29 Temmuz 2021

She Controlled Me More Than I Thought

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She Controlled Me More Than I Thought
The first day

“Stand in front of me” as she sat on the coach with her knees pulled up and resting to the side.
As I got up she leaned back letting her arms rest out on top of the couch pushing her breast forward
into the tight sweater slightly stretching the fabric. As I stood in front of her, she looked me in the eyes
with a little grin and said “strip!”

I hesitated, I kind of liked the idea but this was real. I started to feel embarrassed and kind of
stupid. Seeing that I was unsure she slowed it down.

“Start with your shoes then your socks thats easy nothing at all.” She said.

I complied kicking off my shoes and pulling my socks off. Standing there in my bare feet I could feel the hard wood floors cold under them. I could feel every thing, the air in the room, the sun shining through
the window, even the cars driving by the house yet my attention was solely with her.

This was coming from a girl I have known for some time. She was bold and could be a real bitch
when thing weren’t going her way, yet fun and sweet when she wanted something from you. She loved
to take about sex to get the guys to pay her a lot of attention, especially the older men. About a week
ago or so she started to flirt and pay a little more attention to me, really getting my interest and cock
thinking. We ended up running into each other at a small party of a mutual friend. After a couple of
drinks and listening to her taking about sex for awhile. I felt I had to contribute so I told her how it
turned me on to watch a girl having to get naked in front of guys and girls. Watching her get
embarrassed as clothed people looked at her naked body. She kind of perked up and grinned at the
idea. After we talked some more she asked me to stop by her place the next day. Hey, this was
looking good I was thinking I was going to get lucky. Of corse the next day I head over thinking one
thing, and she was planing another.

“Now unbutton your shirt, come on you can do it. “Start with the top Button.”

“I did.”

“Now the next one – there you go, see that was easy. “Push it off your shoulders bet siteleri and let it fall to
the ground.” As she smiled at me.

I was now standing with only my shorts and underwear. Feeling self-conscious and vulnerable not
really knowing what to do or how I got in this position. As she was looking me over she adjusted in her
seat by wiggling her hips, kind of grinding them lightly in the cushion. Than lifting one of her legs up with
her feet still on the coach placing her left arm atop of her knee.

“Undo your belt now!” Not yelling but with a serious and forceful tone. “Undo the button, unzip and
drop them to the floor.”

Just like that l’m in my underwear.

“Step forward stepping out of your shorts.” She told me more asking now than demanding.

As I did, it felt more intimidating than dropping my shorts as I felt my toes leave them behind. Just my
underwear that’s all I have, she’s fully clothed in jeans and a sweater. All I have is my underwear.

She looked me right in the eyes. “Listen to me – listen to my voice, do exactly as I say.”

I nodded.

“Take both your thumbs and slip them under the waist band at your hips.”

I now had my hands on the last piece of clothing I was wearing.

“Yes like that, now with your right hand keeping your thumb under the waist band sliding it to the front
of your stomach. “Look at me,” she said in an soft anticipating voice. “Now push the waist band out away
from your stomach. “Now look down, yes look down and tell me what you see.”

“My penis.” I replied in a numbed state.

“I’m going to see you penis soon aren’t I.” She pronounced.

“Yes, mam. “You are.” I replied.

“Now move your thumb back to your side slowly push them down step back out of them and stand up
straight before me.”

Naked I’m completely naked in front of a cloth women, and I’m not really sure how I end up this way.
She leaned back into the coach flinging her arms back letting her legs sped open quickly before sliding
her feet to the floor crossing her legs. When she open her legs a little I got a hope I might be getting laid
in a minute and my cock even jumped a little bit. pinbahis giriş She had other intentions. She did nothing but sit there
with a look of such satisfaction on her face that it made me ashamed and really feel my nudity again.
After standing there for what felt like forever she bent over and grabbed my clothes and placed them next
to her on the coach.

“Look at me.” She stated as I was embarrassedly looking at the floor. “Look at me,” she paused then
looked me straight in the eyes and said “Play with yourself!”

I froze.

“play with yourself!” She said lets get started.

“I I I don’t I can’t, to embarrassing I mean.”

She rolled her eyes and looked away. “Your pathetic you can’t even do a simple little task.” she said
in a bitchy manor. “I don’t have time to waste on you.”

It made me feel so small, I was embarrassed but I still wanted her attention her affection. She started
to get up.

“Wait…” I said.

“Wait! Wait for what!” As she looked at me with such a disappointing attitude. “Put your hand on your
cock and play with it.”

I put my hand on my cock, not so much as grabbed it but covered it.

“Fondle yourself, get it stiff if you can.” As she sneered. She wasn’t being nice and helpful any more
she was serious and intense. “Pull on it!” She order.

I started to, but was nervous not knowing if I could get an erection.

“Get it hard, stroke it-stroke it.”

I was trying and slowly my penis was starting to react. She noticed and relaxed leaning back and just
watched me.

I kept playing with myself and she just sat there watching me stroke my dick back and forth.

After a while she asked, “are you going to cum or not.”

I looked at her.

“Well tell me.”

“Yes I think I am.”

“Well its hard to tell it doest even look like you are fully erect,” as she shook her head. “Get to it,
stoke faster.”

So I started stroking faster and faster I was getting close. I started to tense up about ready to

She yelled out. “Cum in your hand! “You better not get any on my floor you slut! “Cum in your hand!
“Cum in your hand!” She yelled.

At that I shot my online bahis first pulse so hard I could hardy contain it within my hand. Then another and
another I let out a breath as my cock kept twitching the last remaining drops. Instantly my nakedness and
shame came rushing back to me with even more force than when I pushed my underwear down. The
reality of what had just happened was all I could think about. She had that look of satisfaction and
excitement back on here face as I stood there with my limp dick in one hand and a puddle of cum in the

She looked so proud of herself as she look at me. Then her expression changed, a more sinister look
came over her.

Intensely she commanded “Eat it!”

My eyes widened I instinctively said. “No!”

She jumped up, stepped to my side slid her left hand under my arm across my chest and pinched my
nipple. With the other she smacked my ass and squeezing it causing me to stand up strait with my heels
off the ground.

“Now you want to be a good boy don’t you,” as she released my nipple and placed it under my hand
full of cum. Slowly she started pushing my hand up as she whispered in my ear, “good boys do as they
are told.” She eased her grip on my ass and started caressing it. “Open your mouth,” she whispered as
she lifted my hand closer and closer. It was now right in front of my mouth. She softy spoke, “stick out
your tongue.” You know girls do it for there men all the time, you can do it for me.”

I push out my tongue and dipped it in.

“Yes, Yes!” she sighed through her breath as if she was trying to contain an orgasm. “Now lick it – lick
it up.” She started to lightly laugh as I did as I was told. “Thats good, thats enough for now,” she told me.
“You did good.”

She brought me over to the sink put my hands under the faucet and washed them for me. Then with
a towel wiped the cum that had gotten on the corners of my mouth.

“See how good boys get taken care of when they do as they are told.” She spoke in a
gratified tone.

I just nodded, still having the taste of cum in my mouth.

She led me back to the coach by hand and sat me down next to her. She put her arm around me placing my head on her chest. I felt so good nestled into her soft sweater. We watch tv for about 4 hour with her playing with my ear ever so ofter, as I remained curled up completely naked with her.

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