was watching her get dressed.

There was something about being watched that made her happy. Ashley could have dressed quickly and been on her way, but she dressed slowly, feeling the clothes as they went on. When she had been pulling on her lace panties, she had stepped in one leg at a time, allowing him to get the full show because she knew that’s how she got repeat business.

Roger followed her to the door, watching the wiggle in her walk from a couple of steps behind. He didn’t care that he was in his underwear. If someone in the hall saw, it wouldn’t bother him. Even as she walked, he was thinking about the amazing sex they had. Roger was fantasizing about what he was going to do when they got together again.

Ashley stopped at the door and stared back at Roger. “I look forward to your call,” she said before closing the door behind her.

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