21 Mayıs 2022

A Valentine of Seduction

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The room was dark, illuminated only by a scattering of candles giving the room a cozy and romantic glow. I have just finished showering, primping and perfuming, awaiting the arrival of the man of my dreams. He has just an inkling of how much I care for him, and how hot I am waiting for that big black cock to fill my pussy completely.

I checked the mirror once more, and I know I look hot with my makeup perfect, my long black silk robe, and underneath black lace topped stockings complete with spiked 3 ½ heels, and my matching burgundy embroidered lace bra and thong set, bought especially for him, especially for this day. I start his favorite CD and adjust the volume so that it’s just loud enough to hear, but won’t intrude on our fuckfest, and program it to repeat all for I have no intention on stopping anything to change it. The smells of the candles are now mixing with my Cinnabar cologne, his favorite, creating a most delicious smell throughout the whole room. I give everything a last minute check, the Absolute and cranberry juice is chilled, Michel (my dildo) in the night stand drawer, plenty of astroglide, (not that I need it, my pussy juice has got my thong soaked already), the music is going, and all is right with the world. I sit on the little love seat in the sitting room, cross my stockinged legs and wait. The room is so sweet, I drift a little picturing in my mind all the delicious things I’m going to do to that oh so fine and sexy man when I get him in the King-sized bed in front of me. I’m so absorbed in my little fantasy that I don’t hear the first knock at the door, and the knock came again this time much louder. “Just a minute.”, I raise my voice slightly and saunter to the door thinking, I can’t wait to touch his skin against mine sweaty and scrumptious.

I opened the door and stepped back to let this fine brother in and kiss him sweetly on the cheek. He slowly scopes me out from head to toe and gives me his familiar, “Wow . . . cute outfit.” I smile at him and give him a modest remark of, “Just a little something I threw on.” I tell him to have a seat on the love seat while I take his jacket and fix us a drink. I hand him his and sit down beside him, crossing my legs just right to assure a glimpse of my black hose through split of my robe. I place my arm on the back of the love seat so that just a hint of my cleavage shows as well. I get an approving, “Mmm… girl!” from him, and I just smile slyly back at him. We go through our usual chit chat awhile as I wait for him to almost finish his drink. I set my glass down and take his from him as he complains, “I’m not finished yet.” I respond with, “You are with this drink, but not with me.”, As he laughs and says, “Well, since you put it that way.” And he relinquishes his glass casino siteleri to me. I set the glasses aside, slowly rise from my seat and stand in front of him.

He looks up at me and I smiled down at him. I slowly untie my robe and let it slide down over my shoulders, down to my waist, off my arms and finally to the floor. I get another, “Wow!” as I laugh a little seductive laugh, as he smiles and says, “cute outfit and my favorite color too!” I just laugh again while I start to straddle him. I take his face in my hands, lift his face to mine, stare lovingly in his eyes and gently kiss his full lips. With my tongue I outline his lips and when I’m back to the center I slip him a little tongue. He opens his mouth to receive the kiss instead I pull back and wink at him. I reach down to his waistband and pull out his shirt, slide it past his stomach, up his chest to his neck. I stop there and lick, gently bite and blow first on the right nipple then do the same to the left. I feel his hips shift a little, I know his body language well, and that tells me he liked it. I pull his shirt the rest of the way over his head, and kiss him again only giving him a little tongue. I kiss his chin. I kiss his neck. I kiss his right shoulder then his left. I kiss the left peck then the right. I place my right thumb in my mouth then the left, and ever so slightly touch his nipples in a circular motion, then I blow on them again. I again get the hips.

I reach down to his waist band again as I lick his nipples and unfasten his belt and unzip his zipper. I place my hand down his pants and grab his rock hard cock, then sliding my hand down to massage his balls. I hear a moan escape his lips. I remove my lips from his chest and kiss him again, this time letting him have my full tongue as I fondle his groin and slip my hand into his underwear stroking him skin to skin. I hear him groan while I’m rolling my tongue around his mouth. I suck his upper lip then his lower one. I suck his tongue as if it were his cock, my hand is till stroking him inside his underwear, and I hear him groan again. I suck both his lips, kiss them and stand up in front of him again.

I slide his pants the rest of the way down until they’re resting at his ankles. I kneel before my penis god and kiss him on his head, he gives me a little bounce and I grin at him. I grab the shaft of his cock with my right hand and begin stroking him and with my left I grab that wonderful ass of his. I part my lips just a little to massage the tip of his head with my lips. I part my lips wider to encompass his whole head. I roll my tongue around his head then begin stroking it in and out and up and down with my hand. In and out, in and out, up and down, up and down, back and forth. Faster and faster, I take more slot oyna of him into my mouth to the back and give him a gentle rake with my teeth down his shaft. I use my hand to pump him in and out of my mouth. I hear an “aaahhhh” from deep inside of him. He runs his fingers through my hair and try to push me deeper, but I won’t let him because I’m running this show.

I squeeze his ass with my left hand, kneading it roughly. He moans in frustration, but I’m loving it and I giggle a little. I’m going to make him beg for me. I pump him a few more times, and because he’s more comfortable sitting or laying, I gently began to push him backwards toward the love seat. I help guide him down while sucking him still. I finally have him seated at the edge of the seat. I stop stroking his cock with my mouth, and with my left hand cup his balls in my palm slightly squeezing as I roll them. Slowly I lick down his shaft to his balls and kiss them. Opening my mouth wide I put both them in my mouth and start sucking them. I start sucking harder, and stroking his shaft faster. I feel him tense and I slow down a bit. He relaxes a little and I start stroking hard and fast again. Faster and faster, harder and harder. My left hand is stroking that sweet spot between his balls and anus. I keep that stroke in time with my mouth on his balls, and his cock in my hand. I take the middle finger of my left hand , and wet it in my mouth, I slide it down to his anus and message the opening with my finger.

I feel him tense again, so I stop stroking him, and with both hands spread his legs wider. I take my tongue and lick that sweet spot again, “Mmmmmm…. smell so good.” I’m licking it getting it good and wet, taking both hands I spread his cheeks. I slide my tongue between his cheeks and find his anus, spread that ass some more and lick his anus. I feel him shudder and start to move against my tongue. I stiffen my tongue and give him a little poke in his hole and rub it with my finger. I don’t know how he feels about a female finger in his ass, so I left it alone. He moans again with frustration because I won’t let you touch me anywhere.

I let him relax a minute and I stick a couple of fingers in my sopping wet pussy. I wiggle them around for few seconds getting them nice and juicy. Now that he’s relaxed again, I look at his face, smile and wink and plunge my mouth onto his hard cock. I use my weight to bare down on him, taking my right hand to pinch his right nipple, and bring my left hand to his lips. Instantly he smells my pussy on my fingers and takes them into his mouth. He’s sucking my fingers at the same rhythm that I’m sucking his dick. I use more of my weight to shove him deeper into my mouth. I feel him tense yet again, so I remove my hand from his mouth and nipples. canlı casino siteleri

He relaxes a bit, and my mouth is still stroking him. I tighten my lips and pull up on the shaft, I suck his head for a hot sec and come up. I straddle him again, and kiss him deep to taste my cunt in his mouth. “Mmmmmm”, I love the way I taste on his lips. I sit back and unsnap my bra from the front, exposing my full bosom to him. He tries to reach for them and I push back his hands again, he gives me a playful evil eye. I grab both my tits and begin playing with my nipples, and rubbing my wet pussy on his dick. Finally, to his relief, I let him grab my breasts, and because he’s been waiting so long, he grabs them roughly, smacks them together, and hungrily licks and nibbles my nipples. “God, I love your hands, soft and rough at the same time, feels sssooooo goooood….yessssss!” I grab the back of head to let him know I want his face buried in my chest. While he’s buried in my breasts, I slide off the thong, it’s barely holding back the wetness of my pussy anyway. I’m so hot for him, but I’m going to finish this seduction even if it kills me!

I take one of his hands away from my tits and slide it between my gaping legs. I guide his hand to grip my mound so that his fingers slide between my lips. He whispers in my ear, “Aaahhhh, soooo wet.” I whisper back, “It’s all because of you.” I put my middle finger on his and push it into my pussy, and when I think it’s good and wet I pull it out and put it into my mouth and suck it. Then I kiss him again, and let him play with my clit for a minute, for a minute only though, I have better plans for him.

I pull his hand away, take both of them, and pinned them behind his head with my hands. He’s so rock hard I don’t even need help inserting dick into my pussy. I come down all the way first to get my bearings, but when I slide back up, I fuck his head only. I stroke him as fast as I can and slam down hard so that he gave my cervix a punch. “Mmmmm…. hurts so good, it’s one of those joyous pains.” I swivel my hips so that his cock gives my cervix a good rubbing. “Aaaaahhhhh….mmmmm….”, I slowly slide back up and fuck his head again only to slam down once more this time moving my hips back and forth. I repeat this several more times until my legs start to shake.

I adust my legs so that they go around his waist, my pussy covers his dick completely. I let go of his hands and wrap my hands around his neck. I ride him like this for a while, looking into his eyes all the while. Sharing kiss after kiss, he grabs my ass to push me closer to him. I feel his hot breath on my face, then on top of my head as I lick his nipples again. I cup his face in my hands and whisper in his ear, “Take me to the bed and fuck my brains out!” I grip him tighter around the neck and waist as he lifts us off the couch. We’re still connected as he walks us to the bed.

So ends my seduction, for now it’s your turn to finish this off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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