27 Mayıs 2022

Anything For The Company Ch. 03

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The restaurant was extraordinarily dark when I entered it and locked the door behind me. It was an hour past when the last dinner guest would have left. Instead of the hum of activity I was used to hearing when standing at the reception desk, there was only silence.

I walked past the desk and leaned my head around the corner and down the hallway leading to the various dining rooms. More darkness. And silence.

Tony, my manager, had told me I’d receive instructions once inside. But where…and how? I was more used to meeting our corporate guests in their motel rooms. This was a little disconcerting.

My arrangement with Tony was that I’d entertain visiting guests and clients in exchange for a bump in pay and time off. Call it whatever you want, but Tony, the guest and I all seemed to appreciate it.

Tonight’s guest was Bill Ransier, the VP for Public Relations. I had no idea how old he was, what he looked like or what he wanted to do after we met. I was just following instructions: get inside and wait.

“Good evening, Traci. I’m glad you could make it.”

The voice over the intercom jolted me. I almost answered, but then realized I wasn’t really talking to anybody. I looked around.

“Please go to table 63. I will meet you there.”

Finally, something I could relate to. However, table 63 was in the farthest corner of the last dining room, far down the hallway that stretched before me like a murky tunnel. I began walking, tapping the wall every few steps to convince myself I wouldn’t land on my face.

As I neared the end of the hall, a faint light could be seen coming from the last dining room. When I got to the entrance to that room, I saw a candle burning at table 63. I was attracted to it like a moth. I weaved my way through the tables and chairs, only occasionally bumping into one.

I got to the table and stopped, looking around for my companion. I was beginning to think this guy really didn’t want me to see him. It wasn’t a comforting thought. I stood for what seemed like forever, waiting and trying to see. At one point, after turning back to look at the candle, I thought I heard movement behind me.

Before I could turn again, a rustling noise was quickly followed by a blindfold being wrapped tightly around my head. I shrieked.

“Shhhh. You’re OK.”

The blindfold was tied behind my head, completely blocking out what little light there was. When he was done he put his hands on my arms and turned me until I was facing him, or at least I thought.

His voice confirmed it. “Thank you for coming. Don’t be afraid.”

I nodded.

“Get undressed, please.”

Tony had told me to wear my normal work clothes. That was either a short evening dress or a pantsuit. I had chosen a dress, but realized now it wasn’t going to matter much.

I enjoyed this part of my assignments, although most of the enjoyment was watching the reaction on the guy’s face. I had a long body with ample breasts and narrow hips. I considered my ass my best feature, but how much of it would be visible in the darkness of the restaurant tonight was questionable.

I slipped out of my shoes, hoping I wouldn’t trip on them later. Then I reached around and unzipped the back of my dress. The sound was rather vivid in the otherwise hushed environment. I hesitated for a second, not sure whether to pull the dress up or let it fall.

I let it fall.

The straps slithered down my arms and I grabbed them just after the dress fell below my breasts. I envisioned the man looking at the little black bra that barely covered my nipples. I lowered the dress until my arms were hanging at my side, then let go.

I kicked it aside. The cool air rushed over my body, which was protected now by only my bra and thong. At this point I’d normally be checking for signs of the effect I was having on the guy with me. But not this time.

“Turn around.”

I carefully turned what I thought was halfway around, thankful for not stumbling in the process. I was excited at the thought of him looking at my ass in the candlelight.

Two hands touched my back and I felt my bra open. He pulled it down and away from me, the sound of the material hitting the floor barely perceptible. The next thing I felt were hands wrapped around me, cupping my breasts. They kneaded my skin and played with my nipples, a sensation that always caused a stirring deep inside my pussy.

His body casino siteleri lightly touched mine. Even though he was dressed, I wanted to reach back and feel him. But I was there to take orders. So I allowed his hands to continue their exploration of my breasts.

It didn’t take long for him to move down to my thong. His fingers slipped inside the front of my panties and just grazed across my clit. This was going to be a long evening if he kept this up.

Then the thong was being pulled down my legs. I lifted each foot to let him take off the panties and I stood naked in the dark. For the first time, the fact that I had a blindfold on heightened the episode for me. I couldn’t tell what he was looking at, how he was responding or what was going to happen next. His voice sounded young, but I couldn’t tell. I needed to see his face and I wasn’t holding my breath for that to happen soon.

Fingers brushed across my ass. They were soft and loving, caressing my skin instead of clutching at it. They seemed like long fingers, wrapping around most of my cheeks from top to bottom.

Once again, I was turned around. Stillness filled the room until I sensed him approaching me. Where was he going to touch me? When could I touch him?

Without warning, lips were on my right breast. They covered my nipple and sucked on it. Soon, his entire mouth engulfed as much of my breast as it could, his tongue licking away at my nipple. I could feel my cunt begin to ache from the need for his cock. The more he sucked on my breast the more I wanted to fuck.

I almost begged him to return when his mouth was no longer on me. But he took my right hand and pulled it forward. I thought he was going to make me walk at first. Then I was touching him. I was touching a long, hard cock…not fully erect but well on its way. Eagerly, I wrapped my fingers around it, longing to have him inside me. I stroked him as he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.

I didn’t need to be forced. I got on my knees and guided his cock to my lips. I licked the tip for a second before taking him all in. My face hit his pants and I began undoing his belt. His pants were on the floor in a matter of seconds, the cock never leaving my mouth.

I sucked him for a moment or two before pulling down his boxers. Then I once again placed his warm, throbbing skin on my tongue. I licked him from his balls to the tip, which was now hard and very warm. My lips enveloped him. I didn’t think he could get any harder.

Bill eventually pulled away from me and told me to stand. This was it, I thought. Finally, we get to fuck. I heard him removing his clothes. I waited patiently.

He took my hand a minute later and guided me as we walked. My excitement was only exceeded by my curiosity as we passed several tables and, I thought, entered the hallway. We walked a short distance before turning once again. A new sound welcomed us, one I recognized but couldn’t place for a second.

Then it hit me: it was the chocolate fountain we have in the center of the largest dining room. Waiters use it to cover strawberries we offer for dessert. It’s our most popular item. The top of the fountain was about eight feet off the floor, with liquid chocolate flowing down to a larger middle layer and finally onto an even larger lower layer, where it is recycled back up to the top.

It was a peaceful sound and one that delighted me at the moment, thinking I was about to have this man’s cock covered in chocolate.

“It’s time to eat, Traci. Ready for the appetizer?”

“Absolutely,” I said, nodding.

He pulled me forward. Then even farther ahead until I thought I was going to be in the fountain.

“Lean forward.”

My God. I WAS going to be in the fountain. The first splatter of chocolate on my breasts shocked me. But I realized now what he wanted and I let it cover the tips of my breast. Then about half of them.

He pulled me back and turned me sideways. I felt chocolate dripping off my nipples and running down my stomach until it was between my legs. Before I could even think about how wonderful it would feel to have him lick me off, he was licking me off. He began with my right breast again, devouring it until, apparently, it was clean. Then he did the other one. I wanted badly to be able to watch. But simply feeling it was enough for now. I was getting hornier than I’d ever been.

That’s when he started licking slot oyna down my stomach, taking long swipes at the line of chocolate leading to my clit. Please let him clean me there too, I prayed. He passed my waist and paused. Oh, please.

His tongue hit my clit like a lightning bolt. I jumped at first, then settled down to enjoy his repeated stabs at it. He closed his mouth over it and cleaned it thoroughly, sucking me harder with each passing second. I was hoping he’d never clear it of chocolate.

I was a total wreck when he finished. I was ready to throw him on the floor when I got my next instruction.

“Back up, Traci.”

I stepped backward cautiously. A table hit the back of my thighs.

“Time for the main course,” Bill said softly. “Lay down.”

I reached for the table behind me and sat on the edge. Then lowered my body onto it. Without being told, I spread my legs slightly, imploring him with body language to fuck me.

I didn’t have to wait long. I felt him between my legs. His hands pressed against my breasts as he moved into position. I felt his cock lying on top of my pussy and I fought the urge to grab his cock and shove it inside me.

Like a good girl, I waited for him to slide it down and push it against the lips of my cunt. I had to be dripping wet by the time he finally had the tip of his cock inside me. I lifted my ass and felt him enter me further and further until his legs were pressed against my body.

I moaned as he began fucking me. My legs wrapped around his waist and I clutched the sides of the table, trying not to slide backwards on the tablecloth as he pushed his cock into me harder and harder.

He was thick and very, very long. If I wasn’t so wet it might have been different. But after he licked me all over like he did, a baseball bat would have slid in. All I wanted now was for him to make me cum…and to feel him cum inside me.

Bill was very quiet, but seemed to enjoy my little moans. I didn’t need to fake it. He was wonderful, especially when he put his hands on my ass and lifted me up. The sensation in and around my pussy was almost too much to take. I concentrated on the feel of his cock entering me so I wouldn’t cum too quickly.

I reached down and touched his cock. I really wanted to play with my clit, but didn’t know if that’s what he wanted, so I just stroked him when he wasn’t in me. Then I let him continue to fuck me, speeding towards an orgasm.

Pretty soon it seemed like all other noises ceased. I couldn’t hear the fountain; I couldn’t hear Bill’s cock entering me; I couldn’t hear the table rocking under me. All I sensed was the inside of my body about to explode. I held my breath and pushed my cunt towards Bill. A couple of deep pants and loud moans later, I began to cum.

I leaned up reaching for the body of the man making me cum. I touched him for a second, then had to lay back down while the first orgasm flooded over me. I’m not sure what noises I was making but in the middle of it all I heard Bill say, “That’s it Traci. Come on. Yes.”

My cunt contracted over and over again. His cock seemed to fill every inch of me while my juices covered it from his balls to the tip. He gripped my ass and forced himself into me deeper. I cried out. Again and again.

Just as I was about to finish, he began to cum. The first shot of his cum hit the inside of my cunt so hard I felt it. Then the warm fluid filled me and spilled out onto my thigh. He enjoyed pulling out almost all the way, then slamming back into me. This just caused more and more cum to flow out of me. It was a tremendous feeling that I wished would never end.

I cried out for him to keep cumming. He did…for a moment…then began to soften, eventually lowering himself onto my body, kissing me and my breasts. I gasped for air and lay spent on the tabletop.

For a short while, what Bill looked like was irrelevant. Now I was curious again. A man this good must be old enough to know how to please a woman and young enough to last through my multiple orgasms. And what an imagination. I had to thank Tony first thing in the morning.

“You’re wonderful, Traci.”

The words were sincere. “Thank you. You too,” I replied.

“Want dessert?”

“Geez,” I said. “Already?”

“Oh, not me. I had something else in mind.”

I was confused. Being a blonde had nothing to do with it. I heard movement around me and leaned up so I was canlı casino siteleri sitting on the edge of the table again. Then something hit my legs. Instinctively, I spread them apart. The body came closer. Did he want me to lick him again? Already?

“Open wide,” he said.

My lips parted, waiting for my treat. I smelled the chocolate before I tasted it. But what was it I was tasting besides chocolate? It was soft…and large. Then my tongue felt something hard and I licked at it a couple times to make sure. Yes. It was a nipple. I was sucking on a chocolate covered breast. It filled my mouth and I opened wider.

So many things went through my mind at once that I almost lost track. Who was this? Where did she come from? Then it became obvious she had been there all along…watching everything.

I held her by the waist to get a better angle on her breast and noticed she was naked. I let my hands slide lower to confirm it and found a bare set of hips. During this entire time I was licking her clean, searching blindly for more chocolate. Eventually I had to switch breasts to find more.

I pictured in my mind what the breasts must look like. They were not huge, by any means, but were full and firm and scrumptious. Soon, I had the second breast nearly uncovered.

“Follow the chocolate down,” Bill instructed.

My heart raced as I licked between her breasts and found a stream of chocolate heading lower. I got off the table and bent at the knees to lick the woman’s abs and stomach. The chocolate didn’t end, so I didn’t either.

My hands were on her bare ass as I approached her clit. A thin strip of hair signaled my approach to the magic spot. Still the chocolate flowed and my tongue followed.

The first time I made contact with her clit I felt my own pussy twinge with excitement. I was on my knees, my head tilted back so I could reach up with my tongue and lick her clit. The woman’s legs were spread wide to lower herself to me and let me reach her entire pussy. I stabbed at her clit for a moment before moving down to her cunt. The chocolate ended there, but my tongue didn’t.

I licked all around her cunt before sliding my tongue inside her and tasting her sweet juices. Then I moved back up to her clit and finished off the last of the chocolate. My mouth engulfed her hard clit and I sucked on it until the woman moaned out with pleasure. I couldn’t take my hands off her soft, round ass. I pulled her closer to me and licked her clit harder.

Several minutes of licking and sucking resulted in the woman leaning over…I assumed onto the table…and her legs beginning to tremble. I wrapped my lips around her long clit and bit it. The woman shrieked and began to cum. I held her tight as she shoved her pussy into my face. I licked the best I could while she thrust her body into me as though she was fucking my tongue. I did my part by shoving my tongue into her cunt again, causing another orgasm to start in the woman. One last series of licks around her cunt finished her off.

She pulled away from me and I heard her panting nearby. I stood up and waited for more instructions, my face covered with remnants of chocolate and the woman’s wetness.

Bill led me back to table 63 and let me dress. I was told to wait fifteen minutes before removing the blindfold and leaving the restaurant. He gave me a passionate kiss and, once again, there was silence.

The next day at work I was seating customers for dinner when a gentleman in his late thirties or early forties approached the stand. He was very attractive, the kind of guy I often look at twice.

“Hello. How many for dinner?” I asked.

“Just one,” he replied.

I looked at the seating chart.

“Is table 63 available?” he asked.

I looked up with what must have been a very amusing look on my face. My mouth dropped open at the sound of the recognizable voice.

“Uh, well, sure. Yeah,” I stammered. “This way.”

I led him down the hallway, stunned at what just happened. The events of the previous night replayed in my mind. We passed the chocolate fountain and entered the last dining room. I led the man to table 63.

I laid the menu on the table and watched him sit down. Before I could turn to leave, Marcy was beside me. She was one of our best servers, a beautiful little thirty-year-old woman with short blonde hair. We had talked often during breaks and before work. More than once I had considered asking her to go to a movie with me or eat dinner.

Then Bill answered the last question floating around in my mind.

“Would you care to join us for dessert, Traci? We’re having something with chocolate.”

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