21 Mayıs 2022

Anna at the Building Site

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Anna had only recently started her new job as an assistant in the quantity surveying department of Virilo Construction. Today was a big day for her, it was her first solo visit to one of the company’s largest jobs. She was to meet the on-site accounts team to collect any invoices and delivery notes. It was also a good opportunity for her see first-hand how a large building site operates. Anna was so excited about the prospect of seeing all those tools in use and receiving a lesson in how the tradesman get the job done.

Anna had already made quite an impression within the main office since her arrival. Unbeknown to her quite a few of her male colleagues had taken a shine to her charms. She had particular qualities that seemed to drive the more mature members of the team to constantly think about taking her over her desk. It was something to do with the combination of her extremely cute innocent looking face and her sinful looking curves. She often wore her short blonde hair tied up in two small ponytails. Heavy use of eyeshadow extenuated her striking big green eyes. Anna’s body was always well packaged in her various tight-fitting trouser suits. She often wore an unforgiving slender pencil skirt that accentuated the shape of her rounded bum and hips. The way she totted around the office floor caused quite a few nods and smirks from the guys behind her back. On a number of occasions her boss had taken himself to the office toilet to quickly relieve his twitching cock after spending the morning in her presence. Pumping his hard-on off behind the locked cubicle door imagining spraying his spunk over little Anna’s pert bum.

Really it was her set of boobs that the men liked to look at the most. She possessed such a wonderful rack. It was quite obvious to all her colleagues that she knew it and was proud of them. Anna would often wear a smart satin blouse under her tailored jackets. As the day progressed, she had a habit of undoing a few buttons on the front, revealing the cleft at the top of her pushed up cleavage. This drove the men wild imagining what she would look like naked. This womanly set of boobs combined with her young-looking innocent face was a real crowd pleaser. Her shy reserved personality only made her more attractive to the older men. It was not uncommon for them to go home and fuck their partners while imagining ramming their cocks into the new girl at work.

Anna had a way of making those around her think of sex. It was as if they could smell that beautifully shaped fresh cunt that she had hidden from sight between her thighs. She knew that she was starting to receive more attention from the randy men she spent the day with. However, she always conducted herself with the upmost professionalism. She tried to ignore the rude comments that came from some of the cruder characters in the office. It was not her fault everyone around her seemed to be getting horny over her. She had worked hard to get to this position, and she was determined to be successful.

On Monday morning she set off in her white Chevy Bolt, and, headed straight for the large new school campus build that was almost at completion. She looked good driving. She looked at herself in the reflection of shop windows as she drove past. She was proud of how smart and successful she looked. Her hair tied up in her signature ponytails, and, her black spectacles perched on the end of her nose. “Damn I look good”, she said to herself. as she pulled up to the site entrance. She was imagining how her career will progress. This feeling of success had actually got her physically excited. Anna could feel the tingle that she knew so well, starting to twitch in her pussy. She started automatically wriggling, ever so slightly, in the car seat. Savouring the friction created against her now damp knickers. She laughed to herself at how silly she was, and, quickly sat up straight to get herself in order. She wanted today to go well, and she needed to make a good impression to all the staff on site.

Even though it was just a visit to a building site, Anna had made an extra effort when getting dressed that morning. It was a big day for her, she felt like she was responsible and trusted. For some reason she had slipped into her best lingerie, an expensive matching set of black lace and satin bra/panties and a pair of lace top hold up sheer stockings. They made her feel powerful, in control and ever so sexy. As she climbed out of the car she looked down and savoured the view of the hem of her short tight skirt ride up over the top of her stocking tops. As she closed the door shut, she could feel the soft material of her satin knickers shift across her bum, and it reminded her of how sexy she is.

She had parked in the main car park, her car casino oyna looked dwarfed between all the tradesmen’s vans and pickups. As she totted across the gravel in her impractical two-inch heels, she could hear random wolf whistles and shouts coming her direction from the smoking shelter. She tried to ignore them, but she could feel her face turning red. Secretly she loved the attention but she did not want them to see that. She quickly got inside the prefab site offices and enquired as to where her contact was.

A burley man replied “I’m afraid love, he’s over at the sports hall building the other side of the site. Doing some final measurements. You’ll find him in there. You haven’t come dressed for hard graft have you darling?” He laughed as his eyes looked her up and down. She could feel them literally undressing her, and she suddenly felt conscious that he somehow knew about her sexy underwear. Without any shame he brought his hand down to his crotch, grabbed it and gave it an obvious squeeze. Still staring at her body, he clearly worked his penis through his muddy pants. “OMG” she thought to herself “this is awful”. Shocked and frightened, Anna quickly turned and left.

She was beginning to feel like a lamb to the slaughter, like a piece of meat thrown into the lion’s den. It felt as if these men not had sex or seen a woman for weeks. She sensed the sexual tension in the air as she made her way onto the actual working site. It was as if all eyes were on her body. She was so outnumbered, she contemplated on the fact there must be two hundred cocks to her one pussy. “I’ve been so naive” she thought as she struggled to navigate the muddy ground in her heals. Stepping over puddles, she desperately tried to not let the short skirt reveal the tops of her stockings. Holding her oversized hard hat with one hand and trying to not drop her clip board with the other. Panic was beginning to set in, and she was longing for help.

Finally, she made it into the cavernous main entrance hall of the school. She brushed herself down trying to regain posture and spotted a man on the other side of the room staring at her. This man looked handsome and approachable. She needed directions, so she headed his way. As she drew near to him, she was impressed by his rugged good looks. Anna had a thing for guys with beards, it might have been because her father had always sported one. Deep down she had always longed to be a daddy’s girl, and she was strangely attracted to older men that resembled her father. She felt a tingle between her legs, and, subconsciously arched her back so that her plentiful chest was pushed out and presented well to this attractive stranger.

The joiner dropped his tools as soon as he saw Anna enter the building. “Fuck me, look at that little angel”, he mouthed as he saw her bending over to straighten up her stockings. He gave his big bulge a good hard squeeze as he eyed up her booty. The outline of her panties plainly in view through the material of her short skirt. “I’m having some of that sexy bitch”, he thought as she clip clopped across the concrete floor in his direction. He watched with excitement as her big boobs giggled inside her blouse. His cock was jumping to attention, and, he could feel it straining against his pants trying to get out. “Fuck I want to get my dick up that” he thought as she stood in front of him.

“Hi love, can I help you at all” he asked. A big smile grew across Anna’s face, “finally a nice guy to help me” she replied. “I don’t know about nice darling, but I certainly can help you” he joked. “What’s a lovely little hot thing like you doing here?” Anna smirked; she could feel her face blushing again. She explained her predicament, all the time thinking to herself “Fuck, this guy is hot”. She could not believe how wet she felt between her legs. Her pussy was literally dripping for this man that she has only just met.

He was tall and looked strong, beads of sweat were dripping from his forehead and he was covered in saw dust. She could see the veins in powerful arms pulsing in front of her eyes. She couldn’t help casting her eyes down to his dirty cargo pants. His tool belt was hung low, and in that quick glimpse she was certain she could see the outline of what looked like a very large semi erect cock. “OMG what is happening” she thought, as he offered to show her the way. She walked in front of him as they exchanged pleasantries. All the time she was conscious of him looking at her bum, and she could swear she saw him rubbing his large tool through his pants when he thought she couldn’t see. “Nah” she thought to herself “it’s not possible, surely”. But, God did she fancy this man, and really deep down she hoped he was.

As they walked down the empty slot oyna corridors, he suddenly put his arm around her waist. Anna made a little gasp out loud from the feel of those hard-working strong arms around her waist. She could smell the manly musky aroma of his sweat. She loved the feeling of his arm around her, it made her feel like this strong man’s trophy. She felt like a protected baby girl, a trophy to be showed off. The thought of him taking out that big cock and using it on her made Anna’s already wet pussy twitch uncontrollably. He said nothing but kept hold of her as they continued. He was enjoying the feeling of Anna’s tight little body in his arm. He knew he was going to plunge his cock deep into her very soon. The joiner slid his rough hand down over her skirt towards her left bum cheek, giving it a good hard squeeze. She responded encouragingly with a cute little giggle and flitted her eyes as him. “Right, now is the time”, he thought. Kicking open the door to an empty classroom he pushed the young aspiring office girl into the room.

“Right, you fucking little office whore, lets show you what we do with young girls like you on building sites! Fucking walking around like that, you’re asking for cock. You’re lucky it’s me that’s going to fill you full of spunk!” Anna’s jaw dropped from the sudden change of tone coming from this man, “ohhhh please no, no. I don’t want that, I don’t want to lose my job”, she sobs. He grabs her by the neck and pushes her into her knees, “Shut the fuck up slut, I know why you came here today”. The joiner quickly unzips his fly and pulls out his throbbing thick nine-inch tool slapping it in front of Anna’s now tearful face.

“Fucking get on that you bitch”. He forces the big bell end onto her tight-lipped mouth. It slides around her face as he tries to push it through her lips, covering her sweet red face with his sticky pre cum. She can feel his hot rock-hard veiny cock rubbing all around her mouth and cheeks as it he attempts to thrust it into her mouth. He grabs her ponytails with both hands and pulls her head forward. Giving up the struggle, Anna opens her mouth and she feels his fleshy member slide all the way in. His wide shaft pushing down on her tongue and its big purple end banging against her tonsils. He is now fucking her baby face like it is a cheap sex toy, completely filling her throat with hard cock. She is gasping for air as he continues to bounce his sweaty workman’s balls against her cute chin. Her hard hat falling off from the rhythm of the pumping. Still wearing her black spectacles and in her best smart outfit, Anna gives into the relentless cock stuffing she has suddenly found herself subjected to.

“Girl, you look fucking hot with your glasses on sucking a big man’s cock!”, growls the joiner, as he watches himself bounce Anna’s head back and forth on his engrossed penis. “This is how we break in little wannabe big shots. This is how a proper man fucks a little cock teaser. Choke on my hard on you dirty little worthless slut”. Anna’s eyes are rolling back, as she gags. She has never had a cock that far back down her throat. Her mascara is running down her face, mixing with the pre cum that he wiped all over her. Every now and again he withdraws his massive cock and slaps it across her face, only to plunge it back again into her well used mouth. He loves the sight of his dick hitting her young innocent face. Watching her gasp for air. Seeing her dribble saliva and grimace when he beats her pretty face with his truncheon. Her hair feels like it is going to pulled out as he controls the speed of which she swallows his member. Working her little head on his pole like he was face fucking a cheap street whore.

Anna is beginning to enjoy the feeling of being stuffed with this stud’s cock, of succumbing to the will of this strong rough man. She has never been used like this before. She has been longing for a man to enjoy her properly since she started the job. All that attention she has been getting, but no one has had the balls to just take her. Finally, she has met a determined hunk who knows how to take what he wants from her. She feels special knowing that she is the reason why this big Daddy cock is pumped full of blood. This man is like a dog on heat because she is so hot.

She takes a deep breath as the joiner pops his rock hard cock from her mouth. He grabs her by the throat and violently pushes her onto her back on the ground. She falls back hard onto the dusty concrete floor. The front of her expensive new blouse ripped open, the buttons scatter across the floor. Her smart sexy black bra pulled down so that her creamy fleshed tits are exposed. Anna’s cunt is dripping wet from the way this stranger is handling her. Fully dressed still canlı casino siteleri with his big hard cock sticking out of his fly. He pulls up her skirt, grabs her pantie gusset and pulls it hard to the side. Without any warning he plunges his long wide shaft straight up into her cunt. Going all the way to the hilt in the first thrust. Anna lets out an uncontrolled shriek as she feels his manhood stretch her pussy open. Her cute little fuck box is now completely full of this pervert’s cock.

“God that feels good, yessssss daddy!”, She whimpers as he drills into her. Pumping her full of raging hard cock. Going at her like a jack hammer, drill speed ten. Treating his prize like a sex doll, a piece of fuck meat, to use as a receptacle for his spunk. Anna’s clothes are all torn open, her full tits slapping up and down as he smashes into her. Her smart outfit ruined, covered in dust and saw dust. The joiner is like an animal biting any exposed flesh he can find on her body. Taking turns sucking hard on each of her big hard nipples. Slapping her across the face with his big hands, as he relishes in using his new fuck toy. Such a nice pretty little whore to use as a cum dump. With both hands squeezing around her delicate neck the joiner almost withdraws his whole length from her cunt. Leaving just an inch of the tip of his cock inside her pussy lips so he can look down and see his shaft glisten with her cunt juice.

He pulls her head up by the hair so that she is staring down. “Look at my cock plunge back up inside, you horny slut”. Anna watches as the big fat cock slides slowly back into her sloppy quim. She can see her swollen cunt lips tightly clasped around his veiny shaft. This older man’s cock looked so good inside her fresh young cunt. It was made to pleasure big dicks. A perfect pretty bald pussy oozing with sweet juice. They both watched their connected cunt and cock as he increased the pace once again. The joiner grunted loudly with each thrust, and, Anna whimpered every time that cock ground against her erect clit. She loved the feeling of being stuffed by his fat dick.

He can feel the cum building up in his pistol, ready to shoot up inside this hot little minx. Her pussy walls are tightening around his shaft as she starts to whimper at an ever-increasing rate. He reaches under the back of her panties and inserts his thumb into Anna’s tight ass hole. Lubricated by her own pussy juices her cute little starfish pops around his fat thumb and swallows it with ease. Still half dressed, still in her knickers, she is now being pounded by cock and thumb fucked up the ass. “You’re a fucking good cum slut” he shouts, as he pumps his thumb into her ass hard and fast. “I’m going to blow my load in you and leave you to find your way out!”.

Anna cries “don’t stop please, I’m going to cum!”, as he ups the tempo for his final few pokes before he explodes his sticky babies up her cunt. “I’m going to fill you up with a real man’s load, you cheap fucking cum whore”. She can feel her orgasm building up. ‘Oh my gosh I’m going cum with this stranger’s cock inside me’, she thinks as he shoves his fingers into her open mouth. “Bite on those you bitch”. She shudders as she focuses on the feeling of having all three of her holes being worked on at the same time. Her ass hole has well and truly clamped around his thumb. Her soaking wet pussy juices gushing all over his cock, lubricating the piston engine. Her cunt is tightening around his dick as the friction against her little clit is becoming too much to handle.

The joiner suddenly lets out a loud moan and a torrent of flowing hot cum is released inside her stretched used hole. Anna feels the warm splash hitting deep inside her. It acts as a trigger that makes her shake from a powerful orgasm. It rips through her body as she arches her back, her legs shaking. Still coming together, they feel an electric current rippling through their connected bodies. Her eyes roll back and he slumps down on top of her. Cock still deep inside his little cum bucket.

Before she has a chance to savour the feeling of finally getting what she wanted, he has slipped his cock out of her cunt hole. She looks up at him pathetically from her pile on the dirty floor. Watching him shake off the final bit of cum over her and put his big python back into his work pants. He zips up and laughs, “you’re my fucking cum whore now”. Anna lies on the floor shocked at what has just happened, she can’t believe it. This man’s cum is dribbling out of her tingling cunny. Her clothes are ruined. Her face is red from slaps, and she has bite marks all over her neck and tits. This man has just used her as a spunk rag, filled her full of his cum. Anna cries out “Please don’t leave me like this. How on earth am I supposed to get to my car now?”. The joiner turns to look at her with a wicked glare in his eyes he smirks, “Don’t worry bitch, I’ve got more plans for your hot little ass!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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