25 Mayıs 2022

A Tryst in Paradise

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The gentle island breeze stirred the thin curtains, letting in the brilliant moonlight from the full moon shining overhead. The scent of the ocean drifting in on the air, accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, was both soothing and erotic, lulling her into a dreamless slumber.

A noise disturbed her sleep, and opening her eyes, she saw him standing near the window, his long hair blowing softly in the light wind coming through the open window. He was wearing loose white pants and a gauzy, open shirt, and his feet were bare, and as he stepped into the stream of moonlight which fell across the floor, she could see that he was smiling as he lifted his hand and gestured with his index finger in a come hither motion. A soft laugh escaping her throat, she slipped from the bed and moved slowly toward him, stopping just outside the pool of moonlight.

“Huh-uh,” he whispered, reaching forward to pull her into the light.

His handsome face was bathed in moonlight, the light reflected in his dark eyes, and she sighed softly as she entered his embrace. Gentle hands pushed her hair away from her neck while soft, warm lips found the hollow of her throat and slowly moved upwards until they met hers. Their tongues touched and danced lazily, provocatively, as slowly, languorously, their hands moved across each other’s bodies, igniting flames, fueling desire.

The casino oyna kiss ended, and for a moment they stared into each other’s eyes, then she slid her hands slowly up his chest, feeling the soft mass of hair beneath her palms and reveling in the quickening beat of his heart. Continuing to his shoulders, she pushed the shirt from them and he released her long enough to shrug out of it and let it drop to the floor behind him. His arms encircled her once again and pulled her close, and she felt the unmistakable proof of his desire pressing against her abdomen.

She sighed softly as again his lips found hers while his hand slowly traveled up her side, his thumb gently tracing the outer curve of her breast through the silken fabric of her gown. As his hand moved to cup her breast, her deft fingers found the drawstring of his pants and tugged, loosening the waist so that she could slip her hand inside. He groaned into her mouth as she found him large, hard, and throbbing and gently wrapped her fingers around the engorged shaft, rubbing her thumb across the head.

“I want you,” he whispered as he pulled away and pushed the tiny straps of her gown from her shoulders. She allowed the fabric to fall to the floor, then reached forward to push his pants down his hips and release him to her touch. He kicked them off and stood before her bathed in moonlight, his body slot oyna that of a god, perfect, beautiful.

With a look that was all woman, she slid to the floor, kneeling before him as if he were a king and she his servant. Looking up into his midnight dark eyes, her hands traveled slowly up his thighs, stopping when she reached his hips, then leaning forward, she gently began to take him into her mouth, slowly, inch by precious inch, and he closed his eyes and threw back his head, reveling in the feel of her mouth on him. His fingers tangled in her hair as gently he rocked his hips in time with her movements, and with practiced ease she brought him to peak, not stopping until she had drained him dry.

She felt his body trembling as she released him and slowly got to her feet, then suddenly she was in his arms, their nakedness pressed tightly together, as his mouth took hers over and over again. Lifting her, he carried her over to the bed and together they again began an exploration of each other’s bodies.

His hands were everywhere, his lips following, and moaning, she accepted his caresses with an eagerness which never failed to astound him. His mouth found her wet center and using lips and tongue and finally fingers, he brought her to the edge of sensibility and sent her crashing over the top, her body spasming as wave after wave soared through her.

He moved canlı casino siteleri to lie next to her, pulling her close so that she could feel his renewed desire. She reached to gently stroke him, feeling him harden further under her touch, and then he moved between her thighs and slowly filled her aching void. As they merged as one, they instinctively met each other’s movements, each thrust met eagerly, each kiss returned fervently, each moan echoed. Bodies covered with a fine sheen of sweat, they shivered slightly when the gentle breeze changed directions as if its sole purpose was to cool their overheated bodies.

Lifting her legs, she wrapped them around his waist and pulled him further into her, and he pressed harder, and harder still as he felt her beginning shudders. Grasping his shoulders tightly, she cried out into the night as he brought her to a climax which left her weak and trembling, and yet he continued, his endurance and stamina amazing her as always. Over and over he thrust into her, his pace gradually increasing until, with a cry of his own, he exploded deep inside her, then fell into her arms, panting and exhausted.

They lay together, still joined intimately, arms and legs tangled together, his face buried in her neck, and she smiled when she heard his soft snore. Gently pushing his hair away from his forehead, she kissed him softly, then pulled the covers over them.

The moonlight poured through the open window, falling across the foot of the bed now, and the soft crashing of the waves lulled her back into dreamless slumber, wrapped in the arms of her lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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