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It had been four long months since I had last come apart under his tongue. We both had other responsibilities, other places to be, other people to please. The long wait was erotic water torture. Each day another steady drip of cold pain on my clit. I touched myself, I loved my husband, I grew a little more restless.

Four months, a long wait for a few, short hours. Anticipation. I held myself very still as he inserted the key into the door. My body was drawn tight, my pussy already slick. The door spilled open and I quickly slid through it.

He was already shrugging off his suit coat as the door closed. I didn’t wait for him, grabbing his tie and pulling him in for a kiss. He met me, his tongue opening my lips and sweeping against mine. I groaned and pulled back, “Sit down.” I pushed him towards the only chair in the room. He grinned and dropped, snatching at my hips and drawing me towards him. I laughed, pulling back. I turned my back to him, unzipping my dress. I took my time, smiling over my shoulder. I had him for an entire night. And the anticipation was delicious.

I straddled him, grabbed his hands, placed them on the armrests. I leaned forward, nipped his earlobe. “I want you to sit right here. Don’t touch me. Don’t move.” He dropped his head back, looked at me with wide blue eyes. He said nothing but he carefully didn’t move.

“Do you know what this long wait does to me?” I spoke quietly, trying to inject seduction into my voice. “Do you know how often I think of you? How many times I slide my fingers into my cunt and I’m wet just at the thought of your eyes on my body?” I reached down, unzipped his pants, my hand sliding to his warm, hard cock. He groaned, thrust his cock against my hand. I loved this, the power he gave me, how vocal he was.

“And the other things.” I sipped at his neck, kissing, licking, sucking. “The other things I fantasize about. The fantasies you can only ask of someone you trust.” I moved back to his ear, rocked my hips sensuously against him. “Are you someone I can trust? Can I trust you with my fantasies?”

His long fingers curled around my breast. He rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger using the material of my shirt to caress me. “Every one, baby. Whatever you want.”

I arched to his touch. “I want you to blindfold me, tie my hands behind my back. Put me on my knees and let me suck your cock. I want to taste your hot cum down my throat. Tie me to the bed. Use that wicked tongue. Tease me, torment me. Don’t tip me over the edge. Make me beg for my orgasm. illegal bahis Make me beg for your cock. Turn me over and put my ass in the air. Plug my ass with a toy and spank me. Give me that little fission of heat, the small tingle of pain to go with my pleasure. Give me everything, don’t hold back. Tonight, just for you, I want to be your obedient kitten. I’m yours to command. Tell me in erotic, explicit detail what you want from me.”

I slid off his lap, to my knees. He lifted his hips and I slid his pants away. He put his hands in my hair, guided my mouth to his cock. “Suck my cock, dirty girl. I like you like this, on your knees, lips wrapped around my dick. Yeah, all the way.” He rolled his hips, fucked his cock into my mouth. I hummed with pleasure. “I need you, baby.” His hands tightened, giving my hair a sexy, tug, pressing his cock a little deeper. I took it, loved it, I sucked steadily, flickered my tongue along his shaft. He groaned. “Hang on, baby, I have to…” his voice trailed off. I looked up and his face was twisted with erotic pain. His grip on my hair tightened and he guided my mouth in short, fast strokes. He arched and his hips began to fuck in a steady rhythm. I stroked my tongue faster. He was panting, perspiration beginning to bead, his rhythm roughened as his control began to slip. “Ah, baby. I’m gonna cum. Your mouth is so good.” I sucked harder, his hips bucked and he splashed his orgasm into my throat. I swallowed carefully, letting it stroke against his cock, he flinched with pleasure.

He stood. I kneeled back, looking up at him. He stripped his shirt, totally nude. He grabbed my elbows, lifted me up. I stood readily. “Out of the clothes,” he snapped. I slid my bra off as his fingers hooked into my panties and drew them quickly down my body. That fast, his fingers were inside me. My pussy was saturated, the bare folds already shiny. “I love this pussy. I’m going to lick every inch of you.” I knew from past experience that it wasn’t an idle threat. “Lie down on the bed, baby.” I followed instructions. He pressed first one arm and then the other, drawing my hands over my head. He produced his tie from somewhere behind him. Without a word, he lashed me to the bed. I was creaming with anticipation. He slid down my body. He opened my thighs, settled my legs over his shoulders. I started to reach for his head but the restraints stopped me. He chuckled, opened me with his fingers and took my cunt in one long, slow stroke of his tongue. I opened my mouth and sucked in air, trying not to scream. His tongue illegal bahis siteleri teased my clit. He slid into my saturated folds and circled his tongue around my entrance. I lifted my hips, trying to press his deeper. He grabbed my ass, holding me to his mouth and fucking me with his tongue. A small noise escaped my mouth. He pulled back.

I tried to reach for him, found my hands drawn up short again. His hands slid up to my breasts, cupping me, caressing me. His hand lifted and landed with a small sting on my nipple. I arched into the small blow, loving the heat that blossomed. “No orgasm for you yet,” he whispered wickedly. “Remember, sweetheart? You want me to tease you. You want to beg for my cock.”

I swallowed, tossed my head, said nothing. He laughed. His head dipped again and his tongue returned to my cunt. I tried to hold myself still. Tried not to buck against his clever mouth. Tried not to show how close my orgasm was. My hips strained, I felt an anticipatory pulse in my pussy. He drew back again and I tried not to scream in disappointment.

This time it was his mouth at my nipple. His teeth scraping against the hard pebbles, pulling gently as I moaned. I couldn’t control my responses. My hips rocked into the air in a silent plea and his mouth stayed at my nipple. My thighs were wet with my own arousal.

His tongue returned to my clit and I felt the flush beginning to rise. He looked up at my face, drew back, and landed a small blow on my clit. I flinched with surprise and his hand landed squarely on the sensitive bundle of nerves. I gave a quiet wail, aware of the flimsy walls in the hotel. He hand dropped again. My hips lifted. His mouth returned to my clit and suckled. I was on fire, I was losing track of myself, only aware of his mouth on my cunt. He looked at me again and smiled darkly. “Are you ready to beg yet?”

I looked away. And then gasped as he penetrated me with two fingers. He began to thrust, I rode his hand as his fingers fucked into me. I wanted to scream. He stopped. Held himself still. I tried to slide my hips and he grabbed me with his other hand, holding me in place. “Would you like to beg for my cock yet, baby? Do you want to feel me fucking that pretty pussy? You want to come all over my cock? Do you, baby? All you have to do is ask.”

I gasped as his fingers drove me higher. I struggled to free my voice. Struggled not to scream. “Please.”

“What was that, sweetheart? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“Please!” I gasped out again.

“Please what, baby? canlı bahis siteleri Tell me what you need.”

I moaned, threw my hips up. “You! I need you. I need you to fuck me. I need you to make me come. Oh God, please let me come.”

His fingers withdrew and I almost cried at the lost. But then I felt his cock lodging at the entrance to my body. He held himself, stroked my clit with his hard cock. He teased me, slid a bare inch into me and then drew back. Did it again. I was trying to slide him deeper but he wouldn’t let me.

“Ask, baby, don’t take.”

I moaned again. “Oh God, please fuck me. Please. Deep, hard.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he shafted deep into my cunt. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. Hard, fast, deep, he was pounding into me. My pussy tightened. “Please! Please! May I come?”

“Not yet,” he ground out, “you can take more.” Every heavy stroke of his cock was setting me on fire. He slid deep, rocking me with the strength of his thrust. I held onto the restraints, held my body tight. My pussy pulsed around his shaft. I could feel my cunt fluttering. I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Please.” The word came out on a long, low, breathless wail.

His cock was stretching me, every muscle in body was pulled taut as I fought the pleasure he gave me, fought to hang on, fought to accept every hard thrust. “Yeah, sweetheart, that’s it. Tighten that cunt on my cock. Take it all, baby. Do you want to come for me? Oh yeah, you want to come on my hard cock. C’mon, sweetheart, give it to me. Come for me.”

His words threw me up into the flames. My back arched, my hips lifted. I was vaguely aware that my head was thrown back in a silent scream. For a long, breathless moment my body was caught in a frozen rictus of erotic relief. And then I felt my body clamp down on his cock and my clit began to pulse heavily as my cunt tightened on his shaft. He thrust through my orgasm, driving the intensity higher. His hips began to piston and I took every inch of him, my body meeting his, my screams throttled in my throat. He pulled my hips into every thrust, hitting me hard. I fought to take more, to ride him harder, his fingers dug into my skin and I took it all. He gave one last hard thrust and I felt him splash inside of me. My too-sensitive cunt spasmed again and I came hard.

He collapsed, rolling over next to me so he wouldn’t crush me with his weight. I sighed, closed my eyes, knowing I’d only be allowed a brief catnap before he was back inside me. As fatigue washed over me, my mind flailed tiredly, trying to identify what I had forgotten. I started to turn over onto my side and found my progress halted by the restraints still wrapped around my hands. Exhausted, I returned to my back. Fuck it. I’d worry about it later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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