21 Mayıs 2022

A Night to Remember

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Author’s note: this was inspired by, and dedicated to…you know who you are!

It’s dark in the room, and I can see your silhouette against the glow of your computer monitor. You sit, dressed in only a long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties, reading the words I had written you last. Your left hand is softly stroking your cotton-clad lips through the panties, and your right is on the mouse, scrolling down. I can hear your soft exhalations as you read. They’re becoming more rapid, more urgent.

Suddenly you’re aware of me behind you. You’ve felt my breath on your neck, and you recognize it, though we’ve never met. You lean your head back and raise your chest, waiting for me to lean over you. Then you feel my hands slide under your arms on their way to your breasts. I grasp your firm, small mounds through the shirt, squeezing them, kneading them. My fingers surround your nipples, and I pinch them, hard enough to draw a quick intake of breath from you.

I dip my mouth to your neck, and bite. It’s enough to make you flinch, enough to leave a small red mark on that perfect skin. I love feeling you this way, and I know somehow that you love it, too. A little pain often leads to a lot of pleasure, and your pleasure is already beginning, radiating from that soft, wet spot between those muscular thighs.

“Give me your hands,” I say softly, and you raise them above your head. I hold both wrists in one of my hands as I loop the rope around them with the other. It’s a soft cotton rope, not designed to chafe, only to contain, and I pull your arms down until your hands are behind your head, and tie them to the back of the chair. You start to ask what I’m doing, but I shush you, and you obey, anxious to find out for yourself. Bending down, I tie your ankles to the center post of your chair, firmly enough to control your movements, but not eliminate them. Your thighs are already opening and closing, squeezing the supple flower between them in anticipation.

“I brought you a present,” I tell you, and slowly spin the chair around. You look up at me, squinting in the half-light, anxious to finally see my face in person. You smile. You’re not disappointed, that’s obvious. Then your eyes travel down my naked body, resting on my cock, which is hanging before you, and I see you tremble a little. Yes, it’ll do, you think lustily. “Well, hi, lover,” you say, your thighs still contracting on their own.

Then you look beyond me, onto the bed. There is someone there, reclining just out of sight behind me. You lean to the right, and see that it’s a woman, or more precisely, a beautiful 18-year old girl. She looks vaguely familiar, but you don’t know her. She’s just one of the visions you had once, when you allowed yourself to think that way. She’s blonde, with long straight flaxen hair. You can see a lean, hard stomach beneath a cranberry-colored crop top, and above a pair of white stretch shorts. Large, full breasts. Long, tanned legs, the muscles not unlike your own, a runner’s muscles. She is smiling shyly at you as she leans on her elbows.

“Is she my present?” you ask, hopefully, not sure which you want more, my cock or her body. I look at you for a long moment.

“Ours,” I say.

Then I turn, leaning over the girl, and begin to undress her, quickly. I rip the top up over her shoulders and pull it off her arms, which she holds up obediently. Then I hook my forefingers into the waistband of her shorts and pull them down, stopping when they are at her knees. She lifts her legs, all the while looking at you, and I slowly slide them off over her ankles. Her legs are pressed tightly together, but then she smiles at you and begins to spread them as she lowers them onto the edge of the bed.

Your eyes are on her pussy, your own clenching uncontrollably now. Puffy lips, with just a wisp of blonde hair above them, and the glimmer of wetness upon them. Soft. Pliable. Sweet. Young.

I stand to the side, watching you watch her, and smile. She looks at you confidently now, sure that you want her, and licks her lips. You mirror her movements. Then you turn to me, looking up. Your eyes say, ‘well?’ but I’m not ready to let you participate yet. Your eyes drop to my hand, which is slowly stroking my cock. It’s hard now, and is already wet at the end. Precum hangs precariously from the slit, and you don’t want it to fall wasted onto the floor. Nor do I. I wipe a finger over the end, and offer it to you.

Your lips close over the end of my finger, and I feel their softness, their fullness. Suddenly I want my mouth on yours. I pull my fingertip from those lips and bend over you. Your mouth is receptive, and opens as our lips casino siteleri meet. Your tongue is there, ready to greet my own, and they dance together for a few moments as we drink in each other’s taste. My right hand returns to your breast, and I pull at the nipple again, pinching lightly. It’s as hard as a little pebble under your shirt. Your breath trembles beneath my mouth, and I smile into those lips. Pleasure. Pain.

When we break, finally, I stand back and look down at you once again. Your face is flushed, I can see, even in the meager light from your monitor. It’s beautiful, and sexy. So sexy. I suddenly grab your t-shirt at the neck and begin to tear it, pulling it off your body in two pieces. Chuckling softly, I turn to the girl on the bed, who has been watching us silently. She looks up at me and smiles, now eager to be included in whatever is going to happen.

I take one of her ankles in each hand and raise them above my shoulders, pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. Her smooth soft pussy looks so inviting. To me. To you. I hold her legs there and she looks over at you, her lips curling in lust. ‘Look at me,’ she seems to be saying. ‘Watch me being fucked, and imagine it was you.’

And, as I slowly drag my cock up past the crack of her ass and into the furrow between those lips, you do. You know exactly what she’s feeling, as her lips part slightly, then begin to split wide open before my invading member. You can see my balls hanging down between my spread legs, and as they press up against the girl’s ass, you know that I am deep inside her, and your own pussy grips against itself as it tries to share the sensation.

She moans, long and softly, and so do you. I stand, buried within her softness, for a long, long moment, and as you look from the girl to me, you realize that we are both looking at you. This, our pleasure, is for you, an appetizer of sorts. You know that now, and feel an orgasm approaching. Fast. Hard. Your eyes shut as you reach for it, but it’s already there, and you let it barrel over you, your breath becoming ragged as your legs tremble beneath you. You can’t move your feet, but you can squeeze your legs together, and you do, trapping your swollen clit between muscular thighs. Milking your own pleasure. Your coarse breathing fills the room.

Finally, you slow down. You slump back into the chair and feel the wetness below you. That was nice, but it’s only the beginning of your pleasure. I pull from the girl and release her ankles from my grip. Turning to you, I untie your wrists as you lean over, eagerly, to take my cock into your mouth. Do you want to taste me, or her, more? It doesn’t matter to me. I let you suck me.

Your mouth is soft and warm around me, your tongue busy. Your right hand cups my balls as you suck. You give me a quick, expert blowjob, but your eyes are on the girl, once again reclining on her elbows, watching you. I nod at the girl, and she rises from the bed and comes over to us. She sinks to her knees between your own, and puts her hands on your thighs, but her mouth turns to me.

I pull from your mouth and enter hers. She doesn’t suck as well, but it doesn’t matter: you almost had me coming, anyway. As she mouths me, her fingernails run up and down your thighs, teasing the firm skin. Her thumbs dip lower, and you spread your legs as widely as you can, longing for her contact.

When it comes, you gasp. Your own hands cover hers and lead her movements toward your center. Rubbing gently, spreading your wetness around. Exploring.

Suddenly I pull from her mouth and motion for her to turn around. She swivels obediently, sitting back on her haunches, her shoulders now between your thighs, her arms resting on your legs. I step into her and shove my cock into her mouth again. Roughly. Her head rests on your stomach as I begin to fuck her, and your hands come around her head to hold her still. Now we’re fucking her together, me thrusting and you holding.

I ram myself savagely into her mouth, again and again. She is gagging, but you hold her head in an iron grip. Your hands both control and comfort. I, meanwhile, hold you own face in mine, and I bend to kiss you again. A soft, sensual kiss, as I take the girl below us roughly. Soon I can hold back no longer. Your mouth urges my climax forward, and I release myself into the girl’s mouth.

Ah, god, that feels good! My balls tense and my cock pulses strongly, sending hot rivulets of cum into her throat and beyond. She gags once, coughs around me, and then begins to swallow. Our kiss goes on and on, your tongue deep in my mouth as I pump into her. More slowly now, enjoying the pleasure of the flow.

At slot oyna last I am satisfied. I tear my lips from yours and stand up. I look down at the girl. Her mouth is still around me, sucking gently, her tongue working its way around the head of my cock as it softens. Her eyes watering, she smiles at me, and I nod toward you.

This is to be your moment, now. You release her head, and she turns to you again, looking up at you. Smiling lustily, a stringer of my cum on her chin. Your breath is already turning ragged as you watch her, anticipating. I sit back on the bed to watch.

She climbs your body, lingering long enough to take your nipples into her mouth, one at a time. She sucks each one for a moment, rolling her tongue around it, making it even more sensitive. Your own hands wrap around her breasts. They are full and round, great handfuls of warm flesh. You knead the big nipples until you get the desired reaction from them.

Now she is at your mouth, and yours opens as she covers it. I watch you kiss, at first slowly, tentatively. Soon you are both moving against one another, your breathing becoming quicker. Your hands drop to her waist, and you pull her into you. You arch your back, feverish for the contact of her pussy against yours.

Rubbing. Caressing. Kissing. The sight of two women loving one another is so unlike that of a man and a woman. Your passion is palpable. You already seem to know each other’s most sensitive areas. Your bodies move sinuously against one another, muscles flexing, pleasure echoing in every little sigh. I am already hard again, watching you. But I must wait. This is your time.

You slow her down now, just as she is about to lose control. You seldom lose control, and I love that about you. You draw back from her, looking into her eyes. Holding her waist. You smile crookedly, and crane your neck forward towards her face. She expects a kiss, but you want the cum drying on her chin. You lick slowly, sensuously, tickling her lips with your tongue as you pass over them.

She is shaking with desire now, but you are in charge, and you stare at her face, memorizing its beauty, readying yourself. Then, gently but firmly, you push her down your body. Now she knows what you want. Your hands are already rolling your panties down over your hips, past your knees. They catch at your ankles, the ropes preventing them from going any farther.

She drops to her knees between your outspread thighs. She looks at your pussy for a moment, as if considering what to do. Suddenly you can’t wait. Your pelvis undulates as you urge her forward. Your hands go to your thighs and below, spreading yourself. Your first spoken words to her echo in the darkened room.

“Eat me,” you manage to rasp.

Slowly, so slowly you think she’ll never get there, she dips her head forward. At the touch of her lips, your intake of breath is almost deafening. You buck forward, as much as your bound ankles will let you, and present yourself to her mouth. That pouty, beautiful mouth. She begins to lick you.

Her tongue moves up and down your slit, softly probing its recesses. In a little, then back down, then up again. Flicking your swollen clit. Her methodical technique is maddeningly sensual, and you entwine your fingers through her hair. Urging her forward, into you. Your moans quickly fill the room.

Her hand searches out your ass. I have told the girl about your sensitivity there, and she knows the time is right. You are finally, quickly, losing that control. You raise your ass off the chair as her hand slides up under you, her middle finger well lubricated with your juices. Your desire goes into overdrive as you realize what she plans, your anus already loosening in anticipation.

Crooking her finger upward, she slides easily into your puckered hole, and you sit down on her hand. So deep, now! Her tongue lashes your swollen lips as you ride her face, hips pistoning forward. You feel her finger in your ass as you rock back and forth, and it’s driving you mad. She stabs straight into you with the tip of her tongue, and you begin to come.

“Oh…G O D!!!!”

Your body stiffens. I watch you throw yourself back, head hanging over the chair-back, mouth wide, as your orgasm overtakes you. Your fingers still entwined in her hair. Your legs shake uncontrollably. This is a powerful one, one that consumes you completely.

It seems to go on forever. Every time you begin to come down, another stab of her pretty tongue, another lap of your lips, another nibble of your clit, and you’re off again. She can’t get enough of pleasuring you, or you of her. Fine beads of sweat now cover your body, evidence canlı casino siteleri of the passion you feel. Finally, it ends, and you slump onto the chair, exhausted.

I move now, and untie your ankles as the girl reclines on your bed once again. She watches us as we kiss once more, and I help you to your feet. You kick the restraining panties from around your feet as you move to the bed. To her. For you want her now, to taste, to tease as she did you. And I want to take you, as you take her.

She backs up the bed as you climb onto the end, giving you room to kneel before her. This will put you in a perfect position for me, as well. I smile my thanks at her, and she grins wickedly. She knows what I want. She also knows what you want, and she needs something, too. Release.

You first kiss her, softly. Then you begin your descent of her body, spending time on each breast as you go. Her belly, so hard and lean, and then on down through the wispy hair that frames her pussy. You take your time, enjoying her smell, her desire. I watch everything, from behind you, unwilling to spoil your moment. She draws her knees up, presenting herself to you.

Finally, your mouth covers her cunt, and I watch her face as you work her with your tongue. The range of expressions on that face is awesome, and I know you’re doing your work well. She is squirming on the bed now. Moaning softly.

Now. I climb up behind you, on my knees. You moan into her as my hands go to your ass, caressing the curves, feeling the heat. I dip a finger into you from behind. You’re so wet! So hot inside! I pull some of your wetness with my finger and spread it around your asshole. You moan again. This is for later, but I slip my finger into your ass, just to the first knuckle. I feel you relax around me. You’ll be ready.

As you bring her rapidly toward her first climax, I slowly enter your gaping pussy from behind. It grips me tightly, clenching around me as I stroke. You are already close to coming, too. I can feel it in the way you spasm around my cock. The girl’s moans are coming faster, louder. Her impending orgasm draws us along with it, and I stroke faster inside you, sliding my hand around to rub your clit. Your movements beneath me increase.

Soon the three of us are almost there. The sounds in this darkened room have risen steadily with our lust. Our breathing threatens to suck all the oxygen from the air. The sounds of lapping, the slap of my balls on your clit, the moans from the girl, your muffled mewling, combine to form a sort of lusty soundtrack for our little production here. But it won’t last for long.

The girl goes off first, yelling out her pleasure. She stiffens under you. At that moment I pull from your pussy and go north. I push lightly against your asshole, and it yields to me. I slide easily in, and stroke quickly. I’m so close! I touch your clit again with my fingers, and this does it for you. You begin to come. Racing to catch up, I drive harder into you. Your legs tremble and give way, and you slump to the bed, with me riding you down.

Ah, GOD! I feel the first blast come spiraling up from my balls, even as you’re crying out your own release, and I begin to fill you. I pump strongly, slowly, feeling every ounce of my pleasure enter your body. You enter into my rhythm, your ass clenching and unclenching as you take my seed, sharing our mutual climax. This is so good!

The girl, forgotten now, collapses back onto the bed. We move together still, unwilling to let the moment end. You rub your pussy, still so sensitive, against the sheets, and I know you’re feeling those small, sweet spikes of pleasure still. I move my hands to your breasts, adding to the sensations. Your nipples are tight and hard. Sensitive. My cock feels huge in your ass.

For long minutes we rock gently into one another, until I begin to soften. You grasp me, unwilling to let me go, but nature wins out. At the moment I slip from you, you feel the last little spike, and groan, gratefully, but regretfully. I nuzzle your neck, and feel the gooseflesh form. Chuckling, I lay my head on your back and we drift off to sleep.

You awake with a start. Alone, naked on your bed. Feeling incredibly relaxed, but somehow still on some sort of sexual edge. Rising to your elbows, you feel the tingle as your breasts rub against the sheets. They’re on fire tonight! Your whole body is burning, hot and wet, as if you’ve just run a marathon, but you’re here alone. Aren’t you?

Man, what a dream! Rising slowly from the bed, your foot contacts something on the floor. Your t-shirt, torn into two pieces, lies at your feet. Beside it, your panties. Looking around, you can’t see anything. The room is dark. Your monitor has gone to sleep. You move the mouse to wake it up, and strain to see the message coming into focus on your screen.

“Good night, honey,” it says. “Thanks for everything.”

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