24 Temmuz 2021

359 PLEASE (ING) MUM (2)

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359 PLEASE (ING) MUM (2)
359 PLEASE (ING) MUM (2)
Dawn. Broke and Sid, had his hand to her sex as the light strengthened, he asked before what todays lesson would consist of, knowing today he would ne working with Milly, cleaning under the machines, and oiling the runners, well out of sight of the other workers, he wanted to show the woman he knew what was happening at home, it seemed Mark had not said a word to her and she had been curious enough to ask at one of the breaks during the week. Perhaps he was hopeful, of a chance at her body, who knows.
Sheila explained that she had saved today, Ian`s birthday to make men of the two lads, he smiled and asked her to “save the proof for him if she could knowing it would turn him on big-time!” she laughed and said, “that would have to be late on just before he got home if it was to be ‘fresh!” he explained he was “working with Milly” and explained what she had asked as the boy “wouldn’t say a word to her, on the subject…” she laughed, told him “ I think you fancy our Milly, do you?” he laughed said she was “a fine figure of a woman, and he had always fancied her…” they laughed and she asked if “he would have her if I said OK?” he answered, “yes but only if you are ok about it” she kissed him and said “he had her blessing then!” Then remarked that, her old schoolfriend “must be pretty frustrated by now, but if he got there, like her and the boys, it must be reported in our bed each evening, agreed? It was agreed, sealed with kisses, the clock beat them, and he had to breakfast before leaving, calling up to the lad to enjoy his birthday, and he would see him later.
Milly and Mark, met him at the gate and together they walked away back to that hell hole of a factory, side by side. Ian coming into the kitchen a small gift of a wagon for the railway wrapped as a present for his friend.
By 9.30am Ian and his friend had breakfasted, opened cards, and presents, tried the wagon and the new shunter from his father, and was wearing the new watch. His mother had locked up downstairs, showered, dressed just in a dressing gown, done her hair and the little bit of make up she habitually used, dabbed a little perfume and was ready for the onslaught she knew the boys were itching to share.
They came down from Ian`s room and model at 10 am to the second, she met them outside her own bedroom, “to enjoy this lesson,” she said “ I am going to let you use my bed, I hope your ready boys” Nods and smiles from both lads said they appreciated the gesture as she led them into the room, the bed Like an altar in the centre of the tidy room, invitingly lit with a shaft of sunlight from the window. They glanced about the unfamiliar room, two padded chairs, a couple of wardrobes, and a dressing table and its stool, the three mirrors reflecting their flushed faces, mother behind her son a broad smile on her face!
telling them to “now boys, today this is our playroom, I want you both to go back up to the railway, remove those clothes, and one of you stay and run a train or two, the other one can come to me, and without a word, he must excite me, in any way he so wishes, then he may have me, when he`s enjoyed me, and filled me it will be time to swap places, I will leave you to decide who goes first, OK?” the turned chorused that they understood and in a rush off they went back up the stairs. Sheila threw off the gown, lay on her marital bed, and waited the rapid footsteps of one of the boys descending the stairs, it was not long in coming, she reached above her, gripped the rails of the bedhead, and just waited expectantly.
Mark appeared at the bedside, he reached for her breast, his breast, bent his head forward and kissed the nipple, to Sheila it was like an electrical pulse, softly the lad kissed her, fingers gentle and soft ran down her body, she gripped the headrail tightly, knuckles white as she desperately tried not to remove them and caress canlı bahis şirketleri the lad, he kissed her clit, sucked on her mons, licked her labia, then gently entered her first with his fingers then his by now very stiff tool, his body laying along her and his lips hot and passionate began kissing hers as his hips began his dance, his face a picture of contentment. Together they rose to the moment her orgasm hard and energetic, as his hot seed spewed into her with a grunt of satisfaction. They lay her arms unable to resist hugging him and thanking him for his consideration. On weak legs he knelt then he thanked her told her he loved her and quietly left.
She heard his mate, her son, leaping down the stairs, two at a time, he had been waiting at the attic door, eager to replace his friend. Sheila just managed a quick wipe on tissues, and to lay back her hands to the cool bar once again, the door clattered open, her son lead by his rampant tool, appeared and began kissing her, spluttering his thanks that she was teaching him, completely ignoring her previous request for silence, his fingers finding the nipples in a rush, then rapidly finding her slippery sex. He was nowhere near as gentle as his friend, he knew she would refuse him nothing today, his birthday, and he had never had that butterfly touch of his friend, Mark had a gentle loving touch, he was more positive, more heavy-handed. He bent to her crutch, sucked hard at the clit that so desperately needed caressing , and she raised her hips to meet his tongue, he grinned, more self-assured now as she grunted and groaned in time to the lash of his tongue, she began her first orgasm , he moved up her body, slid his longer tool into her in a single stroke, and immediately began to ride her like a professional stud, he kissed her on the lips, slid his head to her right ear, the kissed her again under her ear, she felt his teeth on her neck, he was bighting her, sucking a hicky, marking her, he could have eaten her just at that moment , she was so high, her arms dropped to pull her son, her lover at that moment her master, nearer to herm she wanted more, wanted him to posses her hurt her use her ,,, lights and bells, flashes of colour, her mind having the greatest orgasm she could remember since Sid took her as his bride, that first time on their honeymoon, she felt his flow hot and decisive, deep in her body, right up inside and she knew instinctively she would walk this path again and again she was his,! He rose from her hesitated at the bedside then thanked her with a smile that said he understood, knew he had her as his now, had he not marked her…
He opened the bedroom door and called Mark down saying; “is my mother not the greatest mate!”
That agreed they then returned to the used woman, as she lay trying desperately to regain her composure, her neck displaying a hickey, her sex dribbling seed slowly from her overfull body. she smiled at them and said that “she had obviously trained them well, they were both real men now, as she had been royally screwed.”
She smiled, said “that that had taken just over the first hour,” pointing at the clock “now, at about three thirty this afternoon I want to have both of you to fill me before my husband comes home. time it so when he comes home at four, so I am brim full of your seed for him it`s his reward for letting me teach you… until then though, other than you making us a snack and drinks now, as its nearly dinner-time.” They nodded
“What would you both like to do till half three?” glances were exchanged, both lads shrugging, neither having a clue what to say, then saying that “they had no idea!” so she said, go talk it over while you make the snack then you can do anything within reason to me and with me, just let yourselves go”… they scampering away to the kitchen, she lay smiling and wondering what they would come up with. Mark, reappearing canlı kaçak iddaa first with a tray of drinks his part of the snack. He asked, “why she was doing this, letting them use her like this?” her reply was simple but, complex, saying it was partly that she loved her son, and it was her special birthday gift! Though she cared for him too, and that they had needed the confidence, some training, to boost it up! Partly it was simply lust and partly because she just loved to be used, and have sex, and have orgasms, and love of husband, and even a love of her old schoolfriend, his mother, had a bearing it was a mix of all those…”
They were interrupted by her son, a tray of buttered bread and salad items, pork pie slices and so on, laughing y sat on the bed, all of them naked something that just a week ago was a dream, a fantasy, a wish…
They ate and drank, laughed and smiled like k**s at a picknick. Ian asking if “she was k**ding about them having her to play with?” She replied that “she was very serious, it would tell her what they were into and how and what to teach them next week!”
“well, … we decided we wanted to tie you up, would that be ok?” she grinned, then said “OK, boys if that’s what you want but it`s with certain reservations, I don’t mind if you play with me, as long as there`s no permanent marks, no damage, and if you do mark me permanently, all bets are off…ok!” they nodded saying they didn’t want to hurt her, she went on, “if I am to be secure I want to be properly secured, gagging me too, so I am totally unable to stop you doing anything you want to do, then it would be a case of you having to control your own lusts, your own tendencies to hurt a victim or over-do things. It`s to do with power, oh and remember that clock, I don’t want dad to see me in bondage… yet …he has not said I can go that far, he wants to know your real men, hence me being full of your seeds when he comes home, oh and you both keep well out of the way then so he can enjoy me. then we shall have birthday tea after!”
“Go fetch whatever you think you need to secure me or to gag me then, it`s all down to you, I need to trust you both and this is your chance to prove yourselves”
They scampered away, taking the trays as they went., neither lad believing their luck. as an afterthought she called after them as they went, “It may not be as easy as you may think!”
In dads cupboard they found a couple of hanks of cord, and a dog collar from there old dog that had been put down last year, laughing they raced back upstairs before she changed her mind… on the bed they found her, but seeing the thin cord she stood and fetched from a drawer four or five pairs of silky knickers, wrapping one round her wrist and “saying that it would save marks,” again saying about “not knowing …yet!” they lay her back, taking an arm apiece, and wrapping each wrist first. they soon had her secured, then taking a leg apiece it was a repeat performance. Pulling her body down the bed tight as they did it, she was spread eagled. Ian fitted the dog-collar, she smiled, he had obviously seen at least a magazine that he had not told her of! The cords end was led to the collar, pulling it tight toward the bed head, then lastly the last pair of panties were stuffed into her mouth, she smiled, now completely at their mercy, her son rooting in her bedside locker drawer her night-time eye-covers, which were luckily on top, so he didn’t notice her toys. Those eye covers, were quickly slipped over her head, effectively blindfolding her, and with the exception of her hearing she was shut off now from the world, and incapable of movement or resistance. She later told them it was the most erotic of feelings and that she had enjoyed it enormously. That strange feeling of being totally in someone else`s control, which she described as `awesome!’.
Ian took ‘his’ nipple pinched it between his thumb and forefinger canlı kaçak bahis and lifted the not inconsiderable sac, until it stood above her chest to its fully stretched limit, his co- conspirator then wrapped the remaing hank of cord tightly round the thing as close to her body as he could. On completion, they swapped places, Mark lifting and Ian wrapping the other breast till the cord ran out, the colours changed quite fast first red, then more purple-ish, the nipples stiffening and becoming puffy, and more tender. Ian flicked at ’his nipple’ playing lightly with his mother, who was obviously turning him on. Mark though, simply took the other nipple into his mouth and like a c***d sucked and suckled on the stiff nub, she couldn’t speak, but they knew she was becoming aroused by the groans. Ian by now sucking on her clitorise. They knew when she climaxed first, her face colouring and her breathing getting much more pronounced.
They continued, each young tormenter taking turns at her sex or her breasts, it seemed that they had agreed a pact, not to enter her with more than tongue and finger. An hour past, she had endured climax after climax, lost count even, when they began unwrapping her breasts really purple and tight now, the returning blood painful as it flowed into what had been the restricted area. They told her to nod if she wanted to go on, eyes sparkling, she nodded, and they continued, it was a no brainer.
Nipples were pinched, nibbled, sucked, and fingered, the hand that entered her sex with fingers closed, soon opened and gently scratched the soft- tissue as it was withdrawn, then, time and again it was replaced for another withdrawal, or a pinch of her clit. Suddenly it all stopped, the gag was removed, and she could, more easily breath and speak once more. Ian`s voice said “it`s 3.40 mother and were now going to fill you for dad, then we shall undo you, replace the ropes and that collar in their places and we shall go upstairs, so thank you mum, its been fabulous. Mark chimed in to say his thanks and slipping himself into her, ramming it home with gusto, and filling her in just a few strokes, he being so excited.
He was replaced by the larger Ian, who battered at her mercilessly for a moment or two, Mark beginning to remove the bindings, and her collar as Ian groaned his warning of filling his mother.
He dismounted, just as the factory hooter for the ceasing of work went, they rapidly finished removing bindings, and the blindfold, stuffed the dry four of the knickers back in her drawer, and the fifth up into her body to keep the oozing seed inside her, then having returned the bindings to the cupboard the scampered away up the stairs just as Sid`s keys rattled in the lock.
She would always remember the look of joy as he found his very full wife on their bed, he noticed the hicky grinned then shedding his clothes rapidly, he slid into the full and oozing chamber, noting the faint red marks round her breasts where no padding had been used, he grinned, examined the hicky, then put one of his own on the other side of her neck before whispering that “she had been a busy girl hadn`t she” and ramming his very stiff cock deep into her womb! It was soon over and together they showered, Sid both tonguing her full sex then washing out her body with the hand-held shower head,
Until now she had said nothing, just smiled and excepted his comments and his lust with fortitude, not wishing to spoil his enjoyment. However it was as he dismounted the shower that a small scratch on his neck caught her eye, unmistakeably finger nail marks it was her turn to smile and she reached for the mark saying…Milly…he grinned and said, “I couldn’t resist her, sorry, we were under the fly press in the crank tunnel together, she asked about young Marks progress and when I told her you were making him a man today, probably even as we were spoke, it became just too much and I took her on the hard concrete floor, fully clothed, but it was hard and very urgent, she caught her nails on my neck as she clung to me,” he paused and added that “if you don’t mind I would like to have her like this in a bed…!” she grinned and said “So would I!”

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