21 Mayıs 2022

A Tale for the Middle Ages Pt. 05

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This is the 5th chapter in a tale about a 22 yr old med student and a middle aged couple. Shannon has just seduced Joanne, a 44 yr old lawyer who has never been with another woman before. It’s best if you read the previous chapters before this one. Thanks and enjoy!


In her distracted state, Joanne walked carefully around the people rushing by on Bay Street. She was moving slowly, stretching out the walk to her office from the subway station. Once at work she knew there would be little time to think of anything other than her current clients and caseload.

In her mind’s eye she played over and over again the events of the previous Friday night. She had slept with a woman. Never in her wildest sexual fantasies had she ever envisioned that she would have sex with a female. Never. And yet, she had sex with Shannon. After so many replays of the night in her bed, a part of her began to see the encounter as just a dream. At forty four and completely straight, a relationship with a woman, particularly a twenty two year old girl, was never even a remote possibility.

It may have seemed like a dream but the tingling in her body the images in her mind created were real. The image of the young woman lying between her legs, her shockingly deep blue eyes gazing up meeting Joanne’s eyes, her long honey blond hair flowing over and tickling her stomach, hips and thighs were disturbing, yet profoundly arousing. The intense orgasm the young woman had given her was also etched into her consciousness. The feel of Shannon’s body against hers, the smoothness of her skin, the sensual curve of her hips, her thighs, the beauty of her breasts and above all the wonders her skillful tongue and lips probing, kissing and licking her sex had occupied most of Joanne’s thoughts on the weekend. And they were still this Monday morning.

She had to talk to Rob. Who else could she talk with about Shannon? She also felt driven with the thought that he had to know what she had done with his – she had no idea what to call her – his young friend would have to do.

To Joanne, Shannon was the epitome of pure and uncompromising youthful sex. But there was far more to Shannon that made it impossible for Joanne to dismiss the whole incident as the product of too much wine, an overactive sexual young person and an out-of-her-element middle aged lady.

Shannon was simply irresistible. Her intellect, her sweetness, her unashamed directness, her unassuming sense of her own beauty were simply enchanting to Joanne. And Shannon’s obvious fondness for her was clearly sincere. Shannon wanted to be Joanne’s friend. But Shannon’s boundary between friend and lover were unashamedly undefined. She wanted to express her friendship through her body. And Joanne had no natural resistance to that.

Rob had arrived home late Sunday night and after a brief text exchange they agreed to meet at Franco’s for lunch on Monday.


Joanne waited nervously at their usual table. Rob arrived shortly afterwards, giving Joanne a big hug and kiss. He looked tired from all his travels. Despite his frequent trips overseas Rob never adjusted well to the time changes. These trips wore him down.

“Hey Babe. So good to see you. I am so happy to be back home,” Rob said, slipping into his seat across the table.

“Missed you too. Is everything okay over there? Are the projects going alright?” Joanne asked.

“For the most part yes. We’re having a good year and next year should be as well but we expect a lot of work and probably travel. How are things here? I see you guys did well in the last race.”

“Yeah, well, you wouldn’t have guessed that from Melissa’s reaction. She was outmaneuvered at the start line and that pissed her off more than finishing second,” Joanne said with a smirk.

“Yup, that’s our Melissa. Its all about winning and beating the guys, and not in that order.”

“Speaking of our girls, how did Shannon do? Melissa didn’t throw her overboard so I guessed she did okay?”

Joanne hesitated at the ‘our girls’ comment. She thought, ‘Rob was that a slip – if you only knew!’

“Didn’t you see her last night or this morning?”

Just a quick hello as I was heading out the door in the morning. I didn’t get home until after midnight.”

“Okay, She did well. She is basically competent and very keen to learn everything about sailing and racing.”

“Good, good,” Rob replied thoughtfully. “And you’re getting along well with her? You two seem to be hitting it off just fine. Her age really doesn’t seem to be an issue for you which is sort of what I felt. She is still very young but probably emotionally mature beyond her years.”

Trying to look calm and collected, Joanne was reeling inside. She was thinking, ‘Yes, friends, good friends, in fact, I fucked her!’ All that came out was, “Yes, I like her.”

Joanne said it in a way that made Rob think there was much more behind the simple statement and he had no idea what it was.

The rest of lunch passed with Rob doing most of the talking. He wanted casino siteleri to do a sailboat charter in the British Virgin Islands and was sounding Joanne out on the possibility of them getting away in mid December. Joanne on the other hand was distracted. She had to talk to Rob about what had happened with Shannon. No matter what it did to their relationship she knew the dishonesty in not telling him would eat away at her. She had to do it but didn’t know where or how to start.

Rob snatched up the bill and reached for his wallet. “Working hard but making some serious money so let me get this one.”

Joanne knew it had to be now. “Rob, there is something I need to tell you,” she said looking down at her fingers knotting around each other.

“Okay, go for it,” he replied.

“Last Friday,” she hesitated and then, ” I invited Shannon over for dinner.”

“Great! Was it good?” he asked knowing there must be more.

‘Oh if you only knew how good,’ Joanne thought with a fleeting smile.

“Yes, we had a great time chatting and then we continued on in the hot tub. It got late so I invited her to stay over.

“Okay, sounds all good,” he said still waiting for the point of the story.

“Rob, I don’t quite know how it happened or how to tell you but .. but I slept with her,” Joanne blurted out.

Rob stared back at her, confusion and incomprehension registering on his face. Neither spoke for what seemed like minutes. Finally Rob broke the silence, “Meaning … like you were in the same bed being together, talking and then sleeping?”

“No Rob, meaning sleeping together as adults mean it. We made love!” There, she had finally got it out.

He visibly startled. There was no way he would ever have seen this coming. He wanted these two women in his life to be friends. But this? His eyes roved around the room. He couldn’t look at Joanne. Minutes passed by. Neither spoke.

Finally, “Rob, say something!”

He started and then spluttered to a stop. He started again and again stopped and then, “I’m really just a small town boy and a simple engineer to boot. I wanted you two to be friends but this … I just don’t know what it means – means to us.”

“Rob, I don’t know either. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Its you I want.”

“I want you too. But Shannon … Whats happening here? Is this going to be a disaster?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what to think.”

“Could I ask you one question, why?”

“I know ‘things’ are not just supposed to happen to women my age. We should be done with committing sexually irresponsible acts. But think back to when you first made love with her. You said you had tried to keep her away but you slept with her anyway. And again in Toronto.”

“Is she simply a sexual predator?”

“Rob NO! That’s not her at all. She doesn’t go out and hunt people down. She wants us – you and me! She said that to me and I believe her. She wants you but somehow I fit into the package.

“And really, you know how irresistible she is. She’s .. well, somewhere beyond gorgeous!”

“Yes. But I never got that she was into women. And what about you? I’ve never seen you look at another woman. Is this something I don’t know about you?”

“Rob, I have never ever had anything to do with a woman sexually, well, before last Friday. I’m not hiding anything from you.”

“But now? It just came out of nowhere?”

“Rob, I don’t want to have this out now. I’m really confused and you know that’s not my style.”

“Lets go. I’ll walk you back to your office. I’ve got a partner’s meeting at two.”

They walked in silence along the busy street. Breaking the silence Rob asked, “Well, was it good. Was it fun?”

Joanne looked up at him while walking, thinking of many ways to answer that question. She wasn’t surprised that Rob had asked it. Finally, she said simply, “Yes it was.”

With a deep breath he asked, “Would you like to do it again? I mean if things were okay between us.”

“Yes, if things were okay. But I’m not sure what that means.”

“Okay, so I think we are starting from the same point.” With that they reached the entrance to Joanne’s work. Rob gave her a quick kiss and said, “Lets have dinner at my place and I’ll invite Shannon to join us. She leaves for Calgary early in the morning and if we are going to talk to her it should be tonight.”

Joanne agreed and walked away from Rob to the elevator.


Shannon took possession of her furnished studio near the campus Monday morning. Quickly checking out the kitchen supplies she made a basic list of items needed to make the apartment livable. A coffee maker with more capacity and an auto brew feature was the only larger item required. The kitchen also needed a wok. Shannon mostly existed on stir fried veggies, rice and tofu when her schedule was busy.

Wandering over to the bed she flopped onto the mattress and bounced up and down a few times, testing its firmness. Not great, but it would do. She stared at the ceiling.

Lying on the bed she slot oyna closed her eyes and her thoughts drifted back to the evening at Joanne’s home. Burnt into her mind was the look on Joanne’s face when she had pulled her on top after her intense orgasm. As she cupped her hands on Joanne’s ass, squeezing and caressing her firm bum, Joanne had looked wild and apprehensive and scared all at the same time. Her medium length black hair was a mess and her makeup was smudged. But it was the look in her eyes that ignited a spark in Shannon. The calm collected lawyer had a burning light in them that pierced into Shannon’s mind. They spoke of lust, abandon, desire and something else. Something that brought them closer than Shannon had ever hoped for.

Joanne had held her gaze as she reached for Shannon’s hands. Hands that were gently caressing her ass. She intertwined her fingers with Shannon’s and raised both their arms above their head. Their forehead and noses touched. Eyes were closed. Breasts were mashing against each other. Joanne’s thighs had slid between Shannon’s legs. Their centres slowly grinding against each other. .

Joanne had then pulled back and looked into her eyes again. She murmured to Shannon how amazing she was. How soft her skin was, how firm and warm her body was.

Shannon replayed the sex they had. It had really been love making. Joanne had kissed and licked her all over her breasts, her neck her stomach and her hips. Shannon remembered the agony of waiting for Joanne to take her where she wanted to go. Shannon had felt inflamed with lust and need and she wasn’t sure how far Joanne would take her. She needed it badly.

Kissing up the inside of Shannon’s thighs, Joanne had paused. She asked if it was okay to touch her sex. Shannon had thought that was incredibly cute and hot at the same time. She exploded in a throaty laugh and a high pitched gasp of ‘PLEASE!!’. They both laughed at Shannon’s obvious need.

After professing that she had no idea what to do with a woman, Joanne then proceeded to drive Shannon crazy with her tongue and fingers. Shannon’s groans of pleasure and her wild writhing had startled Joanne and at first she wasn’t sure if she had done something wrong.

In answer to her ‘are you okay?’ Shannon had rolled on top of Joanne and kissed her deeply, over and over again. She was still trembling from the intense orgasm Joanne had given her and she wanted to show her how wonderful she felt from their lovemaking.

Sleep had come quickly. They spent the night cuddled up to each other, naked in each others arms.

Shannon had awoken Saturday morning in Joanne’s bed with the sun filling the room. She was alone. Pulling on the t-shirt Joanne had loaned her and her panties, she walked down the stairs to find Joanne drinking a coffee and eating a bagel. She was dressed in her running clothes.

Joanne had greeted with a cautious, “Good Morning.”

Shannon had smiled at that. She felt the awkwardness of their situation. Moving around the breakfast counter she had looked Joanne in the eye, smiled and gave her a quick hug along with a bright hello. Shannon didn’t want any discomfort Joanne was feeling with what they had done dampen the glow she felt, the feeling she had from making love with this beautiful amazing woman. Shannon was developing a deep liking and attachment to this older woman.

Lying back on her bed, deep in thought, she knew then and now that the future of their relationship was uncertain. Joanne would have to come to full terms with what they had done and Shannon really didn’t know what that would mean for her, Joanne and then Rob.

She took one last look around before heading back to Rob’s house to prepare for the return to Calgary. She had to get her stuff together and to see her family, once more, before the term started. Shannon knew she was about to embark on the academic ride of her life. First semester of medical school was designed to weed out the uncommitted and unprepared.

Walking up the stairs to Rob’s house her mobile bleeped with an incoming text that read: ‘Hey, dinner tonight at my place? Joanne will join us.’

Shannon opened the door, made her way to the kitchen and stared at the text. Was there any clue at all how Rob and Joanne were feeling about her. Did Joanne talk to Rob about what she and Joanne had done together? No way of knowing.

She typed in: ‘Great, looking forward to dinner with you and Joanne.’ The tone was much more confident then she felt.


You guys are looking at me like … like … I’m some kind of a freak. Am I a slut, an out of control deviant, a fucked up mess? When I seduced you Joanne, I wasn’t thinking of anything but how much I like you and how I wanted you to feel good. Why am I sensing that that was so wrong.” Tears were now streaming down Shannon’s face

Joanne was now crying too. “No sweetie, we love you too, really!” The word slipped from Joanne’s mouth but there was no going back now. “We are just afraid one of us might get hurt. There doesn’t seem to be any rules canlı casino siteleri or guidelines you can look up on the internet to help us with the relationship between the three of us. I loved when you and I were in bed. I’m going to lay it out there: I was thrilled with every moment of making love with you. You are wonderful. Your body is breathtaking. I desperately want to do it again. But I want us to understand where we are all at and that we can do it without hurt and damage to any of us. I love Rob and I believe I’m falling in love with you too. I’m babbling I know but my heart wants to put this out there to you.”

Dinner had been awkward. Rob had brought home takeout Indian. During the meal Joanne would not hold Shannon’s gaze for more than a heartbeat before moving her eyes away. The tension was palpable.

Finally, Shannon had had enough. She pushed herself back from the table and looked at Joanne and asked her bluntly if she had told Rob about Friday night. Then it had all come out. Shannon felt cornered and was terrified that they wanted her gone. Had she blown her only friendships in the city?

Shannon stared at Joanne, tears leaking down her face, not saying a word. And then slowly without taking her eyes off Joanne she got up from her chair, stood beside her and wrapped one arm around her shoulders. And with her other hand she took Rob by the hand

“Please let us find a way to make this happen. I want to be your friend. I need you guys. I’ll stop pushing sex on you two if that will help. I know I can be annoying and clingy.”

And with a giggle she added, “And crazy horny too.” All three laughed at that and the tension seemed to dissipate a notch or two.

“Guys, I’m about to blubber too. I’m also reacting in other ways. Look, I’m an engineer. Oddly enough it seems advanced calculus and structural analysis isn’t helping me out much here but I want to say that I’m feeling incredibly warm and fuzzy around you two right now and if this suggestion isn’t too far out of line do you think we could all get more comfortable upstairs?”

Shannon looked Joanne in the eye. A smile first appeared on Joanne’s lips and then a very broad one on Shannon’s face. A silent communication went between the two.

“Rob, you guys are so simple and predictable. Thanks for the offer but if I’m not mistaken, Shannon you have a plane to catch early in the morning and I’m feeling too emotionally exhausted for new adventures. At least for tonight,” Joanne added with a nervous laugh.

Shannon pulled her up and held her tightly in her arms. She rubbed her cheek against Joanne’s and then brushed her lips quickly with her own lips, her tongue just touching Joanne’s lower lip.

Pulling back, Shannon looked Joanne in the eyes and then over to Rob, “Thanks guys for giving me a break. I really love you two and want to be good with you.”

And with a laugh she added, “You can tell me to get lost if I get too needy … you know … around sex and all.”

Joanne caught Rob’s eyes over Shannon’s shoulder while still in her embrace. She widened her eyes and gave a small shake of her head.

Shannon pulled back and looked at Joanne square on. “See you in a couple of weeks. I’m going to go up and get ready for bed.” With that she put her lips on Joanne’s and held them there for a short but loving kiss and then turned and left the kitchen up the stairs.

Joanne turned to Rob, who was leaning against the counter looking a little dazed. “Wow, what just happened here?” she blurted.

“I think you and I now have a mutual young friend,” he shrugged a reply.

“Do you mean ‘lover’ Rob?”

“Joanne, tell me honestly. Would that be so bad? Do you want to say no? I mean, now that you’ve had a taste of what has been driving me crazy about her.”

“Rob, I honestly like her. I like her a lot. If I was forced to say yes or no to having an intimate relationship, I don’t think I could say no.” Joanne moved over to Rob and put her head on his shoulder.

He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her hair. “We’re all adults here. Its a private matter what the three of us do with each other. I suggest we just let it flow. Once she starts school we may not even see her that much.”

“You’re right, ” Joanne reasoned. And then she added in a whisper, “And that might be sad.”

“Yes, I agree.” She pulled back and looked at him. There was a silent understanding in the look they gave each other.

“Okay, I’m heading back to my place. I’ll call you tomorrow. Lets have lunch again soon. I’ll let you know what days look good as I will be back in court for the next couple of weeks.’

With that she gave him a lingering kiss, pulled back, grabbed her purse and headed to the door. She turned to him and said, “Rob, I think she may need you tonight. Tell her I said you should cuddle her.”

With that Joanne ran down the steps to her car and left.


From his en suite Rob could hear water running in the guest bathroom. He too was feeling emotionally drained by the intense and cathartic evening. Joanne had actually asked him to cuddle Shannon but he was unsure about her state of mind. He decided to wait until she was out of the bathroom and then he would say good night and head to bed.

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