23 Mayıs 2022

A Fantasy that I wish didn’t come true(Rape story)

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A Fantasy that I wish didn’t come true.
(A Rape Story)

(This story is not about me nor is it a true story. Thanks for reading)

My name is Mel. It’s short for Melody. I am 21 years old. There are things that are built up inside me that I need to release. So, I am going to write a true story about something horrible that happened to me. I am going to share it with you in hopes that it releases this deep void in my life. Before I tell you what this thing is, I am going to tell you about me and my life prior to the day that it all happened.

I lived in a small town out in the country. You had to literally drive an hour to get to the city life. I have had a normal life. I have a great family. I had great friends. I dont see those friends much anymore because I have shut them out. I have always considered myself to be beautiful and sexy. In high school, all the boys liked me. I was a virgin until I was 17 and I gave it to a boyfriend who I loved dearly. Something inside of me awakened after having sex for the first couple of times. I started wanting it more than he did. I started wanting to try new things. Our relationship had definitely became nothing more than sex. I wasn’t one of the girls who complained about it, I was the one who enjoyed it the most.

When I was alone, I would have fantasies in my head of things that I would like to try. Like being with two men. Being with a female. Dressing up and role playing. But, out of all the different fantasies I had, there was one fantasy that I thought about all the time. For awhile I use to try and make myself not think about it. In reality this fantasy happens to girls but, it’s not a fantasy to them. It’s a horrific event that they would love to take away. Rape. I couldn’t help it. I thought about being raped by one guy or three or four. I would pleasure myself with my eyes closed and pretend I was being held down and I was begging them not to. After opening my eyes and cumming, I always felt like a sick person. I dont think that it was the rape part that turned me on so much, it was being helpless, it was the man being so strong that he could hold me down and do whatever he wanted to me and I couldn’t do anything about it. But, those things are rape. My boyfriend was all into trying things and I remember one night where he made me feel like I was a sick person.

One night Bryan and I were alone at his house together. We were making out heavily and he was pressed up against me. I told him to hold my hands down. He did as I asked and continued kissing me. That feeling of being held down was so amazing to me. I began pretending like I didn’t want it. I stopped kissing him and turned my head away. I wanted him to keep kissing me or lick my neck but instead he asked what was wrong. I sighed and asked him if we could role play. At first he was excited. He started yelling out roles like teacher student, tutor, best friends, blah, blah. I then said, how about you pretend to rape me. I sat there. He raised his eyebrows and said, and I quote.. “Thats horrible, I couldn’t even act like I was doing that to you.” I smiled at him. A part of me felt like he was so sweet and good. And the other part of me felt let down and that I must be a sick twisted person. I decided to do the teacher student and we went at it.

Thats just part of my life showing you why I gave this story the title I did. I want to tell you a little more things that happened that I regret now before I move on to the event that changed my life.

Things were perfect with me and Bryan. And we started to do other things besides have sex. Actually we barely had sex anymore after awhile. He played football and I played volleyball. We didn’t have much time together anymore. Another secret I should tell you is that I became addicted to pornography. I would always search for porn that was forced sex and looked as real as possible. There were a few that really got me off. I remember laying in bed watching it trying to pretend it was happening to me. I also watched movies and read books with rape scenes. I dont know why but I was thrilled with it. Especially in the movie where a guy would push the girl against a wall and whisper things in her ear while she would cry. Just writing this makes me feel like a sick bad person.

I remember when I would go out to the mall or store sometimes when it was dark. I would always look around my surroundings and be scared that someone would grab me. I didn’t want that to actually happen. But, when I would get home afterward I would think about it. If someone did grab me and put me in a van or something and for some strange reason it made my pussy tingle.

OK. I am about to tell you in detail what happened to me.
If you do not like reading about detailed rape and violence please stop reading this now. This is painful for me to write as I am sure for some it would be painful to read.

It happened to me when I was 19 years old. I had just turned 19 two weeks before it happened. It was the middle of July and the temperature was almost unbearable to be outside. I had been at my friends house all day watching movies and swimming in her pool. Bryan had to go on a family vacation to Ohio that week. There was a club we were supposed to go to that night, but when I had asked Bryan, he told me he didn’t want me to go because he didn’t want guys all over me. I couldn’t blame him. I told my friend that she could go with the other girls without me. I was faithful to Bryan. I had guys try to talk to me all the time and it felt good, but I never would be unfaithful. I stayed over my friends house and watched the girls get ready to go out. I was jealous and wished I could dress slutty and go to, but I was in love.

They got ready to leave and I walked with them out the door and told them to have fun.They left early because the drive would be an hour away. I remember sitting in my car feeling alone on a Saturday night. I was trying to think of something to do. I decided to go and rent a movie or two and get some ice cream. I planned to spend the night in my bedroom missing Bryan. Since everything closed so early I had to hurry to the video store. I sware it was like everyone went to bed before nine in that little town. I parked my car and saw a couple of the guys I went to school with back in high school. I got out and they yelled at me to come over. They were all just waiting in the parking lot talking waiting for Corey who had worked there to get off work. They asked me where Bryan was and I told them and then we made small talk and as I walked in the store I heard them talking about my ass. I picked a few movies out and on the way out told them bye. I drove to the grocery store to get my ice cream. The small store was about to close so there was barely no one there. The parking lot was dark and I parked as close as possible. I went to the ice cream freezer and picked out what I wanted. There was a guy standing next me looking in the freezer and then he looked at me.

“Thats my favorite kind”
I turned to the guy and smiled and then walked away to pay. When I got to the register, the guy came behind me to check out. I thanked the guy and walked out the store. Walking to my car, I noticed there was a black SUV parked right beside mine on the drivers side. I heard the guy who had spoke to me come out of the store shortly after I did. When I got closer to my car I noticed there were guys sitting in the backseat of the SUV and one in the driver side. They had loud music playing and were staring at me. In that moment I was a little uneasy because I had to walk next to them to get in my car. I got to the back of my car when the guy from the store spoke to me and I stopped.

“Excuse me, May I ask where your going with your ice cream”
I stood there and almost laughed and told him that I was going home.
“You should come with us to this party were going to”
He looked over at the SUV and one of the guys from the back seat yelled out.
“Hey, can I have some of your ice cream”
All the guys in the car were laughing and the guy next to me smiled.
I told him that my parents were expecting me home so I was sorry but I couldn’t.

“Damn thats too bad, well have a good night babe”
I smiled at him and walked in between their car and mine. I had my car key ready to go. The guy in the backseat was saying things to me and the guy outside walked up behind me. I was scared but another part of me thought that he was just going to wait for me to get in my car so he could get into the passenger seat of his friends car. Right before I put my key in the car I heard the guy in the backseat.

“I think were going to take her tonight.”

My key was in the lock and I opened my door throwing the ice cream and my purse in the passenger seat. As I threw my things I heard the back door of the SUV open quickly and close. It all happened so fast. Just before I could get into my car, a hand reached around me and held my mouth, while another grabbed my arm and I was being pulled from my car. The only thing I could think of in that quick second, was that I had to fight. I remember as soon as I felt the hand, I tried to pull it off my mouth so I could at least scream. I pushed my body away but before I could illegal bahis even attempt to struggle, the other guy had me by the waist. They dragged me a few steps back. I was screaming but of course no one could hear me with his hand over my mouth. And even if I could scream loudly, no one was even around that night. I tried to push and twist but there was nothing I could do. The guy from inside the car grabbed me by the neck and took over holding my mouth. The other guy outside pushed my body in the car and my flip flops fell off my feet and he told me I didn’t need those and then he held me down shutting the car door. At this point I was still trying to push and twist out of their possession even though I knew it was too late. My struggling didn’t last long when the guy holding me by the mouth was given a knife by the driver. He held the knife in front of my eyes.

“Fucking stop moving..you see this shit, you want your neck slit.”
My body became like jello when I saw the knife and heard his words. I no longer was pushing and squirming. The other guy lifted my legs and sat underneath them holding me by my lower body. This all took place within seconds. The other guy that was outside had already gotten into the car and the car was moving.

“Good girl, now I’m going to let go of that mouth and if you scream I’ll stick this into your throat.”

The guy holding my legs pulled on my pants and the guy holding me up let go of my mouth. They positioned my body so that i was laying on their laps. My head was laying flat and all I could see was the inside of the car. Every time we would pass street lights I could see the glare inside the windows. I tired not to look at the men who were taking me. Strangely for awhile no one said anything. I was just laying there on these guys laps in fear and silence. I couldn’t even cry at this point. Again all these things happened so fast so it’s hard to write it in enough detail to tell you every single thing. I remember looking toward the front seat at the guy who was in the store with me. He was young he was maybe 26 or 27. The other guys from what I seen looked around the same. My thoughts were racing in my head. For awhile I remember thinking of escape plans but after awhile I became truthful with myself that there was nothing I could do. The silence scared me more than anything in that car. I wanted them to talk. I wanted them to say there plans so I could at least know what to prepare for mentally. I was so fearful that I would be murdered.

After minutes of laying there in silence I looked up at the guy above me. He looked down at me and I quickly looked away. I closed my eyes. I felt his hand run along the side of my face and I began to cry. I tried not to be loud but my heavy breaths were loud in the silence.

“Its OK baby, dont cry.”

The guy above me said that in a soft tone. The guy beside him starting laughing. I cried so hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I use to watch unsolved mysteries and tell myself that would never happen to me. At this point I wasn’t even thinking about them raping me. I was thinking they were going to kill me.

The guy in the front seat turned around.I couldn’t see his face my eyes were blurry from the tears. I couldn’t breath through my nose and every breath I took through my mouth was so loud.

“Stop your fucking crying”
He screamed at me. All I could do was hold my breath. I tried so hard to not cry anymore. I needed to wipe my face but I was scared to move. The guy from the front handed the guy holding me a napkin and he threw it on my face. I took that as he wanted me to wipe my nose and eyes so I did. I looked up at him and he stared at me. I couldn’t look away. His eyes were emerald green. They were almost green enough to put you in a trance. They must have been contacts. He rubbed my face again. I almost cried even harder but I was too scared too. Music came on. They turned it really loud. I guess to drown out my crying and heavy breathing.
I wanted to know what they were going to do. I swallowed hard and said please. He didn’t hear me the first time until I got louder. I said please again and he looked down. Then I screamed it. Please!! After that I went on. I said Please dont hurt me, please let me go please. The music turned low. He was just smiling at me. I was crying again.

“Listen, were not going to let you go,were not going to bargain with you, just lay there and look sexy OK”

The guy from the front seat turned back around after those words. The guy holding my legs rubbed his hand underneath my pant leg. The guy above me told him to wait. It was then clear to me what their plans were. I didn’t know if they would kill me but I knew they would rape me.

“Hell yeah, were almost there”
The guy in the front and the other one who was driving were talking. They were saying how when they got there that they would go straight to the back room. I had my eyes closed. I was thinking about Bryan. Bryan would kill these guys if he seen them take me. I missed him so bad. I thought about my parents and my friends. I thought about how maybe this was happening because I was so sick and fantasized about it. I thought to myself that I cant believe I would have pretended this happened to me. This was so horrible. I tried to prepare myself. In reality, there is nothing you can do to prepare for this situation. After I heard them say we were close, I couldn’t take it. I would rather die fighting then have those psychos torture me. I jumped up and swung my legs off onto the floorboard. I turned my head and tried to grab the door handle. That only lasted a second before they grabbed me by the legs arms and hair. He pulled my hair and slapped my face so hard that it was stinging.

“You fucking dumb bitch, You want to fucking die dumb ass.”
“Your supposed to hold her down”
“She was being good, now I’m going to have to hurt her.”

No, I screamed I told him I would be good. I was crying at my stupid failed attempt. He grabbed my throat and squeezed it. He pulled me to his face and he took his lips and sucked on my bottom lip hard. He softly bit it and smiled at me while he was still squeezing my neck. I couldn’t breath. He let go pushed my head down on his lap.

“Were here, you try anything or scream this time I will slit your fucking throat.”

I closed my eyes hard so the tears would fall out so I could see. Out the window I saw white walls and shelves hanging. I could tell we were in a garage. The front doors opened and then the back ones. The guy holding my feet let go and got out and shut the door. I didn’t even try to do anything because there was nothing that could be done. The guy holding me let me go but held my arm as he got out.

“Alright sexy get out”
“I cant wait”
I got out, tears still falling. This was it, I thought. Whatever they have planned, they are going to do and there was nothing I could do. When I got out, one guy walked behind me and the rest went into a door and I followed. It opened to a large living room. It was plain and I remember seeing a fish tank and a long wooden board that was laid across a table and it had spray paint on it. The walls were bare. There was one grey looking couch and a huge TV with gaming consoles and games on the floor. They led me back toward a hallway. It was dark. I asked them again to please let me go. They didn’t even reply to me. The guy behind me slapped me on the ass extremely hard that it pushed me forward and the other guys laughed.

A light turned on as I approached the room. I stopped in the doorway and the other guys were all standing around. The guy behind me pushed me hard on my back and I fell forward into the room. I sat up. I was shaking. I looked up and all four of them were staring at me.

“Get up baby”
“I said get the fuck up”

I stood up. The room had posters of sports bikes and nude girls all over the walls. There were beer bottles on shelves. There was an unfolded futon behind me.

“Whats your name”
I took a deep breath and told him my name.
“Wow I love that name its so sexy.”
“Melody I should tell you why we brought you here.”
“Were going to fuck your little sweet brains out Melody”
I fell to the floor. I couldn’t cry no more my tears were all gone. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

“Melody look at me. You need to be a good girl OK”
“You better be a good girl or were going to hurt you with our dicks”
“You guys ready, I cant wait any longer I’m hungry for some of that pussy”

The words were like knives stabbing me.
One of them came toward me and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it until I stood up. He wiped the wetness off my face and licked my neck. I remember trying to pull his hand away from my hair. It hurt so bad. Another guy came up behind me and started rubbing his hand on my ass.

“You like that Melody”
“Yeah she likes it, she wants to get fucked, dont you girl.”
He released my hair and the other two guys came over. The guy behind me lifted me up by my hips and threw me down on the futon. I rolled myself off the other end and ran screaming toward a door. They all were laughing as I opened the door and they didn’t even chase me. The door opened to a closet. illegal bahis siteleri I jumped in the closet and shut the door and held it tight. The door pulled open with force and I fell backward. I fell on a pile of random things and my back was hurting.

“You fucked up girl, now were going to fuck the shit out of you twice as hard.”
“Grab her and bring her here”
“What a dumb little cunt”

I looked around for something sharp and he grabbed my arm so I picked up something off the floor. I managed to pick up a small clock radio and I slammed it into his head. Now that I look back on it, what I did was so stupid. There were four of them so knocking one out wouldn’t even have mattered. But, when your at that point your not thinking clear. Your only thinking of getting away and doing everything you can to resist. The smarter thing would have been to just lay there and let them do what they wanted. He screamed when I hit him and the other guys laughed. He grabbed my hand and the radio clock and swung me fast and I hit the wall. He went at me and picked up the radio and threw it back in the closet. He sat me up against the wall and he slapped me so hard that my tooth cut the inside of my mouth. My eyes closed and I could taste my blood.

“Fuck you you fucking dumb bitch, your not too smart are you. I’m going to ram my fucking dick down your throat until you choke and pass the fuck out.”
“Dude calm the fuck down, watch out”
Another guy picked me up sat me on the futon bed.
“Fuck you, you ain’t the one that just got hit with a fucking clock radio.”
“Stop being a pussy, so I can get some pussy.”

They laughed and the guy who sat me down grabbed my legs and pulled me down on the bed to lay me flat. They all got on the small bed two on each side.

“Take her shirt off”
They Lifted me up and one pulled my shirt up and over my head. They commented on my bathing suit top and then untied the strings. I moved my hands up and covered my breasts.

“Put your hands down now”
I slowly put my hands down, I was tear less crying and begging them over and over again to please stop. I told them my dad would give them money and they laughed at me. Each one of them took turns squeezing my breasts, Three of them squeezed very hard and one did it softly. The guy to the right of me licked my nipples and he bit them hard and made me yell.

“You got perfect tits, they fit my hand perfect”
“Take her pants off dude”
One of them unbuttoned my pants and I struggled but again there was nothing I could do, he pulled them down with my bathing suit bottoms inside them. I was laying there completely naked with four strange guys. They stared at my pussy. It made me feel so horrible. I cant even explain to you how disgusted it made me feel. Like I was a doll they were playing with. I was embarrassed and I closed my eyes.

“Oh my fuck, look at that pussy”
“I call dibs on tasting it”
“No we can all taste it, just finger her and taste her, I bet shes so sweet”
“Your a naughty girl with that shaved pussy arnt you”
Hearing them talk this way made me so sick.
“Hey Melody you got a boyfriend.”
I answered them, I told them that my boyfriend would kill them and that only made it worse.

“Your little limp dick boyfriend probably dont even know what to do with this pussy girl”
“We know what to do with it baby dont worry, we’ll fuck you right”

They were all rubbing me talking so nasty. One was squeezing my boobs, the others were rubbing my legs and then the worse part came. Two of the guys grabbed my legs and tried to spread them. I fought. One of them slapped my stomach. The guy who was touching my breasts got up on his knees behind me and held me up by my arms.

“Melody remember what we told you”
“If you fight this were just going to fuck you until you bleed”
I let go of what little strength I had left. They spread my legs open. Three of them took turns touching on me and rubbing me. I jerked and twisted but it only made it worse so I tried to stay still. They rubbed it awhile commenting on how tight they knew it was, and how sweet it must taste. The guy holding me had his hands on my breasts holding them. I closed my eyes. I felt a finger slip inside me. I felt so dirty. I felt so bad that I could have ever let this be a fantasy of mine. This was so horrible. I wondered if they were going to kill me. I thought about Bryan being the only guy that was ever inside me, I thought about how much pain it would take before I would pass out. I wondered if they would take turns fucking me and how would they do it. They each slid there fingers in me and commented on how it tasted sweet. One said to me that I taste so good that he was going to lock me up and never let me go. Hearing that I started crying again. I tried thinking of something else to get my mind off of the act that was happening to me but I couldn’t. The guy holding my breasts leaned over me and slipped his finger in. After they all done this they starting planning out what they would do to me.

“Alright, you are going to lay down and we will put her on top of you and then ill fuck her asshole and you fuck her pussy, you two take turns fucking her mouth”
“No, lets just take turns with her mouth first, I want to see her lips around my dick”
“I dont want to even share with you fucking idiots, stop planning shit”
I pulled my arms and twisted my body as I yelled out no please dont hurt me.
“Oh baby trust me, your going to like this.”
One guy sat in between my legs and slid his finger inside me. The guy behind me switched positions with another one and he held my arms back. The other two guys pulled there pants off and then there boxers and got on each side of me.

“If I so much as even feel your teeth at all on my dick I will fucking shoot you in your fucking leg do you understand”
As he was saying this he picked up a gun that must have been in his pants. I said yes after seeing the gun. He Had one leg standing off the bed and the other on the bed as he stretched himself toward me. The guy behind me turned me so I could reach the guys dick.
“Open your mouth baby, lick my cock.”

I closed my eyes for a moment. My throat had already hurt from screaming and pleading and my mouth was sore from being slapped so hard. I stuck my tongue out and barely pressed it to his dick.
“Lick it slut, and look up in my eyes when you do”
I licked it like he instructed me and forced myself to look at him. He was looking in my eyes.

“Put it in your mouth and close your lips, I’m going to fuck that sexy little mouth of yours.”
I did as he told me to. His dick was bigger than Bryan’s and when he put it in my mouth it touched my throat. He pushed it in further and I pulled my head away and coughed. He grabbed me by the hair.

“Open your fucking mouth, I want you to choke on it, dont you pull it out again until I say”
He jammed his dick in my mouth and I gagged on it. Somehow my tears returned. He was thrusting inside my mouth hard. I gagged and coughed. My throat was feeling like it was bleeding, I felt his dick go deep in my throat I couldn’t take it no more. I pulled away. The guy on the other side grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. I was screaming but nothing but spit came out of my mouth it was all down my face and chin from him gagging me. The guy fingering me was still going at it watching what the others were doing. The guy who had pulled me to him palmed the back of my head and told me to open my mouth and he shoved his dick inside. He did the same as the other one did but not as hard.

“Fuck that feels so good, slobber all over that cock girl”
“Yeah you like that big dick in that pretty mouth”
The guy fingering my pussy pulled his fingers out
“Alright I got to fuck this sweet pussy”
My throat was still being thrusted with both of them as they took turns.
“Dude is she wet”
“Oh yeah shes soaking wet, the little slut likes it, I’m about to fuck that tight wet pussy baby”

I felt my legs being lifted and then my hips, he lifted me up and the other guy pulled his dick from my mouth. The guy behind me helped him lift me and I looked at him in the eyes and then I looked down. He was positioning me and then I felt his dick slowly go inside me. I started crying and making noises. I couldn’t scream because my throat was in pain. He was all the way in and I felt myself tense up inside. I was so tense that it felt like he was breaking something inside me. He put his hands on my hips and the guy behind me with his hands on my arms helped him lift me up and back down on his dick.

“Oh fuck dude, shes so fucking tight.”
The guy next to him grabbed my hair and told me to open my mouth, they told me they loved my moaning. It wasn’t moaning it was low pitched screams and it was all I had left. While he was bouncing me up and down, the guy to the left grabbed my hair and pulled me to his dick and shoved himself in my mouth. I couldn’t concentrate on what was hurting me worse. My throat and pussy were filled with these men and the pain I felt and the disgusting feeling I had wont leave my mind to this day. The guy to the right took my hair and pulled my mouth away from the other guy and when he did, my tooth canlı bahis siteleri slid across his dick and he yelled.
“What the fuck dude, dont grab her when shes sucking my dick”
He slapped my face and then grabbed my hair and pulled me back to him.

“Fuck off dude it’s my turn”
They both had my hair and were pulling it and Lifted my hands and gripped there arms to try to get them to stop. They laughed at me and the guy thrusting inside me lifted my body up high almost enough so his dick would fall out of me but it didn’t. He then slammed me down on his dick as hard as he could and a scream ripped through my throat. I felt like my insides were collapsing.

“There that should shut her up”
“I dont want her to shut up, I like her little moans”
I laid my head back and rested it on the guy who was behind me. I had nothing left inside me. I was weak. My mouth and throat was dry. I was sore, and the guy thrusting inside me pulled out letting my lower body lay flat on the bed. The guy behind me got up and I fell backward on the bed.
Even though he was out of me I felt a scolding feeling inside. I guess I was just raw. I couldn’t even swallow and I could barely open my eyes. One of the guys laid flat on the bed. Two of them grabbed me and lifted me up and mounted me on top of the guy. He stuck his dick inside me and I rested there. It didn’t even hurt this time. His dick was inside me and I fell on him and laid my head resting it on his shoulder. I thought he would slap me and tell me to sit up but he didn’t. He rubbed my face and hair and waited for his friends. One guy stood at the side of the futon bed and faced me stroking his dick. And then another came and did the same. At that point I wasn’t sure where the fourth one was but, I quickly found out. I felt his hand spread one of my ass cheeks and then two wet fingers rubbed my hole. I begged him and I jerked up and the guy underneath dragged me back down and rubbed my hair again.

“Its going to be okay, it will only hurt for a bit sexy”
“No it ain’t going to be OK I’m about to ram my dick up her tight asshole.”
“You going to go slow at first dude”
“Hell no, I’m going to shove it in, I would have gone slow but she slammed a radio at my head”

The guy underneath me wrapped his hands around my back and held me tightly so I couldn’t move. I begged and begged him to please not do it. The guy under me lifted his body so I would arch for the other guys entry. I felt the tip start to press on my asshole. He went slow for a second and then he pushed his cock in my hole hard, I was so tense that he had a hard time pushing it as hard as he wanted. He gripped my hips as he tried to shove himself in me hard. My head was pressed against the guys chest as I barely could scream. The pain was so sharp I felt like passing out.

“This is turning me on so much”
“I’m the one with my dick in her tight hole, dude you got to feel her”
“Lift your head up bitch and suck my dick”

The guy underneath me and the guy fucking my asshole starting going in sync with each other. One would push in and then the other. All I could do was whimper and take it. One of the guys standing leaned over the bed and lifted my head stretching my neck up. He slapped the hell out of my face and then the other guy slapped it on the other side. My eyes were closed. I had no thoughts at all but that I just wanted it to stop. It lasted so long. The two guys standing took turns shoving there dicks in my throat telling me to make my lips tighter and that they better not feel my teeth. They all talked back and forth the whole time while my pain was still high.

“I wish there was one more hole”
“She likes having them all filled up”
“Shes a tight little slut, I’m in love with her”
“Switch me spots”
One of the guys standing in front of me switched spots with the guy from behind me.

“Damn you opened her up wide”
He stuck his dick inside me and thrusted faster holding my hips making grunting noises
“Here baby taste yourself”

I turned my head away and dropped it on the guy underneath as he was thrusting trying to be in sync with the guy in my ass. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock that was inside my ass in my mouth and he pushed it so far that I choked, my eyes felt like they were bleeding. I pulled my mouth away and shook my head side to side coughing and he laughed. The other one standing grabbed me by the neck and slapped his dick on the side of my face hard and fast and then the other guy joined in on the other side. After what seemed like forever, the guy who hadn’t had his turn in me switched places with the guy fucking me in the ass.

“You guys didn’t cum in her ass”
“No I’m waiting to come on her face”
“Fuck this feels good, not me, I’m going to cum in her ass”
“Hurry up dude, I feel like I’m about to bust in her pussy, i want to bust on her face”

After pulling me and thrusting hard in my ass he came. He squeezed my hips hard with his fingernails digging them into my skin.

“Of fuck this bitch feels good”
“You came dude now lift her off before I do”

The two guys in front of me were stroking there dick hard pointing at my face. The guy behind me lifted me up and the guy underneath got up and stood. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed and open my mouth. My Insides were in so much pain, My ass was sore along with my throat. I couldn’t sit up. One of the guys slapped me and I fell to the side laying my head down. He lifted me back up and told me to open my mouth and look at him

“Thats it, open your mouth, oh fuck I’m cumming”
He shot cum out and it landed in my mouth and on my chin.
“Dont you fucking spit bitch swallow it right now”
I shook my head and he screamed
“You swallow my cum or we will fucking kill you”

I swallowed it and gagged, right after, another of the men pointed his dick in my face and without warning it shot on the side of my face and he told me to wipe it with my fingers and lick it. I did as he told again coughing when I tasted it. Both of the other guys were already pointed in my face and shot out almost the same time, it landed in my hair, my cheek and my mouth and again they threatened me to swallow it so I did.

“Damn baby, you are so good”
“Shit dude I’m tired as fuck now”
“Put your fucking clothes on if you want to leave, hurry the fuck up”

One of the guys threw my clothes on me. They began getting themselves dressed. I was so weak, my body was shaking, I was cold, I was in such pain. I barely had enough energy to put my bathing suit bottoms and pants on but I managed to. One of the guys had to help me put my bathing suit top on and tie it. He then helped me put my shirt on. He could see how weak I was so he picked me up and carried me. We went back to the SUV they brought me in and he lifted me up and pushed me over and I sat in between them. I was out of it, I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t think of anything, I was just there. The guy who had held me put his arm around me and my head fell to his shoulder. I remember him laying his head on mine and rubbing my arm. All the other guys were talking and I cant remember in detail what they were saying, I tried to block them out. I closed my eyes, my whole body was still in so much pain and every breath I took made my throat throb. I remember the guy holding me whispering to me. He told me he was sorry. He also told me that it wasn’t his choice. I guess none of the other guys who were talking heard him. I drifted off. My eyes opened wide I just remember seeing the light inside the car go on. The back car doors opened.

“I’m sure you’ll know how to get home from here”
“You should just sit here until morning”

The guy who was holding me got out and pulled me out and picked me up, he and another guy walked me a short distance and sat me up against a wall. The other guy walked away and tears streamed down my face as the guy who had whispered to me bent down and kissed my cheek and told me he was sorry. He then left me and the SUV drove off. I couldn’t see enough to get the license number. I laid there in pain and eventually drifted to sleep for hours until morning when a man found me and called the police.

I was taken to the hospital, and from then on, there was nothing they could do to find the men who did that to me. Three months later my family moved away. None of us could stand living there knowing they were still there and got away with it. Bryan and I stayed together even after I moved but eventually we couldn’t handle the long distance and he couldn’t handle me shutting him out of my life the way I started to do.
Sometimes at nights, I have nightmares about what happened and I can still vaguely see their faces. I also think about the guy who told me he was sorry. I dont think I will ever forget what happened to me. I dont think I could ever even have sex again after what happened. I do know one thing, I will never fantasize about rape ever again. I am now a rape victim. Theres nothing erotic about it. The only reason I feel strongly about it still, isn’t because I liked it when it happened, it’s because I think at least one of those guys knew what they were doing was wrong and hopefully felt bad about it after. Theres no way of knowing. My fantasy now is to find a man that I can trust and that I can feel comfortable about telling my story to and maybe he can help me get over it. That day may never come.

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