27 Mayıs 2022

A Walk In The Woods

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I am a happily married man, and this story starts as I was out walking the dog on a quiet track through the woods on a pleasant summer morning.

I heard a noise behind me and looked round to see a horse approaching in the distance. I put my dog on the leash and stepped off the track into the treeline to allow the horse to pass safely.

My attention was attracted to the rider of the horse, a young fresh faced girl of around 18 or 19. Her hair was tied up and she sat with a grand posture on the back of a magnificent white steed. With every stride the horse took, her young breasts bounced alluringly.

She slowed to a trot and passed me, “Thank you” she said and smiles as she passes. “You are very welcome” I replied animatedly, my smile clearly indicating my sincerity. She glanced one more time at me as she passed. I know this track and it is with an air of disappointment that I remembered it goes many miles into the woods and the riders are normally gone for a long time. I continued my walk enlightened by memories of her fresh smile but also accepting that it was highly unlikely I would be blessed with her presence again.

I forgot about the whole thing and some time later turned a corner in the track where the woods open up a little and an old gate leads the way to the fields ahead. I saw with pleasant surprise the horse standing grazing and the young girl sitting on the banking.

“Hello again” I said as I get close, “Time for a rest?”. “Just enjoying the sunshine” she responded. “Do you mind?” I asked as I sit on the bank opposite and take out a pack of cigarettes. “Could I have one of those?” she asked with a wicked glint in her eye. “Of course” I offer the open pack in front of me. She approaches and bends over to take one. I cannot resist the urge to look down her top and I get a full view of her firm breasts and dark ripe nipples. I blush. She caught me looking, smiled and took the cigarette and the light I was offering.

She illegal bahis sat next to me and drew deep on her cigarette. “I shouldn’t be smoking” she said “but sometimes I just can’t help myself. A bit like you!”. “What does that mean” I asked. “You have a wedding ring on and yet you smiled flirtingly at me earlier and now you are sitting next to me in a desserted wood”.

“True, I always give in to serious temptation”. “Did you find the view down my top tempting?” she asked. “Of course” I responded with a smile. “What did you think when you got your eyeful, did you think you would like to touch them, or maybe do a little more with me?”. “I have to confess that I did”. “I am glad everything is out in the open then” she said with a laugh. “Your chest is not out in the open” I said half joking and looking the other way. “It is now” she said and I saw her shirt land on the ground in front of me.

She came over and sat in my lap, her light body wrapped now in only a pair of very tight cream jodhpurs. Her breasts were right in front of me and I cupped them in my hands like a schoolboy virgin touching his first pair. I stooped my head down and took one nipple in my mouth. It expanded and became hot, engorged with blood and she gasped and threw her head back. I bit it gently between my teeth and she asked me to bite harder. I obliged and her breath started to come faster and faster. Her legs were tensing open and shut and her crotch was pushed up against my now considerable erection.

I looked down between her legs and it was very clear that she wore no panties underneath the jodhpurs. The seam was already starting to spread her lips and a damp patch was making them transparent enough to see a neatly trimmed pubic patch just above her pussy. I allowed my hand to slip down her tight stomach and onto the material between her legs. I stroked the seam and her slit opened up further. The damp patch grew and I could feel the heat and the illegal bahis siteleri moisture from her sex as I rubbed and teased her.

Without a word she stood up, faced away from me and pulled her pants down, as she bent over I got a full view of her swollen wet crack and my cock jumped in my pants. I reached out and got a hold of her legs and she backed towards me. Her pussy was now inches from my face and I needed no encouragement to set my tongue to work on her. I licked up and down the crack and then spread the lips apart with my fingers. She tasted and smelled so sweet, clearly turned on, fresh and full of aroma.

With her lips open I straightened my tongue and shove it inside her. By now she was gasping and swearing out loud. When I reached round and roughly played with one of her dangling breasts I was amazed how hard the nipple was. I pulled my tongue out a little and moved the tip toward her clitoris. It was not hard to find, almost like a small nipple hidden away inside this wet mound that I was licking and savouring. As soon as I started licking, sucking and biting on it she yelled out with pleasure. I lapped at her open soaking cunt once more and then sucked again on her clitoris. I slipped a finger in and out of her pussy rapidly while I played faster and faster with her clit. I knew she was going to cum soon and I just kept sucking biting and fingering until she yelled out loud and her body started to jerk. I was rewarded for my efforts with a delightful flood of juice from her gaping hole.

Once she stopped shaking she did not say a word. She simply turned round and sat on my lap again. She unzipped my pants and reached in roughly for my cock. She freed it from its restraints and bent over to lick the pre-cum off the end. She took the entire length into her mouth and started to slide her lips up and down the length. She had her fingers inside herself as she sucked me and she was masturbating frantically as she canlı bahis siteleri expertly worked my raging erection.

She lifted her head up and I looked proudly down at my angry swollen cock, glistening from her saliva and dwarfing the delicate hand that she wrapped round it and gently stroked. She lifted herself up from my legs and lowered her pussy down to the head of my cock. I watched intently as my purple bulb opened up her lips and she bent over and kissed me full on the lips as she slid down and took my entire cock deep inside her. The heat of her drenched pussy almost made me cum instantly but I managed to control myself.

She seemed to understand that any frantic fast fucking was going to push me over the edge too early and instead of lifting her body up and down, she simply rotated her hips forcing my cock to flex and slide slowly in and out of her. All the time that we fucked like this she kissed me passionately and our tongues danced inside my mouth then hers.

Soon I was aware of her whimpering and groaning coming more and more urgent and I realised she was going to cum again. I met every one of her rotations with a thrust of my hips, ensuring that I drove my cock all the way inside her. Just as I felt I could hold on no longer, she started to jerk and grabbed my hair behind my head and held on as an immense orgasm racked her body. Again I was rewarded with a thorough soaking.

I had not yet cum and started to thrust harder and faster, driven by the need to orgasm and ejaculated. “I want to watch you when you cum” she said and slid of my cock. She pushed herself up against the shaft so that it still stood right next to her swollen lips. She expertly worked my cock with both hands and in no time at all I could feel myself approaching ejaculation. I came hard and the first spurt hit her clean in the face. She used her finger to place a large dollop of creamy cum on her tongue. She bent over and placed her nipple on the end of my cock in time for the second spurt and she quickly sat back up and pushed my cock inside her for the last one.

We kissed for a long time while our bodies recovered, stoop up and cleaned up the best we could and went our separate ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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