18 Ocak 2021

Bare ly There in Brighton

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( I write because it gives me pleasure. My initial writings drew greatly from my own experiences. But as I progressed, I learnt not to fetter my imagination, but to give it wings, to take it to places you have only dreamt of. That’s why I have experimented with different perspectives, preferring not to use names, so that the readers can easily put themselves in the place of the protagonist or any of the characters, building a strong identification with them. I am an amateur and a learner and would love your feedback as it is worth it’s weight in gold, and enable me to craft a richer experience for us all.

The characters in this story are the same as that of my earlier work, Lust in London. It can be read independently or in conjunction with that story. This story was entered in a contest to reach a wider audience and to spread the pleasure I felt, around. I hope I have succeeded in my quest, and you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.)


I woke up in the morning, lying naked on the sheets as the sun streamed in through the window. My body was aching and even a slight movement magnified it manifold. As I lay there stretching lazily, the events of last night came back into focus. I blushed at the levels of depravity that I had allowed myself to sink into, amazed at my own flexibility and drive.

All my three holes had been filled and though I ought to have felt violated, I felt strangely liberated. The atmosphere was filled with the smells of an orgy and my entire body bore the marks of a night of passion, like medals on the chest of a general. There were welts, hickeys and love bites, in places I couldn’t even reach, but it was a sweet pain that served as a reminder of my coming of age. My pussy was wet, as if someone had turned on the tap, and was overflowing with my fermenting juices.

Despite having a surfeit of sex, like a glutton I was still hungry for more. My hands made their way to my pussy of their own volition, but even a caress felt like a burning hot poker, searing my tender flesh. I decided to let my sleeping dogs lie, and let my body recover from the ravages of the night before. I had survived the attacks on my gates, though breached and lived to fight another day, bruised but not broken.

I wondered where the two of them had disappeared to, leaving me in the lurch. Reluctantly I dragged myself out of bed, both my loins and asshole sore, even a single step requiring a herculean effort. I managed to stumble down the stairs and into the kitchen. Unable to stand or even sit, I caught my breath, leaning on the kitchen counter for support.

I espied them both naked in the garden, just about managing to give them a wry smile and a wave, before my legs gave way and I collapsed into the kitchen floor in a heap. Just before my eyes closed and I blacked out I heard a tumultuous consternation all around. When I came to, I found myself transported to the kitchen, but instead of sitting on the chair I was lying prone on the table itself.

A pair of hands was working it’s magic on my limbs and back, while another was tenderly stroking my face. Two pairs of eyes, slightly moist, full of concern and filling out with relief were focused on me, with a tenderness that gave me a feeling of warmth and belonging. My cousin was first to speak, ” You gave us quite a scare…”, she started, before a sob escaped her lips and a stream of tears ran down her pretty face, her body wracked with her crying. It was enough to open the floodgates and we were soon all bawling and murmuring, indecipherable, coming together in a hug.

We held each other tight as our worries and concerns melted away with the tears as we could let it all out and compose ourselves again. As our tears dried up, I opened my mouth to speak, but all that emerged were sniffles as my emotions were still running high. To calm me down and make me feel better, they both started kissing me turn by turn. It started first slowly and tenderly and then as the passions rose all around, in a flurry they became more deep and urgent, till finally, they couldn’t wait and all our lips met in a jumble, tongues darting from one mouth to another.

Sam was a trained physical therapist and a chiropractor and she manipulated my body in such a way that the aches and pains were gone, replaced by a sense of wellness and vitality, a whole new me. As I could feel the life coming back into my limbs aided by her expert ministration, my core started to itch for some relief once more.

She was applying a warm herbal oil, all over me and I luxuriated in the pampering my body was receiving, the aroma complementing my own primal fragrance. Her scent too, unlike my fruity one had much more of a floral tang to it and combined with the spicier mature essence that issued out of my cousin’s snatch, made me woozy. I was tempted to close my eyes, to savor the experience, but the delight in gazing at her perfect figure at such close quarters in the light of the early morning was far greater.

As illegal bahis she stretched and pulled various parts of my limbs to the accompaniment of popping and cracking noises, my mouth emitted sighs of satisfaction. I could see that she was aroused too by her rosy upturned tits and the moisture leaking from her slit. But she was the consummate professional, not letting even a hint of her arousal cloud her pretty features. She preferred keeping work and pleasure quite distinct and apart; and gave my boobs and pussy, a wide berth as they thirsted for her touch.

She sensed my eyes focused on her body, but kept a straight face, a rosy blush coloring her cheeks. She asked me to turn over, worried that my eyes might pop out of their sockets, straining through my unblinking stare. But they got no relief, getting a view of my cousin’s luscious behind and curvy hourglass figure, as she bent over the stove to make for me her signature turmeric latte to soothe me internally too.

I licked my chapped lips, salivating at the thought of what I’d like to do to her; so near, but just beyond arm’s reach, so far. I wished to stroke her soft buns, that were wiggling as she moved, and run my fingers down the small of her back, down the crease between her buttocks finding her puckered hole. I blushed as my eyes had widened last night how that tiny hole had expanded as a variety of toys had been shoved up it.

As I recalled my own anal initiation during that night, I smiled at my naivety, expecting pain but experiencing pleasure, as my asshole was a virgin no more under her expert guidance. The memories were making me wetter by the minute, and Sam had to position a washcloth under me to soak up the lubrication and prevent it from dripping down to the kitchen floor.

Sam was now almost done, as she pulled my arms back making me wince, as the last vestiges of last night’s exertions were taken care of. My cousin turned around with the steaming mug of latte done, her bosom brushing my face and a current of arousal streaking through my body. I closed my eyes inhaling her deep perfume, as she stepped back slightly alarmed, not wishing to scald me with the hot latte.

She asked me if I wanted honey in it, but I was too absorbed in the free show to even comprehend what she was saying, just nodding with a goofy smile on my face. She noticed me staring at her rack and her snatch and tut tutted at me, quite cross that I was thinking of sex when I barely had the strength to stand. But her body belied her words and I could see that we both shared the same wavelength, though she was loath to admit it.

My train of thoughts was interrupted by an icy feeling near my asshole as Sam liberally applied a lotion to reduce the inflammation that I was privy to since last night. I almost jumped off the table, but felt a great deal of relief as it’s soothing properties began to take effect. She now asked me to turn over, spreading my legs wide to apply the potion to my loins as well.

She cocked an eyebrow when she saw how sopping wet I was down there, using a washcloth to soak up the excess moisture that was issuing from between my thighs. It seemed she was fighting her losing battle, as her touch caused even more lubricant to flow out of me faster than she could soak it up. She gestured to my cousin, who soon startled me again applying ice to the bruises and welts all over my body.

I let off a bloodcurdling scream as the freezing ice came into contact with my bare skin. But it had a miraculous effect, the black and blue marks all over my body disappeared, even as I incredulously watched. In the meanwhile Sam had applied the lotion to my intimate folds even as my attention was diverted elsewhere.

My cousin brought the latte to my lips and a warmth came over me as it traveled down my throat. I had no sustenance since the night before and it restored my energy levels as I slurped it down greedily. I could sense them watching me fondly with a sense of relief, as I returned to normal. I put down my cup in order to acknowledge all they had done for me when both of them started giggling like schoolgirls.

I now had a yellow mustache on my upper lip, nearly matching Sam’s hair color. I motioned them to wipe it off. They gave each other a knowing look, and converged on me from opposite sides, using their tongue and lips to obliterate all it’s traces. Not content with just the external effort they inserted their tongues in my mouth as well; my tongue rose out to welcome them in.

I was hemmed in from all sides and used it to my advantage, fingering their holes simultaneously as they spread wide to allow my fingers ingress. Their hands were now at my tits, making sure that I was primed and ready as well. My pussy was feeling left out of all the action and I had to temporarily withdraw my moist fingers from their holes to guide their hand to my own gushing one.

We were now all hot and panting and came in quick succession, letting our juices flow, as the worries illegal bahis siteleri of the mornings events disappeared into thin air. They flopped down on the floor and I descended down between them, as we held each other tight savoring the closeness we felt at that moment,

The kitchen floor was a mess and we laughed at the destruction we had wrought on my cousin’s reputation as well. As our passions cooled down so did our bottoms in contact with the cold kitchen tiles. We got up and systematically removed all traces of our just concluded love-fest, making it spic and span once more.And then repaired upstairs to clean our bodies as well.

They pulled me into the master bath, saying that water conservation was the need of the hour, but I doubted that it wasn’t the noble intention, but something more devious ticking in their minds. I think it was more to assure themselves that my internal plumbing was in fine fettle after the recent flooding it had undergone. I was more than happy to put myself under the scrutiny of such experts, being a novice with much to learn.

It was a bit crowded with three women In a bathtub, but I think we relished, rather than resented the proximity. They ran the water, making sure it was warm enough , as there’s nothing that douses the fires of passion more quickly than a cold shower. As the steam rose, so did some overheated parts of our bodies too and our skin was coated in a fine mist. Our cores were already wet in anticipation, and the sight of bathing beauties opened up our sluice gates too.

As the water level rose up in the tub, so did the heat, both within and without ourselves, as well as the levels of passion. I never knew that my cousin was such a stickler for cleanliness, as she ensured that no part of me, however intimate and inaccessible, escaped her roving hands. It was a double whammy, as Sam too had me covered not wanting to be left out of the fun. I too gave back as good as I got and it truly was a Triple Sunday Treat.

We spent nearly an hour in the tub, eventually expending more water than we saved. Even though we had dirty thoughts running in our minds we ensured our bodies were squeaky clean. If we had stayed in any longer there was a danger that we would shrivel up like prunes, and our tits were already moving in that direction. We again burst out in a fit of giggles as we exited the tub, giving each other a friendly pat on the backside as we went to get dressed.

It was a bright sunny morning, and hoping to make the most of it, given the fickle English weather we planned a trip to Brighton. I had worn a sundress given the weather, and after the previous days misadventure of layering on a bit too much, was now at the other extreme, going commando underneath. They too had the same idea and looked stunning in their floral prints. I hadn’t packed my swimming costume, but they gave each other a knowing smile, and asked me not to trouble my pretty mind in that regard.

I whipped up a quick breakfast, hungry as we were from the non stop sex that had our stomachs growling, Sam did the driving, my cousin besides her while I had the back seat all to myself. I soon dozed off , slightly tired after all the hectic activity and sated after a good breakfast. I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie after a good half hour nap, and whatever vestiges of sleep I had evaporated as I witnessed the scenes up front.

My cousin had her dress hiked up bunched at her waist and Sam likewise. Her hands were fully occupied; one in her pussy and the other in Sam’s cunt. They were both moaning in unison, which had roused me out of my slumber. I couldn’t help myself from peeking in front to satisfy my curiosity. It was bad manners to stare, but after our intimacy since last night, I was pretty sure they didn’t mind; even getting turned on by a voyeur observing them in the act.

I was getting hot even in my sundress and wanted to get in on a piece of the action. I debated on whether I should rub one out, or put others’ needs above one’s own. I decided to go in favor of the latter as the adage, “It is better to give than to receive” came to mind. I got to work in right earnest, putting my hands around the seat back to grope at my cousin’s tits.

She was initially surprised to see a pair of hands snaking out front, pushing within the dress and massaging her tits, but derived much pleasure from my fondling, giving me explicit instructions on what she wanted me to do, moaning loudly and sexily biting her lower lips as I complied. She soon reached a crescendo of her pleasure as I dipped my head up front and into her lap, drinking greedily of her flavored tonic.

Sam had meanwhile stolen a sideways glance, seeing what I was up to and protested against what she deemed was nepotism and partisanship. She said that all she had done for me earlier that morning, I owed her big time. I flushed, but realized that she was only jesting with me, pulling my leg.

Nevertheless I decided to do away with the discrimination canlı bahis siteleri by practicing affirmative action, giving equal opportunities, one hand to each of their breasts. I practiced my milking motion, making a mental note of the technique they liked and the different textures of each. I went about my job, deriving much pleasure from my work as well as my progress in efforts to be ambidextrous.

As Sam neared her climax, she stopped the car off the shoulder of the road, I finished her off, dipping my head towards her pussy making loud sucking noises in concert with her moans, as she rocked the car with her orgasm. My cousin meanwhile had scooted over to the back seat, returning the favor I had done her a couple of minutes earlier, by sucking my wet pussy dry under my sundress. She snowballed the remnants into my mouth and I quite liked my own love juice, though I was game to try hers as well.

Sam was the epitome of chivalry as she insisted on keeping me company at the back as my cousin took over on the wheel. We took off our clothes taking care not to soil them as we fooled around in the back seat, as we got taken for the ride of our lives. After we had come to a sticky end, we put our hands out front, ensuring that my cousin too got her own share of fun.

There was a group of boys in the car alongside endeavoring to overtake us. I flashed my tits at them, whilst Sam mooned them, lifting her ass to window level, leaving them goggle eyed and wide mouthed in disbelief as my cousin put the pedal to the metal and sped off leaving them shell shocked as to what had hit them.

We reached Brighton and made directly for the beach, wanting to make the most of the glorious sunshine, whilst it was still there. I inquired about my swimming costume, but both of them started giggling conspiratorially, replying with a vague, “we shall see.” I was intrigued at their behavior, wondering what kind of mischief they were now up to.

We reached the beach and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I looked upon a sea of naked bodies of all ages, sexes, sizes and shapes as far as the eye could see. It was a nudist beach and I had never been to one before. Embarrassed I turned around to go back to the car, but they would have nothing of it, as both of them started hustling me towards the beach.

When we were on the white sands, they removed each other’s dress in a flash and their eyes bored into me , waiting for me to get on with it. My eyes were at my feet as I held the hem of my dress tightly, resisting all attempts from them to remove it. They used all kinds of entreaties to coax me into doing so, asking me where the problem lay.

I had never exposed myself in public before, preferring to remain fully clothed even whilst at home. But the biggest dread which was playing on my mind was that I would get turned on by all the nudity and my arousal would be manifest to even strangers. But, they dispelled my anxiety asking me to lift my head and look around. Everyone was busy doing their own thing, comfortable in their own skin, and no one even as much stole a glance in our direction.

To seal the deal and help me make up my mind, they started kissing me, turn by turn and then both together. As my pleasure levels rose, I lowered my defenses, capitulating and raising the flag of surrender. Faced with such lovely beauties, who could resist their entreaties and blandishments. I was after all only human, a creature of flesh and blood. My flesh tingled and the blood rose to my face as they lifted the dress from the hem standing on both sides, like unveiling a piece of art.

I was now clad only in my birthday suit, but felt quite at home after some time. Even though my snatch was wet and my nipples stiff, it was nothing to be ashamed of. I had never seen a penis before and stole a glance at some of the specimens of manhood. Some were tiny, some big, some long, some thick, some hairy, some circumcised, some erect in all colours and shapes. Surprisingly some of the women too had the same effect on me, as I felt like a kid in a candy store, spoilt for choice.

My mouth watered at some of the more attractive specimens on display, and so did my cunt, as I found myself staring and it was difficult to turn my eyes away. Whenever the girls noticed me doing this they gave me a whack on my bum and soon it was red and smarting from all the spanking I had received. They told me a look was fine, but not a stare, teaching me a secret technique of occasionally turning my eyes away, as there was a variety of eye candy to choose from.

We picked up a spot with some beach loungers and as we relaxed, they got out the sun tan lotion and applied it liberally on my skin as they didn’t want me to get a sunburn, paying special attention to my intimate folds. I did the same for them and really enjoyed rubbing it in. We lay back getting our quota of Vitamin D literally a trio of beach bums enjoying our time in the sun.

As the sun rose in the sky and it started to get warmer I wondered what all this fuss about getting a tan was all about. In India we have this fairness fixation, deliberately keeping out of the sun. That explained why rickets was so common back home despite the surfeit of sunshine.

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