18 Ocak 2021

Badger’s Nook

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Badger inspired me, he showed me what it was all about. He helped me realise my true sexuality in the gentlest way.

It would have been easy for me just to be friends with this elderly guy I met on his allotment digging potatoes. He was a likeable guy and had a great big welcoming smile. I felt comfortable with him. He mollycoddled me and let me share his coffee flask and sandwiches.

He invited me if I’d like to help him dig some spuds , and he would give me some for the trouble, He said they make great chips.

I guess we started to become intimate when I dug up this peculiarly shaped tuba which looked very much like a penis and two testicles.

Badger laughed and said he’d dug up some carrots with peculiar shapes but never a spud like that.

“Let me have a look Pete” he said and I handed it to him carefully.

I guess it is just the way he smoothed his rough fingers around its contours that sparked off something in my mind and gave me a thrill in my groin.

“It is about the right size too Pete” he said clutching it in the palm of his hand and gently squeezing.

He looked straight into my eyes in a very suggestive way and said that it made him feel quite horny.

“How could a potato do that” he laughed. “I guess Francis Drake; the guy who introduced the spud to Britain knew what he was about huh?”

I nodded. He must have seen my face blush and I guess he knew what I was thinking as he continued to touch and feel the tuba in his hand.

“I know what you are thinking Pete” he said and he was right.

I guess my body language gave me away, that I would love him to touch me like he was that potato.

“But I am an old man Pete. You are only a youngen’ in your early twenties if I am not mistaken. Are you still interested?”

“You are obviously not that old, Badger – that you don’t appreciate it, the way you handle that spud” I said.

“Well how about you letting me hold something else to spur this old man on huh?”

“You are the age you feel” I said feeling suddenly besotted by Badger. It seemed natural to let him feel me. Spurred by the way he was feeling that spud. My body tingled all over. It was something about old Badger that attracted me, the look on his face as he started to explore me between my thighs. It was so very thrilling and different.

“Come inside my potting shed , Pete. I call it Badgers nook , so we can do this in private Pete”

I agreed. The bulge in my jeans was already significant and generated illegal bahis a very strong urge in me, just the experience of this lovely old guy feeling me like he did.

No one had ever done that before. It was a first. I had complications about my sexual leaning and at times wondered which side of the fence I was on. I had been with a couple of girls but when it came to petting, the initial urge depleted and I was like putty in their hands. But with Badger it was so different and I felt an urge so strong, so big and so stiff that I had only reached before when masturbating.

But this was so different. Unlike when you are doing it yourself you do not know what move will come next and that makes it doubly thrilling.

It all started to make since, those images in my mind which inspired me to climax. They were not images of females at all but something in-between.

Now, inside the potting shed; Badger enthusiastically pulled my jeans down to my knees, his breathing was heavy and his eyes glassy, I realised my true sexuality.

It seemed quite normal to just stand there, legs apart and enjoy what dear Badger was doing to me.

“It feels good” he breathed and started sniffing me there. “I have always had secret fantasies of being with a young guy like you” he said. “Can you lift one leg up for me so I can get a better feel?”

I felt a little shy and embarrassed realising I was a little stinky and sweaty after helping him with the dig. But he didn’t seem to mind. In fact he seemed to relish it, the way he started to lick me.

I had never been licked before. It felt so nice and warm. It was lovely. Badger knew exactly what thrilled me. He licked my balls to as he bunched them carefully in his big hand, licking and sniffing me there.

I wanted more; I just didn’t want him to stop. It was so lovely and I felt on top of the world. At that moment I would have done anything he wanted of me. He really got me going big time. My cock was standing out straight and upwards for his generous servicing.

The grunt and moan in his throat told me he was really enjoying my offering. For an old guy Badger still had it.

I had this odd feeling that I wanted to be subservient to him; I wanted him to master me and control me.

This was another first time feeling. I had never felt that way before. Badger was bringing out all sorts of wonderful new things I never knew about myself.

That first time alone with Badger seemed like a new door was opening in my illegal bahis siteleri life. I simply closed my eyes and let him enjoy me. It was so good to know I was giving this lovely old guy some joy and happiness in his late years.

“This is something I have wanted to do before I die” he said and I shall always remember those words forever.

Eventually he had me stripped down to nothing, he asked me to lie on a bench, made it comfortable for me by putting down some cushions. It felt warm and cosy; I recall the earthy smell and the scent of onions hanging to dry.

His pleasure was simple. I could see the lust in his eyes as he stroked and teased me all over, occasionally prompting me to lay on my side and then my front.

Who would have thought being with an old guy could be so good? I felt him stroke my butt, my back, my thighs and bunching my balls from the rear between the space in my thighs. That was especially nice.

Everything was nice and new, that Badger was doing to me.

“I think you are really growing on me Pete” he whispered with so much feeling that I knew this was going to be a committed relationship and not simply a casual one time stand. I had already adapted myself to that. Why not? He was happy and so was I. I was more than happy. It felt like heaven on earth enjoying immensely what he was doing with me. And I wanted it to build. I wanted to do things to him too.

I reached out a hand to him as he stood there massaging me, his fingers beginning to explore between my buttocks which was heaven.

I found his crotch, warm and inviting. He opened a little for me, a signal to encourage me to go further, and I felt him start to grow hard in his trousers. It was fine; He was bigger than I anticipated, much bigger.

“Unzip if you like Pete” he muttered as his gentle fingers discovered my secret passage, (his words) and it was nice hearing him moisten his fingers to smooth his touch as he started to rim me so gently, but so wonderfully.

That stirred me more than anything before; the feel of his fingers playing with me, stretching and gently poking inside. For the first time I felt I wanted something to penetrate me there. I knew what for so long had been frustrating me. And I knew what I wanted. I hoped Badger would do it for me, he was going the right way about it and I anticipated he would want to do it with me all the way. But for now I enjoyed the feel of his touch and my feel of his freshly exposed cock which felt so nice canlı bahis siteleri and firm in my hand.

“That feels good” he muttered as I gently squeezed it. It felt so warm and passive and he adjusted his trousers so I could reach his balls too.

We just enjoyed each other awhile, teasing and discovering. I closed my eyes and felt warmth so very sensual and wonderful where Badger had been manipulating my cock. I opened my eyes and glanced down to see his mouth enclosing me inside. I laid there, with his cock still firmly in my hold, and took in this new and wonderful oral extravaganza.

I watched his head bob up and down as the intensity of his suck grew. He was enjoying it so much; I was thinking what had been missing seeing his cock squeezed in my hand? I decided to go for it. It would be so nice to mutually suck each other. At first I gingerly licked it. I tasted its earthy pungency. It wasn’t bad at all and I was instantly tempted to take it into my mouth, the same as he was doing with mine, and suck it.

It was no mean task. It was big and the girth was even bigger as he seemed to urge me to take him into my mouth deeper. But he was doing likewise to me, I saw that, his mouth tightened around the girth and it was heaven on earth, I was almost gagging with his hot throbbing cock gaining momentum as I sucked, but found a way to pause, take a breath and suck him in again, Then do like he was doing; sucking and releasing and it was fine. This was the way to suck cock and no mistake, Badger showed me the way he was doing it with me, and I simply copied.

He delivered first. Being a novice I quickly pulled back when he summoned me. His spurt was substantial and I felt it drip down over my chest. Now it was my turn and I was soon there. No messing with Badger though, I was amazed how he sucked all into his mouth and swallowed. I felt guilty I had not done the same and apologised..

He relaxed on an old chair clutching himself and looked very happy and gratified.

One thing at a time Pete” he said smiling;” Perhaps next time, there will be a next time wont there Pete?”

“I want that Badger, You don’t know how I want that” and I explained how I felt and how he had really brought me out

“Maybe next Wednesday then Pete” he suggested. It was a long time to wait, six whole days but it was worth it.

“You had better know though Pete, I will want your ass!” and he smiled.

I paused and watched him eyeball me down there; I swivelled a bit for him to get a better view.

“Perhaps then we had better make it Sunday” he added.

I was thinking that was only three days to wait. I really wanted to be all ass for him. That lovely old guy who had worked wonders for me.

Can’t wait till Sunday…

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