28 Mayıs 2022

Strokes of a Genius Ch. 2

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Round two…

For a moment, I thought I had been dreaming as the clouds parted, clearing away my post-orgasmic stupor. Slowly, I raised my arms and my hands pressed against warm flesh hovering over my body. I gasped as my mind finally cleared, and I felt the biggest smile spread across my face. It was real, I thought. It was all real!

I willed my hands to move, sliding them upward, grazing the sides of his strong abs before coming around to his chest. I pressed my palms up to him, willing his nipples to harden as he had done to mine. “Mmmmm…” he groaned appreciatively. “Feels like you’re ready to finish what we’ve started.” I moved my hands to his face and raised myself to his lips to kiss him. I felt his tongue slide between my lips, and tasted my own juices still on his mouth.

Gently, he grasped my wrists and brought my arms over my head. Then, with one more kiss, he pushed me onto my side, rolling me onto my stomach. Once again, his hands rolled across my shoulders, but this time, they began to roam across my well-oiled back. I sighed as he began to mold me once again into one of his creations worthy of receiving pleasure. As his hands traced the rounded curves of my ass, I felt more cold droplets fall onto my warm flesh. Reaching my thighs, he began to pull them apart as he was rubbing them, opening them wider and wider until my knees were bent on both sides of my body. I felt his finger trace my still-wet pussy as if admiring his handiwork. Then, I felt him kiss my ass, his moist lips and tongue moved slowly up my body, bringing every glorious sensation to the surface over and over. I was ready to float away on my cloud again when something hard grazed my thigh. My eyes flew open as I realized that something hard was him.


Wait a minute. What did he say? What did we say?



“I’ve got to tell you something.”

Puzzled, I looked back at him and found his eyes. Apparently, we’d said the same thing twice. We started to laugh, finally clearing away some of the tension.

“You first.” I said. “What’s going on?”

“Well, I just remembered; I didn’t come prepared for any deep encounters.”

“That’s okay, because I’ve never had a deep encounter.”

“Hold erotik film izle up; you’re a virgin?”

“I’m afraid so.”

I heard Sire sigh and feared the worst. I knew I never should have let it go this far, but he did such incredible things to my body…! Now I probably won’t be able to look at him again. As if to confirm my fears, I heard him start to chuckle, and then laugh out loud.

“So that’s your big secret! I knew there was something about you that whet my appetite, but I never thought it would be this!”

“Just let me get my clothes, Sire.”

“Why? We’re just getting started here.”

“I just told you I’m a virgin, Sire. I’ll understand if you want nothing more to do with me.”

“Oh my lady, how wrong you are. There’s so much more that we can do, that is, if you’ll allow me to show you.” He leaned over me, his chest sliding up and down my back as his hands snuck over my breasts to give them, and my nipples, a firm squeeze. I moaned, and felt myself smile contentedly. “Feels like you’re more than ready now,” he chuckled.

Sliding his hands down my back once again, he said, “Your first lesson is this; Artists can find pleasure anywhere. All you need is an opening.” As he said this, his hands came to rest on my ass again, slowly kneading and squeezing my buttocks as more cool drops of oil fell onto my skin and slid down my crevice. Suddenly, using his index finger like a brush, he made a plunging stroke between my buttocks and painted my puckered anus, which tightened at the unexpected intrusion. I felt my body surge with a mixture of excitement and fright. “Oh shit! Sire! What are you doing to me?”

“Hey, now, I can’t have that. Our second rule is, tension doesn’t let you have any fun. The key to pleasure lies in letting yourself relax.” His hand slid up my body and cupped my breast. As he squeezed, my nipple wrinkled into a hardened bud under his palm. My past tension was forgotten as I gave myself to his tender manipulation of my flesh. This man can squeeze tit like nobody’s business! I grinned to myself as his fingers continued to tease and tickle my nipple. Then he began to make the same movements on my now smoother-than-smooth ass. He’s all over me, I thought in amazement. How does he do that?

That’s film izle when I felt it. I knew he was still on my nipple, but I felt his fingers moving on my now very moist, VERY sensitive rectum! He began to stroke my anus and my nipple with the same rhythm. Suddenly, the soothing sensation I’d felt on my breast now blended with the stroking motions on my ass! I couldn’t tell what was turning me on more, but oh yes, I was definitely turned on! “Sire!” I gasped, “Oh God! That is so good! But I don’t know if I can take any more…”

“Which brings us to lesson three…” Swiftly, his hand leaves my breast and moves to my clit. I hear myself moan as his fingers rub my pussy and ass with the same delicious motions from before. “Just when you think you can’t take any more, something wild happens.” And as if to prove his point, I feel his face press against me, and his tongue plunges into my ass!

I cried out in shock as his cold, wicked tongue pierced into my hole. I started to pull away from him, but the sudden shock alerted me to the sweet massage still taking place on my pussy. Sire was right. No matter how much he probed into me, I continued to feel the glorious motions on my clit, and all I could do was beg for more.

Sire must have sensed this. With one hand still working me over, he took his mouth away from my opening and slid one finger inside me all the way to his knuckle. I groaned as he removed it from my anus, then slid two fingers inside. He slid them up and down, teasing and pinching my clit all the while. He’s driving me crazy! I thought. What’s with all this sliding back and forth? That’s when it hit me. The tools he’d used to enter me had gotten bigger and bigger. Now there was only one tool left. As he took his fingers from me, he kissed my buttocks and asked, “Well, my lady? What shall I do with you now?”

I could stop this with a single word, but I don’t. Still embracing our adventure, he used me to create a whole new work of art, together. Something inside me wanted him to complete it.

Smiling, I raised myself up on my hands and knees and said, “Finish your work; but be gentle, okay?”

I feel his hands roam my ass once more. “Mmmmm,” he sighs. “Now let’s see what you remember. What’s lesson seks filmi izle one?”

“Pleasure can be found anywhere. You just need an o-o-opening!” I clenched my teeth as his cock made its first thrust into my ass. I heard myself whimper, wanting the pain, and yet not able to bear it. Then I heard Sire’s voice command me.

“Lesson two, my lady! What’s lesson two?”

What the hell was lesson two?! My God, my ass is breaking apart, and he wants…”Lesson two…” I say aloud, and then I remember. “The key to passion is…”

“To relax,” finishes Sire, and suddenly, his fingers are on my clit once again, gently probing and rubbing me. I breathe with the motions, imagine his hands are on my breasts again. Then I get a wonderful idea and pinch my own nipple, my fingers working in sync with his own. My whimpers become sighs and moans and I feel his cock slide further into me until his thighs press against mine. He made it all the way inside me! My rectum throbbed as my pussy got wetter and wetter under Sire’s fingers. Pulling away, he thrust into me slowly, sparking more feelings of agony. But with his hand still massaging my pussy, pleasure and pain became each other once again. So many sensations at once were making me crazy! As he pushed into me over and over, somehow, I heard his voice once more. “And just…when you think…you’ve had…enough…”

“Something…wild…happens!” As I said the words, my orgasm went through my pussy with the force of a tidal wave. Sire held onto my hips for dear life as the wave engulfed him, and he joined me with his own screams of ecstatic release. I felt my head fall to the mattress. My pussy, my clit, and my anus all throbbed in unison. I was unable to speak and I felt like I couldn’t stop coming. I could feel the steaming hot jism trickling down, seeping from my two openings. I felt Sire spasm behind me once, twice…then slowly, he drew his cock out of me, making a new gush of liquid run down my thighs. I trembled as he placed his rod on my ass, and we finally collapsed.

“That was your best work ever,” I sighed.

“Not yet,” said Sire. “But after tonight, it can only get better! I’ll just have to figure out how…”

I thought he was finished with me! How in the world could we feel more pleasure than we felt tonight? That’s the trouble with some artists! They’re never satisfied and won’t stop working until they get it just right.

I can only guess what will happen when he goes back to work on me…

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