27 Mayıs 2022

A Night of Wanting

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You walk me to the door whispering for me not to unlock the door just yet. You have a surprise for me, and to close my eyes. I feel your strong arms reaching around me. Gliding up my hips, my sides, up my arms, and finally stopping at my shoulders.

My nipples hardening under the cover of my silken bra. I can feel the heat of your breath on my neck. The heat sends excitement rushing through my veins. I can feel you pulling something out of your pocket. I wonder what it is and you can feel me start to tense up. You set my mind at ease by telling me that you are not going to do anything to hurt me.

I feel your hands reaching up and skimming up my collarbone and around my earlobes driving me wild with anticipation. You tie a very soft piece of cloth over my eyes. You then take the keys out of my hands unbolting the lock you reach for my hand.

This isn’t my house I think some how it feels so foreign. You close the door behind us. You pull me closer against you. Letting me feel your entire manhood against my thigh. I let out a gasp of air not realizing that I was holding it in. Our bodies intertwine. You dip your head lower and we begin kissing passionately. Our tongues circling around flicking against each other. My pussy starts to throb with wanting. I cant wait till you take me, but I love the passion that our kiss has. I start to undo your shirt buttons, finding it a little tough to do while blindfolded.

“Don’t worry honey you will have all of me soon… But for now it’s you that I want to focus on.” You illegal bahis slip around and unzip my dress… Pulling the straps off of my shoulders, you kiss every inch as you move the fabric from me letting the dress fall to the floor. Your lips are so moist so warm. I suck in a breath not wanting this pleasure to end. You turn me around so you can see the front of me. I stand in front of you in a deep burgundy colored satin bra, and the same color thong panties, a black garter belt attached to a pair of stockings and the little kitten heels that I love so much. Not being able to see you makes me more excited. My pale brown nipples are so hard they seem like they will start to tear a hole in the fabric.

You slowly move towards me letting your hard cock rest in the valley of my luscious ass cheeks. Nibbling on my back around to my earlobes knowing that they are very sensitive places to touch. Your hands slip around the front of me lightly kneading my perfect grapefruit sized breasts. My body goes limp against yours. You slip your hands around to unhook me. You slip the straps off my shoulders letting my bra fall to the floor. You let me slip my shoes off as you hook your fingers in my waistband tugging slightly. Teasing.

“Nope.. I’m not taking these off just yet. I have more plans.” My mind starts rushing with the thought of pleasure.. My pussy soaking through the swatch of fabric between my legs. You slide your hand down the front of my panties. Into the depth of me. Teasing my clit with your thumb getting the angling illegal bahis siteleri just right.

Your mouth closes in on my left nipple. Your hands tracing my right teasing my already hard nipple. Covering my body with goose bumps. You cup my whole globe in your hand leaning closer I can feel the heat from your mouth. Your thumb speeding up driving me insane. You plunge one finger in and start moving it in and out faster and faster. Another finger driving deep. The first wave of pleasure is released, soaking through my panties and covering your hand. My mouth opens wide letting out a moan of Bliss. You start to remove your hand as I sigh in disappointment . “That’s not fair I wasn’t done yet.”

“Sweetie we have all night. Now I’m taking off your clothes and you’ll see what else I have in store for you.” Unhooking my stockings rolling them down my smooth legs my ankles and my toes. You hook around the thin band of silk. Drawing them over my hips and pushing them to the floor. Leaving my garter on you take my hand and lead me to my room. I’m glad I picked up a little before we went out. My bed coming closer. I smell candles I can see the flames burning through the cloth on my eyes. You ease me onto the bed.

Your getting undressed I can hear the rustling of your clothes. The bed moves your climbing on. You lean down kissing the tops of my feet moving up my leg very slowly. The excitement. I start rubbing my erect nipples. Moving my hips with anticipation. Getting closer to my sweet wet hole.

You canlı bahis siteleri take off my belt . I thought you were going to leave it on. Your mouth kissing the top of my thin line of hair moving down I almost scream please take me. Fill me. I cant wait any more. You sense what I need. Delving into my juices. Your tongue flicking over my distended button. My hips thrusting wildly under you. My hands reach out and twist in your hair. Keeping you licking and sucking my sensitive spot. Licking my insides. My breathing quickens. Can I really be this close again? I arch my back my nectar flowing out like a fountain.

You climb in between my legs. The tip of your hard cock resting at my entrance. You move teasing me rubbing up and down, but not going in. you pin my hands above my head. Finally pressing against me. You enter my tunnel. Screaming out with pleasure as I cum all over your hard cock before you have it all the way in. Pumping me slow and increasing your speed I lift my legs and hook them on your hips. Moving at the same pace the same rhythm I can feel your pressure start to build. My pussy tightens around you. You let go of my hands my nails scratch down your back clenching you tightly.

Our bodies pulse at the same beat. Your body tenses above mine. You look down into my eyes I nod as my legs grip you tighter. Waves of pleasure overwhelm me each thrust into me sending me farther over the edge. I hold onto you arching myself closer driving you in deeper. Finally with a final thrust your hot cream shoots deep inside me. You continue to pump releasing more of your cum deep in my womb. Finally pulling out and looking at me before you roll off to my left side wrapping your arms around me. Kissing passionately before our eyes start drifting sleepily from relaxation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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