21 Mayıs 2022

A Wife’s Revenge

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After reading what my ex-husband has written in his version of our story, I thought that it was time that I write my own version. Thanks to computers, I have half a chance at making this look good.

I am 5’5″ and weigh approximately 110 lbs. I have shoulder length Auburn hair. My measurements at the time of this story were 34-28-34. I always told my husband that I was a B cup, but in reality I was an A cup.

I was fairly certain that my husband Mack was having an affair. I had no idea that it was happening until after my sister had left to return to Arizona. She had been taking care of the children and I after I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident.

Instead of him staying home in the evenings, he would get on his motorcycle and ride until late. Sometimes not coming home until early morning.

When I would ask him where he was, he would just say, “I was riding!”

He forgot that I did all the laundry. I found stains, and lipstick traces in his under-shorts. I think that was strong enough evidence to support my assumption.

Mack came home one night after work and informed me that it was necessary for him to go South again to teach the “Weekend Warriors” (Reservists) This was to occur on the following weekend.

He had done this several times that year so one more time didn’t seem excessive or suspicious. Besides I always saw a copy of the orders that sent him TAD (temporary additional duty). They appeared to be genuine.

He also told me that he would be leaving the car at home with me incase of an emergency. I felt that he was being very nice in doing so.

He informed me that he would be traveling with a fellow instructor. He and Judy, his little slut, had made arrangements to ride along with another instructor and his wife.

Mack left on Friday evening and was not due to return until late Sunday evening. He had done as he had offered and left the car with me.

Sunday morning, after I had had my coffee and got the children dressed I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door. There stood Dave one of Mack’s fellow instructors at the base.

He asked, “Is Mack home?”

I said, “No Dave, he went down south to teach the weekend warriors again.”

“Well I thought that he was home. I wanted him to go play pool with me.”

“Well Dave, he won’t be home until this evening. Would you like a cup of coffee? I just made a new pot and I know that I won’t drink it all. You are welcome to have some with me.”

With that Dave came in and I got him a mug from the cupboard. I poured it full, set it down on the kitchen table, and invited him to have a seat.

I can not remember precisely how we got on the subject of Mack and Judy’s infidelity, but the conversation took a turn in that direction. When Dave informed me that he was fairly certain that Judy had gone with Mack that weekend, I lost it.

I lit a cigarette and began puffing on it with the ferocity that only a woman who was now faced with the certainty that her man was cheating on her can do. Dave then offered an old cliche that I had heard many times as a child.

Dave said, “Whatever is good for the gander is good for the goose.”

I wasn’t about to just roll into bed with someone without solid proof of some kind that he truly was cheating on me.

I asked Dave, if he wouldn’t mind, to take me by Judy’s apartment to see if she was home. Dave drove his car and took me and the children to the town where she lived.

We found her car parked in front of her apartment. But when we knocked at the door, there was no answer.

We went back to Mack and my house and I brought out some “Boones Farm Strawberry Hill Wine” which was my favorite drink. I got a beer for Dave and we sat discussing what I should do for quiet some time and several drinks.

It was very obvious to me what Dave wanted me to do about it, because at every opportunity Dave was offering to be of any assistance to me, in any way he could. Finally I made a decision.

I said, “Dave, we need to take the kids to a babysitter and then I will decide what to do from there.”

Dave’s eyes grew large as he could envision his fantasy becoming a reality. We took the children over to some mutual friends’ house and then I begged Dave to go by Judy’s apartment one more time.

Dave was reluctant because he was not truly sure if she had gone with my husband that weekend. He knew that if I found her at home, his chance to get inside my pants would be greatly reduced.

But when we got to Judy’s apartment, we found things to be the same as we had discovered earlier. Her car had not moved from the spot where it had been parked and there was no answer at the door.

Perhaps now would be a good time to tell you what Dave looked like. He was 6’2″ and about 235 lbs. He had dark brown hair that was receding somewhat from his forehead. His chest hair stuck out of the top of his shirt. He was fairly good looking and available for me.

As we drove away from Judy’s, I was torn. The realization flooded in that my casino oyna husband was in fact cheating on me with that little slut and I wanted revenge. I then turned to Dave and asked him what his wife would think if she were to find out that he had been fucking another woman?

Dave said, “She would probably rip my balls off and feed them to me for supper.”

He then went on trying to dispel any bad conclusions that I might have drawn from his very truthful wording to my question.

“Shari, I told you that I would help you in anyway that I can, and I mean that sincerely. Should you decide that you would like to seek your revenge by taking me to bed with you. I feel that you should know that I have had a vasectomy, so there is no danger of pregnancy.”

“That’s why they make rubbers too Dave. I am not totally naive.” I said. “You’re no different than Mack? You both want to get into some woman’s panties.”

“I guess you could put it that way, but at the same time I would be helping you to get even with him. Besides I owe him for a few things myself.”

“Who’s going to help your wife get even with you?” I asked with a smirk.

We had exited the town streets and out onto the main road. It was a four-lane highway. I had been sitting quietly considering my predicament. Suddenly my attention focused on a thought of Dave’s penis.

I began to wonder what it was like. I began being turned on by the idea of a man, not my husband putting his penis in my vagina.

I was both furious at my husband, and extremely curious about the prospect seated on the opposite side of the car. It then occurred to me that if I was going to let this happen, I was going to have to get it started.

I scooted over onto the console that separated the seats and took hold of his zipper and pulled it down. Dave looked surprised but happy about his luck.

I was in luck too, for Dave wore boxers. It was easy to work his dick out of his shorts even though it was in a somewhat rigid condition. The tip of his cock was massive and very hot to the touch. The shaft was fatter than my husband’s and it was much longer .

Just holding Dave’s penis in my hand I could see that he was not going to last much longer. I didn’t want him climbing on, blowing his load and crawling off. One of those wham bam thank you ma’am type fucks.

I scooted my bottom back to the passenger side of the car and leaned over with my face in Dave’s lap. I placed the tip of his cock between my lips and began to tease the slit with snaky tongue flicks. I then began rolling my tongue around the head of his penis, and gradually working more and more of it into my mouth.

I had managed to get my lips about half way down his shaft when suddenly Dave groaned, and the bulbous head expanded like a large mushroom in my mouth.

With a quick thrust of his hips he attempted to shove his penis down my throat and as he did his cock exploded spewing his cum into my mouth.

I closed my lips tightly around his cock and took as much of his cum in my mouth as I could, then swallowed. His cum was somewhat salty but tasted good. Damn I felt like a real slut!

Dave said, “Goddamn woman! What are you trying to do? Kill us! I almost lost control of the car.”

I sat up and smiled at him as I took my index finger and removed a droplet of his cum from my lips, placed my finger in my mouth, and sucked his cum off my finger.

As I looked down at his now rapidly shrinking penis, I was amazed. He was uncircumcised. His foreskin was now hiding the top of his penis. I had not seen an uncircumcised cock on a man before.

In retrospect, doing what I had done there in David’s front seat, I had crossed the threshold. I believe it was the decisive point. Without saying a word, I had informed David that I wanted him.

I said, “Home James!”

Dave looked at me and smiled. “Would you like to travel at the speed of sound Ma’am? Or will the posted speed limit do.”

I was ready for some more play with this new toy that I had most recently become acquainted. I began to notice that my panties were very wet between my legs, and I was as Horney as hell.

We arrived at my house. Dave began by re-adjusting his penis back inside his trousers and re-zippered his fly. We got out of the car and walked across the yard and in the door. Once inside the door, the party began.

Dave took me into his arms and kissed me for the first time. I could feel my heart pounding as he kissed me. I then felt his hands. One was caressing my buns and the other was up inside my blouse exploring my right breast. I melted into him.

Suddenly I realized that we were standing in front of the sliding glass door. Anyone passing by, or next door could see us and know what we were about to do.

I became suddenly flush in the face and stepped away from Dave. His facial expression was that of a little boy from whom I had just taken away his favorite toy.

I took him by the hand and we hurried into the kitchen where I unbuttoned my blouse slot oyna and asked him to undo my bra for me. Dave gently removed my blouse. I turned around so that he could reach the hooks easily.

With shaky hands, he undid my bra and I let it drop to the floor in front of me. When I turned back around to face Dave, my breasts were taught and my nipples were erect. He placed both of his hands on my breasts and began playing with my nipples.

There were still windows. I could not pull blinds on because they had none to pull so I put my blouse back on leaving it unbuttoned.

We were both extremely nervous. We decided to sit in the kitchen and have another drink and cigarette to calm ourselves a bit. I also surmise that Dave was giving me one last chance to back out of going through with it if I so desired.

When we were done with our smokes and drink, I extended my hand across the table and took hold of Dave’s hand. I smiled at him and pulled him toward me. He arose and leaned over the table to kiss me.

“Wouldn’t we be more comfortable in the bedroom?” I said.

Dave looked at me and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes! I am sure that I want to fuck you and I want you to fuck me. Now!”

I put it that way so that he would fully understand. Yes, I wanted him to fuck me now!

I stood up from the table and took Dave by his hand. We strolled down the hall to the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, I took hold of his belt and began to undo it. He began fumbling with the latch on my skirt.

I said, “Perhaps it would be easier if we each did ourselves?”

Dave readily agreed and he removed his shirt and began undoing his trousers. I couldn’t help stealing a glance or two at his manly chest and rippling muscles as I slipped out of my skirt and blouse. I decided to leave my panties on for the moment.

Dave was standing there in only his boxers and socks. I reached for them and pulled them down around his knees. His male weapon stood straight out toward me slightly elevated. I dropped to my knees and once again took his penis in my mouth.

Dave took hold of my arms, and said, “Not this time.”

He picked me up and pushed me gently back on the bed, which was unmade from the morning. I instinctively pushed myself to the center of the bed. Dave then took hold of my panties and gently removed them.

” Your panties are very damp, and you’re pussy looks really wet.”

It sounded almost like the story of; “Little Red Riding Hood”, the way he said it and I couldn’t help a little laugh.

“The better to stick that big cock in my little pussy, big bad wolf.” I said.

Dave took hold of my legs at the knees and spread my thighs apart. He crawled on the bed pushing his face into my crotch. No one but my husband had ever done this and I found it so very erotic.

Dave began moving his tongue around my labia with a feather touch. It was driving me insane. When he placed his tongue on my clitoris I exploded. There were stars and moons floating around my body and my body was floating in the ether of space. I call it “Cloud Nine”.

Dave smiled and said, “Now your little pussy is wet enough for me to stick my big cock in.”

With that he crawled fully up on the bed and positioned himself with his cock head slightly penetrating my lips. He leaned forward supporting himself on his arms and knees. He kissed me full on the mouth his tongue exploring mine, and as he did, he pushed his cock with a firm and steady pressure.

I had never felt such an intense feeling like that before. It took a while for me to get used to his enormity, I felt so full, so alive. I thought most of his cock was inside me.

When we finally pulled apart from our kiss. I could look down between our bodies, and I could see his large cock. Almost all of it was inside, filling me completely.

“God, you are so tight.” he moaned.

I had never before in my life felt these sensations. A slight pain from his entry was still there. Dave had really stretched my vagina. I held him in place waiting for the pain to subside.

When I was used to the fullness inside me, I took hold of his hips, spread my legs wider, and caused him to slide the rest of his cock into the virgin depths of my pussy. For a few moments he was fully inside me. I could feel his ball sack laying on my ass.

He chuckled and said, “I am letting my cock soak up your juices.”

Dave then began to slowly withdraw. I could feel the walls of my pussy gripping tightly on his dick. Dave’s head was tossed back in a feeling of intense pleasure as he felt my warm pussy tugging on his rock hard cock. He was driving me wild. I had had many little orgasms to this point, but I wanted more!

He had been thrusting in and out of me with some intensity for about twenty minutes. Suddenly his jack hammering became more urgent. I could feel the intense pleasure of my immense orgasm.

I screamed out in pleasure as I felt the heat of his juice shoot inside my pussy with a great force. canlı casino siteleri As I screamed, I unintentionally tore my fingernails into his naked back.

Dave soon collapsed on top of me seemingly exhausted, his cock still lay semi-rigid inside me. I had reached my “Big O”. I had never ever been fucked like that in my life.

Dave lay on top of me allowing his cock to once again became flaccid. I felt it as it dribble out of my pussy.

My pussy suddenly felt very empty. It was then that I felt our juices slowly seeping out of my gapping cavern and onto the crack of my ass, as it made its way to the bed sheet beneath me.

As I returned to my senses, I saw that the day was slipping away as the shadows grew larger in the bedroom. I knew that we probably did not have time for another session.

“Dave, I am sorry. I would like to do this again but it is late and I really don’t want to be here and in this position when Mack gets home.” I said.

Dave seemed startled by my voice. He slid off me and sat up on the side of the bed.

“I think that we should get up and get dressed and go to dinner.” He said as though he was hesitant to admit, or perhaps a little guilty for having fucked someone other than his wife.

“I need a shower.” I said.

I was feeling somewhat unclean and hesitant to think that I had just fucked a man, other than my husband and what’s more, I loved it! Dave had made me feel like a desirable woman.

I slid out of the bed on the same side that Dave was sitting on and I hugged him to me. I put my hand on his cock and stroked it as though it was the last time that I would experience it.

Although it was sticky with both of our juices mingled on it, it felt wonderful to me.

I kissed Dave a gentle loving kiss, then got out of bed and headed for the shower to clean up.

As I turned on the water and adjusted the temp, Dave came into the bathroom, raised the seat on the commode, and began to urinate in the stool.

I turned to him and asked, “Dave, would you like to share the shower with me?”

Dave smiled and I stepped into the shower followed by my friend. Dave pulled the shower curtain closed and I re-directed the water to the shower head.

Dave reached for the soap and washcloth and lathered up the washcloth. He then began to wash my breasts and stomach with slow circular strokes.

I was again getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach and I looked down at his penis and I knew that he was as well. His penis was once again erect and begging for some attention from me.

I had an idea. I instructed Dave to lie down in the tub with his feet toward the faucets. He did and I was able to straddle him by placing my knees on either side of his body. Slowly and deliberately I lowered my pussy down onto his erect penis and began to impale myself on his cock.

When I achieved maximum depth, I leaned over with the water cascading all around us and kissed David as he had kissed me earlier.

In this position I was able to move my pussy along the length of his member and I could feel the lips of my vagina tugging at his cock as I moved upward.

I found that I was in complete control as Dave was unable to move in the tub. Knowing the hour was late, I moved faster and faster in order to achieve the maximum results as rapidly as possible.

Soon I was climbing to the heights of another orgasm and Dave was right there with me. Almost in unison, I felt Dave, as his cock seemed to get even larger than before inside my pussy and his hot juices were once again filling me up as I went over the top.

As soon as I was able, I rose up from his cock. This time it came out with a sucking sound as he had not completely softened. My vagina felt extremely empty. But I knew that we had to get going.

We finished our showers. Took towels and dried our bodies, then hung the towels in the bathroom to dry.

I suppose that was not very smart on my part. Leaving the wet towels, but I didn’t think to put them in the clothes dryer. For the past two hours, I had been thinking with the brains between my legs, and all she wanted to do was to get Dave’s cock back inside again.

I rushed into the bedroom and made the bed quickly. I then selected some clothes from the closet that were somewhat seductive but also conservative to wear to dinner.

I put on a light blue bra and pantyhose. I choose a blue dress that had a white fluffy collar with buttons down the front of the bodice, and red high heeled shoes.

Dave recovered his clothes from the bedroom and dressed in the bathroom. We were both somewhat skeptical that should we dress in the same room, more sexual play would be the result.

When we were dressed, I surveyed the place and it appeared that a large party had taken place there.

I said, “Perhaps I should clean this up a bit before he comes home and thinks that there has been an orgy here.”

Dave smiled and said, “Well a two person orgy anyway!”

“Oh to hell with it. If I beat him home, I may pick it up a bit. If not, it serves the cheater right!”

As we departed the house, I handed my keys to Dave and he turned and locked the door. We entered his little car and away we rode into the sunset to find a place to eat.

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