21 Mayıs 2022

Alone in the Glade

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It was a brutally hot summer day, and I had spent the morning irrigating the property. After watering the small heavily forested acre on the property, I turned the big sprinklers off and was surprised by how cool the air was out among the dripping trees. I stripped off my shirt. The slight breeze was cool and moist against my skin. Drops from the trees high above fell around me, some landing on my shoulders. The drips were the only sound I could hear. I was totally alone.

I took my shorts off, working them over my shoes to remove them, and I was naked among the cool green. I took a deep breath and stretched. The sun was gently filtered through the trees, and I could feel its warmth on my shoulders. I rubbed them with my hands and felt the smooth skin there. My hands slid gently down to my chest and I pressed them flat against my pecs.

My nipples were still soft and slightly puffy, when they are the most sensitive. I rubbed one of them with my fingertip and enjoyed the intimate sensation as it hardened under my touch, I moved to the other nipple and watched it as I gave it a similar treatment, rubbing ever so lightly around in small circles. I involuntarily shuddered with a sudden pleasure coursing through me. I felt that wonderful first impulse of tightness as my cock began to stir. It new I was going to play with it, pleasure my own self, masturbate.

I rolled both nipples now between thumb and finger and my eyes closed. I pulled gently and then released them. Again, and once again. The hardened points now stood up from the aureoles and I took them one at a time and pinched them lightly. I shuddered again, and I felt my cock continue to harden. I took both erect tits and pinched them, hard, and kept the pressure there. illegal bahis Fifteen seconds… thirty. I pinched them harder, until I could stand no more and released them. They were pointed and red now.

My hands went down my stomach slowly and cock and balls. I lifted my ball sack with one hand and fondled my cock with the others. I hefted cock and balls with one hand, feeling the weight of my balls, so warm in my palm. With gentle fingers I rolled them around inside their velvet pouch, recently shaved, reveling in the soft smoothness below the hardening dick.

I moved my hand to the base of my cock, pulling down on the skin at the pubic bone, making the shaft and head tighter and harder, and looked at myself. I pulled that wonderful inner muscle that makes a man’s cock harden, and watched as it stretched to its maximum fullness. The rounded head became shiny, almost like stone, and I spent a few moments enjoying the sensation of it all. With the other hand I traced the curve of my erection, first across the top, then around the tip and back down the underside. I repeated the move, enjoying the curve that gives human beings such pleasure. A perfect curve. A perfect hardness.

I gently pinched the mushroom head between thumb and forefinger and watched it harden a bit more. I lifted my cock so I could look down into the tip, which I spread with my fingers, opening my tiny slit. I watched it open and close, noting the sweet pink color inside. I felt a rush of erotic energy flush through my body as I watched this moment of self-intimacy. My breathing was becoming faster.

I grasped the shaft fully and began to slowly stroke up and down, beginning the ages old rite that belongs to every man. My fingers created every-stronger illegal bahis siteleri sensations in my prick, as I slowly skinned back and forth. I pleasured myself by concentrating on the shaft first, with light, insistent strokes, deliberately firing my own sexual pleasure. The first wave of full cock-pleasure washed over my body, and a small moan escaped my lips. I stroked more firmly, including more and more of my cockhead in the stroke, until I was pumping its full length.

I shuddered again with a small “Ahhh. Ahhh.” The only sound in the glade was my breathing and the slap of my hand against my shaved pubis. I listened and enjoyed the sound, the rhythmic slap and pound of my own hand pleasuring myself with abandon.

I began to moan more quickly, more loudly, but I didn’t care. No one could hear me, and I liked the sound of my own self-pleasuring. I began to moan whisper to myself “Yeah, yeah, jerk it off!! Jerk that hard cock! I wanna cum, I wanna cum! Gotta cum!!”

The first wave of impending climax hit me, like a tsunami of pleasure that made me shake. I slowed my jerking and moved my right hand to work on my cockhead while the left continued to jerk my shaft in short strokes. I squeezed the head, rubbed it with my thumb. I rubbed the slit at the very tip over and over again, my own precum lubricating it all. The slickness and the friction created the perfect combination that brought forth the second wave of full pleasure from my prostate.

My fingers concentrated on the corona, working the edge that was now to full sensitivity. I made a ring with my thumb and finger and began to work the ridge in tiny strokes, making the my cockhead even harder. Its shiny color was now a deep red, almost purple, canlı bahis siteleri as the friction continued to grow. The nerves in that so-sensitive coronal edge went into overdrive, sending that absolute pleasure/pain that only comes from that amazing part of the body. I could stand no more, and went back to stroking the whole cock, fast and hard now, my groans filling the woods. “Yeah, jerk yourself off. Jerk it Jerk it! Make yourself cum!!”

The orgasm started deep inside of me, a massive upwelling, washing over and through me. My strokes slowed and my fingers automatically found the small area of the shaft behind the cockhead to stroke lightly for the best orgasm. And then I came, yelling “I’m cumming” through clenched teeth. I leaned my shoulders back slightly and pushed my cock forward as the first white spray pumped from it. I watched it fly through the air and land in front of me on the ground. Then the second jet-white spurt started, the big one, “AAAANNNNGH” and pleasure seared my brain as my cum exploded from the tip of my dick and shot far through the air, landing in a white puddle against dark green leaves. As my pleasure peaked, I shot two more spurts of cum onto the ground. Smaller ejaculations followed for a few more slowing strokes, as the orgasm passed, and I caught them in my left hand. I gently squeezed my cock and milked the last drops of cum into my cupped hand. I shook the last drop out. And it was over.

I examined the semen in my hand and smiled. It always surprises me how hot cum is when it comes out of my cock. I looked at my other hand, drips of cum covering two of my fingers. I brought them to my mouth and licked them, tentatively at first, then more aggressively till they were clean. I lowered my cum-filled hand to my cock and rubbed my essence into my cock and balls, soothing them, thanking them for yet another great moment of life. I was back among the silent trees the only witnesses to my self-pleasure, the wet cool air my only other companion.

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