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An Intruder Watches

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Heather had seen several husbands come and go from her mother Priscilla’s life. Priscilla’s problem was she came from a very wealthy family and was absolutely gorgeous, so men were sometimes attracted to her just for her money and her looks. Priscilla was very sociable and had a large circle of friends, which made it even easier for many ‘gold digger’ and/or horny men to meet her. She also did some modeling as a hobby, since she didn’t have to work for a living, and some men fell in love with her pictures, not with who she was inside. Priscilla was a nice person, but also a woman who liked to get her own way.

Heather was a younger version of her 45 year old mother. She was 5’-10” tall, with straight brown hair and a model’s physique. She didn’t starve herself, but you could bounce a quarter off her taut stomach and perfectly shaped ass. Heather did some modeling too but was also a very focused student.

She had just graduated top in her class with a degree in psychology and was going to continue to pursue a doctorate degree and become a licensed psychologist. Heather wanted to help people, but also wanted to understand people’s motivations. Heather was a good person, but like her mother she was a woman used to getting her own way. She was a virgin through high school, and had a few boyfriends in college, but was not a girl who enjoyed casual sex.

Priscilla finally had luck finding the right guy in her current marriage to Brad, after three previous failed marriages. She got divorced from her first husband when Heather was very young, and husband number two and three did not last long, since they were also just after her money and enchanted by her looks.

Brad was a great catch. He came from a wealthy family, so he wasn’t after Priscilla’s money, and was very handsome, so he wasn’t in it for her looks. He had the same problem with women wanting to be with him for the wrong reasons and he felt very lucky that a mutual friend had introduced him to Priscilla eight years before. At 40 years old he led a leisurely life, managing his parent’s financial holdings, but had executives managing his company day to day.

Even though Brad had been very good to Heather over the last eight years, even adopting her when she was sixteen, she treated him with indifference. She always felt that he would leave just like Priscilla’s previous husbands, including her father, so she always called him Brad, not Dad, with a hint of contempt in her voice. She did admire that he never looked at her with any lust in his eyes, which Priscilla’s third husband did at times.

One weekend, Priscilla had to visit her mother out of state, as she was not feeling well. Heather and Brad were hanging out by the pool in the backyard of their mansion. Heather was wearing a revealing bright green string bikini and Brad noticed how his 22 year old stepdaughter had developed into such a beautiful young woman.

Like other middle aged men though, he had developed the ‘thousand mile stare’ where he could look at a beautiful woman but his wife would think he was just looking off into the distance. He tried to keep any lecherous thoughts about Heather out of his mind though and sometimes it even made Heather insecure that Brad never seemed to notice her looks, which made her feel insecure that he didn’t find her attractive.

Heather was lying in a lounge chair with her eyes closed, with a large hat and sunglasses covering her head, suntan lotion glistening off her tan stomach and her small breasts standing at attention in her bikini top. Brad sometimes thought Heather might be teasing him, but then realized it was probably him imagining things.

“Heather, I am going to get another pina colada for myself. “Do you want one?” Brad thoughtfully asked.

“No Brad, but thanks for asking. The two we already had this afternoon really gave me a buzz with this sun.” She answered him politely but in her usual slightly dismissive way, like he was bothering her whenever he talked to her.

Brad was disappointed that she would never call him Dad, since her biological father never saw her or spoke to her at all, and he tried to be a substitute father to her as she was going through high school and college.

Suddenly they were joined by the side of the pool by a very large man wearing a mask and carrying a pistol in one hand and a black satchel bag in the other hand. He had snuck onto the property, which only had a fence around the pool area. Brad was at first in shock, but then got very scared for his safety, and even more for the safety of his gorgeous stepdaughter.

“What do you want?” he asked nervously. We have money in the house.”

“I don’t want money. Now let’s go into the house.” Brad became terrified that maybe the intruder was going to attack Heather and kill him.

As they walked into the house, the intruder asked in a deep voice, “where is the bedroom?”

Brad was still hoping that maybe he just wanted cash and his wife’s jewels. “It’s over here,” he softly answered as they walked into the bedroom. Priscilla’s vanity was right in front of them and some of her jewelry was laid out on the vanity. Brad could see the reflection of the three of them in the vanity mirror, with the intruder holding the gun on them, and he was terrified about what was going to happen, since the intruder was about 6’-8” and looked like he lived in the gym every day.

“Here are my wife’s jewels. Please take them and go. I have money in my safe too, just please don’t hurt Heather.”

The intruder looked at Brad with contempt. “You’re insulting me. You think I am just a petty burglar?”

“Well what do you want then? Pease don’t hurt her I beg of you!” Brad pleaded with him.

“So, you think I am someone who would want to hurt a beautiful young innocent girl like your stepdaughter? You are insulting me again.”

The intruder looked at Brad through the mask and whispered something Brad couldn’t understand. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you through the mask.” He repeated it again a little louder, but Brad still couldn’t understand him.

The intruder finally said it loud enough. “I like to watch.”

Brad looked at him with a puzzled look on his face. “You like to watch? What do you mean?”

“I’ve been watching you two for a while. You ever hear how someone can hack into a home security system?”

“Well yes, but our system can’t be hacked. My security experts guaranteed that, and we keep the backup recordings off site.” Brad looked at the intruder with a shocked look on his face that maybe this man could have seen images on the home’s cameras. He didn’t have any cameras though in the bedrooms and bathrooms, just the living areas and his office.

“I’ve been watching your family. Very fascinating. You and your wife seem like you have a great relationship, but Brad I am not so sure about the relationship between you and Heather.”

“How do you know our names?”

“I know a lot about you by just watching your interactions and listening to the way you two talk to each other through the microphones I hid around your home when you were all out of the house one day. You are trying to be a good stepfather to her but frustrated that Heather doesn’t seem to like you or even respect you.”

Brad looked at the intruder, who seemed very bizarre to him. He wasn’t watching him and Heather on the security cameras to see Heather or him naked. He just wanted to analyze them like lab rats. Heather just looked on silently as the intruder continued.

“We are going to have an interesting day. You know I have a degree in psychology and this is going to be fun to see what you two are really like under all the phoniness that you two have shown to each other over the last eight years.”

Brad looked at the intruder like he was crazy. “What do you mean by phoniness?”

“Well Brad, Heather doesn’t seem to appreciate everything you’ve done for her, but maybe she is just putting on an act to not get hurt, if you ever leave her mother like the others before you did.” Brad looked at him wondering how the intruder could figure that out just by watching and listening to Heather and him talk, and the way they looked at each other.

“She also seems to like to talk to you nasty all the time and misbehave. You think she is being defiant, but maybe she is just trying to get your attention.” Heather just looked at the floor and didn’t say anything, but Brad was wondering if this guy was a mind reader.

Heather’s a very beautiful girl and I bet you sometimes think how you’d like to fuck her. I bet when you are fucking your wife sometimes you pretend it is Heather.”

Brad looked at intruder with a bright red face. “That is not true! I would never lay a hand on Heather!”

“Yes, I know that. But I bet you have thought of it though.” He was waving the gun at Brad now in a menacing way. “Tell the truth Brad. I don’t think you want Heather to go through the trauma of me blowing your brains out.”

“Okay, okay. Just please don’t hurt her. I’ve thought about Heather since she turned eighteen, but I would never ask her to do anything. I’m a man, I can’t help but get turned on by a gorgeous woman, even if she is my stepdaughter. I respect her and her mother, so I try to make sure that Heather doesn’t even notice if I look at her, but she wears such small bikinis and strolls around the house with short T shirts with no bra on and thong panties.”

“Oh Brad, so I guess you are admitting you do notice her feminine charms?” Brad was turning red again and looked down at the floor shaking his head yes.

“I also bet that when Heather talks back to you sometimes you would like to take her over your knee and spank her until her ass turns red?”

“You are a sick pervert! You think I am going to admit something like that because you are holding a gun on me!”

“That is exactly what I think. Now admit the truth.”

Brad meekly looked at him again and sheepishly said, “yeah sometimes when she gets out of line, I want to make her lay across my lap and get a good spanking.”

The intruder went over to the vanity and dragged the vanity chair across the plush carpet to the middle of the room. “Sit down Brad.”

“Why, are you going to hurt Heather?”

“I told you Brad I am not here for your money or Heather’s body. I just want to watch.”

“Watch what?”

“Watch you spank Heather.”

“Are you crazy. I am going to do no such thing!”

“Well then maybe you are right that I could become a maniac. How about if I tie you to the chair and you can watch Heather writhe in pain while I fuck her hard on your bed, then I shoot you?”

Heather quickly spoke up. “Please don’t hurt Brad! We’ll do what you want, just please don’t hurt him.”

“Heather, I can’t spank you, it wouldn’t be right.”

“It’s okay, Brad. We have to do it. We have no choice.”

Heather slowly walked over to where her stepfather was seated and laid face down across his lap, with her cute ass teasing Brad. Brad had secretly sometimes fantasized about spanking Heather. He was in shock that this was going to actually happen, and his cock quickly started to stiffen until he thought he would come in his swimsuit. He prayed that Heather didn’t feel his thick cock poking into her stomach.

“Let’s stop stalling and start spanking,” the intruder said in an angry voice.

“It’s okay Brad, we have no choice,” Heather said with resignation in her voice.

Brad gently started spanking Heather’s bikini clad butt, which made the intruder even angrier.

“I said to spank her, not massage her with your hand, you wimp. Think of all the times she disrespected you and you wanted to spank her hard until he cried.”

Brad didn’t want to agitate him further and when he fantasized about spanking Heather in his mind, he did spank her hard. He picked up the pace and intensity of his spanks on her perfect ass and with her small bikini bottoms he could see part of her butt cheeks getting a nice shade of pink, as Heather started wincing with each slap on her ass.

The intruder waved the gun at him again and said, “Brad and Heather this is really boring me. Heather get up and take off the bikini, so I can watch Dad here spank that hot little casino oyna body of yours in the nude.”

Heather slowly got up from Brad’s lap and Brad hoped they wouldn’t notice his hard on, but it was very obvious.

“Well who is the pervert now Brad? It looks like you were very turned on spanking Heather. Wait until she gets naked. You’ll probably come in your swimsuit, you naughty daddy. Now lose the swimsuit Heather and lay back on daddy’s lap so he can give you a proper spanking.”

Heather was afraid of them getting hurt or killed so she quickly got naked and laid across Brad’s lap. “Heather I’m so sorry I got an erection. I am ashamed but you are just so beautiful.”

“It’s okay Brad, I understand you can’t help it. Just do what he says so he doesn’t hurt us. You can spank me hard. I can take it.”

Brad was in an alternate reality now. His gorgeous stepdaughter was naked across his lap and he was going to spank her hard until she cried. He started spanking her, but the intruder didn’t think it was hard enough, even though Heather was starting to sob a little. “Come on Brad, you can do better than that. You know you wanted to make this insolent little bitch cry sometimes with her smart mouth mocking you.”

Brad started getting even more turned on by spanking Heather and she started softly crying from the pain. The intruder sneered at him. “I guess you really did want to spank Heather. Now let’s see if Heather secretly wanted to get spanked. Put your finger into that tight little cunt of hers.”

“You’ve made me do enough. Please don’t humiliate us like that.”

“I’m not humiliating you two. Just doing some field research to see how you two really feel about each other. Aren’t you curious to see if she is wet for you?”

Brad was curious and slowly inserted his finger into Heather’s snatch. He was shocked to find her soaking wet and the intruder smiled at them through the mask.

“Brad, I can’t help it. I get turned on when my boyfriend’s spank me and sometimes I’ve laid in bed at night thinking about how it would feel for you to spank me, but I would never disrespect you or my mom to ask for it.”

“Well, well,” the intruder mocked them. “True confessions time. Heather, did you ever use a vibrator in that young fresh pussy of yours imagining it was Brad’s hard dick in you?” She looked at him meekly and nodded her head yes.

“It’s your lucky day then.” The masked man reached into his satchel and pulled out a bright pink vibrator. He handed it to Brad. “Turn it on and fuck your stepdaughter with the vibrator now,” he demanded as he waved the gun at him again.

Brad knew he had no choice, but felt awful, even though at that point he did want to fuck Heather’s tight little love hole. He slowly inserted the vibrator into Heather and started sliding it in and out of her until she started to softly moan.

“I knew you wanted to do that Brad, but when you thought about it you imagined fingering that cute little butt hole of hers too?”

Brad had lost all resistance to the intruder’s demands and just nodded his head. The intruder pulled a small butt plug out of his satchel with a bottle of lube. He smeared some lube on it and handed it to Brad. “See Brad, I’m a nice guy. We don’t want to hurt Heather’s cute little ass, do we?”

“Heather, I’m sorry that he’s making me do this,” Brad sighed as he inserted the butt plug into her virgin ass as she winced a little.

“Brad, it’s okay. I’ve never had anything in my ass before, but and the vibrator feels so good. You’re being so gentle with me. He’s given you every excuse to get rough with me, but you seem to like making me feel so good,” Heather softly cooed as he continued working her soaking pussy with the vibrator, as the butt plug inserted into her ass now stared at him.

The intruder looked at Heather and sternly said, “It’s time for you to cum Heather. Start playing with your clit. I love to watch a woman cum hard, especially if it’s her daddy making her cum.”

Heather started circling her clit with her fingers as Brad moved the vibrator in and out faster and faster.

“By the way Heather, I am tired of you called your stepfather Brad. Tell your dad you want him to fuck you.” Heather hesitated for a moment but was so close to an orgasm that she wanted to push herself over the edge. She softly started chanting “fuck me, Dad, fuck me, Dad,” as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. As her orgasm subsided, Brad was so turned on, but couldn’t believe the thing that he was most happy about was that Heather had finally called him Dad, not Brad!

As Heather got off Brad’s lap, the intruder laughed, “Heather the least you can do is return the favor after your dad just gave you the best orgasm of your life. Leave the butt plug in by the way, it’s a good look on you,” he smirked. “You need to relieve Brad’s uncomfortable erection with your sweet little mouth.

Heather obediently got down on her knees and pulled her stepfather’s swimsuit down to his ankles, as he sat in the chair mesmerized. He couldn’t believe this was happening. “Please don’t make her do this, I beg of you. I don’t want my stepdaughter to be forced to suck my dick.”

“It’s okay Dad. We don’t have a choice. This guy is crazy. He could shoot you any minute and force me to have sex with him.”

Heather looked up at her stepfather with love in her eyes, still savoring the wonderful orgasm he just gave her and how gentle and lovingly he did it. Brad looked down at this goddess that is his stepdaughter and anxiously anticipated her warm mouth enveloping his aching cock.

She opened her mouth wide and took his member deep into her throat. Heather was hoping she could make her stepfather come fast and the intruder would be on his way. Heather looked like an angel bobbing up and down on his cock. “Please stop Heather. I don’t want to come in your mouth.”

She took his cock out of her mouth and replied, “I don’t think we have a choice Daddy. This guy means business,” she said as she glanced over at the masked man holding the gun on them. “It’s okay I’ve swallowed cum when I gave blow jobs to my past boyfriends.”

Brad looked at her surprisingly. He now had images in his head of his sweet Heather sucking other guy’s cocks. He tried to hold back as best as he could. “Don’t forget to suck his balls Heather,” the intruder said with a deep harsh voice. “Daddy looks like he is enjoying your performance.”

Heather was loving how happy her stepfather looked as she lifted his cock and licked his big ball sack. Brad was thrilled that she was now calling him Daddy instead of just Dad.

She slurped on his throbbing cock faster and faster and took him deeper into her throat until she started gagging on his stiff rod. “Heather don’t take it too deep, you’re choking,” Brad said as he looked at his little angel swallowing his dick, trying to make him come as hard as she could. He couldn’t take it anymore and exploded into her warm mouth, flooding it with cum, until it dribbled out of the sides of her mouth because she couldn’t swallow it all.

“Now both of you stand up and walk into the bathroom.” Brad was nervous that the intruder was still going to shoot them.

“We did what you told us, please don’t hurt Heather.”

“Brad you keep insulting me. I’m not a killer, I just like to watch and you two are really fun to watch. It looks like I am improving your stepfather stepdaughter relationship.”

“Improving our relationship by making me commit incest with my stepdaughter?” Brad sneered.

“She’s just your stepdaughter, so it’s not incest.”

“Well she is not my biological daughter, but I love her and feel as close to her as much as if she were, so this feels so wrong.” Heather smiled that her stepfather said such a nice thing about her.

“You two have worked up quite a sweat. Get in the shower to clean each other off. Let’s see how wrong it feels when Heather lathers up that cock of yours with soap.”

They both meekly got in the huge glass shower enclosure and turned the water on. They both soaped each other up, and Brad gently washed Heather’s long hair. Heather saw her stepfather’s cock start standing up straight at attention.

“Heather, I think daddy’s cock loves you as much as he does. You need to clean it off good.” Heather started stroking his dick in circles, making Brad groan with delight.

“Brad kiss Heather so you can show her how much you love her.” Brad quickly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight and kissed her passionately, their tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths.

As their passion grew, the intruder encouraged them, while still waving the gun at them. “Brad you need to suck those lovely titties.”

Brad didn’t need any encouragement anymore. “I love you Heather. I love making you feel good,” he murmured as he suckled on her young breasts, as if he were a baby feeding on his mommy’s milk.”

“I love you too Daddy. Please keep sucking on my tit. Please pinch my other nipple.”

“Sure sweety. You taste so good.” She started panting as he pinched and pulled on her nipple.

“Brad, you know what would taste better? Sucking on Heather’s wet pussy. Now get down on your knees.”

Brad snapped out of his haze and got rebellious again. “This is going too far. I am going to mess Heather’s mind up doing these nasty things to her.”

“It’s okay Daddy. I don’t want him to hurt you. I know you are not a dirty old man and you are doing all these things to protect me out of your love for me.”

That was all the convincing Brad needed. He got on his knees and hungrily started feeding on Heather’s bald slit with his probing tongue, as she moaned with joy and grabbed the back of his head to force his tongue deeper into her cunt. He reached behind her to finger her ass, but suddenly realized she still had the butt plug in.

The intruder smiled and said, “Brad don’t be impatient. You’ll have time for that ass later.” Heather had never had anal sex and was a little worried by the comment but went back to concentrating on her stepfather working to bring her to another orgasm.

“Daddy please lick me harder. I want to come again so bad. Please go faster.”

Brad replied greedily with licking her faster and harder. She gripped the back of his head harder as she shuddered and emitted an earsplitting scream that vibrated off the tile and glass shower walls.

After she recovered, she looked down at her stepfather and saw the joy on his face making her come so hard again.

“Well it is time for you two to dry each other off. That was quite an exciting scene for me to watch.”

They gently dried each other off with a big fluffy bath towel.

Brad looked at the intruder with anger in his eyes. “Well did you get off on what you made me do to poor Heather?”

“It didn’t look like you were forcing her, and it looked like you both liked it.”

Brad looked down at the bathroom floor with an embarrassed look. “It was still wrong. I would never had asked Heather to do such sick things without a gun being pointed at us.”

“I don’t believe that Brad. I just brought your subconscious desires to the surface. Many stepfathers want their stepdaughter in a sexual way, or vice versa. They just either suppress it or act on it.”

The three of them walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom, with the intruder still pointing the gun at Brad. “We did what you wanted, now please leave us alone.”

“But Brad we are just getting started.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s time for you to further show Heather how beautiful she is. Heather go lay on the bed. It’s time for your daddy to fuck you properly like he’s been dreaming about. I just had you go down on her in the shower to give an older guy like you time to recover from the blowjob.”

Brad looked at the intruder with pleading eyes. “We had oral sex and I used a toy on her. But I can’t have sex with my own daughter.”

“Stepdaughter,” the intruder corrected. “Heather go lay on the bed and spread those beautiful thighs of yours before I get bored and shoot you both. Brad, there isn’t going to be a lot of foreplay here. I slot oyna don’t want you to have time to fight your true feelings. Now get on that bed right now and fuck the shit out of her.”

Brad was scared that this pervert was going to shoot them and scrambled to get on the bed and quickly nestled himself between Heather’s spread open tan thighs. His erection sprang to attention again. “Heather I’m so sorry we have to do this.”

“No, you’re not Daddy. You want to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. Please put it in me. Even if we didn’t have a gun pointed at us, I would want you so much right now.”

Brad looked into Heather’s eyes adoringly. He rubbed his hard member up and down her moist slit a few times and whispered “I love you Heather” as he inched his way in. The butt plug made Heather feel so full.

“Daddy please make me yours.” Brad soon started pumping in and out of Heather as she wrapped her legs around him and he sucked and nibbled on her aroused breasts. He soon felt like he was going to come, but the intruder had other ideas.

“Brad, I want to see you give it to Heather doggy style.” They both obeyed and she rolled over and got up on her hands and knees. Brad was ready to insert his dick back into Heather and finish, but the intruder interrupted. “I didn’t mean doggy in her pussy. It’s time for you take that cherry ass of hers.”

Brad was sick of arguing with this maniac and was so turned on by the sight of Heather’s ass that he took out the butt plug, but soon hesitated because he was afraid of hurting Heather. His wife never wanted to have anal sex, but he was always curious about what it would be like.

“It’s okay Daddy, the butt plug stretched me out back there. I want you to be the first man to put it in my rear end.” Brad was in a delirium now, as he frantically inserted his cock into Heather’s quivering asshole. She pushed back against him. She wanted to feel him deep inside her. He rocked into her back and forth, as she played with her clit and his balls slapped against her ass in rhythm to her moans.

Heather soon cried out “give it to me Daddy, give it to me!”

Brad couldn’t hold out any longer and flooded her bowels with his hot sticky cum, while Heather cried out ‘thank you Daddy!”

As they slowly regained their composure, they both slowly got out of bed and looked at each other very shyly. They knew their relationship had changed, and if Priscilla found out what had just happened, they didn’t know how she would react.

“Can we at least put on bathrobes now?” Brad softly asked.

“Sure, the show is over for me.” They went into the bathroom and got robes to put on and couldn’t even look at each other. They were at least relieved that their ordeal might be over.

“Brad asked the intruder, “what happens now?”

“I am a man of my word. I just wanted to watch. I am going now. I am just going to tie you up Brad, so you don’t try to follow me.” He tied Brad to the chair that he had sat on to spank Heather and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Brad’s son Jimmy walked in and the three of them all looked at Jimmy in shock, and he looked back at them equally shocked.

Brad was in the process of getting divorced when he met Priscilla and married her eight years ago. Jimmy didn’t get along with his mother and she wanted her freedom, so Jimmy moved into Priscilla’s house with Brad, and suddenly Jimmy had a stepsister four years older than him. At that younger age, it was hard to relate to each other with a four year age difference.

While Jimmy got along great with his new stepmother, his relationship with Heather was very strained. She treated him like a bratty little brother, and he resented being dominated by her. They both fought for their parent’s attention and became very competitive with each other about their grades, what sports they participated in and how many friends they had.

As they got older though their relationship got better, and Heather became a mentor to her little brother. Jimmy had been short for his age and started weightlifting to become bigger and after he had grown taller, at eighteen he had now become a very muscular athlete. He started looking at his stepsister as more than a stepsister but tried to banish these thoughts from his mind. She had become his dream girl, but out of reach, like when a teenager fantasizes about a celebrity they will never meet.

“What’s going on here?” Jimmy asked the intruder holding the gun.

“What does it look like is going on? I just watched your father and your stepsister masturbate each other, go down on each other and fuck like bunnies, and he even took her anal cherry.”

Jimmy was flabbergasted. He looked at his father and stepsister and said, “is this all true? Why would you do that with each other?”

Brad looked at Jimmy with shame in his eyes. “He made us do it or he would shoot us. We had no choice.”

“Why would you make them do all those things to each other?”

“Because I like to watch. It was really fun to watch and it was no harm. It really brought them closer together.”

Jimmy was shaking his head. His stepsister was standing there in a bathrobe, with a look of bliss on her face and not upset at all. His father was also wearing a bathrobe and tied to a chair, looking at his stepdaughter with adoring eyes.

Heather sheepishly said to Jimmy, “yes Jimmy he made us do it at first, but in the end, we actually enjoyed it and realized how much we really love each other.”

Jimmy was in shock trying to process this when the intruder interrupted his bewildered thoughts. “Well Jimmy, I found about their relationship problems through watching them on the security cameras and listening to them on the microphones I hid in the house. But their problems with each other are not as big as the friction between you and Heather.”

“How could you know about the problems between Heather and I?”

“I told you I like to watch. I like to listen too. My psychology classes taught me a lot about how people interact with each other. So, tell me about your relationship with Heather?”

“I will not. That is private between us.”

The intruder pointed the gun at Heather’s head. “It won’t matter what’s in her mind or your mind about each other when her brains are splattered on the floor.”

Although Jimmy was very big and strong, he knew he couldn’t reach the intruder before he could shoot Heather.

“Okay, okay I’ll tell you! Just don’t hurt Heather!” Jimmy pleaded. Shoot me instead but don’t hurt her. I can’t live without her!” Heather looked at Jimmy in shock. She couldn’t believe that he had just offered to sacrifice his life to save her.

“Jimmy, I told your father and Heather not to insult me. I am not a murderer, unless you make me one, and I am not going to attack Heather because I am not a sick pervert. I just like making people tell the truth and stop the phoniness with each other. It is like the movie where the officer on the witness stand tells the lawyer that he can’t handle the truth. Can you and Heather handle the truth?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Tell me what you’ve thought about Heather since you and your father first moved in with her and her mother, up until now that your eighteen.”

Jimmy knew he had no choice now but to be embarrassed or to watch Heather get shot. “When I first moved in here, I hated her. She was mean to me and tried to make my stepmother hate me. She made fun of me in front of her friends and criticized me and belittled me for anything I did. I wished she wasn’t my stepsister, although I always wanted a sister when I was younger.

Heather was shocked that she had hurt Jimmy so much and felt like the worst person in the world. Jimmy continued telling the story of their relationship. “But as we got older, we started to relate to each other more. She even helped me with my schoolwork. I want to be a doctor. Not for the money, but to help people who need it. Heather wants to help people too, but with their minds, not their bodies.”

“Well Jimmy, I guess your feelings for Heather started changing?”

“Yes, when I got to high school, she gave me advice about girls. But I had the same problems that she did. People know we are rich, and some people say I am pretty good looking, and I never trust what it is a girl wants from me.”

“Jimmy, you are a very handsome young man. You look like you spend a lot of time in the gym.”

“I do. I did it to vent my frustrations. But I ran into another problem.”

“What is that?”

“When me and some of the guys were showering in the locker room, I noticed that my penis was much larger than theirs.”

“Did you believe them?”

“I have watched porn movies and it does seem like my dick is really big. My friends started telling the girls in school and besides money and looks, they started wanting to be with me because I had a huge cock.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“I felt like they didn’t care about the real me inside.”

“Heather did you hear about any of this?”

“Yes, I heard the rumors about Jimmy and was wondering how he felt about it.”

The intruder continued questioning Jimmy like a prosecutor would. “Jimmy did you feel like Heather had it easier in high school than you did?”

“No, I knew she had stayed a virgin through high school and some boys tried to push her to go further when they dated her, but she refused because she wanted to focus on her grades. It caused problems for me though too.”

“Why would it affect you?”

“A couple of times guys told me my stepsister was a prude in high school, but they heard she was now a slut in college. I knew she was not a slut and admired her that she wasn’t ready for sex in high school and stuck to her beliefs. I defended her and I got beat up by a group of guys a couple of times because of it.

Heather was crying now. “Jimmy, I didn’t know that happened. When you came home a couple of times with black eyes you told me it happened in football practice. Why did you lie?”

“I knew you would tell me to not defend you, but I had to.”

“I thought you had a great time the last four years in high school. People said you were very popular with the girls.”

Jimmy looked down at the ground with his face a bright shade of red. The intruder smirked at him. “Time to tell the truth.”

Jimmy looked up at Heather and replied, “I didn’t date anyone the last four years Heather.”

Heather looked at him in disbelief. “How is that true? Were those all just rumors about you that every girl wanted to be with you?”

“The girls all wanted to be with me, but not for the right reason.”

“What do you mean?”

“They just all wanted to be with the guy that has the biggest dick in the school.”

“Is that so bad?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to be with any of them. I was saving myself like you did, until I turned eighteen. I was waiting to lose my virginity to the only girl I love, but I can’t have her.”

“Why can’t you have her?”

“Because that girl is you Heather.”

Heather looked at him in shock and felt so lightheaded that you could have knocked her over with a feather. “You want to be with me? But I have been so terrible to you, and I’m your stepsister.”

“You were mean to me, but then you changed over the years and I feel closer to you than anyone in this world. I love you Heather and I know you love me.”

“I do Jimmy, but I am still your sister.”

“You are actually my stepsister, but I know it would feel weird for us to get together.”

Brad just stared at the two of them in disbelief. He had noticed that they had gotten closer and closer over the years and even seemed sometimes like they were flirting with each other, but he thought it was just his imagination. But then again, he thought it was just his imagination that Heather had feelings for him too.

The intruder smiled at Heather and Jimmy and motioned to them with the gun. “Jimmy and Heather go sit on the edge of the bed.”

Jimmy looked at him with fear. “Why, are you going to shoot us?”

“Here we go with the shooting stuff again. If you cooperate with me everything will be fine.”

“What do you want then?”

“I canlı casino siteleri want to watch.”

“Watch what?”

“Watch Heather take your virginity. It is time to get your dream girl. Only if she wants to though.”

Heather and Jimmy sat down on the edge of the bed. “Heather, do you want Jimmy as much as he wants you?” She shyly nodded her head yes. “Then kiss him like you want to be kissed.”

Heather leaned forward and gently kissed Jimmy on the lips. Jimmy felt like electricity was jolting through his body. They started kissing each other more passionately. Brad just stared at them with his mouth open.

After a while the intruder said, “Jimmy do you want to feel your stepsister’s beautiful breasts?” Jimmy shyly nodded his head yes. Heather stood up and opened her bathrobe and Jimmy got to see what he had been dreaming of seeing. His angel of a stepsister naked. She sat back down and guided his hand to her tit and showed him how to rub it and pinch it, as she cooed with excitement. She then guided his head to her other breast and he slowly started sucking on it.

As her excitement grew, her pussy became soaking wet. She guided his hand to her fresh young slit and showed him how to finger her and rub her clit.

The intruder smiled at how well things were progressing. “Jimmy, do you want to taste your stepsister’s cunt? She wants it bad. I can tell.” Jimmy again nodded his head yes.

Heather laid back on the bed and spread her thighs wide. Jimmy got down on his knees and started tonguing her pussy with excitement. He played with her clit as her orgasm started to build. She couldn’t believe how a man could want her so much. She never felt like this before and it felt like heaven.

Jimmy loved the taste of his stepsister’s pussy. He was in a state of disbelief that he was getting to be with her. She started feeling waves of tingling in her thighs and pussy. She guided his hand to finger her ass. As soon as his finger slid into her anus, she came so hard that her legs were bucking, and the bed rocked up and down.

She sat up and looked at Jimmy, who was looking at her like a puppy looks at its owner for approval. “Heather, did I do good?”

“You were unbelievable.”

He smiled at her as the remains of her juices that she squirted during her orgasm slowly ran down his chin. “Jimmy, take your clothes off,” the intruder said softly.


“Heather has something to give you. Well, actually, take from you.”

Jimmy slowly started stripping off his clothes and Heather marveled at his chest and arm muscles, and his chiseled abs. When he took his pants off though she gulped with a little fear at his enormously long and thick cock. He looked at her with trepidation.

“Heather, is my dick as big as everyone says it is?”

“Jimmy, that isn’t a cock, it’s a weapon,” she giggled. “Lay on the bed and let me take care of my little brother.”

Jimmy laid on the bed as Heather got on her knees and slowly tried to fit Jimmy’s man meat into her mouth. It was like trying to eat a foot long hot dog in one gulp. She slowly got it partially in her mouth and lovingly started sucking on it. Jimmy didn’t care that she couldn’t fit it all the way in. He had his virgin penis in his dream girl’s mouth, and he was over the moon with joy.

Heather took her time licking and sucking on his member like a lollipop. As he started feeling like he was going to come, he started trying to push her off his dick. “Heather, I can’t hold it much longer. I don’t want you to have to swallow it. Some girls don’t like that.”

She opened her mouth and temporarily pulled his cock out of it. “Jimmy, I don’t usually have guys come in my mouth, but I want you to and I’m going to swallow it. I want to suck your cock every day if you let me. She inserted his throbbing member back into her mouth again and took it as deep as she could down her throat.

Jimmy could feel the veins of his cock pulsing in her mouth, which felt like a velvety vise gripping it. He couldn’t hold back anymore and cried out, “I love you Heather!” as he erupted with enough cum to fill up more than one mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but some leaked out of her mouth, as she smiled at him.

Brad was transfixed on what he had just witnessed and had a huge erection bulging under his bathrobe, which he hoped his children wouldn’t notice. Heather did though and grinned at him knowingly.

Heather got on the bed next to Jimmy and snuggled with him for a while. Finally, she asked the intruder, “are you going to go now? We did what you wanted. We can take it from here,” she laughed.

“No, I want to see the grand finale. I want to see how you get that flagpole up that tight pussy of yours,” the intruder laughed back. He reached into his satchel and tossed her a bottle of lube. “You’re going to need this.”

Heather giggled like a schoolgirl and greased up Jimmy’s cock, which was standing up again like a sword. “Heather, I don’t want to hurt you. Please don’t try to fit it in you.”

“Jimmy, I don’t care about any pain. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I want that cock in me every day.” She slowly lowered herself onto Jimmy’s upright member, with a slight grimace on her face. He pussy started stretching to accommodate Jimmy’s manhood though and it started feeling good. She slowly started raising and lowering herself on Jimmy, as he looked up at disbelief that his stepsister was letting him give his virginity to her.

Heather was going into a trance as she rode his huge cock. She started moaning, then panting, and then started whining “I’m fucking you Jimmy, I’m fucking you Jimmy.” She lowered her face to his and kissed him again. “Please don’t ever leave me Jimmy.” Heather had abandonment issues from her father leaving her, and two stepfathers leaving her after that.

Heather was now a mass of gyrating hips, bouncing young tits and sweaty hair. Jimmy was pulling her down on his cock over and over and couldn’t hold back any longer. He erupted for the second time that day into his stepsister’s creamy canal, and the feeling took his breath away. They looked into each other’s eyes and laughed a little, then kissed again.

Brad was in an utter state of shock and had just come in his bathrobe from the excitement of watching Heather and Jimmy give themselves to each other.

The intruder was grinning from ear to ear. “My work is done here. But I am going to have to tie you two up, so you don’t try to chase after me. Your mom is going to be quite surprised when she finds you.” He tied Heather and Jimmy facing each other and left the house. They looked into each other’s eyes and knew they wanted to be together even without a gun to their head.

She meekly looked at Jimmy and murmured, “Jimmy, can I be your girlfriend?”

“No Heather.”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Why not?”

“Because I want you to be my wife.”

Heather was shocked. “But Jimmy, this is the first time you’ve had sex. Don’t you want to try out relationships with other girls before you settle down with someone?”

“No, I only want you. You see, I had a vision the other night where I remembered a past life where we were husband and wife. I knew I wasn’t imagining it. This was meant to be. We need to take up where we left off in our previous life.”

Heather was looking at Jimmy like he was crazy, and Brad had the same look.

“Jimmy, you and your stepsister looked like you could barely stand each other not that long ago and now you want to marry her?”


“I guess relationships change sometimes,” Brad replied as he shook his head.

Heather looked up at Brad and shyly said, “Daddy can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Heather what is it?”

“Jimmy is never going to fit that sausage up my ass. It’s too big. I really liked having anal sex with you though so can you fuck me up the ass every now and then?”

“Okay, but is that okay with you Jimmy?”

“Sure Dad. We need to keep bonding as a blended family.”

“Well I have heard of blended families, but this is taking it to an extreme.”

Priscilla had decided to come home a day early from visiting her mom, and found Brad tied to a chair and Heather and Jimmy tied together. She didn’t seem that shocked, just confused.

After she untied them, they explained what happened.

“Was the experience traumatic for the three of you?”

Heather replied, “no Mom, it was great. We all realized how much we love each other. Jimmy and I are getting engaged.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Priscilla replied, still puzzled but not angry at the turn of events.

“Mom, there’s one other thing.”

“There’s more?”

“I loved when Daddy fucked me in the ass. Can he fuck me in the ass sometimes, like when you aren’t in the mood or are on your period?”

She hesitated for a minute, then replied, “well you dad has a high sex drive and I have trouble keeping up with him. I don’t like anal sex and I really don’t like any sexual contact when I have my period.” She giggled, “I can lend him to you, but you have to promise to give him back.”

“No problem Mom. Jimmy is going to be my husband, but I have a high sex drive like Daddy, and Jimmy’s cock is too big for my ass. Thanks Mom!”

They all looked at each other and smiled, knowing they would now be one big happy blended family!

The next day Heather went to her friend Maurice’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Maurice was her best friend and gay as gay could be. He went to college with her and they were in a lot of the same classes. Maurice was a giant of a man and worked out obsessively. He opened the door with a big smile on his face and gave her a big hug. “Hi sweety, how are you?”

“I’m great Maurice, thanks to you.”

“I’m happy to hear that. Did I do good with our little movie?”

“Yeah, Maurice you were very convincing. The fake gun looked very real and the threats really convinced them you were going to shoot them and force me to have sex with you at any moment!”

“I’m glad I could help.”

She handed him an envelope filled with hundred dollar bills. It was way more than she had promised to pay him, as an ‘actor’s fee.

“Heather this really isn’t necessary, but I appreciate it. I need the money to pay off some credit card bills, since my student loans didn’t cover all my expenses this year.”

Heather was smiling ear to ear. “Heather, I can’t believe you planned such an elaborate hoax on your stepfather and stepbrother, just to get them to reveal their true feelings for you. Were you happy with what they said?”

“I am so happy. I never knew how much they loved me. It also helped my insecurity about myself that they wanted to fuck me so much, not because of my looks but because of that love for me.”

“It was so devious of you though Heather to trick them.”

“Well Maurice, you know I always get my way,” she laughed out loud.

“By the way, how did you come up with such a large amount of cash? I know you are on a tight allowance because your parents are afraid of spoiling you.”

“My mother gave it to me.”

He looked at Heather in shock and shook his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Why would she do that and go along with your scheme?”

“Well Maurice, she always gets what she wants too, and she thought it an added bonus that we would get what we really wanted.”

“She has an interesting philosophy.”

“Well sometimes things change for the better. She never felt like we had a good family, with my previous stepfathers and with my biological father, and I had abandonment issues. It was great that she has a psychology degree like we do, even though she never practiced after I was born, because and she wanted to be a stay at home mom. We all feel closer now and my insecurities have gone away.”

“Heather, it seems like she created a new way of looking at things and learned how to manipulate you all, but for a good cause.”

“Yeah Maurice. Her new motto is “the family that fucks together, stays together,” Heather laughed.

Maurice shook his head approvingly. “By the way Heather, your stepfather and stepbrother are really cute.”

She looked at Maurice with consternation. Forget it Maurice. I am not letting you near them, even if you are holding a gun on me.” She smirked. They’re all mine and I’m not sharing!”

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